Drognan Hammerson

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Income: Warehouse Guard [4000z], 1 Rotti's Goblin Cigar
Money: 173,200z
Racial Trait(s): Strong and Stout (+2 to Endurance)
Cultural Trait: Vocational Caste (Blacksmith + Gunsmith)
Locational Trait: Aruni (+2 to Strength)
Race: Dwarf
Age: 405 (Old)
Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Brawler 1), Light Martial 2), Heavy Martial 3)
Weapon Expertise: Greatmace 4), Mace 5)
Favored Element(s):
Armor/Armor Type: Herklaedi (Heavy Armor)
Meta Bonus: Might VIII, Blacksmith V, Gunsmith I
Status and Equipment
HP: 71 (74)
STM: 61 (64)
Damage: 7 (Betsy)
To Hit Bonus: 8
Evasion: 0
Endurance: 13
Willpower: 0
Movement: 8 6)
Search: 4
Sneak: 0
Search: 4
Fury Points: 16
STM Reductions:
Equipped Weapon(s): Betsy the Breaker
Equipment & Gears
Concentration Bracers
Grip Soles
Potion Satchel XL
Sprinter's Ring
Potion Satchel XL
High Energy Potion
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/35


Passive: Ire (+8 Endurance, +8 HP, +16 Fury Points)
Tier 1 Bash (2) Endure (2) Vigilance (2)
Tier 2 Leap (3) Guardian (3) Quicken (3)
Tier 3 Brandish (4) Punish (4) Tenacity (4)
Tier 4 Fling (5) Shatter (5) Last Bastion (5)
Passive: Weaponmaster (+5 Crafting Points)
Tier 1 Shortcut (0 CP) Materia (2 CP) Sharpen (2)
Tier 2 Reinforced (3 CP) Great Materia (3 CP) Ancillary (3)
Tier 3 Superior (4 CP) Dismantle (4) Fissure (4)
Tier 4 Excellent (6 CP) Grand Materia (6 CP) Great Swing (5)
Passive: Triggerman (+1 Crafting Point)
Tier 1 Shortcut (0 CP) Materia (2 CP) Tune-Up (3)
Tier 2 Locked Locked Locked
Tier 3 Locked Locked Locked
Tier 4 Locked Locked Locked
Master Techniques
Meikyo Shisui (12)
Cosmic Powers
Soul Surrender
Improved Skills
Guardian Improved Guard. Drognan may instead choose to defend two Friendly Units, but he can only block one source of Damage per Unit. +1 Bonus-to-Hit on next Attack for each instance of Damage taken.
Punish Improved Knockdown. Drognan may apply Unbalanced if his target is already Prone.
Last Bastion Improved Immortal. Drognan may deliver another Attack with his normal To-Hit and Damage following the first attack.
Augmented Skills
Leap Augmented Rush. Drognan is able to target and interrupt Flying Units now.
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Drinking (Alcohol) +6 Drognan enjoys the likes of taverns and bars, as drinking is one of his favorite pastimes. He has high endurance and tolerance when it comes to alcohol.
Gun Show +5 Drognan likes to show off his physique whenever he could. Don't let his size fool you, as his arms can probably crush someone. Maybe.
Navigation (Underground) +4 Living in the mountains for several centuries has allowed Drognan to be familiar with the underground, unlikely to become lost at all.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Strength +14 The character’s raw physical strength. It’s used in tasks like lifting or shoving heavy objects around, forcing doors open, or keeping something weighty held up.
Acrobatics +10 The character’s flexibility and balance. It’s used in tasks like fitting into tight spaces, keeping balance on poor footing, tumbling after falling, and bending into odd positions.
Relic Lore +8 The knowledge of magical implements, including Magical Scripts. It can also be used to dismantle traps, if they make of use magi-technology or have a catalytic source.
Vitality +8 The character’s stamina as well as their resistance to being thrown around. It’s used in tasks like running for a length of time, enduring pain over time, or not flinching at sudden pain.
Speed +6 The character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, swimming quickly across bodies of water, or for things like footraces.
Dexterity +4 The character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Gadgetry +4 The knowledge of small gadgets, typically purely mechanical, that aren’t too complex. Anything from bear traps to grenades! It’s used in disarming physical traps, usually.
Harvesting +4 The ability to gather reagents from their environment, whether it’s blood and bones from a fallen creature or choice mushrooms from a patch of them.

