Ezekiel "Easy" Birchwood

Player: TRH
Income: 'Odd Jobs' (2,500z)
Expenses: None
Race: Civil Kobold
Racial Traits: Unseen, Unheard , Runian
Favored Weapons: Daggers , Throwing Daggers, Catalysts
Favored Element: Shadow
Armor Type: Medium Armor
Meta Bonus: Subtly VII , Shadow I
Status and Equipment
HP: 26
SP: 36
Hit: 7 (+2 w/ throwing knives)
Evasion: 11
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 2
Search: 3
Sneak: 19
Damage: 3 (3 MCA)
Equipped Weapon: Anathame
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Throwing Knives (+2 hit) Bear Trap Nocloton's Favor
Doku Shuriken Poison Prayer Bracelet x
Healthy Spirit Stamina Spirit x
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x
Subtly VI Shadow II
Passive: Dire Intent Affliction
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Snatch Bane x Cloak
Tier 2 Debilitate Divert Sly Strike Reap Ensnare Drain
Tier 3 Rapid Observe Puncture Smother x x
Tier 4 Maim Explot Abscond x x x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Thievery 10 “I'm not a thief”
Acrobatics 5 “I don't do tricks”
Dexterity 5 “It's important to stay skillful”
Illusions 1 “Just because I was taught it for years doesn't mean I'm good at it”
Speed 7 “Rather not”
Relic Lore 3 “Interesting thing that I'm not going to steal”
Mana Control 1 “I hate magic stuff…”
Mana Sensing 3 “But I'd rather know it's there”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Cooking 8 “Years of indentured servitude, you know?”
Weapon - Doku Shuriken
A large thrown weapon that folds up into a single bladed form. Its bladed edges carry a greenish sheen…
Base Stats 6 Slashing Damage. +2 Bonus to hit when applying bleeding or damaged armor. Does not require special profiency - only throwing weapons. Can be used in mele as a 2 handed weapon. Once thrown, it will always boomerang back to its wielder.
Craftsman Unknown
Material Probably Metal?
Enchantment Nocloton's Breath - Decades or maybe even centuries submerged beneath the swamp of Tusang Ni cause this Weapon to apply Envenomed (vs END) every time it hits.
Improvement -
Boon - Nocolton's Favor
Even the most virulent poison tastes like sweet air, and its presence empowers you.
Effect You are immune to airborne toxins. While in a Poison Field, you gain +1 To Hit & Damage as well as +2 Evasion, Willpower & Endurance.

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