Player: Illdrian
Upkeep: Frugal
Income: none
Race: Elf
Age: 78
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalysts, Staves, Anthame
Favored Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Spirit
Secondary Elements: Ice, Force, Poison, Lightning, Storm, Magma
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Elemental 7 Leadership 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 36 (40)
SP: 32 (36)
Damage: 7/3 MCA Staff/Ring
To Hit: +8
Evasion: +2
Endurance: +4
Willpower: +7
Concentration: 20 (7 Willpower + 7 (Elemental) + 3 Concentration Bracers) +3 (Staff)
Search: +2
Sneak: +2 (+4 in Forest and Plains)
SP Reductions: -1 Unarmored -1 Expert enchantment(Magic), +1 staff catalyst(magic) = -1 overall
Equipped Weapon: Fen Staff and Golden Ring of Good King Gobble Gob XXI
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
Greater Healing Potion Concentration Bracers Certified Adventurer(Major)
Carmac Flask (Espresso) 3/4 Winged Cloak Quarter Fruit of Knowledge(Major)
x High Quality Rope Orc Medicine(Minor)
x Wind Elemental Totem x
x Water Elemental Totem x
Skill Tree: Elemental 7 - Fire
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 x Temper x
Tier 2 Sear x x
Tier 3 Living Warmth Ignite x
Tier 4 Cone of Flame x x
Skill Tree: Elemental 7 - Water
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 x Wash x
Tier 2 x Life Rain x
Tier 3 Torrent Purity x
Tier 4 Drown x x
Skill Tree: Elemental 7 - Wind
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Breathe Gust x
Tier 2 Breeze Hover x
Tier 3 x Updraft x
Tier 4 x Flight x
Skill Tree: Elemental 7 - Earth
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 x Growth x
Tier 2 Vines x x
Tier 3 Salt Quake x
Tier 4 x Regrowth x
Skill Tree: Spirit 0
Passive: Spite
Tier 1 x x x
Tier 2 Banish x x
Skill Tree: Leadership 4
Passive: Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Healing Order Shake Off Heroic Charge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Inspiring Words Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Singing(Opera) +9 Perhaps one of the few things I have maintained since my departure.
Dance(Ballroom) +5 Let us see if I still remember these steps…
Etiquette(Courtly) +5 I remember how I must behave… When I must.
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics +7 A steady step by years of trained motion…
Speed +4 Sometimes running is preferable…
Vitality +4 … Never let anyone take away your freedom -laugh-…
Survival +5 Scrounging in a wartorn city taught me a great deal…
Manipulating Mana +10 I sing and the world moves to greet me.
Sensing Mana +10 It is all about sensing the flow and feeling the world's pulse…
Spell Lore +11 I have seen a great deal regarding magics…
Relic Lore +5 I have seen a enough magical trinkets to have some ideas…
Weapon - Fen Staff
Base Stats 6 Damage. +1 SP cost on spells.
Craftsman Fjalar of the Earth
Material Nephilim Maple
1st Enchantment Expert - -1 SP cost on spells, +1 DMG
1st Improvement Shimmermoss - The wielder gains +4 Maximum HP and Stamina, -3 resistance to fire damage.
Weapon - Golden Ring of King Gobble Gob
Base Stats Jewelry. 3 Damage. +1 DMG if single-target +3 against disarm rolls.
Craftsman ?
Material Gold
1st Enchantment -
1st Improvement -
Special ‘Check the Ring’, which strikes 3 separate opponents for MCA Earth, MCA Wind, & MCA Fire.
Base Stats Dryad's Wraps - Considered unarmored. Covered in an array of flowers, this light leather garb places one at peace with nature.
Craftsman ?
Material Leather
1st Enchantment Nature's Friend - +4 to stealth checks when within woods and meadows. +2 Stealth otherwise.
1st Improvement Chemist's pockets - Adds two item slots. These items can only be potions or poisons.
Greater Healing Potion +15 HP healing potion
Carmac Flask(Energizing Espresso) Multi-use potion flask that grants +3 STM per use. 3/4 uses remaining.
x ….
x ….
x ….
Concentration Bracers +1 To Hit, +3 Concentration
Winged Cloak Wearer falls at reduced speed, making large falls non-lethal. Wearing it allows use of the Wind Magic Skill 'Wind Field'
High Quality Rope Really… Really good rope
Wind Elemental Totem +2 to manipulating mana if using wind element. Once per day, may be “tapped” to gain 2 MP as a sub-action. This increases to 4 MP if standing in harsh winds or imbued with wind
Water Elemental Totem +2 to manipulating mana if using water element. Once per day, may be “tapped” to gain 2 MP as a sub-action. This increases to 4 MP if standing in water or imbued with water
Zeny 407,000
Certified Adventurer: +1 HP, +1 EVA
Quarter Fruit of Knowledge: The quarter of a fruit of knowledge has granted Ellencia the spirit element and the spell, Banish
Orc Medicine: +3 HP from that sickly drink… That which doesn't kill you…
Current Study:
Orcish simple study(Totem Caller I): Finishes 6/5/2017
Slate - A magical being of earth
HP 35 (Base 15 +8(Leadership 4 x 2) +8 (Giant) +4(Tenacious)
DMG 3 (Leadership 4 - 1)
HIT +5 (Leadership 4 + 1)
EVA +3 (Leadership 4 - 1)
END +7 (Leadership 4 - 1) +4 (Presence)
WIL +3 (Leadership 4 - 1)
Search +3 (+2 Base)
Sneak +3
Movement 10
Ability 1: Intervene - If creature is within 4 squares of you, it may take your damage.
Ability 2: Magical - Slate absorbs Earth, but is weak to Fire.
Stat Math
HP 36 (40) (Base 32 +3 Orc Medicine +1 Certified Adventurer) (+4 Fen Staff Shimmermoss)
SP 32 (36) (Base 32) (+4 Fen Staff Shimmermoss)
HIT +8 (+7 Elemental meta +1 Concentration Bracers)
EVA +2 (+1 Base +1 Certified Adventurer)
END +4 (+0 Base) (+4 Leadership 4)
WIL +7 (+7 Elemental)
DAM 7(3) (+6 Staff +1 Expert Enchantment) (3 Jewelry catalyst(Gold Ring))
Search +2 (+2 Base)
Sneak +2/4 (+4 Forest, +4 Plains)
Combat Points Spent 42 (12 Leadership skills, 21 ele spells, (9 cost) 3 elements.)
Adventure skills Spent 5 on Mana Control, 5 on Mana Sensing, 4 on Spell Lore, 3 on Acrobatics, 4 on Vitality, 4 on speed, 5 on Relic Lore
Noncombat skills Spent 5 on singing, 5 on dancing(Courtly), 5 on Etiquette
Racial Bonus breakdown Adult light elf, Sharp ears (+2 search), Fleet Feet (+1 Evasion), Nature's Grace (+2 Acrobatics), Musical Interest (+2 Acrobatics, +4 Singing), World Tree home (+2 Spell Lore)
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