Elliot Denali

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Player: Chocorooms
Expenses: n/a
Income: The Glastheim Theatre (11,000z/month)
Race: Cubi
Age: 163
Weapon Groups: Quirky Spellsword, Geffenian Adventurer
Weapon Proficiencies: Anthame, Chrysm, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry, Bow, Spellblade, Twin Jewelry
Extra Proficiencies: (Scripts), (Instruments)
Favored Elements: Spirit, Shadow
Armor Type: Barony Magus Armor (Medium Armor, +4 Magical DR); +1 Storm Resist (+1 All DR)
Meta Bonus: Spirit 5, Artifice 4, Performance 4, Superior 3, Shadow 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 34 52
SP: 50 67
Damage: 6
To Hit: 9
Evasion: 10 11
Endurance: 2 5
Willpower: 13 14
Search: 0
Sneak: 4
Move: 10
SP Reductions: Spirit -1
Equipped Weapon: Ghede
Equipment (6)
Wise Chrysm Spirit Totem
Weapon Belt XL Vital Crystal
Emerald Eye ε The Engrammeter
Weapon Belt XL
Ghostly Vellum Ivory Charm Adaptable Charm
Name Type Description Heal Date
Cauterized Cuts Scar After his injuries healed, Elliot was left with several raised bumps where he was slashed with white hot claws. They're fine on their own, but they feel hot and somewhat painful if he touches them. Elliot's HP & SP are permanently reduced by 2. Never
Call of the Abyss Scar Not long after returning to the surface, a powerful desire to return to the Abyss comes over nearly everyone who ventured down. In their dreams at night, they often find themselves back in the dark realm, pursued by its twisted denizens. The dreams turn into nightmares more often than not, and their sleep is often interrupted by waking up in a cold sweat. This will probably get worse if he keeps venturing into the Abyss. -
xxx xxx (xxx) xxx xxx xxx
Injury Points 0/17


Item Spells
Ivory Charm (Light) Sanctuary Bless Haste
Ghostly Vellum (Spirit) Warlock’s Mark
Adaptable Charm Revivify Chain Heal


Perk Description
Longevity Don’t reduce HP & SP for Old or Venerable, but gain no extra Skill Points.
Proficiency Cubi may choose 2 Weapon Proficiencies & get Magical Catalysts free.
Weak Arms Cubi cannot wield Greatswords, Great Axes, Great Maces, or Runeblades unless they gain Expertise in them.
Willful Add +1 Willpower for magical affinity and general mastery.
Studious You’ve always preferred studying the intricacies of magic over casting it. Add +2 to Spell Lore and one of Relic Lore, Mana Control, or Illusions.
World Tree Your character grew up in Geffenia or Avicennia, situated on or near the World Tree. +2 to Mana Control, Magical Healing, Mana Sensing, or Spell Lore.
Boon Type Level Description
World's Blessing Blessing 1 Grants Spirit as a favored element, and allows the use of Spirit Fluidity. Spirit’s positive Condition is Regeneration, and its negative Condition is Vulnerable.
Boon of the Orcs Tiered 2 Whether with the sword, bow or wand, an Orc's focus on their craft is unmatched. Spirit Focus. See below for full bonuses!
Favor of Amatsukaze Tiered 2 A fraction of what the mountain offers. A promise of power, to be earned over time. See below for full bonuses!
Runic Wings Major - Elliot's wings are coated in runic symbols that glow and pulse in tune with his heartbeat. They've grown his wings in size, but the runes also have an effect on his body as a whole… +5 HP, +1 Dmg, +1 To Hit, +2 Eva, and the ability to enter Flight.
Boundless Spirit Major - His trial against Orochi wore him down, but made him stronger as well. While at maximum capacity for allied Links, Elliot gains +3 Direct Healing with Spirit Magic.
Maraveah's Magic Lessons Minor - +1 To Hit with magic. Grants 1 Superior magic skill from a set list.
Behemoth’s Blood Minor (1/3) Grants a permanent +1 To Hit. Only effective up to 3 times.
Certified Adventurer Minor - Elliot is now certified by Karn as a true adventurer! Grants +1 HP and +1 to EITHER Evasion, Endurance or Willpower. (Spent in Evasion.)
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor - By manipulating mana into a perfect circle as it's conjured, one can empower Superior Magic just a little bit more. When casting Superior Magic, act as though your Superior Meta is 1 higher.
Favor of the Storm God Minor - Surviving Orochi’s fierce ‘dance’ granted him the God’s favor. +1 Storm Resistance. You cannot be drowned in liquid by any means while KO’d.
