Colton West

Character Profile
Player: Koonjan
Expenses: N/A
Income: N/A
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A)
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Agility)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Field Medicine)
Age: 24
Weapon Proficiency: Fist Weapons, Boxing, Shield Combat
Favored Element: Earth
Armor Type: Heavy Armor
Meta Bonus: Might 4, Agility 7
Status and Equipment
HP: 53
SP: 41
Damage: 6
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 10 (+1)
Endurance: 9
Willpower: 0
Concentration: 18 (Might), 24 (Agility)
Search: 0
Stamina Reductions: -1 to Agility Skills
Equipped Weapon: Piston Fist
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Teetee's Jungle Brew Bands of Momentum Please
Gob Jester's Mask Gob's Badge Scroll
Gob Bishop's Chain Gob's Championship Girdle Down
Name Type Description Heal Date
Wounded Pride N/A His eternal condition caused by many of the Tri-Op family (mainly Gabrielle)… Until Death
Ancient Poison Minor (2 IP) Colton got hit with some darts that have been sitting there for… Many years. Passively Rank 1 Sickened. 8/31


Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Retained Knowledge Major - EINE removed, but some of the knowledge remains. +1 to Ability Meta, -1 to STM costs for Ability skills, and Favored Element kept.
Warrior's War Paint Major - A red skull with two crossed axes behind it tattooed on his right arm. Magically empowers melee attacks, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage of any Melee Attack by 1.
Unburdened Hero Major - I will never succumb to the Weight of the World. +2 Movement. Additionally, the Courageous Condition adds +1 Movement per Rank on you.
Dwarf Lung Tonic Minor - Permanent +1 to Stamina.
Ultimate Wellness Hypo Minor - Permanent +2 to HP and Stamina.
Freya's Distant Whisper Minor - +1 to any Non-Combat Skill (intimidation) that has already been invested in.
Weapon Stances
Name Description
Relentless Stance -3 To Hit, but Attacks gain a follow-up NWA - 1 with your other Weapon. When adding +X Damage, add it to the main-hand Attack only. When applying Conditions, even if you hit twice, they only apply once. Stance Art: Momentum.
Tenacious Stance +2 Evasion and Endurance, -3 To Hit to Attacks made in Tenacious Stance. Stance Art: Shield Bash.
Might IV
Passive: Fervor (MAX 8 FURY)
SP Cost: Tier + 0
Tier 1 Bash (2) Vigilance (2) Endure (2)
Tier 2 Rush (3) Quicken (3) Guard (3)
Tier 3 Brandish (4) Tenacity (4) Knockdown (4)
Tier 4 Fling (5) Shatter (5) Immortal (5)
Agility VII
Passive: Grace (MAX 21 RHYTHM)
SP Cost: Tier - 1
Tier 1 Deft Strike (1) Flourish (1) Flow (1)
Tier 2 Lunge (2) Feint (2) Sweep (2)
Tier 3 Leverage (3) Focus (3) Chain (3)
Tier 4 Skyward (4) Riposte (4) Coup de Grâce (4)
Passive Signature Skill – Family Man
“For the greater whole!”
Description Colton has -2 to skills' SP costs when using them to defend party members he considers family (Tri-Op).
Adventuring Skills
Acrobatics +9 “Stay on two feet, even when you're on the ropes.”
Dexterity +8 “I let my hands do the talking.”
Field Medicine +2 “No pain, no gain.”
Gadgetry +1 “Learned a little from down under…”
Speed +5 “Too fast for ya!”
Strength +8 “These guns aren't just for show!”
Vitality +10 “Can't bring me down.”
Non-Combat Skills
Intimidation +51) “Don't like doin' things like this, but sometimes ya gotta.”
x +# “…”


