Fiain Sotelier-Wallace

Character Sheet
Player Lis
Battle Theme Mortals
Race Feral Fiend
Racial Traits Cosmic Soul, Night Dweller, Shapeshifting, The Old Blood
Cultural Traits Apex Predator
Locational Trait Quattori
Age 20's
Elements Cosmic
Meta Bonus Might VIII Agility VII
Weapon Groups Heavy Martial, Runian Highlander, Kobold Fighter
Weapon Expertise Polearm, Greatsword
Health Points 61
Stamina Points 38
Damage REsistance +4 Physical, +3 Cosmic, +1 Ballistic
Willpower 0
Evasion 101)
Endurance 10
Sneak 02)
Search 63)
To Hit 84)
Damage 75) +2 Poison6)
Economy and Documentation
Wallet 58,443z
Upkeep 0z7)
Income 0z
Expenses 0z
Discounts None
Licenses None
Resources None
GobTix™ 0
Lighthalzen Punch Card 0
Merchant's Guild Bazaar Points 8
Veiled Sun Favours Influx Until 12/14
Equipment and Gear
Armor Azure Cuirass
Weapon Hope's Point
Potion Satchel 4 High Energy Potion, Battle Potion, High Healing Potion8)
Container 2
Midel Master Key
Charm of Bravery
Glowing Vine Bracelet
Turtle Shell Charm
Projects, Studies, and Training
Project Downpour Circle Several Shamans acquired among the Raincallers have mentioned that they used to use a strange area called a ‘Downpour Circle’ in order to help summon rain from the skies. It’s how they stayed hydrated before the ranch, and having a monsoon on demand couldn’t hurt. Complete
Project Irrigation System It’s difficult to get more food when you’re out of land to use! Proper irrigation should lead to faster crop cycles, and fill the stores that much quicker for it. The more that can be automated, the more time Kobolds can spend on themselves! Complete
Project Soothsayers’ Library The thing that is least known about the Wild Kobolds, by far, is the depth of their magical secrets. What can they do? What do their arts bring that Rune’s more ‘refined’ wizardry might lack? There has been no answer - until now. The several Shamans acquired within the Raincallers have expressed interest in a library… Both to document their magics and help to further them. Complete
Project Moonclaw’s Training Hall The mysterious traveler Mhambi Moonclaw has finally given them a description of the building and the tools that he’ll need to train the Kobolds of Township the ‘magic that they lost’. It all looks very expensive, and a surprising amount of it is extremely complex in nature. 11/5
Project Luxury Bungalows There’s no reason not to keep improving, right? If the goal was to ensure that all Kobolds live in comfort, this should be the final step! Larger, sometimes multi-story homes with proper facilities should keep them happy for a long time to come. 7/8
Training Gryphon Training Fiain and Simon have been offered the rare chance to train with the Prontera Chivalry. They'll learn how to tame and ride a Gryphon for personal use! Complete
Training Dear Creature Something stirs on the edge of Fiain’s mind… The memory of a special place. Complete
Studying Memories How can I fit in when no one is like me, Creature?” Fiain heard this loud and clear when she touched the strange relic. She gets the sense that ‘Creature’ is a name, or a term of endearment, rather than a plain use of the word. Hmmm… Complete
Studying Memories There’s no place for me up here or in our world.” Fiain heard this loud and clear when she touched the strange relic. Feeling out of place is something she’s no stranger to - perhaps this will be easy to recall and relate to. Complete
Favours Yasmin’s Favour9) Working with Yasmin will be a mix of overseeing the education of the Tribe’s children, tending the herbs, and occasionally bookkeeping. 7/6
Favours Samira's Favour10) Chores with Samira come in the form of the hunt! You’ll spend plenty of time on Peco-back, hunting Roween and everything that entails. 7/20
Honours Resplendent Radiance A set of Solar Ink tattoos that will connect all previous tattoos together, they take up a good deal of skin and are highly stylized. These are a high honour, and mark you as a distinguished member of the Veiled Sun - family, community member, and someone to look up to. 12/14
IP 4/38
Fatigue 4 IP She a tired pupper! 2 to All SP Costs to your character and prevents any means that would reduce their SP Costs for its duration.
Active Signature Skill N/A
Description Fiain's lupine pack mentality kicks in, protecting her allies with everything she has.