Boon of the Orcs
Tier Name Description
I Orcish Focus The orcs' blessing is only given to those truly deserving. You gain +2 HP, +1 To Hit, and an additional bonus based on your highest Meta. (Elliot gains +1 maximum Soul Link.)
II Orcish Strength Elliot has advanced in the orcs' blessing, and in level of respect. +2 Maximum HP, +1 To Hit, and +1 Maximum Soul Link. +1 to Spirit Meta & Cap.
Favor of Amatsukaze
Tier Name Description
I Storm Dance Quick Action. 3 SP. When you are knocked back, gain a free movement action in a straight line. The maximum distance you move is equivalent to 3 x Tier [6 Squares].
II The Heavenly Winds Passive. -1 Spirit SP Costs. While at 1/4 of Max SP [12], -2 all SP costs instead.
Temporary Boons
Name Lasts Until… Description
An Entwining, Witnessed Sept. 23 Attending the traditional Geffenian wedding ceremony of Aeden and Lisia made Elliot witness to the entwining of two lives. You add +1 to the Numeric Effect(s) of any Positive Magical Condition on you. Red flecks have formed around your iris.
Companion Service Sept. 1 Enjoy the company of one or two attractive companions during your stay at the Den, who’ll make engaging conversation, listen to you talk, or curl up and enjoy all the same vices that you came for. It’s a poorly kept secret that the Den’s companions are all Mimic Fiends who’ll take on any race, gender, and disposition upon request. Grants a Temporary Boon for 30 days that increases Maximum SP by 5 and Vitality by 3.
Lively Lozenge Sept. 1 It never hurts to be more prepared for adventure! Grants a Temporary Boon that adds +4 Max HP & SP for 30 Days.
Tough Tablet Sept. 1 To help stave off those aches and pains. Grants a Temporary Boon that grants Immunity to Minor Injuries for 30 Days.
Box of Far Eastern Kombucha Sept. 1 A simple, wooden box containing a dozen bottles of fermented tea. Zoria claims her grandparents lived like they were 30 years younger by drinking it every day… Grants a Temporary Boon for 30 Days that grants +6 HP and +2 END, but +1 SP Costs. Also negates the penalties of Old and Venerable Age, if applicable. This is mildly addictive…
Clarion Tattoo (Temporary) Sept. 1 An abstract, almost runic-looking magitech tattoo that shifts between blues and purples. Begin combat with a Rank of Focused.
House Special Savory Waffles Aug. 7 A very large serving of stacked waffles partly fused together with fried eggs, chicken, melted cheese, herbs and spices, along with hashbrowns, mini sausages, and gravy on the side. There’s no way Elliot finished all of this in less than 10 minutes. +5 Max HP/SP, +1 All DR, +1 SP Costs for one week.
Fine Geffenian Champagne Next Encounter Now THIS is the good stuff. Very bubbly! Consuming applies a Temporary Boon until the next encounter that grants +3 Maximum HP & SP. Additionally, you start combat with Rank 1 Catalyzed.
Bottle Service Room Next Encounter Waiters and waitresses will serve up alcohol by the bottle in a small party room. It includes a widescreen EV, soundproof walls with its own sound system, and the ability to order directly from the back room if you want. No sense in not spoiling yourself, right? Add +1 EVA, END & WIL. Add +1 to all invested Adventure Skills.
Skill Tree: Spirit
Passive: Benevolence
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Nurture
Tier 2 Remorse Banish Trance
Tier 3 Regenerate Rapture Attune
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Cultivation
Skill Tree: Shadow
Passive: Affliction
SP Cost: Tier +1
Tier 1 - Cloak Misery
Tier 2 Reap Ensnare -
Tier 3 Smother - -
Tier 4 - - Slow Death
Skill Tree: Artifice
Passive: Temperance
SP Cost: Tier +1
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Mimicry
Tier 3 Siphon Silence Pierce
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Tempered
Skill Tree: Performance
Passive: Spell Singer
SP Cost: Tier +1
Tier 1 Gentle Breeze… Cadenza … Summer Rain
Tier 2 Hunter’s Wit… Vivace … Nature’s Balance
Tier 3 For the Fallen… Fortissimo … Quiet Prayer
Tier 4 Dragon’s Roar… Sforzando … Killing Breath
Skill Tree: Superior Magic
Passive: Paragon
Cost: (Varying) Maximum HP
Simple Megido Return Magic -
Intermediate Arcane Boost Arcane Nulling -
Expert Clearance Soul Steal Soul Break
Master - - -
New-Type Prophetic Bond Nourish -
Soothsayer Training Description
Remorse Standard Action. Elliot brings about negative emotions in his target, sapping away some of their will to fight. (OR - Elliot’s own failures and shortcomings compel him to drive himself further, and he presses on!) Deal MCA +1 Spirit Damage to a unit’s Stamina (vs. WIL) and apply Exhausted (vs END). Damage is doubled, and Exhausted is Automatic, if the target is Undead or Spirit Element. Benevolence - You may instead use this to heal yourself, and anyone that you are Soul-Linked to, for Stamina equal to your MCA + Spirit Meta. If your allies suffer from Exhausted, you can cleanse it from them. You may only do this once per encounter.
