Forvenel Shyr

Player: Arla
Income: x
Expenses: x
Race: Light Elf
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet, Nature's Grace (+2 Acrobatics)
Cultural Trait: Mana Drought (+1 Blacksmith)
Locational Trait: Landless (+2 Gadgetry)
Age: 47 (Adolescent)
Weapon Proficiency: Great Axes, Long Arms, Brawling (MA)
Favored Element: x
Armor Type: Jumpsuit (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Blacksmith 4, Tinkerer 2, Gunsmith 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 27
SP: 37
Damage: 6
To Hit: 5
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 0
Concentration: 8
Search: 2
Stamina Reductions: -1 to all (Unarmored)
Equipped Weapon: Elven Great Axe
Items (2/3) Gear (0/3) Special Powers and Boons
Shock Grenade x Novice Trapsmith (Minor)
Great Healing Potion x x
x x x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
Skill Tree: Blacksmith IV
Passive: Weaponmaster
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Emboss
Tier 2 Tempering Great Materia Sharpen
Tier 3 Forger's Hammer Hone x
Tier 4 Folding Metal x x
Skill Tree: Tinkerer II
Passive: Gearhead
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Slapdash
Tier 2 Volatile Materials x Ping!
Tier 3 x Faulty Wiring x
Tier 4 x x x
Skill Tree: Gunsmith II
Passive: Triggerman
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Clean Barrel
Tier 2 Extra Kick x Tune-Up
Tier 3 Plug Barrel x x
Tier 4 x x x
Adventuring Skills
Gadgetry +9 “I collect all sorts of interesting trinkets. Wanna see?”
Tech Lore +7 “Not saying I want to take everything apart, but…”
Strength +4 “What? No! It isn’t too heavy for me…!”
Dexterity +6 “Best part about being an elf, honestly.”
Vitality +4 “Ever had an invention backfire? It’s kinda fun.”
Harvesting +6 “Oh, man, do you know how cool junkyards are?!”
Acrobatics +5 “Don’t slip, don’t slip, don’t slip!”
Speed +4 “I’m not running away…!”
Non-Combat Skills
Resourceful (Gadgets) +5 “Maybe this will help! Er, let me… find it…”
Handywoman +7 “Oh, oh, oh! Can I fix it?”


Weapon & Armor
Elven Great Axe Jumpsuit (Unarmored)
Stats 6 Slashing DMG. +3 when applying Bleeding, Damaged, or Broken. A great axe forged from black metal, designed specifically to be wielded by an elf.Lowers skill stamina costs by 1. Movement is increased by 2.A purple jumpsuit that is never fully zipped up or void of stains.
Material Black Metal x
Craftsman Forvenel Shyr Mass-Produced
Maker's Mark Tempering :: +1 to Hit. x
Enchantment x x
Improvement Lightning Loader :: Once per encounter as a Sub Action, this Weapon can cast Lightning Brand on itself (with only +1 Damage). x
Shock Grenade Applies Nulled vs Endurance in a 6 x 6 Grid.
Great Healing Potion Restores 15 HP.

Boons & Special Powers

Boon Type Level Description
Novice Trapsmith Minor - All that hard work for the Royale paid off. Crafted Traps have +2 Search DC. Crafted Mines deal +1 Damage.


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x
Crafting Points 0/8 Max x
Work Station - -
Permits & Licenses
Blacksmith Goblin Town Forvenel's citizenship is a permit all its own!
Tinkerer Goblin Town Forvenel's citizenship is a permit all its own!
Gunsmith Goblin Town Forvenel's citizenship is a permit all its own!
Crafting Recipes
Common Rare Legendary
Goblin Scrap Weapon x x
Great Axe x x
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
Lightning Loader Chainblade x
x x x
x x x
Blueprints & Schematics
Common Rare Legendary
Standard Fragmentation Grenade x x
Goblin Hand Mortar x x
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
Goblin Scrap Firearm x x
x x x
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
Grenade Launcher x x
x x x
x x x
Common Materials 8
Rare Materials 12
Legendary Materials 0

Notes, Stats, Misc.

Currency 14,500z
x x
HP 32 [Base] -5 [Adolescent] = 27
STAM 32 [Base] +5 [Adolescent] = 37
HIT 5 [Base]
EVA 1 [Base] +3 [Points] = 4
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base]
Search 2 [Elven Hearing]
DMG 6 [Elven Great Axe]
Combat Skills 9 [Blacksmith 3], +6 [Tinkerer II], +6 [Gunsmith II], +9 [3 EVA] = 30/42 pts
NC Skills 5 [Resourceful], +7 [Handywoman] = 12/15 pts
Adventure Skills 3 [Gadgetry], +5 [Tech Lore], +2 [Strength], +5 [Dexterity], +1 [Vitality], +2 [Harvesting], +3 [Acrobatics], +4 [Speed] = 25/30 pts
Equipment Slots 6
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