Player: Briar
Upkeep: None
Income: It's Up There.
Upkeep: So is that.
Race: Human
Age: 32
Weapon Groups: This and that.
Favored Elements: Wind
Meta Bonus: Potency 5, Arcanism 5, Leadership 3, Artifice 2, Opportunity 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 52
SP: 50
Damage: 5 Unarmed / Shield / Magic, 6 Bolter, 7 PW-TG
To Hit: 6 Base
Evasion: 6 Base, 7 Shield
Endurance: 10(+8)
Willpower: 9
Search: -
Sneak: -
Resistance: 2 Physical, 2(+4 Shield) Ballistic
Movement: 11, 9 Shield
SP Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Medical Bolter
Equipped Armor: Safari Gear
Pre-War Train Gun Etherized Helmet XL Seeker's Satchel
Diving Grappling Hook Swift Corp Shield XL Grenadier's Belt
XL Seeker's Satchel
Hearty Noodles Spicy Noodles Blunt-Force Bullets (5/5)
XL Grenadier's Belt
Smoke Grenade Flash Grenade GobNuke
Censured Dog-tags - -
Injuries - 0 / 26 IP
Name Effect Heal Date
we good fam
Skill Tree: Potency
Passive: Demolisher
Tier 1 Batter Psych Up Echo Swing
Tier 2 Cleave Headbutt Challenge
Tier 3 Wound Invigorate Wild Swings
Tier 4 Dizzy Swing Accelerate Resounding Swing
Skill Tree: Arcanism
Passive: Sorceress
Tier 1 Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage
Tier 2 Stinging Sigil Aegis Sigil Dismissal
Tier 3 Death Sigil Mercy Sigil Titan Sigil
Tier 4 Detonation Extension Sigil Savant
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Commander
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order -
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off -
Tier 3 - Pick Me Up Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up All Out Attack
Skill Tree: Artifice
Passive: Temperance
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Polarize
Tier 2 Discharge - -
Tier 3 Siphon Silence -
Tier 4 - - -
Skill Tree: Opportunity
Passive: Adventurer
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item -
Tier 2 Writhe Topple Tumbling
Tier 3 - - Well Ventured
Tier 4 - - -
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Vitality 12 “The real toughest thing you can do is pick the right battles.”
Strength 10 “I'm short, but it's a strong-short.”
Relic Lore 9 “I must have been a crow in a past life. All my favorites are so shiny.”
Dexterity 8 “Ambidexterity, baby!”
Speed 8 “Life comes at you fast!”
Tech Lore 8 “Computers have come such a long way since I was a kid.”
Mana Control 8 “Yeah, I know a spell or two…”
Mana Sensing 8 “There's no good or bad mana, just good or bad people.”
Magic Healing 7 “Pretty good for self-taught, huh?”
Survival 6 “Marshmallows are an essential part of every wilderness kit.”
Acrobatics 5 “If I can't fit somewhere, it's usually because I never travel light…”
Field Medicine 4 “Just don't ask me to stitch anything, okay? I never got that badge.”
Gadgetry 4 “I just think old radios are neat!”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Private ? “What I do on my own time is my business, haha!”
Active Signature Skill – ???
“We'll get through this together or not at all!”
Passive Signature Skill – Glass Half Full
“Don't ever let 'perfect' get in the way of 'good enough.'”
Dodger's Adventure Skill bonus from Skill Trees rounds her Meta up rather than down when halved.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Specialized Training Racial - +1 Potency Meta.
Landless Cultural - +2 Tech Lore.
The Pacifist's Creed Tiered 5 See below.
Basic Training Major - +1 END, +2 Survival, Vitality, Gadgetry, +3 to a Nautical NC Skill (Swimming).
Treasure Hunter Experience Major - +2 WIL, +2 Relic Lore.
Mancer Degree Major - Dodger gains 3 Artifice Skills, following Tier rules.
Master of Chicks Major - +4 HP and SP, +1 Hit, +1 END. Dodger's appetite is disgusting when she's not fasting.
ER: Way of the Wall Major - +1 Arcanism Meta. Dodger grants ½ All DR equal to her Arcanism Meta whenever she applies a Sigil to an ally.
ER: Reverse Cypher Major - +1 Arcanism Meta (does not stack with other ‘ER’ Boons). Dodger can reverse the numerical bonuses granted by any Sigil she applies, at +2 SP Cost.
ER: Mender's Script Major - +1 Arcanism Meta (does not stack with other ‘ER’ Boons). Allied Units affected by any of Dodger’s Sigils add ½ her Arcanism Meta to incoming Healing. In the case of Titan Sigil, they add her full Meta instead.
Sophia's Embrace Major - Grants Water Breathing. For every Turn Dodger spends fully submerged in water, or in the presence of a Water Field, she cleanses a rank of Sickened and Envenomed.
Dragon's Blood x3 Minor - +3 HP, SP.
Escapist Minor - +1 EVA.
The Pacifist's Creed
Tier Name Description
I The One Path Dodger gains +Tier (Up to 3) to EVA, WIL,END and To Hit passively, so long as she does not deal any Direct Damage to a living enemy Unit. Upon dealing 1 or more Damage, even unintentionally, this bonus is immediately reversed into a Penalty (with no cap) for 30 Days.
II Deep Healing Dodger may spend up to 3 days every month doing little more than meditating quietly and not consuming anything but water. When recovering from Injuries, each of these days is worth three normal days. Deep Healing fails if she benefits from any food, drink, or drug-related Temporary Boons while doing it.
III Tranquil Mind Dodger gains +Tier as END to resist applications of Agitated or Enraged. When she succeeds, she gains 1 Combat Resource (Charisma).
