Player: Reed
Expenses: Wild Life (0z)
Income: Unemployed (0z)
Race: Rook Rank Os (Incubus)
Path: N/A
Incubus Trait: Willful (+1 WIL)
Os Traits: Potent Soul, Catalytic, Clean Blood, Incompatible, Longevity
Rook Rank Traits: Healthy Body
Cultural Trait: Studious (+2 Spell Lore)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Spell Lore)
Age: 270+ (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Magical Catalysts, Brawling, Light Blades, Throwing Weapons, Claws*
Favored Element: Shadow, Spirit
Armor Type: Medium Armor (Bear Clan Garb)
Meta Bonus: Shadow Magic 7, Subtlety 7, Might 2, Superior Magic 4
HP: 53 [106 in Bear Form]
SP: 47 [94 in Bear Form]
Damage: 3 (Norveig’s Feint); 4 (Signet of the Battlemage); 4 (Nightstalker’s Star); 8 (Bear Form)
To Hit: 9
Evasion: 9
Endurance: 11 [22 in Bear Form]
Willpower: 16
Search: 6
Sneak: 20 [24 out of combat]
Movement: 10
SP Cost Modifiers: N/A
Damage Resistance Modifiers: -1 Physical
Equipped Weapon: Norveig’s Feint & Armlet of the Bear King
Potion Belt Signet of the Battlemage Nightstalker’s Star
Well-Seasoned Lamb Jerky Large Fig & Rice Bar
Potion Belt (2)
Somatic Soda (Lime) Thalj Caster’s Tea
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/
Tree: Shadow Magic Subtlety
Passive: Affliction Trickster (8 Tricks)
Tier 1 Sow (2) Bane (2) Cloak (2) Subvert (2) Obscure (2) Snatch (2)
Tier 2 Reap (3) Ensnare (3) Drain (3) Debilitate (3) Sly Strike (3) Divert (3)
Tier 3 Smother (4) Cull (4) Descend (4) Raid (4) Observe (4) Blindside (4)
Tier 4 Negate (5) Martyr (5) Eclipse (5) Abscond (5) Exploit (5) Pounce (5)
Tree: Superior Magic Dire Bear Form
Passive: Paragon Power of the Bear
Skills Megido (4 HP) Return Magic (4 HP) Preserve (4 HP) Mighty Roar (2) Swipe (3) Maul (3)
Skills Arcane Boost (4 HP) Arcane Nulling (4 HP) Cast Cancel (4 HP) Charge (4) Intervene (4) Maim (5)
Skills Land Protector (4 HP) Mana Flux (4 HP) Clearance (6 HP) x x x
Skills Mana Feast (6 HP) Soul Steal (6 HP) Moon’s Calm (6 HP) x x x
Adventuring Skills
Spell Lore +12 “Magic drives the world forward, and keeps me in touch with it all.”
Mana Control +12 ”You exert your will, like so.“
Mana Sensing +10 ”It's instinct, more than anything.”
Illusions +6 ”Fairly useful as far as stealth’s concerned.“
Survival +6 ”My second nature.”
Acrobatics +6 ”Know how to fall, and you’ll never break a bone.“
Dexterity +6 ”Steady hands.”
Vitality +6 ”Hunting keeps you fit.“
Thievery +5 ”Nothing wrong with being a bastard sometimes, you know?”
Speed +5 ”Sometimes, you can't afford to stop.“
Gadgetry +5 ”Ech. Traps.”
Clairvoyance +1 ”A remnant of my old line of work. Maybe I can still… Maybe not.“
Non-Combat Skills
Knife Tricks +6 “Passes the time, when there’s nothing to carve.”
Dancing (Festive) +6 “Not much to celebrate over, but I can still move.”
Childcare +3 “I’m good with cubs, I suppose.”
Passive Signature Skill – Hunter in the Dark
“You can’t see me, but I -can- see you.”
Benefit Erebus’ Sneak Cap is increased by 1/2 of his Aspect Level [4]. Only functions outside of combat.
Active Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
“Run while you still can.”
Benefit Erebus assumes a new, more animalistic, form. He doubles his HP, SP & END. Damage & To Hit are raised to Aspect Level [8]. He gains access to new Dire Bear Form abilities.
Drawback Gear, unless it is explicitly created or enchanted to function in Bear Form, no longer applies to his stats. Erebus is limited to Might, Agility, Perception & Dire Bear Form attacks while in this form. It lasts only 1 hour, and can be Dispelled. It cannot be used while Rank 2 Nulled.
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 6+2 The power of the ancient Bear Clan. Bonuses below.
Embrace of the Bear Major - +5 HP & SP. +1 Maximum Trick.
