Karn, Reborn

Player: Karn
Theme: Majula
Income: -
Expenses: Lighthalzen Penthouse Apartment (0z - Empty)
Race: Human Splicer (Feline - Hyena)
Age: 35 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): Ascendant, Battle Rage, Bestial
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Opportunity Meta)
Locational Trait: Runian (+2 Vitality)
Weapon Groups: Heavy Soldier, Orcish Warrior, Light Magician
Weapon Proficiency: Assault Rifle, Axe, Boxing, Brawling, Cane, Carbine, Greataxe, Orb, Wand
Exotic Proficiency: -
Weapon Expertise: Jewelry, Shotgun
Favored Element: Light
Armor Type: Medium Armor (Orc Defense Force Uniform)
Meta Bonus: Opportunity 7, Light Magic 7
Status and Equipment
HP: 64
SP: 45
Damage: 5 [AR] / 4 [Rosary] / 7 [Martial Arts] / 8 [Skullspear]
To Hit: 11
Evasion: 8
Willpower: 9
Endurance: 7
Search: 8
Sneak: -6
Movement: 13
Stamina Reductions: N/A
Damage Reductions: 2 Physical, 2 Ballistic
Equipped Weapon: Warborn Dragon Gun
Angel's Feather Grenade Belt Orc Health Brew
Swift Bracelet The Skullspear Trapper's Toolbox
Jewelry Ex St. Seyna's Rosary
Grenade Belt Nail Grenade Nail Grenade
Trapper Toolbox Bear Trap Bear Trap
Injury Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Tree: Light Magic Opportunity
Passive: Judgment Adventurer [11]
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Smite Heal Zeal Cover Pitch Item Chill Out
Tier 2 Absolve Bless Crux Writhe Topple Tumbling
Tier 3 Flash Haste Consecrate Cripple Push Harder Well Ventured
Tier 4 Sanctuary Resurrect Grand Cross Scream Prosperity Heroism
Adventuring Skills
Magic Healing +15 “It's what I've always done best. Are you hurt?”
Dexterity +9 “You need careful fingers with a weapon like the Skullspear.”
Gadgetry +9 “The Hunters have shown me a thing or ten about traps.”
Strength +8 “I was stronger with metal arms, but… That was a bad time.”
Vitality +8 “I can take anything. Well– Just about. Heheh…”
Acrobatics +6 “Yeah, I can probably fit. If I can't, you gotta pull me out…”
Creature Lore +6 “It's crazy how fast the Hunters can identify tracks.”
Speed +6 “Still can't beat Shale in a race… I like it that way, though.”
Thievery +6 “Uhm. Well, the Hunters showed me how to hide traps, and…”
Mana Control +5 “My magic's fallen to the wayside, but… I've still got it.”
Mana Sensing +5 “I can probably find it. If I can't, maybe call Shale.”
Relic Lore +5 “I've seen a lot of pretty cool enchanted gear in my time.”
Tech Lore +4 “Hey, it's like riding a bike. When I go back North, it'll come back.”
Non-Combat Skills
Gryphon Handling +9 “Hilde's doing great in the Hunters' care. I visit often.”
Navigation (Land & Sea) +6 “Not that I go very far, these days. It's fun to stargaze, though.”


Warborn Dragon Gun (Assault Rifle)
Stats This rifle, strangely modern in its make-up, is formed of several intricate pieces made of legendary materials and then enchanted powerfully. It fires in bursts, and can even be used as a melee weapon thanks to a dragonbone bayonet.. 4 Ballistic.
Perks 10 Ammunition, Dead Zone of 6. Adds a follow-up Attack to all other Attacks at -3 To Hit. Only accurate at 20 Squares, after which it uses ½ To Hit.
LE :: Windsong Attacks or Magic Skills through this Weapon convert to True Wind Damage.
E :: Faithful Adds +1 Maximum Advantage.
E :: Chain The Weapon can't use Magic Skills that target an Area of Effect.
Magic Skills used with the Weapon 'jump' to the closest Unit. Damage or Healing is ½ after a jump.
