Irene Landevale

Irene Landevale
Player Lis
Battle Theme One Two Three
Race Human
Racial Traits Flexibility1), Proficiency2)
Cultural Traits Specialized Training3)
Locational Trait Runian4)
Age 23
Elements Spirit, Abyssal
Meta Bonus Artifice V, Arcanism V, Mystic IV, Displacement IV, Superior II
Weapon Groups Glastian Witch5), Light Spellsword6), Light Adventurer7)
Weapon Expertise Anthame, Twin Jewelry, Spellblade
Health Points 36 -9
Stamina Points 56
Willpower 108)
Evasion 5
Endurance 4
Sneak 4
Search 6
To Hit 129)
Damage 410)
Economy and Documentation
Wallet 600,546z
Upkeep 2,000z
Income Royal Enchanter11), Kimi's Deal12), Oni Youkai Mask 13)
Expenses Perk-It Pill Xtra 14), Terra's Wage 15)
Discounts Al de Baran Wizard Guild Discount16), Alberta Merchant's Guild VIP Card17)
Licenses Merchant's License18)
Resources Restricted Library Card19), Royal Library Card20)
Lighthalzen Punch Card 2/8
Merchant's Guild Bazaar Points 70
Empire City Mall Tickets 8
Equipment and Gear
Armor Resonant Ethreal Desert Star Garment of Aego
Weapon Lumiere Etoiles “Jack of Trades” & Hand of the Noble Warden
Weapon Belt XL Spellcard of Norveig, Disc of All, Bloodstone Rune
Potion Belt XL High Energy Potion
Lustrous Pendant
Cataclysm's Eye
Crystal Barrier
Norveig’s Gloves
Temporary Status
Name Type Description Finish Date
Injury Points ∞/
Soulless Scar Irene's body doesn't have a soul in it, and yet she still feels like she's “inside”. Mostly. She can act as she normally would, but everything feels so different… Irene's body has no Soul and can't use Spirit or Superior Magic & Nephilim Arts, or be Soul Linked unless her Phylactery is in her Equipment Slots. Irene's body has infinite IP, has no Death Threshold for HP or SP, and can't be affected by Superior Magic Conditions, either.
Nagging Thoughts Scar Every so often, the thought of her time in the Abyss returns… Irene might look back on it fondly until she realizes what she's doing. Irene is compelled to explore the Abyss.
Call of the Abyss21) Scar You can’t stop thinking about what you saw down there… What else could the Abyss hold?Your thoughts drift to the Abyss at a near-constant - you can’t stop thinking about it. What’s down there? Maybe you should go back. You have to know.
Death Over IP Limit Irene is dead twice over, or at least she seems that way. An older woman named Terra comes to visit the next morning, weeping for her but still declaring that things will be… “O-Okay”. She remains by Irene's bedside and will go in her stead to visit the dwarves, she says, then take her home. ???
Fatigued 4 Minor Irene is really tired. +2 to All SP Costs to your character and prevents any means that would reduce their SP Costs for its duration. It lasts as long as both Slots are filled, and for 7 days after they stop being so.
Across the Endless Expanse 4 Major Soul Injury Something, or someone, is coming to meet Irene. Irene is frequently caught off guard by the appearance of a shadowed figure in unfamiliar armor. They never manifest before her, preferring to appear in crowds or dark corners that keep them well obscured. Sometimes they're only there for a moment, and sometimes they remain until Irene comes near only to disappear as normal.
Scionic Secrets Master Sarronath very dully expresses some vague interest in passing the finer points of her personal techniques down, but only to the right person - and one that understands her. 11/12 - 5/22
Claw of the Noble Warden Master Group Study Irene is interested in learning more about this… Group study with Heath, Zefi, Elliot, Rhydian. Others may join! 8/23
Portable Cassette Player
'Flora Fawn' Discography Smooth, sultry vocals accompanied by her partner Slim Jimmy's jazzy tunes. The war split this group up. Adds +2 to your character's two highest Non-Combat Skills.
