Lain Strauss

Player: Reed
Upkeep: High Noon Palace (10,000z)
Income: Glast Royal Smith (20,000z)
Race: Human
Racial Traits: Flexibility, Proficiency
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Tinkerer Skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Gadgetry)
Age: 29 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, Rifles, Greatswords
Favored Element: Fire*
Armor Type: Medium Armor (Commando Gear)
Meta Bonus: Blacksmith 7, Tinkerer 5, Might 4, Perception 2
HP: 50
SP: 38
CP: 12 18
Damage: 7 (Demon King); 4 (Hushpuppy)
To Hit: 9
Evasion: 3
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 3
Search: 5
Sneak: -3
Concentration: 19
SP Reductions: -1 Might
Equipped Weapon: The Demon King
Flash Grenade
Carapace Gauntlet
Tireless Bracelet
Injury IP Effect Heal Date
Salty 0 Lain is always mildly inconvenienced by something, anything. Until he dies
Tree: Blacksmith Tinkerer
Passive: Armorer Gearhead
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Emboss (2) Shortcut Materia Slapdash (2)
Tier 2 Tempering Great Materia Sharpen (3) Volatile Materials Great Materia Ping! (3)
Tier 3 Forger’s Hammer (4) Hone (4) Fissure (4) Keel Haul (4) Faulty Wiring (4) Short-Wave Interruptor (4)
Tier 4 Folding Metal Grand Materia Great Swing (5) Dangerous Materials Grand Materia Spider Mines (5)
Tree: Might Perception
Passive: Ire (8 4 Fury) Cognition (2 Clarity)
Tier 1 Bash (1) x x Aim (2) Scan (2) Tense (2)
Tier 2 Rush (2) Accelerate (2) Guard (2) x Distract (3) x
Tier 3 Brandish (3) x Knockdown (3) x Concentrate (4) x
Tier 4 Weaponrang (4) Shatter (4) x Flurry (5) x x
Adventuring Skills
Tech Lore +12 “I know far more than you can imagine about this shit. And I’m proud of that.”
Gadgetry +10 “What I did back in the Republic. Liked it from day one.”
Mechanical Trap Lore +9 “Take the lid off, stick your fingers in, and rip that shit right out.”
Athletics +9 ”The outcome of a life of sin and smithing.”
Heavy Moving +9 ”This shit’s hard work, but I make it easy.“
Forcing +9 “I prefer ‘elbow grease’.”
Sprinting +3 “Where you goin’?”
Lockpicking +1 “Bashing a lock counts as picking it, right?”
Non-Combat Skills
Gun Show +5 “Aja, nugget, let’s show these fuckin’ pansies how it’s done.”
Hairstyling (Braids) +3 “No comment.”
Cooking +0 “I’ll smith you some armor for a grilled cheese.”
Passive Signature Skill – Living Forge
“Melts right in your hand. Well, my hand.”
Benefit Lain has all but mastered the fire manipulation bestowed by his EINE, to his benefit and that of others. By virtue of being able to heat up materials, as well as the tools he carries, Lain himself can act as a Common Quality workshop for crafts that use metal as their base material.
Drawback Making use of Living Forge hurts Lain's hands and gives him some minor but persisting pain, through the form of permanent Rank 1 Numbed for the following week.
Active Signature Skill – Creative Outlet / Hot-Headed
Benefit Lain's fiery temperament often opens doors to incredible amounts of inspiration, but other times it makes him too unstable to focus on his work. Every Sunday, when Crafting Points reset, Lain can either channel his rage into a Creative Outlet, or be too Hot-Headed to work properly.
Creative Outlet Max Fury is reduced by 50%, Max CP is increased by 50%. Lain is less likely to use Might Skills in combat.
Hot-Headed Max CP is reduced by 50%, Max Fury is increased by 50%. Lain passively generates 1 Fury at the start of each Player Phase, and will almost always resort to violence.
Dual Skill – Suplex City, Bitch! (Lain & Aja)
Benefit Lain and Aja rush to a target from any range. Aja immobilizes them, then Lain suplexes them for 10 damage, knocking them Prone. Their roles are interchangeable.
Drawback Costs them each 4 Stamina to use, and uses up their whole turn. Cannot be used on targets that would be impossible to immobilize or suplex.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
E.I.N.E. Tiered 5 Experimental Implanted Neural Enhancer. Bonuses below.
Tri-Op Perfect Eye Major - Ocular replacement implant that allows Lain to see in low-light and no-light conditions. +1 HIT, +3 Search. The eye glows, however, giving him -3 to Sneak. If struck by Lightning or Water or submerged in water, the implant is disabled for 24 hours as well as reducing HIT by 3. Replaces Lain's right eye.
