Kosmenos Argent

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Player: Chocorooms
Upkeep: Rotti's Cup Runneth Over (20,000z/month Aug ~ Jan)
Income: Treasure Hunter (10,000z/month)
Race: Cubi Mimic Fiend
Age: 52
Weapon Groups: Light Magician, Light Ranger
Weapon Proficiencies: Canes, Jewelry, Orbs, Wands, Bows, Bowguns, Daggers, Throwing Knives
Extra Proficiencies: Thalj Talis
Favored Elements: Earth, Wind, Shadow, Cosmic
Armor Type: Orion Academy Uniform (Unarmored, 2 Magical DR, 1 Physical DV), 3 Cosmic DR
Meta Bonus: Elemental 6, Leadership 4, Subtlety 3, Shadow 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 36
SP: 48
Damage: 5 (Cane (+1 Single Target), Orb (+1 AoE), Talis)/4 (Throwing Knives)/3 (Switchblade, Invisible Dagger)
To Hit: 7 (+2)
Evasion: 3 (+2)
Endurance: 4
Willpower: 10
Search: 2 (+2)
Sneak: 8 (+2)
Concealment: 3/3
Move: 12
SP Reductions: -1 (Unarmored), -2 Earth (Mana Rich), -1 Shadow/Artifice (Gloomhaven Crest)
Equipped Weapon: Orion Academy Cane
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Switchblade Umbral Presence
Throwing Knives Orion Golemancy Training
Orb of Gloom Gloomhaven Credit
Invisible Knife Safecracker
Ether-Coated Satchel -
Thalj Talis -
Ether-Coated Satchel
Egg of Darkness Imprismed Impact Bolt Imprismed Murder Crows
Name Type Description Heal Date
Dual Midsection Scars Scar (0 IP) Kos was stabbed below his ribcage on either side of his body, fairly deeply. Sera healed these, but not without leaving marks. -2 Maximum HP & SP. Kos takes 1 more Damage per tick for every rank of Bleeding, to a maximum of 2. Never
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
Injury Points 0/18


A crystalline spider golem with magical gems embedded on its back.
Traits Personal Element: Craigory is Ice element, and weak to Lightning. On flat attack rolls of 18 - 20 it applies Frozen. Concealed: Craigory begins combat in Stealth, and its Concealment is permanently 2.
Type: Small Cunning Magical (Construct)
Armor: -
Skill Item: -
Unique: xxx
HP 31 Hit +7 (+2 Stealth)
Dmg 4 (+2 Stealth) Eva +5
End +1 Wil +6
Sneak 14 Search 6
Move 12
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics +4 Mana Control +4
Speed +4 Mana Sensing +4


Trait Description
Longevity Don’t reduce HP & SP for Old or Venerable, but gain no extra Skill Points.
Proficiency Cubi may choose 1 Weapon Group + 1 ‘Magician’ or ‘Spellsword’ Group.
Willful Add +1 Willpower for magical affinity and general mastery.
Cosmic Soul Fiends’ souls are Cosmic in nature, granting Cosmic as a free Favored Element and 3 Cosmic DR. Fiends are not Cosmic element themselves. Fiends cannot learn Superior Magic or benefit from certain Worldly forces. Fiends make use of Hollow Magic instead of Spirit. Soul-Linking to a Fiend causes all Units in the Link to gain a rank of Discordance.
Night Dweller Fiends gain +2 To Hit, Evasion, Sneak & Search at night and can see perfectly in the dark. They suffer -5 to defending against light-based sources of Blind.
Shapeshifter Mimic Fiends are capable of taking on many forms, but in practice, each chooses a single broad category of similar body types that become natural to them, and have great difficulty taking on forms outside of it. Transformation is a Standard Action by default, but can be treated as a Sub Action while in Stealth. They may also impersonate their foes in combat, to a convincing enough degree, but stealing another’s identity may take days or weeks of close study and observation, and trying to do so without preparation could lead to getting caught. Transformation is both a Physical and Magical Ability.
The New Blood HP, SP, Favored Elements, Meta Caps, and all their limits are retained if they are greater than that of Fiends, but are replaced if they are not. EVA, WIL, END, Search, and Sneak and all their limits are converted to those of Fiends, regardless of their prior Value. Kos loses the racial trait, “Weak Arms”.
