Heather MacDowell

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Income: LZPD Officer [5000z], SAS Tablets 1)
Expenses: Residential District [2000z]
Money: 19,450z
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A)
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 to Leadership)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 to Tech Lore)
Race: Human
Age: 21 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Light Soldier 2), Mixed Close Combatant 3), Republican Peacekeeper 4), Discipline 5)
Weapon Proficiency: Boxing 6), Handgun 7), Tonfa 8)
Favored Element(s):
Armor/Armor Type: LZPD Uniform (Medium Armor)
Meta Bonus: Leadership VI, Perception VI
Status and Equipment
HP: 37
STM: 43 32
Damage: 4 (Revolver) / 4 (Nightstick) / 4 (Unarmed)
To Hit Bonus: 6
Evasion: 7
Endurance: 7
Willpower: 0
Movement: 10
Search: 9
Sneak: 0
Clarity Points: 6
Charisma: 6
STM Reductions:
Equipped Weapon(s): Revolver, Nightstick
Equipment & Gears
Belt of Blast Protection
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Lung Scrape Critical (8 IP) Heather experienced a major, invasive surgery that involved a dual-sided thoracotomy and breaking ribs. Recovery will be a long, hard process. Fresh air stings, and Heather feels like she can’t get a full breath. Heather's Maximum SP is reduced by 25%. She rolls flat when contesting Coughing & Exhausted. If Heather becomes Fatigued, it automatically progresses to Extreme Fatigue instead. 8/31/20
Injury Points 8/18


Passive: Commander (+6 Endurance, +6 SP, +6 Charisma)
Tier 1 Attack Order (2) Defend Order (2) Rally Order (2)
Tier 2 Heal Order (3) Shake Off (3) Inspiration (3)
Tier 3 Desperate Cry (4) Pick Me Up (3) Chosen One (4)
Tier 4 Presence 9) Rise Up (5) All Out Attack (5)
Passive: Cognition (+6 Evasion, +6 Search, 6 Clarity Points)
Tier 1 Aimed Strike (2) Loose Strike (2) Scan (2)
Tier 2 Strafing (3) Pinpoint (3) Distract (3)
Tier 3 Scatter (4) Concentrate (4) Pop Flare (4)
Tier 4 True Sight (5) Slay (5) Flurry (5)
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Mediating +6 Heather prefers to talk her way out of a situation, using words instead of resorting to violence whenever a problem needs to be solved.
Studies (Politics) +5 Heather’s father was a bureaucrat, dealing with the likes of the government and officials, knowing a thing or two of how it all works.
Studies (Law) +4 Heather’s mother was a lawyer, her work involving condemning and sending criminals to jail with concrete and precise evidence. She knows a bit how the system operates.
Hair Braiding +3 Heather is fairly decent at braiding, having a knack for it oddly, whether it be on herself or on others!
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Vitality +10 The character’s stamina as well as their resistance to being thrown around. It’s used in tasks like running for a length of time, enduring pain over time, or not flinching at sudden pain.
Dexterity +9 The character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Acrobatics +9 The character’s flexibility and balance. It’s used in tasks like fitting into tight spaces, keeping balance on poor footing, tumbling after falling, and bending into odd positions.
Gadgetry +9 The character’s knowledge of small gadgets, typically purely mechanical, that aren’t too complex. Anything from bear traps to grenades! It’s used in disarming physical traps, usually.
Speed +9 The character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, swimming quickly across bodies of water, or for things like footraces.
Tech Lore +7 The character’s knowledge of larger contraptions that are far more complex than Gadgetry covers. Airships, automobiles, trains, and even things like incredibly modern firearms and devices fall under this category.
Strength +3 The character’s raw physical strength. It’s used in tasks like lifting or shoving heavy objects around, forcing doors open, or keeping something weighty held up.
Field Medicine +3 The character’s ability to treat wounds and diseases by way of physical techniques, anything from routine check-ups to serious matters like surgery.