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Betsy the Breaker Herklaedi
Base Stats 7 Blunt DMG / Great Maces ignore 1 point of Physical Resistance. Great Maces add an additional +2 Bonus-to-Hit when applying Pained. +3 Endurance, +3 Physical DR, -6 MOV.
Description A giant, heavy hammer that's sturdy enough to slam down on people with extreme force. A series of authentic, arcane Dwarven runes and mana circuits have been engraved along the ridges of its business end. A full suit of imposing armor forged from the rocky carapace of an exotic beast.
Craftsman Norah Monroe Crystal Forge
Material Dwarven Steel Ore Eater Shell
Innate From the Ground Up: This armor was built with a sole purpose, and the Improvement it comes with cannot be tampered with.
1st Enchantment Barrier Runes: The Armor adds 3 All DR and creates a Spirit Shield at the start of combat encounters. The Spirit Shield's HP is equal to your Highest Skill Meta x 2 (16).
1st Improvement The Breaker: When striking sources of Half Cover, Full Cover, or parts of the environment, they are automatically destroyed. (GM Discretion.) +1 Physical SP Costs. Unyielding Rock: You cannot be knocked Prone, and most (smaller, weaker or equal) foes always roll flat when you Struggle against them.
2nd Improvement The Fist of Thor: On rolls of 18-20, Betsy produces an explosive surge of electricity, automatically dealing Drognan's Might Meta in Lightning Damage. On AoE attacks, this only applies to one enemy.
Equipment & Gears
Concentration Bracers Engraved copper bracelets that adds balance to wearer's stance and strengthens wrist movement. Once per encounter as a Sub Action, you may gain a Rank of Focused.
Grip Soles Provides +2 to Movement.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Sprinter's Ring A ring with two tiny wings on it. The wearer has +2 Movement, and +2 more for each empty Equipment Slot.
Potion Satchel XL
High Healing Potion Heals 20 HP.
High Energy Potion Heals 20 SP.
Seal of the Guild Gear Item. Indestructible. A medallion bearing an intricate emblem of a trident piercing through waves and clouds. The Guild Seal is now considered Soul Bound. Should it ever stray 30 feet from its bearer, it will immediately return to their side, and can also be recalled from a lesser distance at will.


Energy Potion Heals 10 SP.
Greater Energy Potion Heals 15 SP.
Grounding Potion Grants +3 Endurance for an encounter.
Guarding Potion Grants +3 Evasion for an encounter.
High Energy Potion x2 Heals 20 SP.
Mystic Potion Grants +3 Willpower for an encounter.
Equipment & Gears
Eye of Balance A necklace with a pendant in the shape of an eye. The first time the wearer would be knocked Prone in an encounter, they ignore it and may take an immediate Standard Action.
Fast Fingers A pair of black gloves with a silvery pattern on them. The wearer's first use of Change Equipment in each Turn is a Free Action.
Giant's Mantle A thick, heavy animal pelt, of a curious Sybirian beast without a name… The hood vaguely resembles a tiger with a pair of ferocious tusks. / It's enchanted with Feral Grit, and grants +1 Evasion. This enchantment has deteriorated heavily with time.
Lava Gem Holding one prevents averse effects from extreme heat.
Ophelia An axe that Drognan has obtained from the First Trial of the Hero's Guild. It's made of crystal but still has a sharp edge to it. 4 Slashing DMG / Axes add +4 Bonus to Hit when applying Bleeding, Axes add +2 Bonus To Hit when applying Damaged or Broken. Can be used as a Pahn element Magical Catalyst, with +2 Dmg vs. any other element.
Plate Mail A suit of metallic armor that protects incredibly well against physical assault. Perfect for those who want to be the ideal frontliner. +4 Endurance, +3 Physical DR, -2 MOV, +2 Extra DMG taken by Lightning DMG.
Ruin A wedged blade atop of a metal handle, it is top-heavy and is able to dig into most materials as a result. 4 Slashing DMG / Axes add +4 Bonus to Hit when applying Bleeding, Axes add +2 Bonus To Hit when applying Damaged or Broken.
Scionic Ocean Gem A radiant, azure-blue gem affixed to any one of several accessories, be it a necklace, bracelet, earrings or other things. Staring into its surface is like gazing into an infinitely deep vortex of water. Grants water-breathing, and immunity to all Drowning-like effects.

