Kazanan Hayalet

Player: Raven
Level: 22
Upkeep: Decent
Race: Os
Age: ????
Weapon Proficiency: Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Greatswords, Magical Catalysts, Polearms
Favored Element: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
Armor Type: Heavy
Meta Bonus: Superior 5, Might 4, Elemental 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 67
Stamina: 62
Attack Bonus: 12
Defense Bonus: 19
Equipped Weapon: N.S. Minor Flame Edge, N.S. Minor Aqua Edge
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
Skill Tree: Might
Passive: Ire
Tier 1 Provoke Endure
Tier 2 Guard Rush
Tier 3 Counter Brandish
Tier 4 Smash Overpower
Skill Tree: Elemental
Passive: Amplification
Tier 1 Bolt Shield
Tier 2 Weapon Curse
Tier 3 Imbue Wall
Tier 4 Field Crash
Skill Tree: Superior
Passive: Paragon
Tier 1 Comet Megido Lesser Tetra Vortex
Tier 2 True Tetra Vortex Soul Steal Soul Break
Tier 3 Mana Feast Cast Cancel Return Magic
Tier 4 Mana Flux Clearance Tacit
Skill Tree: Superior
Passive: Paragon
Tier 1 Focus State Land Protector Preserve
N.S. Minor Flame Edge
Base Stats 3 damage, 3 ATK, a boney longsword that's red in color.
Material Enresse Oridecon
Craftsman Kazanan Hayalet
Enchantment Burn: Changes weapon element to Fire. Physical attacks can inflict Fire Harry.
N.S. Minor Aqua Edge
Base Stats 3 damage, 3 ATK, a boney longsword that's blue in color.
Material Enresse Oridecon
Craftsman Kazanan Hayalet
Enchantment Saturate: Changes weapon element to Water. Physical attacks can inflict Enfeeble.
Cage Cuirass
Base Stats 4 DEF
Material Mystical Elunium
Craftsman Entweihen Crothen
Legendary Enchantment Frostfire: Armor is simultaneously imbued with Ice and Magma.
Enchantment Brave: Two offensive skills per action
Enchantment Faithful: Adds highest meta as DEF.
Improvement Mystical Alloy: Allows an extra Enchantment to be placed upon the armor.
510000 zeny
The Communion Blade: 3 damage, 3 ATK, heavy blade, This is a straight longsword with both edges of the blade sharpened. Though the design is plain, it is immaculately forged and the blade resembles platinum in color and texture. It has a faint glow to it. Kazanan feels a disturbing, unseen presence is near him when he wields this weapon, and notices that the tip of the blade has seemingly weak magnetic pull towards living beings, especially the chests of humanoids, be it his own or others.
Knight Rank - +30 HP, -1 to Physical Stamina Costs, -1 to Charge Times.
Status Calculation:
HP: 10(Rook)+30(Knight)+21(Level)+2(Base)+4(Might)=67
Stamina: 10(Rook)+30(Knight)+22(Level)=62
ATK: 3(Weapon)+9(Paragon)=12
DEF: 4(Heavy)+4(Might)+6(Paragon)+5(Faithful)=19
Damage: 3(Weapon)+2(Might)=5/2(Elemental)=2/1(Superior)=1
Unused AP: 1
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