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Revolver LZPD Bulletproof Vest
Base Stats 4 Ballistic DMG / These weapons inflict True Damage to targets without Ballistic Resistance. Revolvers remove Rapid Stance’s To Hit penalty. Revolvers cannot fire at Units within 4 squares. +1 Evasion & +1 Endurance, +2 Ballistic DR.
Description Standard revolver provided by the LZPD. A vest crafted of woven kevlar and covered in a more comfortable layer of twill. The LZPD's logo, complete with a soaring eagle, is embroidered across its chest and back.
Craftsman Mass-Produced Mass-Produced
Material Steel Cotton
Improvement Kevlar Lining: This Armor provides no Physical Damage Resistance, but offers 2 Ballistic Damage Resistance instead.
LZPD Nightstick
Base Stats 4 Blunt DMG / Maces ignore 2 points of Physical Resistance. Maces add an additional +4 when applying Pained.
Description A length of black plastic carbonate that vaguely resembles a tonfa, but is meant to be swung like a bat or mace.
Improvement Exhaust: The LZPD Nightstick deals 1 less Damage, but also deals 2 Stamina Damage with every hit. Skills that increase Damage (such as dealing NWA + 1) increase its Stamina Damage, too.
Fists (Discipline Style)
Base Stats 4 Blunt DMG / Bonus Stance: Elegant Stance. Discipline ignores 2 point of Physical Resistance. Discipline adds +2 Bonus-to-Hit when applying Damaged or Broken.
Description Trained in eastern martial arts, it's a form of fighting that values proper form and iron willpower.
Equipment & Gears
Belt of Blast Protection A leather belt that gently glows yellow with an obvious enchantment. The wearer rolls twice when Defending against Area of Effect Attacks, choosing the higher result.
Key Items
Chief Beaver Plushie A stuffed animal in the shape of 'Chief Beaver', the Republic PD's cartoon mascot. He's a bipedal beaver in a police uniform with a cute little hat…


Adrenal Hypo I x 3 A gift from TAU for securing their shipment, wrapped in ribbon and addressed to 'Supercop'. Adds +2 To Hit for an encounter when injected.
Energy Potion x2 Heals 10 SP.
Healing Potion x2 Heals 10 HP.
Equipment & Gears
LZPD Uniform Standard navy blue uniform, courtesy of the LZPD. +2 Evasion, +2 Endurance, +1 Physical DR.
Nightstick A heavy stick that is carried by police officers and is used as a weapon. 5 Blunt DMG, Maces ignore 2 points of Physical Resistance. Maces add an additional +3 when applying Pained.

Special Powers & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Slippery Major Boon “Carlos taught her a few of his own tricks, while on duty.”
Heather adds +2 when rolling against the Grappled Condition.
Path of the Officer III
Step # Description
To Serve and Protect I “Your three best friends out there are your brain, your nightstick, and your gun.”
Heather gains +1 To Hit with Small Arms and +1 Damage with Nightsticks.
Long Arm of the Law II “When they get to running, you catch up right then or not at all. Got it?”
While at 3+ Clarity, Heather may spend 2 SP to gain 6 Movement as a Sub Action. The first Melee Attack made after Movement on the same Turn applies Unbalanced (vs END).
Pursuit Stance III “Whether they're firing off shots or not, crooks are always on the run. It's the LZPD's job to run faster than them.”
Stance Art - Pursuit Stance (2 SP - Sub Action)
Entering the Pursuit Stance as a Sub Action increases Movement by 3 and allows Heather to obstacles that can be vaulted over as well as Difficult Terrain. She can't use Focused Actions, however.

Training Time, Magical Research & Other

Source Description Research Time
Source Description Training Time


1. +1 Point placed into Leadership due to Specialized Training.
2. +2 to Tech Lore due to Republican Trait.
3. Sacrificing starting Favored Element, to gain +3 Adventuring Points and +3 Non-Combat Skill Points (placed into Dexterity and Hair Braiding).

Stat Point Expenditures

Heather's Stat Breakdown
HP: 34 (Base) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 37
STM: 34 (Base) + 6 (Leadership Meta) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 43
DMG Bonus: 4 (Revolver) = 4
DMG Bonus: 4 (Nightstick) = 4
DMG Bonus: 4 (Fists) = 4
To Hit Bonus: 6 (Highest Meta) = 6
Evasion: 6 (Perception Meta) + 1 (Equipped Armor) = 7
Endurance: 6 (Leadership Meta) + 1 (Equipped Armor) = 7
Willpower: 0 (Base) = 0
Movement: 10 (Base) = 10
Search: 6 (Perception Meta) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 9
Sneak: 0 (Base) = 0
Clarity Points: 6 (Perception Meta) = 6
Charisma: 6 (Leadership Meta) = 6
Skill Point Expenditure
Leadership 16 pts
Perception 20 pts
Health 2 pts
Stamina 2 pts
Search 2 pts
Combat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Points Used 15/15
1) Paid by the SAS
2) Boxing, Handgun, Revolver, SMG
3) Claw, Gauntlet, Katar, Tonfa
4) Boxing, Handgun, Shotgun, Tonfa
5) Trained January 2018
6) Boxing adds +1 Movement on your next Turn on a successful hit. [stacking]
7) Handguns remove Rapid Stance’s To Hit penalty
8) Tonfas apply Exhausted (vs END) on flat Attack rolls of 19-20
9) Passive
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