Elijah 'Rush' Callahan

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Income: Airship Captain of the Courageous [35,000z] 1)
Expenses: Decent 2) [22,500z]
Money: 884,000z
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A), Ascendant (+1 to EVA/WIL/END), Bestial (+2 to Search/Sneak)
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 to Subtlety)
Locational Trait: El Quattorian (+2 to Dexterity)
Race: Splicer Mutant (Wolf - Lupine)
Age: 28 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Light Mercenary 3), Light Ranger 4), Mixed Pitcher 5), Handgun 6), Assault Rifle 7)
Weapon Expertise: Dagger 8), Throwing Knife 9)
Favored Element:
Armor/Armor Type: Captain's Jacket (Light Armor)
Meta Bonus: Subtlety VII, Perception VI
Status and Equipment
HP: 48
STM: 45
Damage: 5 (Blackjack) / 3 (Throwing Knives) / 4 (C. Machine Rifle)
To Hit Bonus: 7
Evasion: 12 (+3 buffer)
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 1
Movement: 10
Search: 11
Sneak: 18
Clarity Points: 6
Tricks: 7
STM Reductions:
Equipped Weapon(s): Custom Machine Rifle
Equipment & Gears
Launch Boots
MR Battery
Potion Satchel XL
Rune of Dispel
Scionic Stealth-Dome
Weapon Belt XL
Potion Satchel XL
Emirates Elixir
High Healing Potion
Remedy Potion
Weapon Belt XL
The Duke Special
Throwing Knives
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/24


Passive: Trickster (+7 Evasion, +14 Sneak, +7 Tricks)
Tier 1 Subvert (2) Obscure (2) Snatch (2)
Tier 2 Debilitate (3) Sly Strike (3) Divert (3)
Tier 3 Raid (4) Observe (4) Blindside (4)
Tier 4 Abscond (5) Exploit (5) Pounce (5)
Passive: Fixation (+6 Evasion, +6 Search, +6 Clarity Points)
Tier 1 Aimed Strike (2) Loose Strike (2) Change Up (2)
Tier 2 Strafing (3) Pinpoint (3) Blitz (3)
Tier 3 Scatter (4) Concentrate (4) Waylay (4)
Tier 4 True Sight (5) Slay (5) Killshot (5)
Racial Trait - Beastial Rage
Bestial Rage is an as of yet undiscovered, or at least not widely known side effect of the Rekkenber Supplement. It affects all Splicers, no matter what, and strikes in times of great stress or pain. They enter a state in which they’re little more than a cornered animal, snarling and gnashing, and launch into a battle frenzy that can harm friends and foes alike.
Activation Bestial Rage activates at half HP or upon reaching Rank 3 Frightened.
Benefit Elijah is immune to the Frightened Condition when under the effect of Beastial Rage.
Drawback 1 Elijah may only use actions or Skills that deal Damage.
Drawback 2 Elijah must attack the last Unit that harmed him or if no Unit is responsible, the nearest Unit that is closest to him.
Drawback 3 Elijah is always striking to kill, and he must continue to attack an Unconscious target until it dies.
Drawback 4 Bestial Rage ends when Elijah is healed to 30 or more HP or if he kills someone.
Passive Signature Skill – Quick Step
“Can't catch up if ya can't keep up with me!”
Elijah may use Sprint as a Sub-Action instead.
Dual Skills
The Lover's Symphony (Elijah & Freya)
“Wherever we go, we go together!”
Benefit Elijah gives Freya a boost, launching her upwards into the air. Freya then summons wings of wind, flying upwards and singing an alluring song. This song causes all enemy Units to become Flanked, the bonus being equal to half of her Highest Meta. Afterwards, Elijah leaps high into the air, sending a flurry of throwing knives in an Area of Effect equal to his Highest Meta towards enemy Units for 6 Physical Damage, rolling his To-Hit vs EVA for each Unit.
Drawback This can only be used once per encounter. Each spend 4 SP respectively and this uses up their full turn. This cannot be initiated if Freya has already used her Gladiator's Armband prior.
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Musical Instrument (Harmonica) +6 While not really a musician, Elijah can play effectively to a certain point. It also instills some sort of hope and relief to himself whenever he plays.
Navigation (Air) +7 Under the guidance of Norah's unorthodox lessons, as well as self-learning, Elijah is vastly familiar with the skies, knowing how to navigate properly among the air.
Languages (Elvish) +3 Spending time with Freya and practicing with her cousin, Rika, Elijah is able to grasp the basic fundamentals when it comes with the Elvish language. Though he sometimes fumbles with his words at times..
Musical Instrument (Bagpipes) +2 An unusual type of instrument, Elijah somehow got his hands on one and he's not bad at it. However.. Music
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Thievery +12 The ability to pick locks, steal items unnoticed, remain briefly out of sight, or do whatever else that less than savory types are known for.
Dexterity +10 The character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Spell Lore +10 The knowledge of magic and its inner workings. It can be used in anything from magical study to dismantling magical traps, if their primary function is magical.
Gadgetry +9 The knowledge of small gadgets, typically purely mechanical, that aren’t too complex. Anything from bear traps to grenades! It’s used in disarming physical traps, usually.
Speed +9 The character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, swimming quickly across bodies of water, or for things like footraces.
Acrobatics +9 The character’s flexibility and balance. It’s used in tasks like fitting into tight spaces, keeping balance on poor footing, tumbling after falling, and bending into odd positions.
Tech Lore +6 The character’s knowledge of larger contraptions that are far more complex than Gadgetry covers. Airships, automobiles, trains, and even things like incredibly modern firearms and devices fall under this category.
Survival +3 The character’s general knowledge of the wilderness and how to live within it. It’s used in tasks like making shelter, identifying poisonous edibles, and hunting.