Active Signature Skill - Starry Embrace
What’s important ain't the magic, it’s the heart of the wielder who uses it!
Able to alter live magic, Irene can use her artifice meta on any magic in use, she can bolster -or- undermine magic according to her highest magic meta.
Perk She is still able to use her standard action.
Perk Overload: If she rolls from 14-20, the effect will double.
Drawback Base Stamina cost is her highest Magic Meta.
Drawback For each use, Irene gains 1 rank of Feedback.
Passive Signature Skill - Voracity
Irene has a boundless amount of passion for enchanting, she pushes herself to study in earnest. Irene pushes herself to extreme fatigue while being able to study two enchantments at once.
Non-Combat Skills
6 Resourceful [ Magic ] I can accomplish just about anything with a little bit of magic.
Adventure Skills
17 Mana Control Enchanting is a delicate process.
11 Mana Sensing It's quite literally, everywhere.
14 Spell Lore I might as well live in a library with as much as I study.
2 Vitality I have no idea why I am always so tired.
10 Acrobatics It's essential to warm up before any physical activity!
16 Relic Lore No really, my living room has more books than I can recollect!
7 Harvesting Work is my passion.
2 Illusions Thanks drugs.
6 Theivery Thanks drugs.
1 Abyssal Lore I need to understand this.
Combat Skills
Skill Tree: Artifice VII
Passive: Wrath
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Exchange
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Reach
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Squeeze
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Wrathful
Skill Tree: Arcanism V
Passive: Sorceress
Tier 1 Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage
Tier 2 Stinging Sigil Aegeis Sigil Dismissal
Tier 3 Death Sigil Mercy Sigil Titan Sigil
Tier 4 Detonation Extension Sigil Savant
Skill Tree: Mystic IV
Passive: Enchantress
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Rekindle
Tier 2 Resonant Great Materia Deny
Tier 3 Superior Overload Overcharge
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Wild Magic
Skill Tree: Witchcraft
Tier 1 Grounding
Skill Tree: Superior III
Mana Flux Megido Tacit
Karma Control Preserve Land Devourer
Disaresta Arcane Boost Lesser Tetra Vortex
Skill Tree: Displacement IV
Passive: Prudence
Scrape Flip Divide
Air Blade Relocate Launch
Void Recall Void Lock Void Shift
Implosion Void Bubble Void Mirror
Skill Tree: Agility
Tier 1 Flourish
Lumiere Etoiles “Jack of Trades
Stats - - -
Material Morph Wood Craftsmen Fjalar of the Earth
Enchantment Skillful +1 To Hit and DMG for every Meta at or under 5.
Improvement Morphing Weapon can shape-shift to suit wielder's needs.
Ethereal Desert Star Garment of Aego
A dark purple and light grey garb that's top-heavy in design. A strange symbol in the form of sun with a black void in its center is on the back, and it's adorned with talismans that depict swooping hawks in what look like constellations. It shifts with a darkish iridescent sheen under light, subtly.
Stats Unarmored Garb -1 SP Costs, +2 Movement
Craftsman Terra
Maker's Mark Aego's Understanding Feedback Damage is reduced by 1. After this Garment is used in any encounter, its wearer subtracts 4 Days from a single Study they are participating in. Inspirational!
Enchantment Inverted Brilliance Brilliant and Shrouded can co-exist on the wearer. Further, Brilliant doesn't reduce Sneak but also doesn't provide a bonus to Indirect Healing.
Improvement Talismans of Horus’ Twilight Each Rank of Brilliant of Shrouded on the wearer also adds +1 Willpower.
Hand of the Noble Warden
Irene's arm has been covered in jagged black chitin with gold and red accents, including red claws.
Stats 4 Magic DMG
Craftsman ???
Maker's Mark
Legendary Enchantment Feathers from Heaven Shouldn’t have touched this. Magic cast through the Hand is formed as Abyssal Feathers and contests EVA. Any Condition it would apply becomes Bleeding, and if Bleeding from the Hand applies to a Unit that’s at Rank 3 it will ‘tick’ immediately instead.
