Fionn Vandir

Player: Arla
Income: x
Expenses: x
Age: 76 (Adult)
Racial Trait(s): Sharp Ears, Proficiency, Longevity, Fleet Feet, Nature’s Grace
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+3 Mana Control)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Mana Sensing)
Weapon Proficiency: Magical Catalysts, Light Blades, Throwing Weapons
Favored Element: Shadow
Armor Type: Elven Clothes (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Tailor 6, Mystic 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 32
SP: 32
Damage: 3
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 2
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
Stamina Reductions: -1 to all (Unarmored)
Equipped Weapon: Gemmed Ear Cuff
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Great Healing Potion x Gift of the Tides
Flushing Potion x x
Mending Potion x x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
x x x x
Tree: Tailor VI Mystic IV
Passive: Seamster Enchanter
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Suture Shortcut Materia Rekindle
Tier 2 Tight Stitching G. Materia Envelop Volume G. Materia Deny
Tier 3 Stitch Up Deflection Acupuncture Ensorcel Overload Danger Burst
Tier 4 P. Stitching Gr. Materia Pin Cushion Breadth Gr. Materia Wild Magic
Adventuring Skills
Mana Control +9 “Are you saying it should be difficult?”
Mana Sensing +7 “I’ll check the area if you feed me, Fay.”
Spell Lore +5 “I’m an enchanter. From Geffenia. Also, an elf.”
Harvesting +7 “I need this, aaaaand this.”
Dexterity +6 “Nimble fingers, love!”
Field Medicine +5 “I usually only tend to Fay and myself.”
Vitality +3 “I’ve years of ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’ to thank.”
Thievery +5 “An essential skill.”
Acrobatics +4 “Once again, love, I’m an elf.”
Survival +2 “Some people are too cheap for an inn. I miss comfort.”
Strength -1 “Fay abuses me. A cruel brother he is.”
Non-Combat Skills
Manipulation (Acting) +4 “A true thespian at heart. I’ll be appreciated one day.”
Drawing (Fashion) +7 “I’ve the most wonderful idea for an outfit!”
Sewing +6 “I’ll fix it. This time.”
Music (Singing) +2 “It was a gift.”


Weapon & Armor
Gemmed Ear Cuff Elven Clothes
Stats 3 DMG. +1 DMG to single target spells. +3 vs. Disarm. A silver and purple ear cuff designed to fit an elven ear. -1 SP Costs. 2+2 Movement. Did these cost a small fortune, or do they just look like it?
Material x x
Craftsmen Mass Produced Fionn Vandir
Enchantment x Fashionable Glow :: Armor lights the wearer's body perfectly, eliminating flaws in their form.
Improvement x x
Maker's Mark x Perfect Stitching :: +2 Movement.
Great Healing Potion Restores 15 HP.
Flushing Potion Removes all Negative Alchemical Conditions.
Mending Potion Removes all Negative Physical Conditions.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Gift of the Tides Minor - Fionn can breathe underwater, and gains +2 to the Non-Combat Skill 'Music (Singing)’.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
x x x x
Training Source Description Time
x x x x

Storage & Miscellaneous

Zeny 36,500z


CP & Work Station
Crafting Points 0/10 Refreshes every Sunday!
Work Station x x
Permits & Licenses
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
Fur Lining Spellthreaded x
Skintight Stitching x x
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
Fashionable Glow Brilliance x
Stainproof x x
x x x
Common Materials 40
Rare Materials 25
Legendary Materials 0
Great Strides (Tailor)
Meta 5 - ??? x
Meta 6 - ??? x


HP 32 [Base]
SP 32 [Base]
HIT 6 [Base]
EVA 1 [Base]
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base] +2 [Points] = 2
Search 2 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base]
Tailor 6 [ Skill Points] = 6
Mystic 4 [Skill Points] = 4
CP 6 [Tailor 6] +4 [Mystic 4] = 10
Combat Skills 20 [Tailor 6], +12 [Mystic 4], +6 [2 WIL], +1 [NC] = 39/42
Adventure Skills 4 [Mana Control], +3 [Mana Sensing], +3 [Spell Lore], +2 [Harvesting], +3 [Dex], +2 [Field Medicine], +5 [Thievery], +2 [Acrobatics], +2 [Survival] = 26/30
Non-Combat 4 [Acting], +7 [Drawing], +4 [Sewing] = 15/15
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