I :: Train Gun Gearwork When making a Ranged Physical Attack, it activates twice (at full SP Cost).
I :: Dwarven Bayonet A Dagger is mounted under the barrel, and usable for Melee Attacks. It ignores up to 3 DR.
The Skullspear (Polearm)
Stats An obsidian skull rests atop the shaft, with a broad spearhead protruding from its gaping maw. Twisted blades coat the weapon's shaft as well, giving the impression that this weapon might harm its wielder as much as the enemy. 6 Piercing.
Perks +2 Weapon Range. Ignore the retaliatory effects of striking Elemental Barriers.
LE :: Bloody Sunder Ignores Shield HP or Damage Resistance equal to the wielder's missing HP.
Curse :: Ambition It thinks it has power over me, but I'm only here because I want to be.
E :: Brave Rolls after Physical Skills (Threshold: 8) to gain an Extra Standard Action.
This Extra Standard Action must be used on another Physical Skill and has +2 SP Cost.
E :: Faithful Adds +1 to Maximum Advantage.
I :: Shaft Blades Adds +5 Defense vs Disarm-like effects. When Disarm is used, and before it calculates, Karn may counter-Attack with an NWA.
St. Seyna's Rosary (Jewelry)
Stats A gold-plated rosary with a statuette of a winged woman curled around Odin's cross. 3 Magical.
Perks +1 Damage to Single-Target Magic Skills. Can be used from Equipment.
E :: Angel's Touch +2 Magic Healing & +1 to outgoing Healing.
Orcish Defense Force Uniform (Medium Armor)
Stats Salvaged from the Rune-Republic war. A red 'Ø' is painted over the R - the Orcs find this hilarious. +1 EVA & END, +1 Physical DR.
I :: RDF Proofing +1 Physical & +2 Ballistic DR.
Angel's Feather It gently glows. Kept close to Karn's heart. The first Revive-type Skill used while holding this feather brings the target to full HP. After use, it disappears.
Bear Trap x 2 Search DC is 16. Struggle DC is 19. Applies Grappled Automatically, then Bleeding (vs END) when a Unit steps within 2 squares of it. It can be laid during combat as a Focused Action, but only in Stealth. Doing so doesn't break Stealth.
Nail Grenade x 2 Roll a flat d20 before use, then divide the result by 5 (round down). Deals 6 Piercing in a 6 x 6 Area of Effect that many times, as separate Attacks.
Orcish Health Brew Tastes like mushrooms and dung. Heals 30 HP, then -2 END for the encounter.
Swift Bracelet It always makes him nostalgic. Grants a Standard Action during the Enemy Phase once per encounter. If that Standard Action is offensive, it's counted as an Interrupt.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Boon of the Orcs Tiered III See below.
Divine Clan Branding Tiered II See below.
Embrace of the Bear Major - +5 Maximum HP & SP. +1 all outgoing Healing.
Orc Medicine Minor - +3 Maximum HP.
Reflexive Combat Major - +1 EVA (max +3) per enemy Unit in 4 squares.
Synthetic Major - +1 Martial Arts Damage. +2 Strength & Dexterity.
Karn is Immune to airborne effects of all kinds (good and bad).
The Knack Minor - Karn's flat Gadgetry and Tech Lore rolls of 10 - 20 add another +2.
Irregular Knowledge Minor - 'Anomaly Research' takes -3 Days to complete.
When rolling to measure or control Radiation Anomalies, Karn adds +2.
Trait Type Description
Ascendant Splicer +1 EVA, WIL & END.
Blood Rage Orc At or below ½ HP, Karn gains +2 Damage & END.
At or below ¼ HP, he gains +4 Damage & END instead.
Catalytic Branded Karn's body is a Catalyst with 3 Damage and no Perks.
Feline Splicer +1 Light Meta / Cap.
Feline Grace Splicer +½ Highest non-Crafting Meta [4] to EVA & Acrobatics.
Hyper Aware Splicer Karn rolls twice during reactionary Search rolls and uses the higher result.