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Blackjack Captain's Jacket
Base Stats 5 Blunt DMG / Maces ignore 2 points of Physical Resistance. Maces add an additional +4 Bonus-to-Hit when applying Pained. +1 Evasion, +2 Sneak.
Description A small club-like item that's easy to conceal. Very useful to knock out targets undetected when sneaking about. A leather jacket with the Callahan Company's logo on the back. Provides extra comfort and movement, making it easier to move about.
Enchantment Ethereal Wings: Armor automatically summons wings when the wearer is falling, allowing them to glide and preventing fall damage.
Improvement Ballistic Sleevetrap: When evading an attack in melee range, you may immediately counter by launching a concealed blade from your wrist. Deals 4 Ballistic Damage, and automatically applies 1 Rank of Bleeding if it hits. 2 Charges per battle.
Custom Machine Rifle
Base Stats 4 True Ballistic DMG / Adds 1 follow-up NWA after every shot. Loses 1-to-Hit with every shot, with this penalty resetting between actions. Requires 6 Tech Lore to wield.
Description A standard Model 1 Machine Rifle won from a raffle, packing quite the punch with the custom features it comes with.
Ammo Capacity 10 Ammunition
Mode #1 IM Bayonet: With an MR Battery loaded, the firearm produces an immaterial blade along the barrel, and can be used as a Melee/Reach weapon, dealing 6 True Magic damage in the element of the MR Battery. The weapon cannot fire at range while this mode is active.
Mode #2 Levitator Grip: With an MR Battery loaded, a claw-like apparatus at the end of the barrel opens and lifts an object off the the ground with magical grip. The Levitator Grip can lift objects up to 400 lbs heavy and 3 feet in diameter, exerting little force on the wielder. Lifted objects can be launched in and out of battle, at a cost of 4 SP per 100 lbs on account of severe kickback.
Throwing Knives
Base Stats 4 Piercing DMG / Balanced Throwing Weapons add an additional +2 Bonus-to-Hit when Flanking an enemy. Balanced Throwing Weapons are almost completely silent and will not give defenders a free Search roll. Balanced Throwing Weapons cannot be thrown at Units within 4 squares.
Description A sharp blade that's used for practical uses.
Equipment & Gears
Launch Boots Comfortable modern boots, with a curious mechanical heel. Gear. Passively allows the wearer to leap 15 feet into the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain.
MR Battery Ammo, Unlimited Charges. A special Ammo clip with unlimited Charges that converts the weapon’s damage to True Lightning.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Rune of Dispel A purple crystal with a glowing Runic pattern on it. Once per encounter, the Rune of Dispel will use the Universal Skill 'Dispel' with an automatic roll of 14.
Scionic Stealth-Dome A tight-fitting, but attractive neck brace with a stylized eye in front. Pressing into the iris causes the air around the wearer’s head to crystallize into a transparent dome, and closing the eye’s lid blackens the dome to outsiders looking in. Magical Gear. Grants water-breathing, and immunity to airborne substances. +3 EVA & +3 DR to Called Attacks on the head and eyes. Disguises the wearer’s voice when in Stealth mode.
Weapon Belt XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Weapons only.
Potion Satchel XL
Emirates Elixir Heals all HP and can even treat a Dire Injury.
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP and removes 1 Rank of a Negative Alchemical Condition.
Remedy Potion Cures all Negative Conditions.
Weapon Belt XL
Blackjack See above.
The Duke Special A revolver gifted from Freya that has an extra kick and recoil when used. Should be used with caution! 6 Ballistic Damage & 10 Ammunition.
Maker's Mark - Full Clip: +25% Ammunition Capacity (round down).
Enchantment - Dew Collide: Every time you miss an Attack, add +2 To Hit until you successfully land one.
Improvement - Extra Kick: The Weapon becomes Two-Handed, but adds +2 To Hit & +1 Damage.
Throwing Knives See above.
Portable Cassette Player A hand-held cassette player with headphones, good for on-the-go.


