Edgar Dupre

Player: Karn
Theme: Breakfast Machine
Income: -
Expenses: -
Race: Human
Age: 20's
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility
Cultural Trait: Vocational Training (+3 Alchemist Skills)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Field Medicine)
Weapon Groups: Light Soldier
Proficiency: Boxing, Chemical Pistol, Gunblade1), Handgun, Revolver, SMG
Favored Element: N/A (+3 Adventure & NC Skill Points)
Armor Type: Bummin' Around (Unarmored Garb)
Meta Bonus: Alchemist 7, Tinker 4, Gunsmith 3, Blacksmith 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
SP: 34
Damage: 4 [Gunblade] / 5 [Chemical Pistol]
To Hit: 12 + 2 [Gunblade] / 9 [Chemical Pistol]
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 0
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
Stamina Reductions: -1 All
Damage Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Homemade Gunblade
Equipment (6)
Del Sol R. Charm Chilled Coffee Health Soda
Incendiary Vial (5/5) Incendiary Bullets (2/5) Health Soda
Pharmacist Slot Spiced Tea
Grenadier Slot Flash Grenade
Sidearm Slot Chemical Pistol
Temporary Boon Affecting Description End Date
Inoculation Edgar +3 to Healing from Potions & Hypos Next Enc
Sharpen Homemade Gunblade +1 Damage & +2 To Hit
(Melee Only)
Next Enc
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Amnesia Scar Edgar can't remember who he really is, or even his real name. Never?
Tree: Alchemist Tinker
Passive: Apothecary MagiTechnician
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier + 0
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Quick Dip Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
Tier 2 Inoculation Great Materia Pharmacist Ping! Great Materia Grenadier
Tier 3 Superior Triage Acid Demonstration Superior Keel Haul Short-Wave Interruptor
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Alchemic Plume Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Tree: Gunsmith Blacksmith
Passive: Triggerman Weaponsmith
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier + 0
Tier 1 - Materia Tune-Up - Materia Sharpen
Tier 2 Fine Tuned Great Materia Sidearm Reinforced Great Materia -
Tier 3 Superior - - Superior Dismantle -
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia The Big One - - -
Adventuring Skills
Field Medicine +12 “I think I'm more used to a scalpel and mask..?”
Harvesting +10 “I have a good eye for this kind of thing. For some reason.”
Herbology +10 “I've already catalogued everything near Ruth's home.”
Tech Lore +10 “I also fixed all of her appliances! Well, tuned them up.”
Gadgetry +9 “Even the small stuff. I might give it another pass.”
Dexterity +6 “I need flexile fingers for my work, right?”
Mana Sensing +3 “Mmnn… I can just feel it, sometimes.”
Strength +3 “Maybe I could exercise. That's looking forward, right?”
Non-Combat Skills
Bug Lore +7 “I'd like to collect these. Arachnids and insects alike…”
Scientific Research +6 “Not that I've got any papers to comb through…”
Meteorology +5 “It's not just cloud-watching..! Maybe a little bit cloud-watching.”


Chemical Pistol
Stats A very illegal weapon that spews chemical solutions. 4+1 Variable Damage
Perks Chemical Pistols deal no Damage by themselves, and require Ammunition.
They deal Variable Damage based on Ammunition and apply a Variable Negative Condition on flat Attack rolls of 16 - 20.
Perks Grants access to 'Cooked Shot', a Standard Action for 6 SP. It deals normal Damage and applies the inserted Ammunition's Negative Condition at 1.5x To Hit (vs END), but consumes a Charge of Ammunition.
Maker's Mark Accurate Excellent Unsafe :: +2 To Hit, +1 Damage.
Homemade Gunblade
Stats This looks VERY cobbled together… 3+1 Slashing / 3 Ballistic Damage & 6 Ammunition
Perks Melee Attacks may be Loaded, adding +3 Damage and converting to Force for 1 Ammunition & 2 SP.
Perks Grants access to 'Cooked Shot', a Standard Action for 6 SP. It deals normal Damage and applies the inserted Ammunition's Negative Condition at 1.5x To Hit (vs END), but consumes a Charge of Ammunition.
Maker's Mark Accurate Excellent Light :: +5 To Hit, -1 Damage.
Del Sol R. Charm It's the President! +2 numerical bonus to Potions & Poisons.
Chilled Coffee I bought this! From a machine! Heals 20 SP.
Flash Grenade I bought this! From a machine! Applies Blind in a 6 x 6 Area of Effect (vs END).
Health Soda x 2 I bought this! From a machine! Heals 20 HP.
Spiced Tea I bought this! From a machine! Grants +3 To Hit.
Incendiary Bullets (2/5) 2/5 Charges. Attacks apply Burning (up to Rank 2).
Incendiary Vial (5/5) 5/5 Charges. Converts Chemical Pistol Damage to Magma. Flat Attack rolls of 16 - 20 apply Burning (vs END).

