Evelyn Carmac

Player: Karn
Theme: Jouji Washington
Upkeep: Luxurious Tastes (5,000z)
Income: Yellow Berry Manager (5,000z)
Race: Knight Rank Os (Succubus)
Succubus Trait(s): Willful (+1 Willpower)
Os Traits: Catalytic, Clean Blood, Incompatible, Longevity
Knight Rank Traits: Burly Body, Great Wind, Powerful Soul, Tough Form
Cultural Trait: Studious (+2 Spell Lore)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Spell Lore)
Age: 370+ (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Geffenian Oracle, Heavy Adventurer, Heavy Spellsword
Proficiency: Bow, Greatsword, Jewelry, Magic Cannon, Twin Jewelry, Whip
Expertise: Runeblade, Staff, Swordstaff
Favored Element: Shadow
Armor Type: Unarmored Garb (Bravo Bikini)
Meta Bonus: Might 9, Agility 6, Shadow Magic 5, Superior Magic 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 79 [158]
SP: 50 [100]
Damage: 6 / 5 [8]
To Hit: 10 [8]
Evasion: 8
Willpower: 8
Endurance: 13 [26]
Search: 3
Sneak: 10
Damage Reductions: 6 Physical, 5 Superior
SP Reductions: -2 Physical, -1 All
Equipped Weapon: Manslayer
Equipment (6)
Knight's Draught Knight's Draught Concentration Bracers
Targe of the Claw Demanator Quest -
Tree: Might Agility
Passive: Fervor Grace
Cost: Tier - 1
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Fend Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard Lunge Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Revenge Leverage Focus Chain Dance
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Bulwark Skyward Coup de Grâce Riposte
Tree: Shadow Magic -
Passive: Rancor -
Cost: Tier + 0 -
Tier 1 Sow Cloak Bane - - -
Tier 2 Reap Ensnare Drain - - -
Tier 3 Smother Descend Cull - - -
Tier 4 Martyr Eclipse Massacre - - -
Tree: Superior Magic Dire Bear Form
Passive: Paragon Power of the Bear
Cost: 3 SP Variable
Simple Preserve Soul Succor - Mighty Roar Swipe Maul
Intermediate Land Protector Mana Flux - Charge Intervene Mangle
Expert Mana Feast Soul Steal Tacit - - -
Active Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
“If you thought I was bad before… Mmhmhm~..”
Benefit Evelyn assumes a new, more animalistic, form. She doubles her HP, SP & END. Damage & To Hit are raised to Aspect Level [6]. She gains access to new Dire Bear Form abilities.
Drawback Gear, unless it is explicitly created or enchanted to function in Bear Form, no longer applies to her stats. Evelyn is limited to Might, Agility, Perception & Dire Bear Form attacks while in this form. It lasts only 1 hour, and can be Dispelled. It cannot be used while Rank 2 Nulled.
Passive Signature Skill – A Certain Allure
“Are you having a little trouble staying focused~?”
If showing skin, and facing an opponent that could feasibly be attracted to her, that opponent has -1 To Hit due to certain distractions.
Adventuring Skills
Illusions +10 “Are you entranced yet~?”
Strength +10 “Not bad for a succubus, huh?”
Acrobatics +8 “You could say I'm flexible~.”
Dexterity +8 “I've got precision, too!”
Speed +8 “Better not try to skip the bill!”
Vitality +8 “I can take it, alright~.”
Mana Control +6 “Okay, I've gotten rusty…”
Mana Sensing +6 “Maybe more than rusty?”
Spell Lore +6 “I'm honestly just the worst Os~.”
Survival +4 “Keep me in civilization, plee~aase…”
Non-Combat Skills
Cooking (Elvish) +8 “It's been my life! Or, work, anyway~.”
Management (Restaurant) +6 “This, too~. I'm still getting better, here…”
Modeling (Make-Up) +4 “I can make you up real pretty~.”
Base Stats A long two-handed spear made of fine, and somewhat alien, steel. A chain connects it to Evelyn's wrist. 6 Piercing / 5 Magical Damage
Maker's Mark Nephilim Steel :: Manslayer is Catalytic and uses its unmodified Base Damage [5] for MCA. It gains +1 Damage & +5 vs Corroded / Damaged / Broken.
Improvement Weapon Chain :: +1 To Hit, and the Weapon is immune to Disarm.
Bravo Bikini
Base Stats This revealing bikini comes with a see-through camisole over the top. It doesn't look very, er… Wise to bring into battle. -1 to All SP Costs & +2 Movement
Enchantment Cute Charm: The Bravo Bikini radiates a pink aura around its wearer. Enemy Units within 4 squares must roll with END (DC: 10) or be Dazed. This can only affect the same Unit once per encounter.