Furnace Major - Erebus can consume liquid poisons and reverse their effects. Not effective on intravenous venoms or weapon coatings.
Nephilim Traveler’s Blessing Major - +1 HP & SP, HIT and END.
Immortal Knowledge Major - If knowledge can be transferred, ideas will live forever. Each Skill Tree adds +1 to a single Adventure Skill it encompasses. Effects listed in expenditures document.
Potion of Ancient Power Minor - +1 HP & SP, HIT and EVA.
Other Type Description
Willful Racial (Incubus) Erebus has +1 Willpower.
Potent Soul Racial (Os) Erebus gains +1 Meta on all trees he has at least 1 Meta in.
Healthy Body Rank (Rook) Erebus gains +10 HP & SP, as well as +1 Willpower & Endurance.
Catalytic Racial (Os) Erebus’ body is a Catalyst, with 3 Damage and no Perks.
Clean Blood Racial (Os) Erebus is immune to sickness and has infinite Injury Points.
Incompatible Racial (Os) Os can only bear Os children if they breed with another Os.
Longevity Racial (Os) Erebus doesn’t gain penalties for Old Age or Venerable, but doesn’t gain extra Skills either.
Aspect of the Bear
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mighty Roar - Roll with Aspect Level to apply Panic to all enemy Units in your Line of Sight (vs END). Erebus can speak with bears.
II Thick Skin - Passively gain 3 Physical Damage Resistance.
III Bear Claws - Equip Claws in any Favored Element, or Spirit if none. 3 Damage, or ‘Fist Weapons’ (+1 to Martial Arts Damage). Rolls of 18 - 20 with these Claws apply their Element’s Negative Condition. These Claws have +2 to applying Negative Conditions.
IV Survival - Passively gain 2 HP & 1 Endurance. +1 Might Meta & Cap. +3 Search and +2 to the Survival Adventure Skill.
V Cornered - Passively gain 2 HP & 1 Endurance. Gain permanent Haste when 3 or more enemy Units are within 4 squares of you or if you are the last one standing in battle.
VI Dire Bear Form - May shift into Dire Bear Form. Replaces Active Signature Skill.
Norveig’s Feint
Material Nephilim Oridecon
Craftsman Morgan the Pure
Base Stats Light Blade. 3 Piercing Damage. A fancy dagger with a black blade that glows an absurdly bright yellow.
Innate Earth Element. May be used as a Magical Catalyst.
Perks Light Blades add +1 Damage against Flanked or Exploited Units and +4 Bonus To Hit when applying Bleeding.
Legendary Improvement Focusing Lens: +1 to Turtle Aspect Level. The wielder can't enter Stealth, and gains ¼ of their Sneak [5] in Willpower instead (round down, and don't count over Cap). Every offensive Action they use grants them a Rank of Brilliant. They may use Subtlety Skills that require Stealth while at Rank 3 Brilliant. Finally, they may spend 3 Ranks of Brilliant as a Free Action to gain 1 Trick.
Enchantment Earthen Range: Weapon deals Earth Damage. Melee attacks can be used at Range, and contest Willpower in that case.
Improvement Widening Lens: The wielder may spend 3 Ranks of Brilliant to make any Single-Target Attack a Cone Attack instead.
Shield: Armlet of the Bear King
Material Nephilim Gold
Craftsman Haegr the Jeweller
Base Stats Bangle. 2 WIL. A golden armlet that covers the forearm. It's inlaid with green gems in the shape of vines and leaves.
Perks Bangles remove Watchful Stance’s To Hit penalty.
Enchantment Total Protection: +1 Bear Aspect Level. While in Bear Form, you have 3 Magic Damage Resistance.
Signet of the Battlemage
Material Nephilim Steel
Craftsman Haegr the Jeweller
Base Stats Jewelry. 3 Magic Damage. A sleek silver ring with a prismatic gem set into it.
Perks Jewelry adds +1 Damage & Healing to Single Target Magic Skills, and has +4 EVA/END/WIL vs Disarm.
Enchantment Wise: After making a Magical action, roll a d20. If the result is 8 or higher, you must make a second Magical action with +2 Stamina Cost.
Improvement Conductive Silver: +1 Spell Damage.
Nightstalker’s Star
Material Steel
Craftsman Dean Domino
Base Stats Balanced Throwing Weapon. 4 Piercing Damage. A pointed ninja star coated in a persistent toxin.
Perks Balanced Weapons add +2 Bonus To Hit against Flanked or Exploited Units, are almost totally silent and will not give defenders a free Search roll. Cannot be thrown at Units within 4 squares.
