Freya Leone

Player: Flora
Race: Light Elf
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet, Nature's Grace
Cultural Trait: Musical Interest (+1 Performance Meta, +2 Acrobatics)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Mana Control)
Age: 21
Weapon Proficiencies: Instruments, Magical Catalysts
Favored Element: Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Performance VII, Spirit IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 32
SP: 43
Damage: 4 Magical
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 8
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 4
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: - 1 SP Costs
Equipped Weapon: Harp of Reconciliation
Gryphon Warrior's Armband
Bracelet of Alacrity
Emerald Eye
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/16


Tree: Performance VII Spirit IV
Passive: Spell Singer Benevolence
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze... Cadenza … Summer Rain Spirit Bolt Nurture Mana Shield
Tier 2 Hunter's Wit... Vivace … Nature's Balance Enervate Banish Dampen
Tier 3 For the Fallen... Fortissimo … Quiet Prayer Regenerate Empower Attune
Tier 4 Dragon Roar... Sforzando … Killing Breath Wrath Rebirth Reflect
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics +9 “I can't be an entertainer if I don't know how to dance!”
Dexterity +6 “I can play music on any instrument!”
Vitality +5 “Ehehe.. I-I think I may have a little too much energy.”
Speed +2 “I can be pretty fast if I try!”
Clairvoyance +11 “I love to sing to the spirits.”
Mana Sensing +7 “There's magic all around me.”
Mana Controlling +8 “Rosaria has taught me a lot.”
Magic Healing +6 “Let my voice heal you!”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Singing +12 “I want to unite the world with my songs!”
Dancing +7 “I've been dancing since I was born!”

Equipment & Gear

Harp of Reconciliation
Base Stats 4 Magical Damage An ornate Ba Jinian harp with golden-colored strings. Its glow shifts between red and green.
Enchantment Reunited Spirits While the wielder maintains a Tune, two ghostly dancers move throughout it. They Heal the most damaged friendly Unit within the Tune for an amount equal to the wielder’s Performance Meta at the start of each Turn.
Currently Listening To
Flora Fawn' Discography Adds +2 to your character's two highest Non-Combat Skills. Smooth, sultry vocals accompanied by her partner Slim Jimmy's jazzy tunes. The war split this group up.
Ambrosia A slice of pear-like fruit that looks like it's made from golden glass. Restores all HP & SP when consumed, and will remove most Injuries as well.
Emerald Eye A shiny emerald that is empowered with mana. Once per encounter, this heals the last instance of Direct Damage taken as a Sub Action.
Gryphon Warrior's Armband A thick silver armlet with a green teardrop-shaped gem embedded into it. It feels powerfully magical. Once per encounter, as a Sub Action, the wearer may gain the following (for the length of the entire encounter): Flight, by way of Wings formed of Wind Mana, Enchanting their weapon with Wind, adding +1 Damage, and gaining +3 Movement & +1 To Hit. It is a Positive Magical Condition, and dispellable.
Bracelet of Alacrity A birthday present from her beloved Rush. She promises him to never take it off Once per encounter, as a Sub-Action, the wearer may make their next Focused Action a Standard Action instead.
Pale Gown A long, white gown that gives the wearer a ghostly appearance. It glows slightly, and the fabric shifts enough to provide that illusion.
Groovin' R. Charm A dancing person! Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Dancing Skill.
Music R. Charm A variety of instruments available! Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Musical Skill.
Emirates Elixir Heals all HP and can even treat a Dire Injury. (Shared with Rush, as either can take if needed.)
Boots of 'Water Walking' A pair of blue boots made from some kind of tough chitin! Their soles secrete an icy vapor. The wearer may walk on water, technically, by way of freezing it instantaneously under their feet. They have sure footing on ice, no matter the circumstance.

Boons, Training, & Research

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
Sacred Flame Minor Adds +1 Endurance
Source Description Research Time
Source Description Research Time


Zeny 99,400z
Stat Math
HP 32 [Base]
SP 32 [Base] + 7 [Performance] + 4 [Spirit] = 43
HIT 0 [Base] +7 [Performance Meta] = 7
EVA 1 [Base] +7 [Performance Meta] = 7
END 0 [Base] +1 [Sacred Flame] = 1
WIL 0 [Base] +4 [Spirit] = 4
Search 2 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base]
Combat Skills 12 [Performance Skills] +9 [Performance Meta] +9 [Spirit Skills] = 30/42 pts
Adventure Skills 5 [Acrobatics] +5 [Vitality] +2 [Dexterity] +2 [Speed] +3 [Mana Control] +2 [Mana Sensing] +7 [Clairvoyance] +4 [Mana Healing] = 30/30 pts

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