Coral Blackwood

Player: Sage
Upkeep: 0
Income: 15,000z (Glastheim Agent)
Race: Mimic Fiend
Age: 20 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Quattori Gunslinger, Light Soldier, Mixed Soldier
Weapon Proficiencies: Boxing, Dagger, Handguns, Revolvers, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Carbines, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns
Extra Proficiencies: Heavy Arms, Bayonets
Favored Elements: Cosmic
Armor Type: Quattori Poncho (Light)
Meta Bonus: Leadership 6, Subtlety 5, Perception 3, Master Techniques 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 44
SP: 50
Damage: 4 Splendor, 4 Misery, 4 Liberator, 6 Train Gun, 5P/3B Bayonet
To Hit: 8, +2/Mounted, +1/Firearms
Evasion: 12
Endurance: 7
Willpower: 0
Search: 7
Sneak: 12
SP Reductions: 0
Equipped Weapon: Splendor & Misery
CM-no.5 'Liberator' Ironbraid Train Gun Barony Scanner
G.W. Armband High Healing Potion Sokolov R. Charm
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Name Effect Heal Date
Small Limp Scar. Coral's lower left leg has a dull ache that never quite goes away, but is easy to ignore on most days… She's just a little slower than she used to be. Coral has -1 Movement. Never
Skinwalker Scarification Scar. Coral's left hand has a diagonal scar from just above the thumb to just below the pinky. It faintly glows under the right circumstances. -1 Dexterity. When any Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, Coral gains +1 END for the rest of the encounter. This applies when she Shapeshifts, too. Never
Skill Tree: Leadership VI
Passive: Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Heroic Charge
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Inspiring Words Chosen One
Tier 4 Presence Pile On Rise Up
Skill Tree: Subtlety V
Passive: Assassin
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Sever
Tier 2 Debilitate Observe Blend
Tier 3 Raid Sly Strike Vanish
Tier 4 Play Dead Exploit Covert
Skill Tree: Perception III
Passive: Fixation
Tier 1 Aimed Strike - Change Up
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Blitz
Tier 3 Scatter - Waylay
Tier 4 True Sight Slay -
Skill Tree: Master Techniques I
Passive: -
- Firing Line Cavalry Charge Turnaround
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Thievery 9 “People lose stuff all the time.”
Dexterity 8 “No, not like– Just give it here.”
Tech Lore 8 “How did people get by before EVs were invented?”
Acrobatics 6 “Fitting into places has never really been a problem for me…”
Survival 6 “I know these woods pretty well.”
Herbology 4 “D-Don't eat that.”
Creature Lore 6 “The big ones usually ain't venomous.”
Speed 6 “Riding beats running.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Gun Twirlin' 6 “I'm pretty good.”
Impersonation 6 I can do that too.“
Trivia (Pop Culture) 5 “I never miss an episode. Of anything.”
Animal Handling 4 “They like me.”
Active Signature Skill – The Quick and the Dead
“There's two sorts of people in this world…”
Sub-Action. Coral locks her To Hit bonus at its current value for all shots made on this turn, and temporarily gains the ability to make a Called Attack with each individual shot. Each Called Attack costs 2 SP. Coral reveals herself from Stealth, and both her Sneak and Tricks drop to 0 for the rest of the encounter.
Active Signature Skill – Bullet Juggler
“Don't blink!”
When Reloading a Firearm, Coral rolls with To Hit (DC: 16). If she succeeds, she reloads an additional number of bullets into the same or another Firearm, equal to her highest Meta. If she fails, she only reloads 2/3rds of the Firearm's ammo. This can exceed a Firearm's Ammo capacity.
Dual Skill – Dragged to Dust
“Go for the throat, Roscoe!”
6 SP, All Charisma, Standard + Movement. Roscoe performs a Divebomb attack with Coral's To Hit. If it lands, Roscoe drags the target by his remaining Movement range, provoking Attacks of Opportunity on the target by allies, before Roscoe becomes airborne again. Can only be used when Coral is Mounted and Roscoe is Enraged or Out for Blood.
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Cosmic Soul Racial - Grants Cosmic as a Favored Element, and 3 Cosmic DR. Hollow Magic replaces Spirit Magic. Soul-Linking to Coral grants both parties a rank of Discordance.
Night Dweller Racial - +2 To Hit, EVA, Sneak, Search at night. Coral has perfect night vision.
The Old Blood Racial - +4 HP/SP and their caps.
Fiendish Secret Cultural - +1 Subtlety Meta (but not cap), +6 Non-Combat points based on charisma, performance or impersonation.
Sacred Flame Minor - +1 END.
Dragon's Blood x2 Minor - +2 HP and SP.
Titan's Blood Minor - +1 EVA.
Behemoth's Flame x2 Minor - +2 To Hit.
Innate Powers (Mimic Fiend)
Name Description
Subtle Form Shapeshift into a Human, Elf, Cubi, or any other humanoid form. Can be done as a Free Action.