Enchantment Soul-Bound: Prevents Disarm. Should the Weapon leave you and go more than 20 meters, it will return to that character’s hand. It can also be called back as a Sub Action.
Improvement Nightstalker Venom: Add +1 Poison Damage. Does not come off even if wiped.
Armor: Bear Clan Garb
Material Nephilim Hardened Leather & Hides
Craftsman Emeraude of the Nephilim
Base Stats Medium Armor. 1 EVA & END, 1 Physical Resistance. This leather armor is adorned with furs, providing protection from strikes as much as it provides protection from the cold.
Enchantment Survival: +1 Bear Aspect Level. When brought below half HP, or Revived in combat, the wearer gains Rank a Rank of Regeneration. The first blow that would kill them will instead render them Unconscious at 0 HP, but only once. Ever.
Potion Belt Container. Adds 2 Equipment Slots for Potions or Poisons only.
Signet of the Battlemage See above for stats.
Nightstalker’s Star See above for stats.
Well-Seasoned Lamb Jerky Heals 25 HP. Never spoils.
Large Fig & Rice Bar Heals 25 SP. Never spoils.
Potion Belt (2)
Somatic Soda (Lime) Heals 10 HP or 50% of max HP (whichever is highest) and cleanses all Magic/Alchemical Debuffs. Lime flavoured! This has 100%, beyond a shadow of doubt, gone flat.
Thalj Caster’s Tea A bottle of silvery tea. It’s perpetually chilled! Grants +1 to all Magic Damage and +3 Water Damage Resistance for an encounter.
Currency 185,212 Zeny
Fame Bear Vault Trekker (Rune/Glast)
Source Description Research Time
Source Description Research Time
Key Items
Butterfly Knife “Passes the time.” A butterfly knife with dulled blades and a rounded tip, suitable for practicing tricks with.
Wedding Earrings “The light has gone out of my life.” Back when Erebus and Chloe got married, his hands still suffered from mutation, rendering him incapable of wearing rings. Despite him being cured now, his wedding band is still an earring. With Chloe's passing, Erebus now wears both in the same ear.
Global Ringer “Good for keeping in touch.” It’s a Ringer. ‘Nuff said.
Rook Throwing Knives A set of balanced throwing knives from Lusarus. Probably valuable to collectors…
Tempered Magician's Staff A staff made of steel, whose craftsman is unknown. Improved with Tempered – Weapon has +1 To Hit & +3 vs Breaking.
Ocean Gem Common relic. Allows breathing underwater for 3 hours. Rechargeable.
Featherlight Enchantment Vellum A Two-Handed Weapon can be wielded in one hand, but has -1 Damage and -2 To Hit. Two Featherlight Weapons cannot be wielded at once.
Black Carapace Light cloth armour protected by an exoskeleton of obsidian. Light Armor, 2 EVA & Sneak. Made from Obsidian Alloy by an unknown Grand Master. Enchanted with Umbral Embrace – The wearer's Healing with Shadow Magic is increased by 2. Improved with Shadow Coating – +2 Sneak. Increase to +4 in dark areas.
Sentinel's Amulet This silvery chain has a charm in the shape of an eye, with a pale green gem as its pupil. By charging mana into the necklace, the wearer may shift their point of view directly into it for approximately 60 seconds. The amulet can be used in this way once every 24 hours.
Skill Point Expenditure
Stat Math
HP 30 [Base] +10 [Rook] +2 [Might] +5 [Embrace] +4 [Aspect] +1 [Ancient Power] +1 [Traveler’s Blessing] = 53
SP 30 [Base] +10 [Rook] +5 [Embrace] +1 [Ancient Power] +1 [Traveler’s Blessing] = 47
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] +1 [Traveler’s Blessing] +1 [Ancient Power] = 9
EVA 1 [Medium Armor] +7 [Subtlety] +1 [Ancient Power] = 9
END 1 [Rook] +4 [Paragon] +2 [Aspect] +2 [Might] +1 [Medium Armor] +1 [Traveler’s Blessing] = 11
WIL 1 [Willful] +1 [Rook] +7 [Shadow] +5 [Norveig] +2 [Bangle] = 16
DAM (Norveig’s Feint) 3 [Light Blade] = 3
DAM (Signet of the Battlemage) 3 [Jewelry] +1 [Conductive Silver] = 4
Search 3 [Aspect] +3 [Skill Points] = 6
Sneak 14 [Shadow x 2] +14 [Subtlety x 2] = 20 (+8)
Shadow Meta 6 [Skill Points] +1 [Rook] = 8
Subtlety Meta 6 [Skill Points] +1 [Rook] = 8
Might Meta 1 [Aspect] +1 [Rook] = 2
Superior Meta 4 [12 Spells] = 4
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