Derrick Ryder

Player: Karn
Theme: Loft Music
Income: - (God Knows)
Upkeep: - (Very Lavish)
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Leadership)
Locational Trait: Landless (+2 Thievery)
Age: 30 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Goblin Zapper, Orcish Gunner, Magic Soldier
Proficiency: Axe, Carbine, Cane, Jewelry, Shotgun, Spellblade, Staff, Throwing Axe
Expertise: Magic Bolter, Magic Cannon
Favored Elements: Spirit
Armor Type: Light Armor (Laughing Crows Leather Jacket)
Meta Bonus: Might 1, Subtlety 4, Leadership 6, Spirit Magic 8
Status and Equipment
HP: 42 [84]
SP: 48 [96]
Damage: 6 / 7 [6]
To Hit: 8 [8]
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 9 [18]
Willpower: 8
Search: 3
Sneak: 18 (+4)
Damage Reductions: 3 All
SP Reductions: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Slingshark
Lunar Bangle Boots of Feline Grace Emirates Elixir
Shadow Scarf Drug Pouch XL Bottle of Ether
Drug Pouch XL
Baggy of Dreamrock (3/5) Brain Pop (2/3) Siren's Call (1/1)
Injury / Boon Type Description Heal Date
Dreamrock Addiction Negligible
(0 IP)
Derrick's addicted to Dreamrock. Unless Derrick consumes 5 Charges of Dreamrock or Dream Tea each month, he'll go into Withdrawal for 30 Days. -
Brain Pop Addiction Negligible
(0 IP)
Derrick's addicted to Brain Pop. Unless Derrick consumes 3 Charges of Brain Pop each month, he'll go into Withdrawal for 60 Days. -
Siren's Call Addiction Negligible
(0 IP)
Derrick's addicted to Siren's Call. Unless Derrick consumes 2 Charges of Siren's Call each month, he'll go into Withdrawal for 90 Days. -
Tree: Subtlety Leadership
Passive: Trickster Commander
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Snatch Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Debilitate Sly Strike Divert Heal Order Shake Off Inspiration
Tier 3 Raid Observe Blindside Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Chosen One
Tier 4 Abscond Exploit Pounce Presence Rise Up All Out Attack
Tree: Spirit Magic Superior Magic
Passive: Benevolence Paragon
Cost: Tier + 1 3 Max HP & SP
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Nurture Preserve - -
Tier 2 Enervate Banish Trance - - -
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Attune Soul Break Soul Steal -
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Cultivation - - -
Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
“Looks like you fucked up!”
Benefit Derrick assumes a new, more animalistic, form. He gains 'Power of the Bear', which doubles his HP, SP & END. Damage & To Hit are raised to Aspect Level (6). He gains access to new Dire Bear Form abilities.
Drawback Gear, unless it is explicitly created or enchanted to function in Bear Form, no longer applies to his stats. Derrick is limited to Might, Agility & Dire Bear Form attacks while in this form. It lasts only 1 hour, and can be Dispelled. It cannot be used while Rank 2 Nulled.
Adventure Skills
Thievery +14 “I'm an upstanding fucking citizen, dude.”
Magic Healing +12 “Where's it hurt, you big baby?”
Clairvoyance +8 “Better company than the living.”
Speed +10 1) “Won't even see me coming, heheh…”
Survival +7 “Used to live in a tent. Then a wagon. Now it's a mansion.”
Acrobatics +72) “I like tight spaces, if you catch my drift.”
Dexterity +5 “And I'm good with my fingers, too…”
Illusions +5 “You got something on your shirt, dude.”
Spell Lore +3 “Whatever.”
Non-Combat Skills
Art (Graffiti) +8 “Freedom of expression, so let me the fuck go!”
Music (Guitar) +7 “Look, I'm a shitty bard! Rooty-too-toot!”