IV Vital Anima +4 SP. Dodger cannot be KO’d via Stamina reaching 0 or less. When she reaches 0 SP, Dodger may spend HP to continue acting. HP spent on any actions in this state is considered True Damage.
V Inner Strength +4 HP. So long as Dodger maintains The One Path, she gains +2 to all Outgoing Damage and Healing. Failing to uphold The One Path reverses this into a Penalty for 30 Days.
Pre-War Train Gun
Description A terribly worn and crudely customized dwarven firearm. The metal is scuffed, scratched, and painted with arcane markings. The shoulder stock has the words “KILL 'EM ALL 2969!” scratched and painted into the wood. The kind of gun that looks dirty even when it's just been cleaned.
Base Stats Train Gun. 5 DAM, 18 Ammo. Ignores 2 points of Ballistic DR. Activates Skills used with it twice at full SP cost and Automatically destroys sources of Cover.
Improvement IM Chainsaw :: As a Standard Action, make 3 NWAs in Melee range and apply R1 Bleeding Automatically with each successful hit. Outside of Combat, add ½ Tech Lore as a bonus to Strength (or vice-versa) when cutting through solid objects with the chainsaw.
Improvement Elysian Death Runes :: Attacks made with this weapon apply 1 Physical DV (vs END) to any Unit it strikes, as well as its wielder, once per turn. If it successfully applies to an enemy, its wielder uses their full END to resist it. If it fails, the wielder’s END against this effect is halved.
Mode #1 Rocket Burst :: The weapon fires small rockets instead of bullets, each worth 6 Ammo. Attacks gain an AoE of 8×8 squares, with friendly fire.
Mode #2 Machine Barrel :: The weapon gains an additional Follow-up NWA with all attacks, but requires the support of Half-Cover or its wielder to be Prone.
Medical Bolter (E)
Description Scuffed as this one may be, these are the sidearm of choice for Quattori adventurers with above-average lifespans.
Base Stats Revolver/Magic Bolter. 4 Damage, 6 Ammo. Can only function with one of two modes active.
Mode #1 Medical Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Light element Magic Bolter, and convert all Damage done to Healing.
Mode #2 Combat Mode :: Treat the weapon as a Revolver, dealing Blunt damage instead of Ballistic. Deals no Damage to Unconscious units.
Swift Corp Round Shield
Description A non-descript round shield made of black metal. There are dents from bullets and lingering magic burns. If you squint, you can kinda still make out Swift's logo.
Base Stats Round Shield. 3 DAM, 1 EVA. Grants Immunity to the Flanked Condition.
Improvement Bunker Metal :: -2 Movement, +4 Ballistic DR.
Censured Dogtags
Description Plain old dog-tags. A big, round hole has punctured the part that would contain any identify information, and been filled with a nice, green gemstone.
Base Stats Jewelry. 3 DAM.
Safari Gear (E)
Description Dodger's comfy, practical outdoor wear. There are a few metal plates and pads that, while not very fashionable, help.
Base Stats Reinforced Garb. +1 EVA, +2 HP.
Improvement Navy Breastplate :: +2 Physical and Ballistic DR, +1 EVA.
Divine Grappling Hook 40 feet of reinforced rope culminating in a grappling hook made of Snow Emperium, a dull white-grey, indestructible Sybirian alloy. Such a tool gets its name from folk that climb the mountains of the Divinity Range.
Etherized Army Helmet A worn, retro-looking military style helmet, in desert camoflage colors. It’s indestructible, and enchanted to change colors to match its surroundings. Dodger gains Immunity to called attacks to the Head and Eyes.
XL Seeker's Satchel A Container with 3 Slots for Consumables.
XL Grenadier's Belt A Container with 3 Slots for Grenades.
XL Seeker's Satchel
Hearty Noodles Cup Heals 30 HP, takes a Standard action to consume. -3 to all Defensive stats until your next turn. A serving of noodles in an alchemically-treated cup that fills itself with warm broth when the lid is torn away.
Spicy Noodles Cup Heals 30 SP, takes a Standard action to consume. -3 to all Defensive stats until your next turn. A serving of noodles in an alchemically-treated cup that fills itself with warm broth when the lid is torn away.
Blunt-Force Bullets (5/5) Special Ammo. +1 DAM, changes Damage type from Ballistic to Blunt.
XL Grenadier's Belt
Smoke Grenade Creates a source of Half Cover in an AoE of 6 for 3 Turns. Allows you to enter Stealth immediately.
Flash Grenade Applies Blind (vs END) in an AoE of 6.
GobNuke Deals 25 Fire Damage in a 10 × 10 Area of Effect and Automatically applies Burning. Dodger really should keep this somewhere safer than her belt.
So Many Things All of which are above your clearance level.
Zeny 643,500z
Stat Math
HP 34 (Base) +5 (Potency) +2 (R.Garb) +4 (Chickmaster) +4 (Inner Strength) +3 (Dragon Blood) = 52
SP 34 (Base) +3 (Leadership) +2 (Artifice) +4 (Chickmaster) +4 (Vital Anima) +3 (Dragon Blood) = 50
HIT 6 (Meta) +3 (One Path) = 9
EVA 1 (R.Garb) +2 (Breastplate) +3 (One Path) = 6
END 5 (Arcanism) +5 (Potency) +3 (Leadership) +1 (Basic Training) +1 (Chickmaster) +3 (One Path) = 10(+8 Over Cap)
WIL 2 (Opportunity) +2 (Artifice) +2 (TH Experience) +3 (One Path) = 9
Search 0
Sneak 0
Point Expenditure 42 (Nothin but skills babyyyyy) = 42/42
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