Effects Standard/Quick Action While in her monstrous form, Fiain prepares to defend the entire part for a full turn. She gains +3 all damage resistance for the turn, after the turn has passed…
If Fiain took at least 10 total Damage, she gains 1 Rank of Regeneration.
If she took at least 20 total Damage, she gains 2 Ranks of Regeneration.
If she took 30 or more total Damage, she gains 3 Ranks of Regeneration.
Drawback Fiain must take damage to gain the ranks of regeneration and must be in her monstrous form.
Passive Signature Skill - Pack Animal
Description Being social and having a deep sense of community. She reaches out to help those who partner with her - Allies are precious.
Effects Fiain gains +1 to her lowest defense for each different race of her party.
Skill Tree Might VIII
Passive Ire
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Rile
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Retaliate
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Outrage
Skill Tree Agility VII
Passive Momentum
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Slanted Strike
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Strike
Tier 4 Skyward Coup De Grâce Posture
Non-Combat Skills
Tracking 6
Carpentry 5
Intimidation 6
Adventure Skills
Strength 13
Speed 13
Acrobatics 10
Dexterity 8
Vitality 13
Survival 9
Gathering 1
Hope's Point
Base Stats 7 Piercing Damage; Attack range of 6 instead of 4; +1 Damage if attacking Unarmored or Light Armored Units; Ignore the effects of damaging a Magical Shield (but still deal damage to it, rather than its caster); Weapon is Catalytic (uses its base damage for MCA - 6) +1 Damage.
Craftsman Aslan Yazdi
Material Nephilim Steel
Ancient Glaive
Recovered from the Nosgardian Weapon Factory in Kobold Lands. It's brittle…
Base Stats 6 1 Slashing; This Weapon is Broken and will need to be repaired. It can't be used in its current form.
Craftsman ???
Material Crystal
Enchantment aD$df3#4s This enchantment hasn't faded with time, but something does seem to be wrong with it.
Obsidian Boulder-Breaker
An enormous, jet-black mace that’s almost six feet tall. It’s heavy as sin.
Base Stats 7 Blunt Damage
Craftsman ???
Material Obsidian
Legendary Enchantment Flame Geyser :: This Weapon grants access to the ‘Flame Geyser’ Skill once per encounter. As a Standard Action for 8 SP, apply Fire Brand to this Weapon and slam the ground with it. An eruption will occur underneath one Unit, dealing NWA + 3 Fire Damage (vs EVA) and applying Burning (vs END). If you miss, deal ½ Damage and apply Burning anyway.
Azure Cuirass
A tight, form-fitting leather chest-plate that comes with a pair of lightly plated shorts. The leather has been dyed turquoise with white accents and decorated with pure white scales from some unknown beast. The vital areas are all safeguarded by thin black steel plates within the lining.
Base Stats +2 END/EVA, +2 Physical Resistance, +2 Vs. Breaking
Makers Mark Folded Steel +1 to EVA & END. Already added to stats.
Innate Built to Last +2 vs Breaking. Already added to stats.
Innate Extra Thick +1 to Physical DR. Already added to stats.
Craftsman Lain Strauss
Material Black Steel, Leather, Unknown Beast Scales
Improvement Rainbow Stride Paint [ Blue ] Armor is Catalytic with 3 MCA and no Perks. When you use Determination, you cast Shock Nova with the Armor’s MCA and no Friendly Fire. This Improvement can never be removed or replaced.
Nahr Captain’s Armor
Gained by a voucher for armor, gifted by Avi Poirot
Base Stats EVA +1, SNK +2
Makers Mark
Craftsman The Nahr Tribe
Enchantment Ifrit’s Embrace +5 Fire Damage Resistance and immunity to heat exhaustion as well as sunburns.
Sakhr's Solid Belt
A thick, weighty belt that hardens the wearer’s skin and resolves in equal measure.
Base Stats +2 Movement, -1 to All SP Costs.
Makers Mark
Craftsman ???
Legendary Enchantment Sakhr’s Solidity :: This Armor confers all of the benefits of wearing Heavy Armor on top of providing those of an Unarmored Garb. The wearer gains +3 END & +3 Physical DR. Additionally, they gain +1 HP for every Skill Meta they have.
Items and Gear
Turtle Shell Charm A pin meant to go on the breast of a jacket or shirt in the shape of a blue-green turtle's shell. It passively allows the wearer to breathe underwater, and Harman suggests that they don one just in case the lower floors of the Bay are compromised.