Lustrous Pendant A diamond pendant that dangles on a long golden chain, it shifts with prismatic mana inside the facets of the crystal. +1 rank of Regen; +2 To Hit against Flanked & Exploited Units; Once per Encounter nullifies an application of nullified or vulnerable; Once per Encounter nullifies an application of Pained or Unbalanced.
Cataclysm's Eye A choker with a red gem-shaped like a vortex. Every third Magic Skill used by the wearer is affected by 'Full Charge (Standard / Meta 3)' from the Arcanism Skill Tree. This includes its downside…
Crystal Barrier A black crystal that glows a faint, and pale green. It forms into a swirling shield made of this odd mana, that few have seen. +2 Evasion As a Swift action, the wielder may extend the distorted barrier to cover the entire party from one attack completely. After this Charge is used, the shield no longer functions properly and the wielder loses it’s usual +2 EVA.
Norveig’s Gloves A set of silk gloves with strange glowing symbols embroidered into them. When she rolls a 19 or 20, for any offensive magical action, she can Recharge one of her relics to full and if all her relics are fully charged, she gains 2 Stamina instead.
Weapon Belt XL
Disc of All A pale iridescent stone with gold detailing and 4 colored small gems laid into it. Wash, Soothe, Growth, Breathe
Spellcard of Norveig A silver-plated card with a decorative design. Norveig's Gambit
Bloodstone Rune A blackened runestone, capable of holding dark and spirit spells. Hysteria Buff, Negate, Grudge, Ethereal Knives
Boons, Paths and Special Powers
True Witch Path TBA
IDOLA the Impetuous Disciple Blessing ✦Click!✦
Boon of the Orcs II ✦Click!✦
The Annals of Glastheim I Blood Magic Irene may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (presently 1) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that she sacrificed. The process involves
Displacement Theory Minor When using Displacement Magic, Irene counts her Highest Magic Meta as +1.
Night Eyes Minor Irene can see perfectly in the dark. She couldn't before. Able to see in the darkness as though it was broad daylight.
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor When casting superior Magic, act as though your Superior Meta is 1 higher.
Abyssal Interest Minor By learning from the Abyssal Brand, Irene has come to understand the magic of the Abyss just slightly more. +1 to the Abyssal Lore Adventure Skill.
Abyssal Recycling Major Material Cost for all Enchantments is reduced by 10% (round down). CP cost of Volume & Breadth is reduced by 1.
Void Mastery Major Irene adds +3 WIL & END vs Displacement Magic.
Passionate Combatant Major Irene survived one of Sarronath’s spiteful tantrums, which seemed to come out of nowhere… it left an impression, at least physically. +1 Artifice Meta/Cap gains the passionate spell blade weapon group.
Noble Warden's Influence Major Though she wasn't conscious when she touched that hand, she probably would've anyway. Irene's right or left arm (your choice!) has been covered in jagged black chitin with gold and red accents, including red claws. +2 Mana Control & Illusions, +1 Damage w/ Magic, -4 Max HP & -2 END. She can’t remove the Hand - it’s her hand now. It refuses to hold any Weapon.