Rapture Standard Action. Elliot draws from the hearts of his allies to empower himself. Apply Enraptured to yourself. It has a different effect based on Passive Ability. Benevolence - You and your Links gain a shared pool of 1/2 Spirit Meta [2] re-rolls that can only be used on Evasion, Endurance, or Willpower rolls. You choose when re-rolls occur and for whom. These rolls have a +2 bonus to them, over cap.
Serene Aegis Standard Action. Elliot conjures a shield of reflective mana around himself which defends him from enemy spells, but allows the passage of Allied magic, to an extent. Apply a Positive Magical Condition to yourself that will reflect the next spell cast at you back toward its original caster. Friendly magic restores HP, but any additional effects are snuffed out by the barrier. Benevolence - You and your Links gain a shared pool of 2 reflections.
Adventuring Skills
Dexterity 0 +2 (Performance) = +2 “…” Your character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Vitality 0 (Performance) = 0 (+3) “…” Your character’s stamina as well as their resistance to being thrown around. It’s used in tasks like running for a length of time, enduring pain over time, or not flinching at sudden pain.
Clairvoyance 8 +2 (Spirit) +2 (Spirit Totem) = +12 (+1) “…” Your character’s ability to sense and speak to latent spirits. Some spirits and ghosts are readily visible, but others have a weaker connection to the world and require urging.
Magical Healing 5 +2 (Spirit) +1 (Shadow) +2 (Artifice) = +10 (+1) “…” Your character’s ability to magically mend wounds or cure ailments by manipulating mana, usually only with the Light, Shadow, or Spirit elements.
Mana Control 4 +2 (Spirit) +1 (Shadow) +2 (Artifice) +2 (Performance) +1 (Superior) = +12 (+1) “…” Your character’s ability to conjure, summon, create or control existing mana in the environment. Most mages can conjure small amounts of mana easily.
Relic Lore 5 +2 (Studious) +1 (Shadow) +2 (Artifice) +1 (Superior) = +11 (+1) “…” A measure of your character’s knowledge of magical relics and the many enchantments on them. This is also used to identify unknown gear and forewarn of curses.
Mana Sensing 3 +2 (World Tree) +2 (Spirit) +2 (Artifice) +2 (Performance) +1 (Superior) = +12 (+1) “…” Sensing magic and mana alike. Includes detecting illusions.
Spell Lore 5 +2 (Studious) +1 (Shadow) +1 (Superior) = +9 (+1) “…” Understanding spell mechanics and discerning magical runes.
Thievery 0 +2 (Performance) = +2 “…” A catch-all for your character’s ability to pick locks, steal items unnoticed, remain briefly out of sight, or do whatever else that less than savory types are known for.
Non-Combat Skills
Performance (Violin) +6 Elliot’s main instrument, as well as his source of income AND his main channel of mana, is the violin. When not being used in combat, it is skillfully used to charm and entertain audiences of the Glastheim Theatre.
Lost and Found +5 Elliot’s had a strange knack for finding small trinkets and other items that strangers have lost since he was a child. He does his best to return them to their proper owners, but he isn’t successful all the time. Thus, he’s started to build up a small hoard…


Weapon: Ghede, the Bone Fiddle
Material Bone and Sinew
Craftsman Alisha Tufur
Base Stats Instrument (Two-Handed) - 6 Shadow Dmg. +1 Dmg or Healing with Performance skills. +1 Tune Range. An elegant, yet grotesque-looking violin that pulses with very strong magic, almost as if it lives. It is made out of skeletal parts enforced with black muscle tissues, embedded with ebony gems, and its strings are made of four sturdy, thin red tendons. Spells cast from this violin are accompanied by melancholic tones and soundwaves that affect their target.
Enchantment Shadow Regeneration. All spells cast using this weapon become Shadow element. If this weapon is Broken/Destroyed, it will reassemble itself and return to the user’s hands.