Tri-Op Adrenal Enhancement Major - Spinal implant that injects adrenaline into the bloodstream in combat situations. If struck on the last Enemy Phase, Lain gains a second action, with +2 SP cost on the next Player Phase and gains +2 Damage until it passes. If struck by Lightning or Water or submerged in water, the implant is disabled for 24 hours, permanently inflicting Lain with Rank 3 Pained. Compounded onto Lain's spine.
Tricks of the Trade Major - 'Shortcut' subtracts an additional 1 CP from a Crafted Item's cost. Lain reduces additional Days from Studies related to Blacksmithing determined by difficulty level. Reduction: -2 for Simple, -4 for Intermediate, -6 for Expert, -8 for Master. This ignores the usual reduction cap.
Rekkenber Smithing Manual Major - +1 Blacksmithing Meta & Meta Cap.
Rekkenber Tinkering Manual Major - +1 Tinkering Meta & Meta Cap.
Dwarven Lung Tonic Minor - Lain’s breathing is better and his Max SP is increased by 1.
Ultimate Health Hypo Minor - A powerful alchemical concoction. Lain’s Max HP is increased by 4.
Other Type Description
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Elemental Focus - Might skills may now be used in any Favored Element. If no elements are favored, gain one (Fire).
II Might Focus - +1 to Might Meta & Cap. Might SP costs reduced by 1.
III Accelerate 2 The skill Quicken becomes Accelerate. Functions in the same way as Quicken, but now grants Haste as a Positive Physical Condition if at least 3 Fury is spent.
IV Might Expertise - +1 to Might Meta & Cap. Once a day, Lain can automatically succeed a single action involving Might Adventuring Skills.
V Weaponrang 4 The skill Fling becomes Weaponrang. It deals NWA + 3 Physical Damage to a Unit at range, then 'jumps' to a second target before returning to your hand automatically.
Weapon: The Demon King
Material Tri-Op Black Steel
Craftsman Lain Strauss
Base Stats Greatsword. 6+1 Slashing Damage, +1 HIT. This greatsword carries a peculiar hilt with a trigger that might look more suited to a motorcycle's handle. The blade gleams in a very odd way… Lain has refined its construction and it no longer looks like a prototype.
Innate +2 HIT when in Forceful Stance. Attacks splash to an extra unit with halved Damage. This weapon’s Modes are part of its core construction and cannot be altered or removed.
Mode Ignition Trigger: The weapon's blade is coated in deadly Fire, changing its Damage to Fire and applying Burning with every Attack. Costs a Sub-Action to activate, and cannot be used with any Stance.
Mode Fire It Up: When attacking Burning Units, Damage is Fire and dealt in an Area of Effect that increases with each Rank of Burning. Rank 1 is 3 x 3, 2 is 5 x 5, and 3 is 7 x 7. The Burning Unit is the source of this Area of Effect, and it has friendly fire (including against the wielder). Costs a Sub-Action to activate, and cannot be used with any Stance.
Enchantment Forceful: The weapon has +1 Damage.
Improvement Carbon Fiber Hilt: The weapon has +1 HIT and +6 vs Breaking.
Material Steel
Craftsman Norah Monroe
Base Stats Pistol. 4 Ballistic Damage. 8 Ammo Capacity. A quality handgun.
Innate Deals True Damage to targets without Ballistic Resistance. Reloading is a Sub Action.
Improvement Carbon Fiber Grip: The weapon has +1 HIT and +6 vs Breaking.
Commando Gear
Material Tri-Op Flexible Plating
Craftsman Lain Strauss
Base Stats Medium Armor. 2 EVA & END, 1 Physical Resistance. A set of military gear that's been reinforced for close quarters combat. Comes with an appropriate jacket.
Enchantment Circle of Protection: This armor has 3 Physical Resistance.
Improvement Kevlar Underlay: This armor has 3 Ballistic Resistance.
Grenade Deals 5 Force Damage in a 6 x 6 grid.
Flash Grenade Can cause Blindness vs Endurance in a 6 x 6 grid.
Carapace Gauntlet Grants immunity to Disarm on the hand it's worn on. Works with two-handed weapons.
Tireless Bracelet Silver bracelet enchanted by Gabrielle. +3 WIL, +3 SP.
“Hushpuppy” See above for stats.