Training Time, Magical Research & Other

Source Description Research Time
Source Description Training Time


Rotti's Goblin Cigar Ooh, that's smooth…
+3 HP & SP.
Every Upkeep
1. +2 Endurance due to Strong and Stout passive.
2. +2 to Strength due to Aruni trait.
3. +3 Skills (Shortcut, Materia, Sharpen) in Blacksmith are taken for free due to the Vocational Caste trait.
4. +3 Skills (Shortcut, Materia, Tune-Up) in Gunsmith are taken for free due to the Vocational Caste trait.


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x
Crafting Points 6 Max 0/6 CP
Work Station Common No effect. Near his anvil within his camp.
Permits & Licenses
Merchant Glastheim Drognan may legally sell his wares within the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Blacksmith Glastheim Drognan may legally craft melee and throwing weapons within the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Melee & Throwing Weapon Schematics
Common Rare Legendary
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
Common Rare Legendary
x x x
Common Materials 68
Rare Materials 19
Legendary Materials 0

Special Powers & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Bushido Major Drognan starts combat with 1 Fury or 1 Rhythm, and an additional 1 for each person in the same party that also have Bushido.
Hero of the Guild Tiered V See description table below.
Hero of the Guild
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mettle +6 HP & SP. Drognan treats the Agitated and Frightened Conditions as though they were a Rank lower.
II Insight +6 HP & SP. Drognan adds Tier - 1 to Search and he may counter-attack with an NWA or MCA when he finds an attacker with his reactionary Search roll.
III Veteran Warrior +6 HP & SP. Drognan gains +1 Meta to a Skill Tree and its Cap of his choosing (Added to Might). +2 to any Adventure or Non-Combat Skill (Added to Strength).
IV The Heaviest of Souls Drognan's Racial HP & SP Caps are boosted by his Hero of the Guild Tier * 3 (15), to a maximum of 20. His Racial EVA, WIL & END Caps are boosted by his Hero of the Guild Tier - 1 [4]. His Racial Search Cap is boosted by his Hero of the Guild Tier - 2 [3]. Now considered a being of potent mana, eliminating the penalties of certain Skills or Spells.
V Heart of the Cosmos +6 HP & SP. Drognan adds ½ Hero Trial Tier [3] to WIL or END against Attacks made to his Soul. He is immune to Possession.
Master Techniques
Meikyo Shisui Sub Action. Drognan may choose which Passive Ability to use for the next 2 Might or Agility Skills. While under Meikyo Shisui, Drognan generates 1 extra Fury or Rhythm with Might or Agility Skills.
Weapon Synergy: Katana, Odachi, or Polearm
Meikyo Shisui lasts for one additional Might or Agility Skill.

Stat Point Expenditures

Drognan's Stat Breakdown
HP: 36 (Base) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) + 8 (Might Meta) + 24 (Guild Hero) = 71
STM: 34 (Base) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) + 24 (Guild Hero) = 61
DMG Bonus: 7 (Betsy the Breaker) = 7
To Hit Bonus: 8 (Highest Meta) = 8
Evasion: 0 (Base) = 0
Endurance: 2 (Base) + 3 (Equipped Armor) + 8 (Might Meta) = 13
Willpower: 0 (Base) = 0
Movement: 10 (Base) - 6 (Equipped Armor) + 2 (Grip Soles) + 2 (Sprinter's Ring) + X 7) (Empty Equipment Slot) = 8
Search: 3 (Guild Hero) = 3
Sneak: 0 (Base) = 0
Fury Points: 8 (Might Meta) * 2 = 16
Crafting Points: 5 (Blacksmith Meta) + 1 (Gunsmith Meta) = 6
Skill Point Expenditure
Might 25 pts
Blacksmith 13 pts
Health Points 2 pts
Stamina Points 2 pts
Combat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Points Used 15/15
1) Brawling, Gauntlet, Greatmace, Mace
2) Axe, Mace, Spear, Sword
3) Great Axe, Greatmace, Greatsword, Polearm
4) Greatmaces apply Pained (vs END) on flat Attack rolls of 20
5) Maces apply Pained (vs END) on flat Attack rolls of 19-20
6) , 7) +2 for each empty Equipment Slot
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