Galmus, The Burdened

Player: Illdrian
Upkeep: None
Income: 10,000z per month
Race: Feral Fiend
Age: 25
Weapon Proficiencies: Mixed Blunt (Greatmace, mace, gauntlet, quarterstaff), Dwarven Brawler (Greatmace, mace, Brawling, Gauntlets
Weapon Expertise: Mace, Greatmace, Gauntlet
Favored Elements: Cosmic
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: 8 Might 4 Agility
Status and Equipment
HP: 56
SP: 44
Damage: 7 Damage with Greatmace, 4 with brawl
To Hit: +8
Evasion: +4
Endurance: +9
Willpower: +0
Search: +0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: None
Equipped Weapon: Liberty Hammer
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
Grip Soles All Purpose Pouch(High Energy Potion, High Energy Potion) Hard Labor
Grappling Hook X x
Potion Satchel(High Healing Potion, High Healing Potion) Cannonballs(2/2) x
Name Effect Heal Date
Healthy Healthy Till I get rekt
Injury Points 0 / 34
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Hard Labor Major N/A +1 END. Gain +4 Strength, and +4 END when rolling against the Exhausted Condition. When you suffer 1 Rank of Exhausted, it becomes 3 Ranks of Exhausted. Upon being KO’d, you need to be healed to 5 HP instead of 1 to get back on your feet.
Skill Tree: Might 8
Passive: Ire
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Rile
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Retaliate
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Outrage
Skill Tree: Agility 4
Passive: Grace
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Dance
Tier 4 Skyward Coup de Grâce Riposte
Adventure Skills (4 Points Left)
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics +8 Pays ta be flexible…
Speed +8 Ya learn ta run faster'n the whip.
Strength +12 I've lifted heavier.
Vitality +12 I've taken worse.
Survival +8 Sometimes scraps is all ya can find.
Dexterity +10 I assembled an -awful- lot in that factory in Ba Jin…
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Excavation +7 'M used ta diggin…
Direction Sense +8 I dun get lost…
Fiendish Powers
Feral Form Innate 3 Powers Transforms into a larger, minotaur styled form. Standard action. Can be a sub action from stealth. Takes advantage of Muscle Growth and Cosmic Scales. Gains +3 Strength, +3 Vitality, +3 Physical and +3 Ballistic DR.
Muscle Growth Innate - Your maximum HP is raised by your total Physical Meta (12), and upon Transformation, you are Healed for this bonus. Passively grants +1 Strength and +1 Vitality.
Oricalcum Bones Innate - For every Innate Power you have, increase your pool of Injury Points by 2 (4 IP), Your skeleton, in and out of Bestial Form, becomes nigh-unbreakable, granting Immunity to all injuries that involve bones breaking.
Cosmic Scales Innate - Natural 2 Physical and 1 Ballistic DR. While in Feral Form, gain 1 Physical and 1 Ballistic DR for each innate power you possess up to 3.
Claws, Horns, and Hooves
Base Stats 3 Damage Can be (Claws/Horns)piercing or blunt(Hooves). On rolls of 18-20, roll with +2 to apply Bleeding (Piercing) or Pained (Blunt)
Liberty Hammer
Base stats 7 Blunt Damage Greatmace OR 10 Ballistic. +2 when applying pained, +1 when applying Knockback or Prone, Expertise: +2 when applying Exploited
Enchantment Blade Dance - The Weapon causes Physical Skills used through it to activate twice at full SP Cost. Focused Actions only Echo their Standard variant, unless you were Interrupted (then they try again)
Improvement Blast Head - The Liberty Hammer's head functions as a small cannon. Deals 10 Ballistic Damage and potentially more to structures and constructs. Holds 1 cannonball per reload.
Improvement Steam Breaker - The Weapon's handle can split into either a steam powered radial saw or bolt cutter. Roll with Strength +4 when attempting to break metal objects outside of combat.
Dwarven Fullplate (Exotic Heavy Armor)(In storage)
Base Stats +3 EVA, +3 END, +3 Physical DR, -10 Movement penalty reduced by physical meta. Requires Physical Meta of 8 to use! An exotic, but supremely heavy suit of armor
Craftsman Donhald in Alberta
Material Steel
Enchantment None
Improvement None
Potion Satchel Carries two potions
All Purpose Pouch Carries two consumables
Grip Soles +2 Movement
Grappling Hook Used for scaling walls and cliff faces.
Cannonballs(2/2) Ammunition for the Liberty Hammer's Cannon. They are about fist-sized and quite heavy.
High Healing Potionx2 +20 HP potion
High Energy Potionx2 +20 SP potion
Remedy Potion Cure All Status Ailments
Dwarven Full Plate See above!
High Energy Potion +20 SP potion
Grounding Potion +3 END for 1 battle
Awakening Potion +3 to To Hit for 1 battle
Mystic Potion +3 WIL for 1 battle
Guarding Potion +3 EVA for 1 battle
Health Soda +20 HP potion of sorts in a nifty can!
Mjolnir Dew Soda +10 HP and +10 SP potion of sorts in a nifty can!
Chilled Coffee +20 SP potion of sorts in a nifty can!
Zeny 143,000z
Monstrous Fiend Specialties
Cosmic Soul Fiends’ souls are Cosmic in nature, granting Cosmic as a free Favored Element and resistance to it. Fiends are not Cosmic element themselves. Fiends cannot be soul-linked with, harness Spirit or Superior magic, as well as boons associated with the two.
Night Dweller Fiends gain +2 To Hit, Evasion, Sneak & Search at night and can see perfectly in the dark. They suffer -5 to defending against light-based sources of Blind, and take damage equal to the Meta level of the source of Blind. (4, by default.)
Bestial Form See Above!
Stat Math
HP 56 - (40 base, +8 Might, +4 Agility +4 Old Blood)
SP 44 - (34 base, +6 4 Combat Points +4 Old Blood)
HIT +8 - (+8 Might)
EVA +4 - (+4 Agility4)
END +9 - (+8 Might, +1 Hard Labor)
WIL +0 - (0 Base)
DAM Dependent on damage of natural weapons.
Search 0 (0 Base)
Sneak 0 (0 Base)
Agility Skills Acrobatics, Speed, Strength, Vitality
Might Skills Strength, Vitality, Survival, Dexterity
BP Expenditures 25 BP on Might 7, 12 BP on Agility 4, 4 BP for 6 SP, and 1 BP for 2 skill points
Adventure Skill spends 6 Acrobatics, 6 Speed, 5 Vitality, 4 Survival, 4 Dexterity, 1 Strength
Heritage boon EQ birth, +2 Dexterity
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