Elise Denali

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Player: Chocorooms
Expenses: n/a
Income: Chief of Engineering of the Barony of Tortuga (30,000z/month)
Race: Elf
Age: 128
Weapon Proficiencies: Katanas, Rifles, Martial Arts (Boxing)
Favored Element: n/a
Armor Type: CE Professional Attire (Light Armor, Ballistic Resist, Lightning Resist)
Meta Bonus: Agility 4, Perception 4, Tinker 4, Leadership 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 38/38
SP: 38
Damage: 5 (Rifle, Train Gun) / 4 (Yurnero)
To Hit: 4
Evasion: 9 (+2 - Yurnero)
Endurance: 8
Willpower: 5
Search: 8
Sneak: 2
SP Reductions: -1 (Yurnero)
Equipped Weapon: CM-no. 3 Machine Rifle (+MR Battery)
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Train Gun Codex of Language
Blade of Yurnero Logic and Potential
Arcana Camera Veterancy
High Healing Potion Solemn Oath
JingXi Spirits Oni’s Spirit
High Healing Potion Bushido
Grenade Slot -
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - - -
Injury Points 0/18


A fattened-up El Quattorian Wyvern with leathery bluish skin. Watch out for those teeth…
Type: Large Tenacious Beast (Mount, Flight-Capable, applies Bleeding on rolls of 18 - 20. If within 4 squares of Elise, Flaithrí can Intervene for her and take damage.)
Armor: -
Skill Item: -
Unique: Out for Blood: If any Unit is Bleeding, wyverns gain +2 To Hit/DAM and -1 EVA/WIL/END. Actions with a base roll of 6 minus Leadership Meta default to Attack Order. Acid Spit: Standard, 8 SP. The Wyvern makes a number of MCAs equal to your Charisma in Poison damage, in a cone of 5 cells in front of it. Apply R1 Burning (vs END) in the Poison Element, with +2 To Hit for each MCA that landed. Acid Spit costs all Charisma, with a minimum of 3.
HP 27 Hit 3
Dmg 4 Eva 3
End 7 Wil -1
Sneak 0 Search 2
Move 12 (+2 when airborne)
Adventure Skills
Survival +2 Vitality +2
Strength +2 Speed +2
The Eastern Princess
A scale model automaton of the greatest airship to ever grace Aurora’s skies.
Type: Small Tenacious Mechanical Construct (3 DR. If within 4 squares of Elise, The Eastern Princess can Intervene for her and take damage.)
Armor: -
Skill Item: -
Unique: -
HP 23 Hit 6
Dmg 1 Eva 5
End 3 Wil 3
Sneak 6 Search 2
Move 8
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics +2 Speed +2
Gadgetry +2 Strength +2


Name Description
Sharp Ears Add +2 Search, as Elves’ pointed ears are very keen.
Proficiency Elves may choose 3 Weapon Proficiencies.
Longevity Don’t reduce HP & SP for Old or Venerable, but gain no extra Skill Points.
Fleet Feet Add +1 Evasion for fleet feet and graceful movement.
Nature's Grace Add +2 to Acrobatics or +4 to a nature-oriented Non-Combat Skill.
Mana Drought Your character has always felt a strange dissonance with magic, leading to a troubled youth. Add +1 to a Physical Meta, but your Magic Meta Caps lower to 4.
Landless Your character was a drifter, or grew up without much of a sense of culture… They learned a thing or two along their path. +2 to any Adventure Skill.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Codex of Language Major - After the 5-Colored Codex was activated in a group, knowledge of all written and spoken languages known by the surrounding party was shared. Elise learned Cascadian, Sybirian, and Schwarzen.
Logic and Potential Major - Elise sees logic and patterns in things where others would not. The compulsion to tinker away and create and dismantle things slowly builds in her, and curious new ideas creep into mind. +4 Crafting Points, +2 Search, +2 WIL.
Veterancy Major - Becoming a war veteran was the last thing Elise imagined for herself. Despite war’s horrific results, it still taught her something valuable… Elise can use Second Wind twice.
Solemn Oath Major - Not only did Elise face a very difficult foe, she also finally brought Hirato Kenshin’s story to a close. What she endured and what she witnessed will forever be etched upon her soul, and she’s all the stronger for it. Add +1 to two of EVA, WIL or END. You can't add +2 to a single value. (Added to END and WIL)
Oni’s Spirit Major - Drinking powerful booze that was once in the possession of a Youkai crime lord knocked Elise out cold for three days. When she woke up, she felt stronger than ever. +2 HP, SP, and END. Elise is automatically Dazed for 3 Turns upon drinking an alcoholic beverage, but now acts normally when rolling 5 - 20 (1 - 4's effects are preserved). While Dazed, Elise is immune to further application of Pacified, Pained, Frightened, and Stunned.