Mana Rich Your body is rich with mana, to the point that magic has always been easy for you! Reduce the Stamina Cost for Spells of one Favored Element by 2. (Applied to Earth magic)
Landless Your character was a drifter, or grew up without much of a sense of culture… They learned a thing or two along their path. +2 to any Adventure Skill. (Applied to Acrobatics)
Cosmic Power Description
Stalker Form Kos taps into the volatile Cosmic mana in his soul, and takes on a terrifying form. His entire body becomes a dark, incorporeal mist, like a living shadow. Movement Range and Sneak are increased by 6 - from moving on all fours. Kos cannot wield weapons or benefit from martial arts or stances in this state, but deals +3 damage with his bare hands and treats his attacks as Slashing damage. Add a follow-up NWA to every attack. His WIL and END are lowered by 4.
Boon Type Level Description
Umbral Presence Tiered 1 Terrible decisions and a ‘font-drinking party’ led to a strange new power… See below for full bonuses. Umbral Presence can be raised in tier via sapping items (typically of Legendary value) of their Cosmic Mana, in the same way Fiends unlock new Innate Powers.
Orion Golemancy Training Major - Kosmenos studied Orion’s unique style of Golemancy while he was a student at the Academy. You acquire the Golemancer Skill Tree, if you didn't already have it, and gain +2 CP. Humanoid Bodies produced can be granted the Orion-Make trait instead of a Personal Element.
Gloomhaven Credit Minor - As a member of Gloomhaven House, Kos gains knowledge from their areas of expertise. Choose any 3 Shadow or Artifice spells for free.
Safecracker Minor - Studying a handmade journal written by a ‘professional’ gave Kos some tips and tricks for attempting his own safe cracking… as well as a handy set of tools. +1 to Thievery and Tech Lore. +5 to either roll when attempting to open a safe or other vault-style lock.
Umbral Presence
Tier Name Description
I Eyes of Truth Eyes have sprouted in a symmetrical pattern across Kos’ body, on the backs of his hands, his shoulders, and his collarbone. Gain Tier +1 WIL / Search [+2], and 5 Adventure Skill points to spend on Mana Sensing, Clairvoyance, Spell Lore, or Illusions. Favor the Cosmic element, if you haven’t already.
Skill Tree: Earth
Passive: Amplify
SP Cost: Tier -1
Tier 1 Earth Barrier Growth Shards
Tier 2 Earth Brand Spike Thorns
Tier 3 Imbue Earth Quake Shockwave
Tier 4 Earth Field Earth Mastery Fissure
Skill Tree: Wind
Passive: Amplify
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Wind Barrier - Tilt
Tier 2 Wind Brand - Twister
Tier 3 Imbue Wind Tornado Cyclone
Tier 4 - Wind Mastery -
Skill Tree: Shadow
Passive: Affliction
SP Cost: Tier -1
Tier 1 - Cloak -
Tier 2 - - Sap
Tier 3 - Descend -
Tier 4 - - -
Skill Tree: Subtlety
Passive: Trickster
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 - Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 Debilitate Observe Swerve
Tier 3 Raid Sly Strike Scapegoat
Tier 4 Play Dead - Pounce
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Wrangler
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree: Elysian Geomancy
Passive: xxx
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Dimensional Anchor Blink -
Tier 2 - - -
Tier 3 - - -
Tier 4 - - -
Skill Tree: Orion Golemancy
Passive: Body Constructor
Crafting Points: 8
Tier 1 Shortcut Efficiency Empower Golem
Tier 2 Monthly Check-Up Peak Efficiency Disable Golem
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics 0 (Points) +1 (Subtlety) +2 (Landless) = +3 “…” -
Dexterity 5 (Points) +1 (Subtlety) = +6 “…” -
Clairvoyance 5 (Points (Eyes)) = +5 “…” -
Illusions 0 (Points) + 3 (Elemental) +2 (Leadership) = +5 “…” -
Mana Control 0 (Points) + 3 (Elemental) +2 (Leadership) = +5 “…” -
Mana Sensing 0 (Points) + 3 (Elemental) +2 (Leadership) = +5 “…” -
Relic Lore 5 (Points) = +5 “…” -
Spell Lore 5 (Points) + 3 (Elemental) +2 (Leadership) = +10 “…” -
Creature Lore 5 (Points) = +5 “…” -
Gadgetry 5 (Points) +1 (Subtlety) = +6 “…” -
Tech Lore 0 (Points) +1 (Safecracker’s Kit) = +1 “…” -
Thievery 5 (Points) +1 (Subtlety) +1 (Safecracker’s Kit) = +7 “…” -
Non-Combat Skills
Poetry +5 “It’s an old hobby… Shut up.” Kos likes to read and even write his own poetry at times, but… pretend you didn’t hear that.