Currency 173,720 Zeny
Fame Tri-Op Survivor (Private), Royal Smith (Glast)
Infamy N/A
Source Description Research Time
Putting Hammer to Steel Vol. III Smithing manual penned by Jonathan Lipton. Likely to contain knowledge Lain can use! April 15th
Source Description Research Time
Key Items
Brunhilde A blacksmith hammer full of wear and tear. Lain swears this to be the ultimate tool in smithing.
Global Ringer A phone-like device used to communicate over long distances, record video and audio. This one is a carbon grey color.
Tri-Op Tactical Gear
Material Tri-Op Flexible Plating
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Base Stats Medium Armor. 2 DEF, 0+1 Item & 1+1 Gear Slots. A set consisting of tactical vest, functional cargo pants and steel-toed army boots, all in olive drab. Fingerless gloves for style. The patches bearing the Tri-Op emblem have been removed.
Improvement Tri-Op Toolkit: Armor gains 1 Item & Gear slot and a set of basic tools that provide +1 to Meta rolls, and +1 CP to all crafts involving, Alchemy & Tinkering.
Augmentation Thermal Sealing: Fireproof mesh sewn to the inside of the vest. Halves Fire damage taken.
Augmentation Weatherproofing: Isolator coating applied to the vest. Halves Lightning damage taken.
Cloak Field “I took the fucking wrong one.” A bracer to wrap around the wrist. It emits a passive 'aura' that shrouds the wearer. Grants +3 Sneak.
Prototype Drive Blade
Material Steel & Brass
Craftsman Alexander Strauss
Base Stats Tech Greatsword. 4+3 ATK, 4 DMG, +5 vs Breaking. A heavily-augmented greatsword which features gears and moving parts along its flat, and a small, humming engine above the hilt.
Exotic Trait Drive Engine: An internal engine capable of adding massive centrifugal force to the weapon, resulting in grievously damaging blows. Allows the use of Drive Modules, potent Drive Blade exclusive augmentations that impart massive offensive power and utility, but cause the engine to overheat after a single blow, rendering the weapon much weaker for a number of turns that depends on the Drive Module used. Due to the way the engine is constructed, only Drive Modules are compatible with the weapon's Augmentation slots, and thus non-Drive Module augmentations cannot be used or slotted in.
Improvement Carbon Fiber Hilt: The weapon has a bonus +3 ATK and +5 vs Breaking due to a reinforced hilt.
Augmentation Burst Drive Module: Active function. When activated, the next melee, physical attack deals bonus damage equal to triple the wielder's Tinkering Meta. The Drive Engine then overheats, locking all offensive Drive Modules from use and reducing the weapon's base damage to 1 until it cools down. Cooldown time: 4 turns.
Augmentation Prototype Cooldown Module: Active function. Only usable once per turn, and only when the Drive Engine is overheating. Forces the Drive Engine to release a large, uncontrollable amount of steam, lowering its cooldown time by 2 turns but dealing 2 Force damage to its wielder. Uses up a full action.
Gob Champion Girdle “Rest in peace, buddy.” +2 DEF & HP. Can be used in a Gear Slot or placed into any Armor as an Improvement by an Armorsmith of Journeyman or higher rank. Removing it from Armor intact also requires a Journeyman or higher Armorsmith.
Skill Point Expenditure
I got better shit to do.
Stat Math
HP 34 [Base] +4 [Might] +4 [Points] +4 [Might] +4 [Ultimate Health Hypo] = 50
SP 34 [Base] +1 [Lung Tonic] +3 [Tireless] = 38
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] +1 [Perfect Eye] +1 [Precision] = 9
EVA 2 [Perception] +1 [Medium Armor] = 3
END 4 [Might] +1 [ Medium Armor] = 5
WIL 3 [Tireless] = 3
DAM 6 [Greatsword] +1 [Forceful] = 7
Search 2 [Perception] +3 [Perfect Eye] = 5
Blacksmithing 6 [Skill Points] +1 [Rekkenber Manual] = 7
Tinkering 4 [Skill Points] +1 [Rekkenber Manual] = 5
Might 2 [Skill Points] +2 [EINE] = 4
Perception 2 [Skill Points] = 2


Crafting Points 12/18 CP
Work Station Glastheim Royal Forge (Rare) Reduces the CP cost of crafts by 4.
Permits & Licenses
Blacksmith Kingdom of Glastheim “I’m the Royal Smith. Duh.”
Tinkering Kingdom of Glastheim “I make some spicy bombs, too.”
Common -
Rare Armored Vehicle Parts x2, Colossal Bomb Outer Parts x2
Legendary Colossal Bomb Core Parts x1
Great Strides (Blacksmithing)
Meta 5 Built to Last: Armor that Lain creates has an innate +2 vs Breaking.