Bushido Major - “Blade and Body.” Elise carries the creed of the ancient Samurai within her. Begin combat with 1 Fury OR 1 Rhythm. This value increases by 1 for every other party member who also possess Bushido.
Passive: Grace
SP Cost: Tier
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Issen Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Leverage Meditate Chain Dance
Tier 4 Skyward Akashic Trance Riposte
Passive: Cognition
SP Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Aimed Strike Loose Strike Scan
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Distract
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Pop Flare
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Flurry
Passive: Wrangler
SP Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Attack Order - Shield Order
Tier 2 - Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry - Dogpile
Tier 4 - - -
Passive: Gearhead
SP Cost: Tier + 1
CP: 8/8
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
Tier 2 Ping! Great Materia Grenadier
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul Short-Wave Interruptor
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Kenshin’s Training Description
Issen Standard Action. Lunge through the battlefield at an incredible speed, leaving both friends and foes with no time to react. Move up to 10 + Agility Meta squares toward a Unit. Upon reaching melee range with them, deal NWA + 1 Physical Damage (vs Evasion). Gain a bonus +3 EVA (over Cap) against Attacks of Opportunity you provoke. Grace - You may counter-attack the first Attack of Opportunity you provoke along your path with an NWA while you move.
Meditate Standard Action. Face battle with no fear, no mind. Focus on your core, breathe deep, and feel refreshed. Remove 1 Rank of Agitated, Drowsy, Exhausted, or Unbalanced from yourself, OR restore 6 HP. Gain the Focused Condition, and your next 2 Attacks gain a Rhythmic follow-up NWA. Grace - If you have no Condition to remove, gain an extra Rank of Focused.
Akashic Trance Focused Action. Finisher (12 Rhythm). Glimpse your foe’s weak points in your mind’s eye, and then strike without mercy. Divide your Rhythm in half and deal NWA damage that many times (vs EVA). Spend all Rhythm in the process, and round down for the total amount of strikes. If the unit is Flanked, Prone, or Unbalanced, Akashic Trance is a Standard Action. Grace - Akashic Trance automatically applies Exploited with each of its hits, but cannot apply Damaged (Armor) past Rank 3 Exploited. Applications of Exploited past Rank 3 instead apply Flanked vs. END for a number of attacks equal to the number of excess Exploited ranks.
Master Techniques Description
Meikyo Shisui Sub Action. 12 SP. Gain a Positive Physical Condition called Reflection of Might or Reflection of Agility, which allows you to choose which Passive Ability to use for the next 3 Might or Agility Skills (respectively). In addition, gain 1 Fury when using any Might skill or 1 Rhythm when using any Agility skill while under the effect of Reflection of Might/Agility.
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics 0 +2 (Agility) +2 (Perception) +1 (Leadership) +2 (Nature’s Grace) = +7 “…” Your character’s ability to fit into tight spaces, to jump with no running start, and to tumble gracefully after falling.
Dexterity 3 +2 (Agility) +2 (Perception) +1 (Leadership) +2 (Tinkerer) = +10 “…” Your character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Speed 4 +2 (Agility) +1 (Leadership) = +7 “…” Your character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, swimming quickly across bodies of water, or for things like footraces.
- - “…” -
Creature Lore 4 +2 (Perception) = +6 “…” Your character’s knowledge of Aurora’s wildlife as well as certain magical creatures. It can be usually be used in combat as a Sub Action to get a better idea of what the party’s enemy might be able to do. It doesn’t work on everything, though…
Gadgetry 4 +2 (Perception) +1 (Leadership) +2 (Landless) +2 (Tinkerer) = +11 “…” Your character’s general knowledge of mechanical devices, wiring, machinery and anything that is not traps.
Harvesting 0 +2 (Tinkerer) = +2 “…” Your character’s ability to gather reagents from their environment, whether it’s blood and bones from a fallen creature or choice mushrooms from a patch of them.
Tech Lore 10 +2 (Tinkerer) = +12 “…” Your character’s knowledge of larger contraptions that are far more complex than Gadgetry covers. Airships, automobiles, trains, and even things like incredibly modern firearms and devices fall under this category.