Weapon: Wise Chrysm
Material Crystal
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats One-handed Magical Weapon - 3 Magical Dmg. Chrysms deal purely Magic damage, but still contest EVA in melee range. +1 Damage to any elemental Brand cast on them. +4 EVA, END, or WIL vs. Disarm. Expertise: Chrysms add +2 To Hit while they have a Brand Skill on them. These are little more than strangely cut gems in their physical form, but are the favored weapon of Cubi and others who aren’t willing to lift a heavy weapon or staff. Similar to Jewelry Catalysts and yet different in their construction, they can be channeled through to manifest ethereal weapons of any chosen Element.
Enchantment Wise. Roll a d20 after using a Magical Skill to perform a second one at +2 additional SP cost. This is not a choice! (Threshold: 10)
Weapon: The Engrammeter
Material Mana-Infused Bradium
Craftsman Avanta, Matron of Vision
Base Stats Two-Handed Staff - 6 Magical Damage. Staves add +1 to the Stamina cost of all Magic Skills. Staves add +3 EVA, WIL, or END vs Interrupt Attacks. A strange-looking metallic staff covered in magitek circuitry with a dull white focal gem at the tip, grasped by four prongs. Elliot considers this his most prized possession. Holding it gives him an incredible sense of peace. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to effectively wield a staff…
Legendary Trait Presence of the First Soothsayer. Whoever wields this weapon can freely see, touch, and converse with spirits without any training, inclination, or talent. They can also call on Surada at any time and she can freely project herself out of the staff. The wielder feels at peace and watched over by Surada at all times, and is immune to the effects of Frightened and Agitated. Surada also counts as an additional person for the purposes of Group Study/Training.
Enchantment Neural Transmission. The Engrammeter can be used for long-distance communication with the Roost. Surada instantly knows whatever is going on there, as well.
Improvement High-Density Arcane Circuitry. The staff is lined with magic circuitry that condenses ambient mana into a solid, nigh indestructible barrier concentrated on it. It cannot be Damaged, Broken or Destroyed unless by something that could ignore these effects.
Armor: (Gluttonous) Barony Magus Armor
Material Leather, Enchanted Steel
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Medium Armor: +2 WIL, +2 END, +2 Magical DR. Requires at least 3 Magical Meta to wear. Distinctly Quattori military armor that is equal parts modern in function and stylized in design. The Magus set is a sharp leather coat, with a conspicuous collar of carnations and roses forged from enchanted steel.
Enchantment Gluttony. The wearer gains 2 Maximum HP and heals 2 HP every turn, up to +10 Maximum HP and 10 HP healed.
Improvement Arcane Fittings. Adds an additional +2 Magical DR. If you have no MP, the Universal Action Build grants 3 MP instead of 1.
Weapon Belt XL 1x A belt with three slots for Weapons only.
Ivory Charm 1x A small white charm that can hold up to 3 different spells of a single High element. Attuned to Light. 5 Charges.
Ghostly Vellum 1x A pallid scroll with a faint aura of Spirit mana. Attuned to Spirit. 3 slots, 5 Charges.
Adaptable Charm 1x A dull grey vellum scroll. Can hold two Unique Spells (of any Element). 2 Spell Slots & 2 Charges.
Emerald Eye ε 1x An extremely magically charged green gem cut into the shape of an eye. You can use both Determination and Second Wind in the same encounter, but can't use either twice. On use, you gain 2 Ranks of Regeneration.
Spirit Totem 1x A palm-sized rough wooden carving of a coiled snake with a decorative pattern on its back. Its eyes, mouth, and decorations glow ethereal blue. Gear (Magical). +2 Clairvoyance. The totem can be ‘tapped’ as a Sub Action to increase Elliot's Damage with the Spirit Element by 1 for the encounter. It can be ‘tapped’ multiple times, but only equal to ⅓ Spirit Meta (round up) [2].
Vital Crystal 1x A small red crystal with a condensed charge of restorative mana. Restores 20 HP, or 30 HP if used by a unit that can feed on mana.
Spellbook 1x Elliot's spellbook, passed through his family, filled with Elemental spells of all four primary elements, spells from the Spirit tree in a different handwriting, and Light spells from a third source. Elliot’s had it upgraded to 100 pages, and has been quickly filling them in over the years!.
Songbook 1x Elliot’s songbook, with scribbles and musings about his different adventures over the years. Some of these musings have become fully fledged songs, though they haven’t been tested yet…
- - -


Other Information
Currency 625,800 Rune Zeny (or equal value)
Merchant’s Guild Points 50 GP
Studies and Training
Study/Training Name Description Difficulty Date
Study Claw of the Noble Warden After seeing what happened to Irene? Better safe than sorry. Group study with Aishe, Zefi, Heathcliff, and Rhydian. (Others may join) Master 3+ Group Study - 1/4th 8/23/2020
Training xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
Wildflower Delight Perfume Sample 1x Utilizing purple wildflowers imported straight from Avicennia, it has quite the pleasant smell. The mana resonating from the liquid feels enticing. (But please don’t drink it.) When using Build to gain MP, gain +1 instead. If user does not have MP, gain +1 To Hit instead. 3 Charges.