Base Stats A long-barreled gun with a glowing tip and a shark painted on the stock that seems to be biting the barrel. 6 Magical (Attack) / 7 Magical (Spell)
Enchantment Killer :: Every time an Attack hits, add +1 To Hit (stacking, +3 max).
Enchantment Savant :: +2 Damage with Magic and -2 to Magic SP Costs.
Improvement Reverser Coating :: The Weapon can convert Damage to Healing and vice-versa with Magic Skills cast through it.
Laughing Crows Leather Jacket
Base Stats A black leather jacket with a giant patch on the back that depicts a jovial-looking crow. Other, lesser patches are sewn into the shoulders and front. +1 EVA & +5 Sneak.
Enchantment Mirage Runes :: +3 All DR. When combat encounters start, the wearer gains Rank 3 Shrouded. They can't gain Brilliant under any circumstance.
Improvement Sneaky Stitching :: +3 Sneak & +3 Movement with all Skills that involve it.
Boots of Feline Grace +2 Sneak, Speed & Acrobatics. Damage from falls is ½.
Bottle of Ether Restores SP to full. It can also lay an Improvement on a Weapon.
Emirates Elixir Restores HP to full. It can treat a Dire Injury.
Lunar Bangle +1 Maximum Soul Link. -1 EVA, WIL & END.
Shadow Scarf Once per encounter, it can expand to cover the wearer’s entire body, granting +4 Sneak for a single Turn. If the wearer is in a dim or dark area, this increases Sneak to their Racial Cap instead.
Drug Pouch XL
Baggy of Dreamrock 3 / 5 Charges. The user gains a Rank of Focused and restores SP to full. If used during an encounter, they're Rank 1 In Shock when it ends.
Brain Pop 2 / 3 Charges. The user ignores Fatigue of all kinds for the length of one encounter and becomes Immune to Exhausted, Drowsy, Sleeping, Agitated & Focused. They can't sleep for 48 hours.
Siren's Call 1 / 1 Charge. After snorting, the user's HP & SP and their Combat Resources are filled to their maximum. Their HP and Damage they take becomes hidden knowledge, tracked by the DM, as they no longer care for their safety and well-being. Bravado and confidence take over, encouraging them to be as reckless as physically possible. All rolls prompt a re-roll where they choose the higher number.
Boon Type Level Description
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 6 See below.
Orc Medicine Minor - Derrick adds +3 Max HP.
Aspect of the Bear VI
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mighty Roar 2 Roll vs. END to inflict or increase the Rank of Panic on every enemy within 10 squares. The roll for this Condition adds Aspect Level.
II Thick Skin - Passive. Provides 3 Physical Damage Resistance.
III Bear Claws 3 Equips claws made of mana, formed of any Favored Elements. No Favored Element results in Spirit Element claws.
IV Survival - Permanent +2 HP and +1 END. Gain 1 Might Meta and raise Might & Agility Meta Cap to 4 on races where it is restricted. +3 to Search and +2 to the Survival Adventure Skill.
V Cornered - Permanent +2 HP and +1 END. Gain permanent Haste (Threshold: 10) if surrounded by 3 or more enemies or left last standing in battle.
VI Dire Bear Form - May shift into Dire Bear Form. Replaces Signature Skill.
Zeny 1,192,980
Stat Math
HP 34 + 4 [Aspect] + 1 [Might] + 3 [Medicine] = 42
Stamina 34 + 8 [Spirit] + 6 [Leadership] = 48
HIT 8 [Highest Meta]
EVA 1 [Armor] + 4 [Subtlety] + 1 [Paragon] = 6
END 1 [Might] + 6 [Leadership] +2 [Aspect] = 9
WIL 8 [Spirit]
DAM 6 / 7 [Cannon]
Search 3 [Aspect]
Sneak 5 [Armor] + 8 [Subtlety] + 2 [Boots] = 15 + 7 [Shrouded 3] = 18 (+4)
1) , 2)
+2 Boots
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