Folklore +5 “Hanging around the city, you hear things.” Cutting class and hanging around in seedier parts of Dorado helped Kos learn to keep an eye open and an ear to the ground. Now he has approximate knowledge of many things.
Intimidation +5 “Back off. I’m armed to the teeth.” Kos practically raised himself, and as a result, learned how to make himself less vulnerable to unsavory people.


Weapon: Orion Academy Cane
Material Cloudwood
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Cane: 4 Magical Dmg. Grants +1 Damage if Branded with the same element of the skill being cast, and +2 To Hit when their wielder is Imbued to match. A cane given to every student of the Orion Academy.
Maker’s Mark Cloudwood. +5 against Breaking and being Nulled. -1 Hit.
Enchantment Sharp-Eyed. +2 Hit, +1 DAM when casting Single Target spells.
Weapon: Orb of Gloom
Material Crystal, Cloudwood Resin
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Orb: 4 Magical Dmg. Grants +1 Dmg with AoE Spells, and +2 to AoE spell radius. A dark crystal ball coated in a shimmering resin that scatters light it reflects.
Maker’s Mark Cloudwood Resin. +5 against Breaking and being Nulled. -1 Hit.
Weapon: Thalj Talis
Material Thalj Magic Crystal
Craftsman xxx
Base Stats Talis: 4 Magical Dmg. Capable of arcing Magic Skills over Full or Half Cover with a -2 To Hit penalty. Any Magic Skill that affects the user (such as Barriers or Self Area of Effects) may instead use the Talis as the point of casting. In the case of beneficial Skills such as Barriers, they will target whoever the Talis is touching. A combination of a throwing weapon and a Magical Catalyst that looks like a magically charged, elongated deck of cards. Very unique!
Maker’s Mark Thalj Magic Crystal. Adds a +1 numerical bonus to Water Brand on the Weapon.
Weapon: Switchblade
Material metal
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Dagger: 3 Piercing Dmg. Daggers use full To Hit when making Called Attacks (but penalties still apply). +4 To Hit when applying Bleeding. A knife with a spring-loaded blade that pops out when a button on the handle is pressed.
Weapon: Invisible Dagger
Material metal
Craftsman ???
Base Stats Dagger: 3 Piercing Dmg. Daggers use full To Hit when making Called Attacks (but penalties still apply). +4 To Hit when applying Bleeding. A (probably) well-made knife under the effect of some kind of enchantment.
Enchantment Cloaked. This Weapon is invisible to the naked eye. It requires an Illusions roll (DC 16), or Mana Sensing or Search roll (DC 22) to visually perceive.
Armor: Orion Academy Uniform
Material -
Craftsman -
Base Stats Unarmored: -1 Stamina costs, +2 Movement. The uniform all students of the Orion Academy are expected to wear at all times on campus grounds.
Maker’s Mark Catalytic Thread. You may cast magic without a weapon catalyst, using 3 MCA and a Favored Element. +1 HIT/DAM when wielding a weapon catalyst, instead.
Enchantment -. -
Improvement Gloomhaven Crest. Reduces the Stamina cost of Shadow and Artifice spells by 1. Gain 2 Magic DR, take 1 more Damage from all Physical sources.
Ether-Coated Satchel 1x A curious backpack found buried in a shallow hole, with an old photograph and an occupied golem core inside. A Container with 3 Equipment slots for consumables and gear. Things stored inside this are Indestructible.
Throwing Knives xx A balanced set of small knives, weighted equally for a good mix of precision and power. 4 Piercing Dmg. +2 Bonus To Hit vs. Flanked or Exploited units. Does not give defenders a reactionary Search roll if they miss. Cannot be thrown at units within 4 squares.
Egg of Darkness 1x A dark, egg-shaped treat with the consistency of very thick, unmelting jello. There’s a violet outer layer with a faintly visible white ‘eye’ inside. “Delicious!” - Esma. Grants maximum ranks of Shrouded when consumed.
Imprismed Impact Bolt 1x A glowing, volatile glass container that holds a spell Esma calls “Impact Bolt.” She implores the buyer to not throw this at anything they don’t intend to hurt very much. “Not to confuse with type-face.” - Esma. Deals 15 Force Dmg to a single target. Impact Bolt gains To Hit/Dmg equal to the user’s highest Magic Meta [+6].