Improvement Spell Lock: Enchantment does not function if anything is worn under or over the garment. Enchantment will destroy itself if it is tampered with at all.
Concentration Bracers Once per encounter as a Sub Action, the wearer can gain Focused.
Demanator Quest Once per encounter, it can be used to nullify the effect of a Magic Skill. It won't work on any Magic that requires or benefits from a Potent Soul.
Knight's Draught Heals 9 HP & SP.
Knight's Draught Heals 9 HP & SP.
Targe of the Claw A small and ancient shield with a symbol that resembles a gryphon carved into it. When shifting into Bear Form, it spreads armor along the arm and claw that corresponds to the arm it rests upon outside of Bear Form. This armored claw provides +2 Damage & To Hit as well as +5 EVA & WIL vs. Called Attacks on that limb in Form. Worn on Evelyn's right, and main, arm.
Tetra Amulet +5 Superior Magic DR, which will reduce the Damage of all Superior Magic regardless of the Element it manifests in. It will completely absorb any Lesser Tetra Vortex aimed at the wearer as well. It can do the same for Greater, but shatters immediately after.
Boon Type Level Description
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 6 See below for full bonuses.
Lhux Rune Minor - Superior Magic can manifest in Light.
Pahn Rune Minor - Superior Magic can manifest in Pahn.
Trait Type Level Description
Burly Body Rank (Knight) - Evelyn gains 30 HP & 20 SP, and +2 WIL & END.
Catalytic Racial (Os) - Evelyn's body is a Catalyst with 3 Damage and no Perks.
Clean Blood Racial (Os) - Evelyn has infinite Injury Points and does not suffer sickness.
Great Wind Rank (Knight) - Evelyn has -2 to Physical Stamina Costs.
Powerful Soul Racial (Os) - Evelyn adds +2 Meta to any Physical Skill Tree she's invested in, and +1 to any non-Physical Skill Tree.
Tough Form Rank (Knight) - Evelyn has 3 Physical Damage Resistance.
Willful Succubus - Evelyn adds +1 WIL.
Aspect of the Bear VI
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mighty Roar 1 Apply Frightened (vs END) to enemy Units within 10 squares. Also, Evelyn can speak with bears.
II Thick Skin - Adds +3 Physical Damage Resistance.
III Bear Claws 2 Equips claws made of mana, formed of any Favored Elements. No Favored Element results in Spirit Element claws.
IV Survival - +2 Max HP & +1 END. +1 Might Meta & Cap. +3 to Search and +2 to Survival.
V Cornered - +2 Max HP & +1 END. Gain permanent Haste (Threshold: 10) if surrounded by 3 or more enemies or left last standing in battle.
VI Dire Bear Form - May shift into Dire Bear Form. Replaces Signature Skill.
Zeny 279,410
Stat Math
HP 30 + 30 [Knight] + 9 [Might] + 6 [Agility] + 4 [Aspect] = 79
SP 30 + 20 [Knight] = 50
HIT 9 [Highest Meta] + 1 [Manslayer] = 10
EVA 6 [Agility] + 2 [Paragon] = 8
WIL 2 [Knight] + 1 [Willful] + 5 [Shadow] = 8
END 2 [Knight] + 9 [Might] + 2 [Aspect] = 13
DAM 6 / 5 [Manslayer]
Search 3 [Aspect]
Sneak 10 [Shadow]
Bear Form
HP 30 + 30 [Knight] + 9 [Might] + 6 [Agility] + 4 [Aspect] = 79 x 2 [Bear] = 158
SP 30 + 20 [Knight] = 50 x 2 [Bear] = 100
END 2 [Knight] + 9 [Might] + 2 [Aspect] = 13 x 2 [Bear] = 26
HIT 6 [Aspect Lv] + 2 [Targe] = 8
DAM 6 [Aspect Lv] + 2 [Targe] = 8
In Storage
Adventure Tote A purple bag worn over the shoulder. Provides 2 extra Item Slots for consumables only.
Knight's Armor Polished steel armor from Lusarus. This is broken.
Knight's Shield A plain heater shield from Lusarus.
Sharpening Sleeve A specially-made sheath grants +1 Damage to equipped Light & Heavy Blades.
Stiletto A plain stiletto from Lusarus.
Brave Longsword - In Storage
Base Stats 4 Slashing Damage. A finely-crafted longsword of polished steel.
Enchantment Brave: Roll after an offensive physical action (Threshold: 10) to perform a second offensive physical action at +2 STM cost.
Improvement Catalyst Gem: This weapon can be used to cast spells.
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