Concentration Bracers 1x Engraved copper bracelets that add balance to the wearer's stance and strengthen wrist movement. Gear (Magical). Once per encounter as a Sub Action, you may gain a Rank of Focused.
Ebony Eye Mask 1x A black and purple mask with an eerie shape like a vertical eye on it. Legendary Gear (Magical). The wearer is passively Rank 3 Blind, but can still see and Attack Units who are innately Magical or are holding Magical (or Enchanted) Equipment. They add their highest Magic Meta to Mana Sensing, then add ¼ of their Mana Sensing as To Hit (round up) when Attacking aforementioned Units with the mask on.
Topaz Eye 1x You can duplicate one Positive Condition applied to you per encounter. 1 Charge.
Expedition Specs 1x Special goggles given to all members of the expedition group on the Rise. +1 To Hit. Allows the wearer to read Ancient Ba Jinian.
Bloody Paintbrush 1x A very fancy paintbrush with a polished black marble handle and exquisite bristles. However, its tip continuously produces a sanguine liquid of unknown nature. Recently, it seems to have lost the mana it was charged with…
Elise 1x A once ornate-looking violin with a catalyst gem attached to it. The main method Elliot used to cast his spells. However, it is now in pieces and beyond repair. The catalyst gem still functions on its own, however. 'Orb' magical catalyst - 4 dmg. +1 Dmg to AoE Spells. +2 to AoE spell radius.
Spell Card 1x A special card that can hold a single spell from a single Primary Element. 3 Charges.
Rubber Suit 1x Unarmored: -1 Stamina use, +2 Movement. Bonus: 5 Lightning Resist. Cannot be enchanted or improved. These are just clam fishing pants with a rain poncho stapled to them…
Featherflight Parasol 1x Gear item. Allows flight, indefinitely, but occupies one hand. If damaged or disabled but not completely destroyed, allows its user to glide down to safety. It can also be used as a functional umbrella/parasol.
Behemoth’s Blood 2x Thick and red Monkey Behemoth’s blood. It’s almost the consistency of syrup. This is currently stored in Umbala…
Wishing Star 1x A star-shaped relic made of a beautiful blue glass. Once per encounter, the Wishing Star can produce an exact copy of any Magic Skill that was already used for 6 SP. It uses the same Action cost and Damage, but the wielder’s To Hit. 1 Charge - after use, it requires 1 day to recharge. Cannot be recharged using Artifice skills.
Law of Levin 1x A metallic tome bound in black metal, its pages are made of fine parchment which glows with the faint grit of crystalline powder. Lightning Script, can be used as a Catalyst with 3 Damage and no perks as well. Contains the Unique, irreplaceable spell Fission, with 1 base Charge. Fission: Lightning spell. Focused Action, Charge 1, costs 6 SP. Smites a target’s very core with potent mana, dealing 5 Lightning Damage. The mana from this spell lingers, causing subsequent casts of Fission against the same target to deal double damage with no limit. Fission casts that deal 20 Damage or over deal True Damage instead.
Elemental Vellum 1x A scroll made of thick vellum that can hold up to 3 different spells of a single Primary Element. Attuned to Earth. 5 Charges.
Stat Math
HP 26 (Base) +1 (Certified Adventurer) +5 (Runic Wings) +4 (Boon of the Orcs) -2 (Cauterized Cuts) = 34
SP 40 (Base) +4 (Spirit) +4 (Artifice) +4 (Performance) -2 (Cauterized Cuts) = 50
HIT 4 (Base) +1 (Maraveah’s Magic Lessons) +1 (Behemoth Meal) +1 (Runic Wings) +2 (Boon of the Orcs) = +9
EVA 0 (Base) +1 (Certified Adventurer) +2 (Runic Wings) +4 (Performance) +3 (Paragon) = +10
END 0 (Base) +2 (Barony Magus Armor) = +2
WIL 1 (Base) +4 (Spirit) +2 (Shadow) +4 (Artifice) +2 (Barony Magus Armor) = +13
DAM 0 (Base) +4 (Ghede) +1 (Runic Wings) = 5
Search 0 (Base) = +0
Sneak 0 (Base) +4 (Shadow) = +4
Skill Point Expenditure
Spirit 12 pt
Shadow 6 pt
Artifice 12 pt
Performance 12 pt
Stat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Skill Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Skill Points Used 11/15
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