Imprismed Murder Crows 1x A glowing, volatile glass container that holds a spell Esma calls “Murder Crows.” She implores the buyer not to open this anywhere in the Seeker’s Camp, and to prepare for something really loud. “CAW! They are pests, huh?” - Esma. Spawns a Wind Field full of hostile magical crows that attack all Units for 10 Wind Dmg every turn until dispelled. While active, the user may direct the murder of crows to attack any Unit for 10 Wind Dmg as an Interrupt action. The crows will not attack KO’d units.
- - -


Other Information
Currency 96,000 Rune Zeny (or equal value)
Studies and Training
Study/Training Name Description Difficulty Ends
Training xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
Study xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
Wisp Lantern 1x An ornate lantern that rests atop a cane-length handle, shaped to rest comfortably against one’s shoulder. It lights a great area with a contained Sybirian nature spirit, and wards away most undead beings. When undead entities come within a 5 cell radius, the wielder may make a free NWA or MCA against them, provided they are wielding a 1-handed weapon.
Radio Rune Totebag 1x Keeps warm drinks warm, and cold drinks cold! Not much combat possibility out of that…
Thalj Overseer’s Garb 1x Flowing robes made to catch the desert wind for cooling purposes. Usually thin and often showing some amount of skin. Unarmored: -1 Stamina costs, +2 Movement. Enchanted with Ktullanux’s Canopy: Provides 5 Water Damage Resistance and (near) immunity to pneumonia as well as frostbite. (Self Ref: Sorcerer Bodystyle 1 ccolor 1420)
Magic Cutlery 1x A fine box with assorted silverware inside. It’s enchanted! Gear (Magical) - Add +1 to all numeric values when consuming food or drink that grants a Temporary Boon.
Egg of Gold 1x A light, egg-shaped treat with the consistency of very thick, unmelting jello. There’s an amber-gold outer layer with a ‘plus’ or ‘x’ shaped gummy inside. “More slimy than the real thing.” - Esma. Grants maximum ranks of Brilliant when consumed.
Egg of Cold Steel 1x A gray-blue, egg-shaped treat with the consistency of very thick jello. There’s a blue outer layer and a round white gummy in the middle. Esma claims she made these desserts herself. “Extra chewy!” - Esma. Grants maximum ranks of Shielded when consumed.
(Key Items)
Far Eastern Warhorn 1x A curved, hollowed-out horn of a beast that isn’t native to the known world. It’s decorated with gold-trimmed caps and blowing into it produces a loud, pleasant call. This will probably require a lengthy trip to a very faraway place…
Sepiatone Photograph 1x An aged photo, depicting Jane and an unidentified, highschool-age girl seated on the porch of a building somewhere, waving at the camera.
Occupied Golem Core 1x A golem core of above-average quality, housing the soul of an unidentified person. Though no one present is clairvoyant, Croquette’s unusual gift to see memories associated with objects suggests whoever’s in here might be in distress… According to Tetra’s Golemancer friend, the soul inside of the Core is in a half-vegetative state. After being charged with mana, the soul showed weak activity, moving their hands and groaning in a feminine voice. When shown Jane’s license, they tried to make a ‘J–’ sound, and when shown the Photograph they sounded as if they wished to cry.
Jane’s Wallet 1x A plain, beat-up old wallet, seemingly purchased from a convenience store by the young girl pictured in the photo as a gift. It contains her driver’s license, which identifies her as 22 years old when this was issued in 3009 (or 33 in the present), and lives in a small town called ‘Sunny Springs’ in Harbor County.
Stat Math
HP 38 (Base) -2 (Scars) = 36
SP 40 (Base) +4 (Leadership) +6 (Elemental) -2 (Scars) = 48
HIT 0 (Base) +6 (Elemental) +1 (Catalytic Thread) = 7
EVA 0 (Base) +3 (Subtlety) = 3
END 0 (Base) +4 (Leadership) = 4
WIL 0 (Base) +1 (Willful) +6 (Elemental) +1 (Shadow) = 8
DAM 4 (Base) +1 (Catalytic Thread) = 5
Search 0 (Base) = 0
Sneak 0 (Base) +6 (Subtlety) +2 (Shadow) = 8
Skill Point Expenditure
Elemental 12pts
+Meta 8pts
Leadership 12pts
Subtlety 10pts
Stat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Skill Points Used 35/35
Non-Combat Skill Points Used 15/15
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