Thievery +5 “…” A catch-all for your character’s ability to pick locks, steal items unnoticed, remain briefly out of sight, or do whatever else that less than savory types are known for.
Non-Combat Skills
Wyvern Handlin' +5 After being trained in the safe handling of these beasts and forming a bond with a companion of her own, Elise has the skills to direct her wyvern and safely encounter others of the same species.
Booze Drinkin' +5 A long period of drowning her sorrows has allowed Elise to build up a bit of a tolerance and become pretty good at drinking others under the table.
Sharpshootin’ +5 (+3 - no favored element) Elise has spent a long time training with a gun, and is always up for a good round of showing off.


Weapon: CM-no.3 Machine Rifle
Material ???
Craftsman Mass-Produced by Charleston Electric Company
Base Stats 5 Lightning OR Ballistic dmg, ALSO shocks its wielder for 3 True Lightning dmg after every offensive action. Damage is treated as Ballistic if loaded with conventional ammo, or Lightning if loaded with an MR Battery. Damage is true vs all targets, except those with Ballistic Resistance/Lightning Resistance (respectively.) 20 rounds. Add an additional +2 To Hit if you are Prone or haven’t moved that turn. Cannot fire at targets within 6 squares. Adds two follow-up NWAs after every attack, but suffers -1 To Hit when using multi-hit attacks. A chrome-plated, complicated rifle with a lot of moving pieces and a faint, irradiated magic glow…
Improvement 1 Arc-Welder. At the cost of 2 Stamina per cell, NWAs made with the weapon gain an AoE radius around their target. Only functions when loaded with an MR Battery. AoE limit of 5.
Improvement 2 Secondary Drum. Doubles the weapon’s ammunition capacity.
Weapon: Train Gun
Material Refined Steel?
Craftsman ???
Base Stats 5 Ballistic Dmg. Train Guns ignore 2 points of Ballistic Resistance. Activates Perception and Subtlety Skills that target Units or Areas twice (MUST be the same unit/area, and still costs full stamina). Automatically destroys Half or Full Cover if attacking a Unit using it. 18 rounds. Can be loaded with any solid material the size of a fist or smaller. Requires at least 8 Tech Lore or Relic Lore to wield; not meeting this requirement lowers your base To Hit to 0. A weapon created by the Dwarves, but popularized by the Republic of Schwartzvalt. Known for its incredibly destructive power, using one of these comes with certain connotations…
Improvement -
Enchantment -
Weapon: Blade of Yurnero
Material Mana-Infused Bradium
Craftsman “Ancient Blacksmith”
Base Stats Katana (2h) - 4 (Slashing) DMG. Katanas’ light weight offers +2 EVA and reduce the SP cost of Physical skills used with them by 1. +6 Bonus To Hit to apply Bleeding. A long, heavy, jet-black katana that looks like it can cut through just about anything. When one takes it up, if they have a reason to, they feel like they can get more out of this weapon by sacrificing their own safety.
Enchantment Resolve. The Wielder gains half of their Highest Meta in Willpower, 2 Damage, and takes 2 extra Damage from all sources. They lose half of their Highest Meta in Evasion, and do not benefit from any form of Resistances.
Improvement Keen Edge. Attack rolls of 18 - 20 made with this weapon automatically apply a Rank of Bleeding, up to Rank 2.
Armor: CE Professional Attire
Material Reinforced Cloth
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Base Stats Light armor. +2 Evasion, Willpower, and Sneak, as well as +5 against being Damaged. Requires 2 Physical or 2 Magical Meta. A full, super-modern outfit with with sleek trimmings and a sharp design. Consists of a selection of matching shirts, vests, jackets, slacks, jeans, or skirts.
Improvement 1 Risk Weave. Extra-durable, patented materials make the Professional Attire a capable suit of armor, without changing its appearance at all. Replace the armor's base +2 Evasion with +3 Endurance. Grants resistance to Firearms and Lightning.
Improvement 2 Smart Wiring. Nigh-invisible circuitry under the attire grants the wearer a number of benefits. Mobile ringers held in pockets can be used through an included ear piece, EV transmissions can be viewed via magical projections from the wearer's wrist, and for 1 Stamina per turn (0 when out of combat), the outfit's trimmings will glow, providing a light source.
Arcana Camera A complex, masterfully crafted camera that records images and projections onto an encased crystal sphere. Captured images can be projected from the camera in a fanciful mana display. Scanning a foe in combat takes one main action. Unlimited capacity, +6 against Breaking. Lunarium Metal Materials, Joplin the Ingenious’ Craftsmanship.