Midel 'Master Key' “This won't open any door in the city,” Daisy warns. A golden key on a rope woven of what looks like gold itself! This key increases the wearer's Meta & Meta Cap in a single Skill Tree by 1. Agility
Charm of Bravery The wearer gains a Rank of Courage on any Attack or Defense roll of 20. Gifted by Simon Wallace
Glowing Vine Bracelet A bracelet made from glowing, gently pulsating vines. Your main-hand Weapon is passively affected by Poison Brand (+2 Damage & Poison Element).
Potion Satchel
High Energy Potion Replenishes 20 SP.
Battle Potion Grants +5 Bonus To Hit for an encounter.
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Physical Condition.
Innate Powers
Muscle Growth +1 Strength and Vitality. In Beastial Form HP +TOTAL Physical Metas, When transforming heal the same amount, When Transformed +3 Strength and Vitality.
Cosmic Scales +2 Physical DR, +1 Ballistic DR. In Beastial Form +3 Physical DR and Ballistic DR.
Arcane Beast When in Beastial Form, Contends Magic Attacks with END. You may only learn one spell at a time.
Oricalcum Bones +8 IP, Immunity to injuries breaking bones. GM Discretion ( Dire Injuries ).
Boons and Favours
Blessing …..
Extype Perma Tiered “Is that what I am to you? Some unheavenly creature?” There are memories, feelings, and knowledge in Fiain’s head that are not hers.
Tiered …..
Radiant Runic Sunlight’s Kiss Major A small runic inscription carved into the bearer's skin, and delicately painted in and over with “Solar Nectar”. Once per Turn as a Free Action, the bearer may spend 1 SP to Heal 2 HP. In direct sunlight, both SP Cost and Healing are doubled.
Radiant Runic Sunlight’s Embrace Major Stretching from the Runic Carving Fiain has, this set of tattoos glows in the sunlight. Once per Turn as a Sub Action, spend 2 SP to Heal 4 HP. In direct sunlight SP Cost and Healing are Doubled! Immediately use Kiss after activating Embrace.
Radiant Runic Sunlight’s Wrath Major A small runic inscription carved into the bearer's skin, and delicately painted in and over with “Solar Nectar”. Once per Turn as a Free Action, the bearer may spend 1 SP to deal 2 Light Damage to an Enemy Unit within 4 squares Automatically. In direct sunlight, both SP Cost and Damage are doubled.
Radiant Runic Sunlight’s Fury Major Stretching from the second Runic Carving Fiain has, this set of tattoos shimmers in the sunlight. Once per Turn as a Sub Action, spend 2 SP to deal 3 Light Damage to a Unit within 3 squares. HP. In direct sunlight, SP Cost and Damage are Doubled! Immediate use of Wrath after activating Embrace.
Codex of Language Major Through the power of Cascadian Codex Fiain is granted the boon of languages. Complete Knowledge of the Languages, Cascadian, Ba Jinian, Schwarzen, Elven, Sybirian, Common, Dwarven, Nosgardian.
Sakhr's Teachings Minor Fiain learned how to use a new weapon from a very large, very loud man. Fiain gains the Great Maces Weapon Proficiency (without the cost of a Slot ). In Combat, she may have the tendency to yell or shout more frequently.11)
Ranger Tricks Minor Fiain has picked up a few tricks, learning how to hunt and gather from Rune's Ranger Corps! Fiain gains +1 to the Survival and Gathering Adventure Skills.
Kissed by Sunlight Temporary12) ….. While in direct sunlight, gain a Rank of Brilliant every Turn.

The Kobold Township

Income 222,000z Economy Bonus
Upkeep 64,500z
Earnings ( Monthly ) 157,500z
Trading Post ( September ) 15,000z
General Store ( September ) 25,000z
Funds 1,346,922z
Downpour Circle 500,000z Complete
Irrigation System 500,000z Complete
Soothsayers’ Library 1,000,000z Complete
Luxury Bungalows 750,000z Paid
Moonclaw’s Training Hal 500,000z Not Paid
Land Purchase 500,000z Bought August 9th
Kobold Status
Kobold Focus Archaeology
Population 99
Houses 84 ( cramped )
Food Just Enough
Water Just Enough
1) , 2) , 3) , 4)
+2 In the Dark/Night
Hope's Point - Piercing
Glowing Vine Bracelet
Free Living in Township
8) , 9) , 10)
Needs Update
2/9/20 - 2/9/21
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