Player: Flora
Income: 10,000z (Treasure Hunter)
Race: Fiend (Monstrous)
Racial Trait(s): Cosmic Soul, Night Dweller, Beastial Form
Cultural Trait: Apex Predator (+1 Might, +6 Hunting)
Locational Trait: El Quattorian (+2 Tech Lore)
Age: 30
Weapon Proficiencies: Fist Weapons, Brawling, Small Arms, Automatics, Heavy Arms
Favored Element: Cosmic
Armor Type: Heavy Armor (Barony Vanguard Armor)
Meta Bonus: Might VII, Perception IV, Leadership IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 56
SP: 34
Damage: 4 (Slashing)
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 12
Willpower: 0
Search: 4
Sneak: 2
SP Reductions:
Stat Expenditures
Equipped Weapon: Claws
Assault Rifle
Barony Train Gun
Barony Filtration Mask
Health Soda
Chilled Coffee
Spiced Tea
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/26


Tree: Might VII Perception IV
Passive: Ire Dead-Eye
Tier 1 Bash Endure Warcry Aimed Strike Loose Strike Scan
Tier 2 Rush Guard Brandish Strafing Pinpoint Distract
Tier 3 Quicken Knockdown Tenacity Scatter Concentrate Pop Flare
Tier 4 Shockwave Shatter Tension True Sight Slay Flurry
Tree: Leadership IV
Passive: Commander
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Heroic Charge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Inspiring Words Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up
Active Signature Skill – ??
Passive Signature Skill – Fear the Reaper
”Scared yet?“
Jethro’s reputation as a horrifying monster proceeds him and he sparks fear into his enemies without ever needing to try. At the start of battle, enemies have to roll END vs a rank of Frightened. In RP, some might be a little more inclined to do what he says.
Adventuring Skills
Strength +11 “No, go ahead, what were you saying about my boy?”
Survival +11 “Humans left me no choice.”
Vitality +12 “Do I look like a little bitch to you?”
Speed +7 “I’m pretty fast for my size”
Dexterity +4 “Finally got used to human hands.”
Creature Lore +10 “When you live in the wilderness for so long, you know what’s in there.”
Gadgetry +2 “Not gonna lie, the shit’s interesting.”
Field Medicine +5 “Human medicine is pretty useful.”
Tech Lore +9 “It’s a hobby.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Hunting +6 “I mean it’s kinda what I do.”
Tracking +6 “Can’t beat this nose.”
Intimidation +6 ”….“
Star Navigation +6 “Useful on land and sea.”

Equipment & Gear

Base Stats 4 Slashing Damage. Jethro’s natural claws. In a pinch, he knows he can always rely on them to give someone a bad time.
Assault Rifle
Base Stats 4 Ballistic Damage. Gun.
Maker's Mark Military Grade +1 DAM, +5 against being Broken.
Barony Train Gun
Base Stats Heavy Arm. 5 Ballistic DAM, 18 Ammo. Ignores 2 points of Ballistic Resistance. Activates Perception & Subtlety Skills that target Units or Areas twice, against the same target at full SP cost. Automatically destroys Half or Full Cover upon attacking a unit behind it. Can be loaded with any solid material, up to fist-sized. Requires 8 Tech Lore or Relic Lore to wield.
Maker’s Mark Soul Lock This weapon can only be used by the soldier it was assigned to.
Barony Vanguard Armor
Base Stats Heavy Armor. 3 END, 2 All DR. Requires 6 Physical Meta
Improvement Brute Fittings Provides +5 against being damaged or broken. After successfully defending a melee attack, roll to apply Pained (vs fists/martial arts).
Health Soda Fizzy drinks that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors. Heals 20 HP.
Chilled Coffee Cold, sweet coffee in a can. Available in mocha, caramel and vanilla. Heals 20 SP.
Spiced Tea Canned tea, with a little bite of cinnamon. Stays warm for up to three days, still tasty when cold. +3 Bonus To Hit.
Barony Filtration Mask +2 Sneak A tight-fitting piece of high-tech synthetic cloth worn around the neck, that can be stretched to cover one’s mouth and nose. Purifies air that passes through it, granting immunity to airborne/respiratory hazards and concealing one’s identity.
Currently Listening To
Juarez y Juarez' Discography Add +2 to any action involving firearms outside of combat. Loud and proud ‘traditional’ Dorado music, Juarez y Juarez are siblings who both sing, whistle, and play several instruments. Their discography is mostly live concert recordings.
May's Home-style Talent Tonic (x2) Talent in a bottle. Tastes like grape. Potion. Boost an Adventure Skill to 7, even if you do not have it at all, for a single roll.
Throwback Charge (x2) A pipe-shaped bomb that explodes with kinetic force. Device. AoE radius 5. Deals no damage when exploding, but applies Prone at To Hit +4.
Health Soda Fizzy drinks that come in a variety of fruity and herbal flavors. Heals 20 HP.
Portable Cassette Player A hand-held cassette player with headphones, good for on-the-go.

Boons, Training, & Research

Cosmic Powers
Name Description
Monstrous Strength Your maximum HP is raised by your highest Physical Meta x2, and upon Transformation, you are Healed for ½ this bonus. Passively grants +2 Strength and +2 Vitality
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
Basic Training Major +1 END. Gain +2 to the following Adventure Skills: Survival, Vitality, Gadgetry. Gain +3 to any Non-Combat skill related to nautical expertise. (Star Navigation)
Vanguard Training Major +4 HP. Raises your Might, Perception, or Leadership Meta (and its cap) by 1, and gain an additional effect depending on your Meta choice. Gain the Heavy Arms proficiency. (This does not count towards your Proficiency limit.) The Tech Lore requirement to use any special equipment is halved. Might :: When using the Universal Skill Defend, gain 3 DR against all Damage types.
Close-Quarters Combat Training Major Increases damage when using any Martial Arts by +2, or +1 when using a Fist Weapon. Grants the use of CQC Stance.
Name Description Research Time
Name Description Research Time


Zeny 80,250z
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