JingXi Spirits 1x This stuff smells horribly potent… Restore 25 HP/SP, but you are put into Rank 2 Dazed instantly for the rest of the fight (Or until cleansed).
High Healing Potion 2x A common potion. Restores 20 HP.


Other Information
Currency 437,200 Rune Zeny (or equal value)
Studying None Currently
Training None Currently
Crafting (8/8 CP) None Currently
Camellia 1x A silvery-black katana that shows expert craftsmanship. Lightning constantly arcs off of its blade. This was a special gift from Rhydian. Katana (2h) - 4 (Slashing) DMG. Katanas’ light weight offers +2 EVA and reduce the SP cost of Physical skills used with them by 1. +6 Bonus To Hit to apply Bleeding. Bradium and Lightning Opal materials, Kazanan Hayalet’s craftsmanship.
Clockwork Rifle 1x A complex, automatic firearm with a great deal of moving parts and rattle-y bits. It boasts an impressive fire rate and large, drum-shaped magazines that hold many bullets. The drawback of this is that each shot carries considerably less stopping power than normal rifles. 4 dmg. 15 rounds. Adds a follow-up NWA after every attack. Augmented with ITG Tuning, Phosphoric, Flash-Freezing. Refined Steel material, Norah Monroe’s craftsmanship
Mechanic’s Coat 1x A specialized outfit for tinkerers and engineers. Light armor, +1 Evasion. Innately grants access to a mechanic’s Toolkit, which does not take up an item or gear slot. Augmented with Stack Modus, Weatherproofing. Reinforced Cloth material, Mass-Produced
Gas Mask 1x A mask that covers the nose, mouth, and eyes, and protects the wearer from, well, gases.
Swift Bracelet 1x A simple bracelet with an enchantment placed on it. Enchanted with Swift - allows a single Standard action to be made during an Enemy Phase.
Launch Boots 1x Passively allows the wearer to leap 15 feet into the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain. Characters with a Might or Agility meta of 5 or higher may perform a Divebomb via these boots, at the cost of double their attack’s stamina. (In the case of an NWA, this costs 4 Stamina.)
Expedition Specs 1x Special goggles given to all members of the expedition group on the Rise. +1 To Hit. Allows the wearer to read Ancient Ba Jinian.
Colosseum Round 4 Ticket 1x A ticket that allows its holder and their party to skip straight to the final round of Dorado's Colosseum.
Flash Grenade 3x Applies Blindness vs Endurance in a 6 x 6 Grid.
Sleeping Gas Grenade 2x Applies Dazed vs Endurance in a 6 x 6 Grid.
Stun Grenade 2x AoE explosions that will render unaware targets Helpless. In combat, deals 7 Stamina damage. (Helpless targets can be downed in one attack.) Requires updates!
Coffee Blend Energy Drink 1x A Charleston Brand specialty energy drink. Heals 8 HP. Gain +3 To Hit, and +3 to Evasion for your current and next turn. Lose 4 Stamina as the effect wears off.
Purified Mist 1x When consumed, removes all Conditions, positive and negative.
Stat Math
HP 32 (Base) +4 (Agility) +2 (Oni’s Spirit) = 38
SP 32 (Base) +4 (Leadership) +2 (Oni’s Spirit) = 38
HIT 4 (Base) = 4
EVA 1 (Base) +4 (Agility) +4 (Perception) = 9
END 0 (Base) +3 (CE Professional Attire) +2 (Leadership) +1 (Solemn Oath) +2 (Oni’s Spirit) = 8
WIL 0 (Base) +2 (CE Professional Attire) +2 (Logic and Potential) +1 (Solemn Oath) = 5
DAM 0 (Base) +5 (CM-no. 3 Machine Rifle) = 5
Search 2 (Elven Hearing) +4 (Perception) +2 (Logic and Potential) = 8
Sneak 0 (Base) +2 (CE Professional Attire) = 2
Skill Point Expenditure
Agility 12 pt
Perception 12 pt
Leadership 6 pt
Tinkerer 12 pt
Stat Points 42/42
Adventuring Skill Points 30/30
Non-Combat Skill Points 15/15
Tortuga Multipass
Property License Standard to all citizens. Allows the purchasing of property, out of pocket.
Public Transit Pass Free use of the Public Trams throughout Tortuga Island, in all districts.
Northern Jingxi Co. Flight Ticket A ticket allowing one access to the private airship shuttles of the Northern Jingxi Company.
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