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Broken Pieces Major - +1 Alchemist Meta & Cap.
Active Signature Skill – Well Baked Shot
“Hey, don't tell anyone I did this, okay? I'd get in trouble.”
Description Standard (8 SP) :: Edgar overcharges an equipped Chemical Pistol, causing it to spend 3 Charges of Chemical Ammunition immediately. It applies that Ammunition's effect in an Area of Effect determined by his Alchemist Meta and then Breaks.
Passive Signature Skill – The Power of Productivity
“Uuughhh… My hands need to be busy. Right now!”
Description Edgar adds +1 to the lowest of his Evasion, Willpower or Endurance for each Craft completed in any given week. This bonus resets when CP does, on Sundays.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
Inspiration Edgar “What else can I make?!” And on…
Inspiration Edgar “What else can I make?!” And on…
Inspiration Edgar “What else can I make?!” Forever.
Training Source Description Time
x x x x

Storage & Miscellaneous

Key Items
Favorite Goggles I remember these were important. They're not very special, but they're always either on his head or around his neck.
Ringer Charm Collection
Del Sol +2 numerical bonus to Potions & Poisons.
Fat Sparkrat +2 to Harvesting.
Sprout +2 to a Non-Combat Gardening Skill.
Student +2 to a Non-Combat Research Skill.
Zeny Grants 1 CP, once per month.
Health Hypo II x 197 I made these! Illegally! Heals 10 HP when injected.
Hypo Crafting Kit Allows Alchemists to create Hypos. Also a Common Work Station!
RawnTech Jetpack Looks a little explode-y. Allows the wearer to add ½ their Movement to any Melee Attack. If they roll a 1 - 3 on that Attack Roll, it explodes at their destination and deals 6 Fire Damage in a 5 x 5 Area of Effect around them, then breaks beyond repair.
Zeny 0


CP & Work Station
Crafting Points 16 / 16 Refreshes every Sunday!
Work Station Common Portable; for Alchemy! He can even make Hypos.
Work Station Common Ruth's kitchen counter is a great workspace!
What do you mean normal people can't work like this?
Permits & Licenses
- - “It's not illegal if no one finds out..!”
Detailed List
Common Rare Legendary
Health Hypo I Health Hypo III x
Health Hypo II Stamina Hypo III x
Stamina Hypo I Chemical Pistol x
Stamina Hypo II Cryogenic Vial x
Wellness Hypo I Acid X Vial x
Acidic Vial x x
Incendiary Vial x x
Gunblade x x
Common Materials 43
Rare Materials 31
Great Strides
Meta 5
Mad Science
Vials for Chemical Pistols add +2 Crafted per Batch.
Meta 7
Meta 6
Acid X Vial
A specially formulated Acidic Vial won't burn skin, but still Damages Equipment (vs END).


HP 34
SP 34
HIT 7 [Meta] + 2 [Chem] = 9 [Chemical Pistol]
HIT 7 [Meta] + 5 [Gunblade] = 12 [Gunblade]
END 1 [???]
Search 0
Sneak 0
Damage 0 [Chem]
CP 7 [Alchemist] +4 [Tinkerer] +3 [Gunsmith] +2 [Blacksmith] = 16
1) Learned via Training
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