Julian "Jewel" Wilde

Player: Karn
Theme: Cover Your Eyes
Income: TAU Botanist (3,000z)
Expenses: Splicex (Free @ TAU), Vitamin Regimen (150z)
Currency: 26,400z
Race: Splicer (Feline) - Previously Incubus
Age: 56 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): Ascendant, Bestial, Feline Grace, Hyper Aware, Longevity, Willful
Cultural Trait: Mana Rich (Shadow)
Locational Trait: Landless (+2 Herbology)
Weapon Groups: Light Magician, Light Spellsword
Weapon Proficiency: Anthame, Cane, Jewelry, Magic Bolter, Orb, Spellblade, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Favored Element: Shadow, Earth
Armor Type: Magic Attire (Revival Attire)
Meta Bonus: Alchemist 5, Leadership 5, Shadow Magic 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 40
SP: 45
Damage: 4
To Hit: 5
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 6
Willpower: 6
Search: 2
Sneak: 14
Movement: 12
Stamina Reductions: -2 Shadow
Damage Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Academy Bolter
Alchemist's Harvesting Kit Cosmic Trickster's Mask Nightshimmer Cider
Edenplum Stamina Hypo III Wellness Hypo III
Pharmacist Wellness Hypo III
Injury / Boon Type Description Heal Date
Vitamin Regimen Upkeep Julian purchases Multivitamins and Allergy Pills from TAU monthly. -
Wellness Injection Temporary Boon From TAU. At the start of each Turn, Heal 2 HP & SP. Recurring
Inoculation Temporary Boon From himself. Potions or Hypos that Heal HP or SP add +2. Next Encounter
Missing Digits Scar Julian's left pinky and ring finger are cut at the first knuckle. -2 Dexterity & Thievery. Never
Tree: Alchemist Leadership
Passive: Apothecary Wrangler
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Quick Dip Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Inoculation Great Materia Pharmacist Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Superior Triage Acid Demonstration Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Alchemic Plume Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Tree: Shadow Magic -
Passive: Affliction -
Cost: Tier - 1 -
Tier 1 Sow Cloak Misery - - -
Tier 2 Reap Ensnare Sap - - -
Tier 3 Smother Descend Torment - - -
Tier 4 Martyr Eclipse Slow Death - - -
Adventuring Skills
Harvesting +141) “Oh, I'd be livid if I ever harmed a sample!”
Herbology +12 “I've made it my goal to become an encyclopedia.”
Illusions +10 “I promise I'd never use this for ill~.”
Relic Lore +8 “It's important to understand magical devices.”
Mana Control +7 “What kind of Summoner would I be without this?”
Mana Sensing +7 “It's the only way to find Tiffany, sometimes…”
Tech Lore +4 “Well… I'm still learning, that's all.”
Acrobatics +2 “I'm a little better on my feet, since the supplement.”
Dexterity -2 “Well, one hand still works just fine.”
Thievery -2 “I hadn't planned on stealing anything, anyway~.”
Non-Combat Skills
Gardening (Ornamental) +9 “I can make a display to die for!”
Gardening (Sustainable) +6 “TAU's more interested in this. A shame~.”
Tiffany (Tiny Cunning Magical)
A black housecat made of Shadow mana with two little wings. She's missing her left front paw.
Critical Range Flat Attack rolls of 18 - 20 apply Frightened (vs END).
Personal Element Tiffany is the Shadow Element.
Silent While in Stealth, Tiffany gains +1 Damage & +2 To Hit.
HP 30 HIT 9
SNK 17 SCH 7
MOV 12 DR Absorb Shadow
Weak Light
Adventure Skills
Magic Healing +5 Mana Control +5
Speed +5 Thievery +3
Dexterity -2 - -
Unique Traits & Skills
Soul Fragment Tiffany can't Die, and instead returns to Julian when she reaches 0 HP.
Little Wings Tiffany has small wings that allow her to Hover. As a Free Action, Julian may spend 1 Charisma to move her into Flight. Each Turn that she remains in Flight costs another 1 Charisma.
Little Temper Standard Action (3 SP). Costs 2 Charisma or 1 Rank of Shrouded. Tiffany gains a Rank of Spiteful.
Injuries & Boons
Missing Paw Tiffany's left forepaw is gone! -2 Dexterity & Thievery.