Boon of the Orcs III
Name Tier Description
Orcish Focus I +2 HP, +1 To Hit & +1 Maximum Advantage.
Orcish Strength II +2 HP, +1 To Hit, +1 Maximum Advantage & +1 Opportunity Meta / Cap.
Orcish Rage III +1 Damage. Karn gains the Orc Racial Trait 'Blood Rage'.
Divine Clan Branding II
Name Tier Description
Branded Body I Karn Favors the Light Element [+3 Combat Skill Points].
Karn gains the 'Catalytic' Trait. +1 WIL & -4 Sneak.
Branded Arms II Karn deals +1 Damage with Melee Weapons & Martial Arts.
+4 HP & +1 To Hit. -4 Sneak.
Path of the Steeljaw III
Step # Description
Preparedness I Karn's Grenades and Devices that deal Damage add +2 To Hit.
His Traps' Search & Struggle DC is 2 higher.
Hunter's Tricks II By spending 3 Advantage, Karn may lay a Trap out of Stealth as a Standard Action.
It must be laid within 3 squares of him, and can't be closer than 4 squares to any enemy Unit.
Maneuvering Stance III Karn may enter the Maneuvering Stance. In this Stance, he can't trigger Attacks of Opportunity, but Movement Actions cost 2(+1) SP.
Passive Signature Skill – Giantslayer
“I need to get whatever blood I have left pumping…”
Description When facing an opponent at least twice his size…
Karn gains Courageous at the start of the combat encounter.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


Unavailable (Lighthalzen)
Cherry Red Muscle Car Someone probably stole it by now…
Greater Healing Potion x 3 Heals 15 HP.
Charm of Bravery Applies Courageous on flat Attack or Defense rolls of 20.
Portable Cassette Player 'F#CK' Discography is inserted. Grants +1 CP.
S.C.O.U.T. Unit Mk. I Adds +1 Search and the ability to better discern Painted Units.
Combat Jacket Light Armor Enchanted with “Healing Water”, which grants +1 Rank of Regeneration while Drenched. It's also Improved with “Bulletproofing” which adds +3 Ballistic DR.


HP 40 + 8 [Light] + 4 [Orc Boon] + 4 [Branded Arms] + 5 [Bear Embrace] + 3 [Orc Medicine] = 64
SP 40 + 5 [Bear Embrace] = 45
HIT 8 [Meta] + 2 [Orc Boon] + 1 [Branded Arms] = 11
EVA 1 + 2 [Opportunity] + 4 [Feline Grace] + 1 [Armor] = 8
END 1 + 5 [Opportunity + 1 [Armor] = 7
WIL 1 + 7 [Light] + 1 [Branded Body] = 9
Search 2 + 6 [Skill Points] = 8
Sneak 2 - 8 [Branded] = -6
Damage (Assault Rifle) 4 + 1 [Orc Boon] = 5
Damage (Martial Arts) 4 + 1 [Orc Boon] + 1 [Branded Arms] + 1 [Synthetic] = 7
Damage (Polearm) 6 + 1 [Orc Boon] + 1 [Branded Arms] = 8
Damage (Rosary) 3 + 1 [Orc Boon] = 4
Movement 10 + 3 [Tumbling] = 13
Physical DR 2 [Armor]
Ballistic DR 2 [Armor]
Light 6 [Skill Points] + 1 [Feline] = 7
Opportunity 5 [Skill Points] + 1 [Training] + 1 [Orc Boon] = 7
Combat Points 20 [Light] + 16 [Opportunity] + 3 [Adv Skill Trade] + 4 [Search] + 2 [Jewelry Expertise] = 45 / 45
Adv Skill Points 8 [Magic Healing] + 6 [Dexterity] + 6 [Strength] + 6 [Vitality] + 4 [Gadgetry] + 4 [Vitality] + 2 [Tech Lore] = 36 / 36
NC Skill Points 9 [Gryphon Handling] + 6 [Navigation] = 15 / 15
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