Meta 7 Extra Thick: Armor that Lain creates has +1 to its innate Physical DR.
Inventions (Blacksmithing)
Meta 6 Hardening Alloy (8 CP): Every instance of Direct Physical Damage taken per turn increases the wearer's Physical DR by 2. This bonus lasts until the start of the next Player Phase, and then resets.
Great Strides (Tinkering)
Meta 5 The Strauss Special: Lain’s explosives that deal Physical Damage (Grenades and Mines) have a chance to inflict Damaged Armor (vs END).
Inventions (Tinkering)
Schematics & Recipes
Common Rare Legendary
Heavy Blades Rail Rifle x
Light Blades Secondary Resistance x
Greatswords High Resistance x
Polearms High Resistance x
Gauntlets Blast Plating x
Mauls Semi-Auto Gearwork x
Standard Grenade Engineer’s Toolkit x
Gas Grenade Ultra-Sealant x
Caltrops Robotic Parrot x
Large Grenade Propulsion System x
Sleep Grenade x x
Goblin Jumper Cables x x
Lightweight Materials x x
Heavyweight Materials x x
Primary Resistance x x
Pierce-Proof x x
Slash-Proof x x
Blunt-Proof x x
Dehumidifier x x
Carbon Fiber Hilt/Stock x x
Kevlar Underlay x x
Unique Schematics
Name Type Description
Rail Rifle Rare A bizarre mix between a shotgun and a home appliance, these potent rifles fire rail spikes with enormous speed. 4 Ballistic Damage, 3 Ammo. Rail Rifles benefit from the following perks: Rail Rifles incur ½ the usual penalty for Called Attacks; Rail Rifles apply a Rank of Pained each time they land a Called Attack, automatically (on top of other applications); Rail Rifles ignore up to 2 Ballistic DR with Called Attacks; Rail Rifles are noisy, and break Stealth when fired.
Goblin Jumper Cables Common Machinery Device. Once per encounter, as a Standard Action, these may be used to Revive a Unit. On use, roll d20 + the creator’s Tinkerer Meta. 1 - 9: The Unit is Revived at 1 HP; 10 - 14: The Unit is Revived at 10 HP; 15 - 18: The Unit is Revived at ½ Maximum HP; 19 - 20+: The Unit is Revived at ½ Maximum HP and gains Haste.
Lightweight Materials Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +3 Sneak, but -2 Endurance. (Using a Maker’s Mark that increases numeric values will bring END up to -1.)
Heavyweight Materials Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +2 Endurance, but -3 Sneak. (Using a Maker’s Mark that increases numeric values will bring Sneak to -2.)
Primary Resistance Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +2 Damage Resistance against any Primary Element.
Secondary Resistance Rare Armor Improvement. Armor gains +2 Damage Resistance against any Secondary Element.
High Resistance Rare Armor Improvement. Armor gains +2 Damage Resistance against any High Element.
Pierce-Proof Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +3 Damage Resistance against Piercing Damage.
Slash-Proof Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +3 Damage Resistance against Slashing Damage.
Blunt-Proof Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains +3 Damage Resistance against Blunt Damage.
Dehumidifier Common Armor Mode. While active, SP Costs are increased by 1 but all Poison Damage dealt to the wearer is halved.
Blast Plating Rare Armor Improvement. Once per encounter, the wearer counter-attacks a Melee Attack with the Disarm ability at no SP or Action cost. If Disarm fails, the single use is not spent.
Carbon Fiber Hilt/Stock Common Weapon Improvement. Weapon gains +1 To Hit and +2 vs. the Damaged and Broken Conditions.
Semi-Auto Gearwork Rare Firearm Improvement. On a flat attack roll of 15 or higher, this Weapon adds a follow-up NWA.
Kevlar Underlay Common Armor Improvement. Armor gains 2 Ballistic Damage Resistance.
Engineer’s Toolkit Rare Armor Improvement OR Gear. Grants +2 Equipment Slots for Consumables only, as well as +1 to Gadgetry and +1 CP.
Ultra-Sealant Rare Armor Improvement. Armor immunizes against Damage and other harmful effects from airborne gases and liquids. Additionally, adds +1 Physical DR.
Robotic Parrot Rare Machinery Device. When activated, uses the Subtlety Skill ‘Snatch’ at range. This roll adds the creator’s Tinkerer Meta and uses no Passive Ability.
Propulsion System Rare Armor Mode. While active, SP Costs are increased by 1. All Melee Attacks allow the wearer to move up to half of their Movement before they’re triggered.
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