Stalker Form Shapeshift into a terrifying, incorporeal shadow creature. +6 Movement/Sneak, +3 Unarmed Damage, Melee attacks are treated as Slashing DAM. Gain a follow-up NWA with every attack. Cannot wield Weapons, Martial Arts, or Stances. -4 WIL/END.
Blood Trick Blood is disguised as red instead of blue, while close to the body.


CM-no.5 'Liberator' Machine Rifle
Base Stats 4 Damage, 10 Ammo. Adds 1 Follow-up NWA to every attack. -1 Hit with every shot, resets between actions. Requires 6+ Tech Lore to wield.
Oppressor Barrel Improvement. As an Interrupt action, when an enemy unit is casting a Focused spell, make an NWA against them. Add 1 follow-up NWA to this for every 4 Tech Lore you have. Each NWA costs 1 Stamina.
Anti-Magic Beam Mode. While active, increase stamina costs by 1, but roll to apply Null (vs END) when attacking. Converts bullets and battery charges to potent immaterial beams, granting +1 To Hit for e#very bullet you spend per attack.
Ironbraid DM Train Gun
Base Stats 5 Ballistic +1 Lightning Damage, 18 Ammo, 8 Dead Zone. Activates Perception/Subtlety skills twice, and Automatically destroys sources of Half/Full Cover. Requires 8 Tech Lore. Soul-locked to Coral.
Mode #1 Piercing Shot :: The Train Gun's Damage becomes 7 Ballistic + 2 Lightning and it doubles Ballistic DR Piercing [4], but no longer duplicates Ranged Attack Skills. They're converted into Line Attacks that can fully pierce (and thus ignore, but no longer destroy) almost all physical Cover.
Mode #1 Full Load :: The Train Gun's Damage becomes 2×6 Ballistic + 1×6 Lightning and each Attack consumes 6 Ammunition. It no longer duplicates Ranged Attack Skills or pierces Ballistic DR, and its Dead Zone becomes its maximum accurate range instead. Each Attack applies Pained to the wielder vs END (DC: 14).
Improvement Electrified Chamber :: This Weapon adds +1 Lightning Damage when no Mode is on, +2 Lightning Damage during Piercing Shot, and +1×6 Lightning Damage during Full Load.
Improvement Modular Gearwork :: This Weapon gains +2 To Hit while any Mode is active. Modes don't incur a +1 SP Cost penalty to Attacks, either.
Base Stats 4 Damage, 6 Ammo. Suffers no Hit penalty in Rapid Stance.
Legendary Shared Splendor :: Each bullet fired from Splendor increases the Damage & To Hit of Misery's next Attack by 1. When Splendor's Ammunition is fully drained, the wielder may make an immediate Action with Misery at +2 SP Cost.
Base Stats 4 Damage, 6 Ammo. Suffers no Hit penalty in Rapid Stance.
Legendary Marksman's Misery :: Misery uses its wielder's full To Hit when making Called Attacks. A successful Called Attack causes Misery to halve rather than fully lose its Damage/Hit Bonus from Shared Splendor (round down).
Model-1 Bayonet
Base Stats 5 Piercing / 3 Ballistic Damage, 6 Ammo, 8 Dead Zone. Ammunition starts at 0, and can be Reloaded manually via a Sub-Action, trading 1 SP per 1 Bullet. Successful melee attacks build 1 Ammo, and ranged attacks gain a To Hit / Damage bonus equal to toal Ammo (up to +6). Melee attacks have a range of 6 rather than 4.
Repel Rod
Base Stats Mace. 5 Blunt DAM, ignores 2 Physical DR, +4 to applying Pained. A sleek metal rod, that sparks with violent electricity and magical force at the end.
Repel Mode Set damage to 0. All attacks apply Knockback up to 4 + your highest Physical or Tinkerer Meta cells.
Stun Mode Set damage to 0. All attacks apply Pained with +2 to Hit. If you have 4 or more Strength, set damage to +2.
Glastheim Agent's Blazer
Base Stats Light Armor. +2 EVA, +2 Sneak. Coral's sharp work attire, which doesn't offer much protection other than a light, well-concealed metal vest.
Barony Scanner A round gadget that clips to the chest and produces a magical map of the surrounding area and all units inside it. +4 Search. At the cost of 2 SP, gain a Reactionary Search Roll whenever an enemy unit in Stealth makes a movement action.
Sokolov R. Charm This is a rare Ringer Charm… Collectors would pay a lot. Grants +1 To Hit to Firearms & Martial Arts.
Gryphon Warrior's Armband Once per encounter, as a Sub Action, the wearer may gain one of these effects for the rest of the encounter: Flight, Enchanting a weapon with Wind and +1 Damage, or gaining +3 Movement and +1 Hit. Effect is dispellable.
Aggressive Armbands Doubles Combat Resource generation for the first 2 Turns of combat.
Currency 285,000z / 20 GP
High Healing Potion Heals 24 HP, removes 1 Negative Alchemical Condition. Redoran’s!
