Player: Nexxus
Income: -
Expenses: -
Race: Nephilim (Bear Clan)
Race Traits: Bear Lands, Warrior, Bear Clan
Age: 26 (Adult)
Favored Weapons: Bows, Catalysts, Quarterstaves, Spear Hand(MA), Enchanted Reach(MA)
Favored Element: Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored (Winter Clothes)
Meta Bonus: Spirit VII, Perception VI, Might I
Status and Equipment
HP: 43
SP: 47
Hit: 7
Evasion: 9
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 13
Search: 9
Damage: 6 (3 MCA/3 SH/4 ER)
Equipped Weapon: Wooden Longbow
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Speaking Stone Awakened Astral Ring Aspect of the Bear III
x x x
x x x
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x
Spirit Perception
Passive: Benevolence Cognition (6)
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Bolt Nurture Mana Shield Aim Scan Tense
Tier 2 Enervate Banish Dampen Strafing Distract Pinpoint
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Attune Scatter Concentrate Unbalance
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Reflect Flurry Slay True Sight
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Herbology 8 “Most of what I know is for herbs that’ve gone extinct..”
Clairvoyance 8 “Speaking with spirits shouldn't be taken lightly.”
Magic Healing 8 “Do you need a healing touch?”
Mana Sensing 7 “I’ve gotten a little rusty.. I was stone for so long. ”
Mana Control. 7 Rusty, because stone-.. That isn't the right word?”
Acrobatics 6 “My body is in better condition than my mind~~.”
Vitality 6 “Or perhaps not. I can't seem to take a hit as well as I could..”
Survival 5 “When I was a girl, I spent so much time in the wilderness.”
Speed 4 “I really have let myself go.”
Relic Lore 3 “Many vaults operate off of this very concept.”
Dexterity 3 “A little clumsier than I used to be, I'm afraid.”
Strength 1 “Ohh, dear.”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Tea-Making 9 “I’ll make you a cup, hmhm?”
C&B (Nephilim)1) 8 “Or, perhaps you’d prefer a treat?”
Housekeeping 5 “My Bran always said we could have a servant, but~.”
Sewing 4 “It stole time from my training, but I learn quickly.”
Gardening (Ornamental) 4 “I prefer growing herbs, but flowers have their merits.”


Weapon & Armor
Wooden Longbow Winter Clothes (Cloth)
Stats 6 DAM. Bran’s carved a few decorative designs near the grip. -1 SP Costs, +2 MOV Worn for the purpose of keeping warm!
Material Wood Cotton
Craftsmen x x
Enchantment x x
Enchantment x x
Improvement x
Gear & Item Notes
Awakened Astral Ring A violet ring. Sheds purple 'stars' that fade out after a few moments. Spells cast are now purple and sparkle. Roll on spell cast 10-14 = +2 To Hit, 15-19 = +2 Willpower, 20 = +2 MCA, each stacking to a max of 6.

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 3 Click me!
Other Type Description
Warrior Caste Racial (Nephilim) +1 Spirit, +1 Percep, +1 DAM w/ Martial Arts. Add 1/2 of Spirit Meta (3) to WIL (over cap).
Born of the Bear Racial (Nephilim) +1 Perception Meta (not cap).
Guardian of the Land Racial (Nephilim) Outdoors: All Stamina Costs are -2 and EVA, WIL, END are raised by +2 (over Cap).
Heart of Honey Racial (Nephilim) Add Bear Aspect lvl to incoming & outgoing healing (HP/SP).

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Click me!
HP 40 [Base], +1 [Might], +2 [Bear Aspect] = 43
SP 40 [Base] = 40, +7 [Spirit] = 47
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] = 7
EVA 3 [Nephilim], +6 [Perception] = 9
END 3 [Nephilim], +1 [Might], +1 [Bear Aspect] = 5
WIL 3 [Nephilim], +7 [Spirit], +3 [Warrior Caste] = 13
Search 0 [Base], +6 [Perception 6], +3 [Bear Aspect] = 9
NWA 6 [Long Bow] = 6 Bow. 2 [Spear Hand], +1 [Warrior Caste] = 3 SH. 3 [Enchanted Reach], +1 [Warrior Caste] = 4 ER.
MCA 3 [Nephilim] = 3
Eles Spirit [Starter]
Metas 4 [Spirit Skills], +1 [Warrior Caste], +2 [Skill Points(6)] = 7 Spirit. 4 [Perception Skills], +1 [Warrior Caste], +1 [Born of Bear] = 6 Percep. 1 [Bear Aspect] = 1 Might.
SP Cost 0 [Base], -1 [Unarmored] = -1
Max Clarity 6 [Perception VI] = 6


Currency 20,050 zeny
x x
Cooking & Baking
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