Storage Chests, Spell Books, And Specialties

Spell Book
It's not very fancy, but it's mine…” A compendium of Irene's spells she has gathered over the years. Spell Details
Quake Crush Cone of Flame
Temper Terminal Eruption Iron Flesh
Wash Downpour Cyclone
Be Rid of Annoyances Condense Rebirth/Re-Raise
Reflect Prismatic Bolt Ethereal Knives
Gravelight Mana Shield/Soul Barrier Empower/Bolster Soul
Lunar Wind Grudge Essence Drain
Norveig's Gambit Kyrie Ascend
Negate Bless Tranquil Walk of Peace
Sanctuary Hysteria Buff Reap
Cloak Bane Ensnare
Darkness Falls Freeze Bomb Tears of Spite
Soul Split Tame Shadow Shadelight
Twilight's Embrace Debilitate Brightstorm
Reckoning Tendrils 45
46 47 48
49 50 x
Stat Expenditure
Artifice Meta 4 [ 12 Combat Skill Points ] + 1 [ Specialized Training ] = 5
Arcanism Meta 5 [ 16 Combat Skill Points ] = 5
Mystic Meta 4 [ 12 Combat Skill Points ] = 4
Health Points 34 + 2 [ Boon of the Orcs ] = 36
Stamina Points 34 + 16 [ Displacement ] + 5 [ Artifice ] = 55
To Hit 5 [ Highest Meta ] + 5 [ Lumirere Etoiles ] = 10
Search 0 + 6 [ 2 Combat Skill Points ] = 6
Sneak 0 + 4 [ Ethereal Desert Star Garment ] = 4
Willpower 0 + 5 [ Artifice ] +2 [ Defiant Bangles ] +2 [ Resonant ] = 9
Evasion 0 +2 [ Superior ] + 2 [ Alter-Epsilon Anklets ] = 4
Mana Control 0 + 2 [ Displacement ] + 2 [ Artifice ] + 2 [ Mystic ] + 2 [ Arcanism ] + 6 [ Non-Combat Skill Points ] = 14 + 2 [ Flora Fawn ] = 16
Mana Sensing 0 + 2 [ Displacement ] + 2 [ Artifice ] + 2 [ Arcanism ] + 4 [ Non-Combat Skill Points ] = 10
Spell Lore 0 + 2 [ Displacement ] + 2 [ Artifice ] + 2 [ Mystic ] + 2 [ Arcanism ] + 5 [ Non-Combat Skill Points ] = 13
Vitality 0 + 2 [ Displacement ] = 2
Acrobatics 0 + 10 [ Non-Combat Skill Points ] = 10
Relic Lore 0 + 2 [ Artifice ] + 2 [ Mystic ] + 5 [ Arcanism Meta ] + 2 [ Runian ] = 13 + 2 [ Flora Fawn ] = 15
Harvesting 0 + 2 [ Mystic ] + 5 [ Non-Combat Skill Points ] = 7
Abyssal Lore 0 + 1 [ Abyssal Interest ] = 1


Crafting Points 7
Licenses Glastheim Mystic's License, Al De Baran Mystic's License, Superior Relic License
Work Bench Rare Remodeling Maraveah's old enchantment shop, Irene kept the Enchanting workbench with a few minor improvements to cut costs. Reduces the cost of Enchanting by 4 CP.
Oni Youkai Mask A mask that covers the entire face, styled after the Ba Jinian Oni. While hung on the front door of a shop, it may attract new and unique customers… Irene gains 2,000z / mo Income due to a strange influx of new and very 'colorful' shoppers, all of whom seem suspiciously Youkai-like.
Thalj Reverberating Sculpture A large crystal sculpture in an abstract shape. It's gently vibrating… Add +2 to all Excellent rolls. For each extra Property added by an Excellent roll near the Crystal, refund 2 CP to the Crafter.
'F#CK' Discography Punk music that’s abrasive to the ears, and yet somehow enjoyed by a rather large audience … Adds 1 to CP.
Abyssal Recycling Material Cost for all Enchantments is reduced by 10% (round down). CP cost of Volume & Breadth is reduced by 1.
Zeny R. Charm A glittering zeny coin! -1CP to one craft per month.
Even Meta Cap
3 Weapon Proficiencies
+1 Meta Cap Artifice
+2 Relic Lore
Anthame, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Anthame, Magic Bolter, Spellblade, Twin Jewelry
Bow, Sword, Spellsword, Whip
+1 Magic DR
+5 Sigils
+5 Twin Jewelry, +5 Spellblade
50,000z Until 8 2020
13) , 15)
25% discount from the Al de Baran Wizard's Guild
10% Discount and never will expire
Kingdom of Glastheim, City States of Rune
19) , 20)
Kingdom of Glastheim
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