Large Fig and Rice Bar Heals 25 SP.
Potion Satchel XL Contains 3 slots for potions/similar items.
Revolver A normal revolver. Uses base stats.
Lever-Action Rifle A normal Lever-Action Rifle. Uses base stats.
Elysian R. Charm A pale, angelic looking figure from Quattori mythology, with hands outstretched in offer. Slightly bigger than other charms. Guarantee success of the first action you roll 20 on, regardless of enemy roll, once per day.
Improv Hero Badge Allow use of an untrained (+0) Adventure Skill once per encounter. To calculate its bonus, take your highest Skill within the same category (Physical, Magical, or Technical) and divide it by ½.
Throwback Charge x2 (Storage) A pipe-shaped bomb that explodes with kinetic force. Device. AoE radius 5. Deals no damage when exploding, but applies Prone at To Hit +4.
Key Items
Rekkenber ID Card A piece of identification with a magnetic strip that should unlock some things in older facilities. Assigned to 'Leah Starr', a redhead goat splicer.
Florian Wolfchev's ID Card A piece of identification with a magnetic strip that should unlock just about anything in any Rekkenber facility. This sort of cheapens the other one…
Portable Casette Player
Reggie Fats Discography Out of combat, add +2 to resisting Panicked or any negative, mood-affective happenings.
Juarez y Juarez Discography Add +2 to any action involving firearms outside of combat.
Midare Discography Add +2 to any laborious or repetitive physical action outside of combat.
Source Description Research Time
Heavy Arms Manual Non-reducable Expert Study. Grants the Heavy Arms proficiency as a Minor Boon when complete. August 25th, '19 Done!


Roscoe (Wyvern)
A tough, loyal wyvern with a dark gray-brown hide. He's been with Coral for many, many years.
TYPE Medium Mounted Beast. +2 Physical DR. Flat attack rolls of 18-20 apply Bleeding.
HP 45 DR 2
HIT 7 (9/Blood) EVA 9
DAM 7 (9/Blood) WIL 5
Sneak 0 END 9
Search 7 Move 16
Adventure Skills
Speed 12 Strength 6
Vitality 6 Survival 6
Companion Traits
Out for Blood If any Unit is Bleeding, wyverns gain +2 To Hit/DAM and -1 EVA/WIL/END. Actions with a base roll of 6 minus Leadership Meta default to Attack Order.
Swift Flyer Wyverns gain +2 Movement when Airborne.
Companion Skills
Acid Spit (8 SP) Standard. The Wyvern makes a number of MCAs equal to your Charisma in Poison damage, in a cone of 5 cells in front of it. Apply R1 Burning (vs END) in the Poison Element, with +2 To Hit for each MCA that landed. Acid Spit costs all Charisma, with a minimum of 3.
Rheeh Sacred Barding Companion Armor (Legendary). +2 EVA, +2 END. At ½ HP (23), +1 DAM, +1 All DR. Below ¼ (11), this doubles.
Atroce's Blessed Collar Skill Item. Pick Me Up grants +3 EVA and +3 (WIL, END, Search, or Sneak).
Juniper (Messenger Bird)
An otherwordly hunting bird, that resembles a peculiar mix of an owl, falcon, and dove with immaculately white feathers from head to toe and two sets of wings… When it chooses to not be invisible, anyway.
TYPE Medium Mounted Beast. +2 Physical DR. Flat attack rolls of 18-20 apply Bleeding.
HP 45 DR 2
Sneak 0 END 9
Search 7 Move 16
Adventure Skills
Speed 12 Strength 6
Vitality 6 - -
Companion Traits
Invisibility The Messenger Bird has 3x Leadership Meta in Sneak, regardless of size.
Size Shifter Outside of combat, the Messenger Bird can alter its size on a whim.
Companion Skills
Judgment Song (8 SP) Standard. Targets either enemies or allies. Against enemies, apply Frightened and Discordance (vs WIL), and Frightened again if they are Worldly in nature. Against allies, apply Courageous and Focused, and Courageous again if they are Cosmic in nature.
Hunter's Blink (6 SP) Quick Sub-Action. When an enemy Unit the Messenger Bird has attacked before breaks Line of Sight, gain a free Movement Action to maintain Line of Sight. If successful, make a free NWA/MCA against them. If mounted, the Messenger Bird’s rider may make an NWA or MCA instead.
Rheeh Sacred Barding Companion Armor (Legendary). +2 EVA, +2 END. At ½ HP (23), +1 DAM, +1 All DR. Below ¼ (11), this doubles.
Atroce's Blessed Collar Skill Item. Pick Me Up grants +3 EVA and +3 (WIL, END, Search, or Sneak).
Note Coral only has one of both of these Companion items, but her pets learned to share. With some difficulty.
Stat Math
HP ….
SP ….
HIT ….
EVA ….
END ….
WIL +1 (MT Meta)
DAM ….
Search ….
Sneak ….
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