Player: Nexxus
Income: 0z
Expenses: 0z
Race: Nephilim
Race Traits: Noble, Gryphon Lands & Clan
Age: 1000+++
Favored Weapons: Polearms, Heavy Blades, Discipline
Favored Element: Water
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Agility IX, Might V, Elemental V
Status and Equipment
HP: 59 [118]
SP: 45 [90]
MP/RHYM: 15/30
Hit: 10
Evasion: 14 [28]
Willpower: 12
Endurance: 10
Search: 6
Sneak: -8
Damage: 7 (5 DISC, 7 MCA)
Equipped Weapon: Gryphon’s Fury
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Skyward Cape Shield Chime Gryphon Aspect VI+I
Focused Armband High Healing Pot Font of Knowledge
High Energy Pot Remedy Potion Boon of the Orcs
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x. x x
Agility IX Might V
Passive: Momentum (30) Fervor (10)
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow Bash Vigilance Endure
Tier 2 Lunge Feint Sweep Rush Quicken Guard
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Brandish Tenacity Knockdown
Tier 4 Skyward Riposte Coup Fling Shatter Immortal
Elemental IV Gryphon Form VI+I
Passive: Amplify x
Cost: Tier 4
Tier 1 Life Drop Wash W. Barrier Razor Wind Rake Crash (5)
Tier 2 Surge Life Rain W. Brand Sonic Boom Eagle Eye (6) Dive (6)
Tier 3 Torrent Purity I. Water Gale Force (6) x x
Tier 4 Drown Waterfall W. Field x x x
Dual Skills
'Til Death Do Us Part “Thousands of years entombed with you, sigh~.” When either is KO'd in combat, the other bolsters themself! The conscious partner gains 1/2 of their unconscious partner's base Hit, EVA, END & WIL as well as any magical effects/buffs their unconscious partner had upon falling into such a state. If their partner dies, however…
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Dexterity +11 “Drills are repetitive, but somehow relaxing.”
Speed +10 “Faster in flight, of course..”
Acrobatics +10 “Every member of the Gryphon is treated to the same tedious exercises~.”
Gryphon Clan Lore +9 “Should I not know of my own Clan?”
Vitality +8 “I believe the saying is 'two for flinching'.”
Strength +6 “If brute is what you need, ask Lykke.”
Mana Control +6 “I admit, spell casting is only a hobby for me~.”
Mana Sense +6 “Octarine, perhaps.”
Creature Lore +5 “Specifically the handling of Gryphon young..”
Relic Lore +5 “I would so hate to walk face first into a trap I could have disarmed.”
Spell Lore +5 “I have a practiced eye, but.. Hobby.”
Survival +3 “Sleeping outdoors, hmn.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Etiquette +11 “The sense of knowing when you're drinking too much at a formal occasion, tsk.”
Poise +9 “Keep your temper.”
Dancing (Courtly) +5 “Let's not.”


Weapon & Armor
Gryphon’s Fury Warrior’s Regalia (Cloth)
Stats 6 DAM, +1 DAM vs unarmored/light-armor, 6+2 range. A dangerous and richly enchanted halberd. -1 SP costs, +2 MOV. Supple material, woven with charms between the fabric.
Craftsmen Gryphon Clan Gryphon Clan
Nephil Innate Gryphon Gale: +2 Range, and adds half the wielders fury/rhythm as dam (up to +4). x
Nephil Innate Breath of Death: GF is Catalytic and uses its dam with no Perks. Skills that use MCA add half the wielders MP in dam (up to +4).
Enchantment x One With the Land: Shapeshift as often and for as long as she pleases.
Improvement Sea-shell Tempering: +5 vs weapon break/damage Charms of the Benevolent One: -8 Sneak, +4 WIL.
Improvement Monkey Leather Grip: +5 vs disarm x
Gear & Item Notes
Skyward Cape Luxurious! Haste! Makes 'Skyward' a Standard Action.
Shield Chime A simple golden chime, worn on a necklace. Sub Action: Creates a Spirit Shield equal to 2x highest meta (18). Usable in Form.
Focused Armband A metallic armband, engraved on the inside. 'Build' generates +1 resource.
High Healing Potion Brewed by Redoran, it has a light cherry flavour. Heals 24 HP.
High Energy Potion Brewed by Redoran, it has a light citrus flavour. Heals 24 SP.
Remedy Potion Tastes like medicine. Cures all negative conditions.

Path, Boons & Studies

Path of Duellist
Boon Type Level Description
Aspect of the Gryphon Tiered 6+1 Click for table.
Font of Knowledge - Alfonso Major - A living soul sacrificed on the sanguine fountain. +2 END. Gain the Water Magic Tree, favour Water, gain Dancing (Courtly) at Ele Meta.
Boon of the Orcs Tiered 1 It got her what she needed. +2 HP, +1 Hit, +3 Max RHYM.
Other Type Description
Art of the Duel Caste (Noble) VS a single Unit in melee, gain +5 Hit. Must have no other Units within 6 squares.
Court Education Caste (Noble) +5 Dexterity and +5 to Etiquette/Poise.
Sky Guardian Clan (Gryphon) Divebomb from Flight adds half (3) of Gryphon Aspect Level to DAM & Hit.
True Freedom Clan (Gryphon) Add Gyphon Aspect level to movement (7) while in Flight or Hovering.
Source Description Research Time
x x x x
Source Description Research Time
x x x x

Storage & Misc

Currency 19,000 Zeny
x x. x
Gear & Relics
x x. x
x x. x

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditure Click me!
HP 45 [Base], +9 [Agi 9], +5 [Might 5] = 59
SP 45 [Base] = 45
MP 5 [Ele Meta V] * 3 = 15
HIT 9 [Highest Meta], +1 [Duellist (Polearm)] = 10
EVA 3 [Base], +9 [Agi 9], +2 [Gryphon Aspect] = 14
WIL 3 [Base], +5 [Ele 5], +4 [Warrior’s Regalia] = 12
END 3 [Base], +5 [Might 5], +2 [Alfonso] = 10
Search 6 [Skill Points (9)] = 6
Sneak -8 [Charms of the Benevolent One] = -8
NWA 6 [Gryphon’s Fury], +1 [Gryphon Aspect] = 7
MCA 6 [Gryphon’s Fury], +1 [Gryphon Aspect] = 7
Range 4 [Melee Base], +2 [Polearm], +2 [Gryphon's Fury (Gryphon Gale)] = 8
Eles Water [Alfonso]
Meta Agi: 4 [Agility Skills], +3 [Skill Points (13)], +1 [PotD], +1 [Gryphon Aspect] = 9. Might: 4 [Might Skills], +1 [Gryphon Clan] = 5. Ele: 4 [Ele Skills], +1 [Gryphon Clan] = 5
SP Cost -1 [Unarmored] = -1
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