Healing Potion x2 Restores 10 HP.
Petyr's Bleu Berry Potion A bottle full of murky blue liquid… It's syrupy. Imbues the drinker with the Water Element for one encounter. Also turns their tongue blue for a full week.
Petyr's Cure-All Potion A bottle full of murky blue liquid… It's syrupy. Instantly removes up to 2 Minor Injuries or 1 Major Injury (certain Injuries may fall under DM discretion).
Petyr's Extremely Energetic Potion A bottle with a fizzy lime-green liquid in it. The drinker gains +3 To Hit, +3 Evasion, and the Hastened Condition for 3 Turns. When this effect ends, they gain Dazed for 1 Turn and Rank 2 Drowsy for the rest of the encounter (and day).
Petyr's Invisibility Potion A bottle full of clear liquid with silver sparkles in it. Raises the drinker's Sneak to their racial Cap for one Turn by turning them nearly invisible. A great party trick!
Petyr's Mellow Yellow Potion A bottle full of bright led liquid that roils dangerously… Applies 2 Ranks of Pacified to the drinker. One Rank is purged every 2 Turns until they're normal again.
Petyr's “Seeing Red” Potion A bottle full of bright led liquid that roils dangerously… Applies 2 Ranks of Enraged to the drinker. One Rank is purged every 2 Turns until they're normal again.
Petyr's Steel Guts Potion A bottle full to its brim with murky green liquid. Looks swampy. The drinker becomes completely immune to the Sickened Negative Condition for an encounter.
Remedy Potion x5 Cures all Negative Conditions.
Equipment & Gears
Ballistic Vest A sturdy vest that's able to withstand even the strongest of bullets. No longer take True Damage from bullets and grants +3 Ballistic DR.
Doggy R. Charm A winking dog's face! Grants +1 Search in well-lit areas.
Glock Handgun A small and light-weight firearms that's easy to carry around and conceal. 4 Ballistic Damage & 8 Ammunition.
Maker's Mark - Full Clip: +25% Ammunition Capacity (round down).
Peculiar Hourglass The wearer gains an extra Action (as though Hastened, with no roll check) on Turns that are multiples of 3.
Steel Case A reasonably sized case made of sturdy metal. A 1-Slot Container. Equipment placed inside has +3 vs. Damaged & Broken and can't be stolen.
'Magic' Carpet A colony of tiny Wind Elementals has made this old carpet their home. Companion Type: Swarm of Ferocious Magicals
Unique Trait: The Elementals are capable of Flight. They are willing to carry their owner or whoever they’re commanded to, allowing them to be Mounted (despite not being a Mounted Companion). They cannot fight while Mounted, but can carry up to two people for an hour at most.