Weapon & Armor
Academy Bolter Revival Attire
Stats A Magic Bolter from the Yuno Academy!
4 Magical / 3 Magical
Magical Attire from Aquitaine. +1 EVA & WIL, +2 Movement.
Maker's Mark Singular
+1 Damage with Shadow Magic.
-3 vs Damaged & Broken.
Diverse Runes
+1 Grand DR.
Alchemist's Harvesting Kit Those Kobolds make fine products. +1 To Hit with Throw Item, +1 CP & +2 Harvesting.
Cosmic Trickster's Mask An imposing looking mask, engraved with wicked Cosmic runes that glow the faintest green in low light. +4 Sneak. When worn, others passively perceive Julian as holding a wholly separate identity from his own. This Automatically succeeds so long as they didn't see him put it on. It takes a deliberate attempt to see through this trick (Illusions DC: 20), after which the mask holds no effect for a day.
Nightshimmer Cider A barely alcoholic drink. +3 Thievery & +4 Sneak for an encounter.
Edenplum A large, sweet, vaguely tangy fruit, with a vivid blue color. Biting into one Heals 30 HP and Imbues with Lightning for an encounter.
Stamina Hypo III Full of blue liquid. Heals 20 SP.
Wellness Hypo III x 2 Full of purple liquid. Heals 10 HP & SP.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Name Description
Ascendant Julian has +1 EVA, END & WIL.
Bestial Julian has +2 Search & Sneak.
Feline Grace Julian adds +½ Highest non-Crafting Meta [2] to EVA & Acrobatics.
Hyper Aware Julian rolls twice while Searching and uses the higher result.
Willful Julian has +1 WIL.
Passive Signature Skill – Field Scientist
“Just as long as I have something to look at…”
Description Even if Julian fails (most) Harvesting rolls, he may salvage a sample to Study. This sample can't be used in any way after it's Studied.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


Edenplums x 4 A large, sweet, vaguely tangy fruit, with a vivid blue color. Biting into one Heals 30 HP and Imbues with Lightning for an encounter.
Health Hypo III Full of red liquid. Heals 20 HP.
Nightshimmer Cider A barely alcoholic drink. +3 Thievery & +4 Sneak for an encounter.
TAU Labcoat An Unarmored Garb with the 'TAU Accessories' Improvement, which grants +1 CP.


CP & Work Station
Crafting Points 7 / 7 Refreshes every Sunday!
TAU Laboratories Rare -4 to CP Costs. State of the art!
Permits & Licenses
Chemist's License The Republic Julian can legally use alchemy in the Republic.
Detailed List
Common Rare Legendary
Rad-B-Gone Rad-B-Gone MS -
Rad-B-Gone XS - -
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Legendary Materials 0
Great Strides
Meta 5 -


HP 40
SP 40 + 5 [Leadership] = 45
HIT 5 [Meta]
EVA 1 [Ascendant] + 2 [Grace] + 1 [Armor] = 4
END 1 [Ascendant] + 5 [Leadership] = 6
WIL 1 [Ascendant] + 4 [Shadow] + 1 [Armor] = 6
Search 2 [Bestial]
Sneak 2 [Bestial] + 8 [Shadow] + 4 [Mask] = 14
Damage 4 [Magic Bolter]
CP 5 [Meta] + 1 [Labcoat] + 1 [Kit] = 7
Skill Points 15 [Alchemist] + 15 [Leadership] + 12 [Shadow Magic] = 42 / 42
+2 from Alchemist Kit
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