Special Powers & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Dragon's Blood Minor Grants +1 HP and +1 SP. (Used 2 times)
Lupine Racial (Splicer) +1 Meta to a non-Crafting Skill Tree (Subtlety) and its Cap.
Wolven Hunting Racial (Splicer) +½ Highest non-Crafting Meta to Search & Survival.
Pack Mentality Racial (Splicer) +1 To Hit for each friendly Splicer in the encounter (max +3).

Training Time, Magical Research & Other

Source Description Research Time
Source Description Training Time


Fortune of Tech Lore A particular segment of Elijah's fortune stuck out to him… He'll have to keep it in mind.
The next time Elijah makes a Tech Lore Adventure Skill roll, he rolls twice and chooses the higher option.
Until a Tech Lore Adventure Skill roll is made
1. +1 Point placed into Subtlety due to Specialized Training.
2. Sacrificing starting Favored Element, to gain +3 Adventuring Points and +3 Non-Combat Skill Points (placed into Speed and Languages [Elvish]).
3. +1 to Evasion, Willpower and Endurance due to Ascendant trait.
4. +2 to Search and Sneak due to Beastial trait.
5. +2 to Dexterity due to El Quattorian trait.
Tortuga Multipass
Property License Standard to all citizens. Allows the purchasing of property, out of pocket.
Public Transit Pass Free use of the Public Trams throughout Tortuga Island, in all districts.
Northern Jingxi Co. Flight Ticket A ticket allowing one access to the private airship shuttles of the Northern Jingxi Company.

Stat Point Expenditures

Elijah's Stat Breakdown
HP: 40 (Base) + 2 (Dragon's Blood) + 6 (Combat Skill Points) = 48
STM: 40 (Base) + 2 (Dragon's Blood) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 45
DMG Bonus: 5 (Blackjack) = 5
DMG Bonus: 4 (C. Machine Rifle) = 4
DMG Bonus: 3 (T. Knives) = 3
To Hit Bonus: 7 (Highest Meta) = 7
Evasion: 1 (Base) + 7 (Subtlety Meta) + 6 (Perception Meta) + 1 (Equipped Armor) = 15 (12 MAX)
Endurance: 1 (Base) = 1
Willpower: 1 (Base) = 1
Movement: 10 (Base) = 10
Search: 2 (Base) + 6 (Perception Meta) + 3 (Wolven Hunting) = 11
Sneak: 2 (Base) + 14 (Subtlety Meta) + 2 (Equipped Armor) = 18
Clarity Points: 6 (Perception Meta) = 6
Tricks: 7 (Subtlety Meta) = 7
Skill Point Expenditure
Subtlety 16 pts
Perception 20 pts
Health 4 pts
Stamina 2 pts
Combat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Points Used 15/15
1) Originally 40,000z but 5000z goes into Freya's income
2) Due to having a Mechanical Maid in his airship, upkeep is cut by half, down to a maximum limit of 2500z in reduction per month.
3) Dagger, Shield Combat, Mace, Spear
4) Bow, Bowgun, Dagger, Throwing Knife
5) Throwing Axe, Throwing Dart, Throwing Knife, Throwing Spear
6) Trained October 2017
7) Trained August 2018
8) Daggers apply Bleeding (vs END) with successful Called Attacks
9) Throwing Knives apply Flanked (vs EVA) on flat Attack rolls of 19-20
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