Piston Fist
Base Stats 1 DAM (BLUNT).
Material Tri-Optimum Black Steel
Craftsman Tri-Optimum Science Team
Enchantment Forceful: Weapon strikers harder, gaining +1 DAM.
Improvement Piston Power: Weapon gains the chance to knock an enemy back 4 squares (Might Meta + To Hit vs END) as well as Daze.
Appearance A strange gauntlet with a large metal attachment. When punching, it sends a steel plate forward with a burst of steam that slams the enemy with extreme force and knockback.
Tri-Optimum Riot Gear
Material Ballistic Plating
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Enchantment Shelter Soul: Wearer cannot be Soul Linked, but gains +4 vs. Magical and Alchemical Debuffs.
Improvement Kevlar Underlay: Armor gains Ballistic Damage Resistance, and -3 to incoming damage from Firearms.
Appearance A thick suit of black armor generally worn by Republic police when suppressing riots. It's thick and very resistant to damage; this one used to have 'TRI-OPTIMUM SECURITY' across the breast before it was sanded off.
Era's Shield
Base Stats Tower Shield. +4 EVASION. 4 DAM (BLUNT).
Material Tri-Op Black Steel
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Enchantment The Weight of the World: Legendary enchantment. The wielder suffers -6 Movement. They gain 3 All Damage Resistance during Guard and its range is tripled. After the first successful Guard each Turn, they Heal for their Highest Physical Meta.
Improvement Ether Coated: Era's Shield is indestructible, rendering it immune to the Damaged & Broken Conditions.
Appearance A large, rectangular shield with the triangular symbol of Avidion emblazoned on it. It’s dented and scraped, but has never suffered more than tiny surface damage…
Bands of Momentum Boosts Martial Arts DAM by 1. Builds 2 Rhythm at the beginning of combat. A set of four steel bands to be placed around the wrists and ankles. They glow a faint blue.
Gob's Championship Girdle +2 HP, +2 END. A thick leather belt with a gold plate on its front, like a championship belt. Depicted on the plate is a silly crest with a frying pan and chef's hat.
Gob Knight's Badge Wearer begins combat 'Inspired', giving the wearer a doubled attack bonus on their first attack in combat.
Gob Jester's Mask Generates a 5 HP Spirit Shield around the wearer at the start of combat. A goblin-sized mask that depicts a grinning face with shark-like teeth and wide eyes. Does not need to be worn on the face to work.
Gob Bishop's Chain Absorbs 1 Null or Silence effect placed upon the wearer and then requires recharging. A golden chain to place around the neck with a pendant in the shape of a stoic-faced mask. Can be Recharged by an Artificer, but does not gain extra Charges from any source.


Currency 103,466 Zeny
Fame Sir Colty West, Untouchable Colton (Arunafeltz)
Infamy x
Teetee's Jungle Brew Restores 20 HP or SP, whichever is lower (by flat value). Automatically applies 2 Ranks of Vulnerable.
Teetee's Rainforest Blend Restores 20 HP or SP, whichever is lower (by flat value). Automatically applies 2 Ranks of Pained.
x x
Master Toolcraft Toolkit A set of tools that allow very complicated work (crafting Rare goods) while on-the-go.
Magic Conch A pristine seashell that glows faintly blue. Curiously, it won't break even under great force! Occupies a Gear Slot and acts as a Relic with 1 Base Charge. Allows 1 hour of underwater breathing & speaking.
Synthesized Skill Potion Coupon Can be redeemed in Redoran's shop thread!
Charm of Fiery Spirit Magical Gear. When combat ends, the wearer heals HP & SP equal to their highest Meta instantly. Touching the charm brings them a sense of peace, as well as one of accomplishment.
Nahr Tribe Armor Light Armor. Red leather armor with golden charms that jingle quietly with movement. It’s thick where it matters but flexible enough to allow free movement. An enchantment protects the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays.
Flickering Flame A curious catalytic crystal embedded in a thin circlet. It appears to be on fire atop your head, but does not feel hot.
Sprite Trainer's Badge In a familiar hue of brown, this badge is more or less a circle with googly eyes and 'TRAINER' engraved into it. +1 to Athletics.
The Forceful Protector
Base Stats Tower Shield. +4 EVASION. 4 DAM (BLUNT).
Material Tri-Op Black Steel
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Enchantment Forceful Ejection: Knocks melee attackers that miss their strike back 4 squares (Might Meta + To Hit vs END), once per turn.
Improvement Cover: Allows the skill 'Guard' to block two attacks from one unit instead of just one.
Appearance A tall shield in the style of the Republic Riot Police, forged of strong alloy and slightly curved. On the front used to be the Tri-Op Emblem which has now since been sanded off. However, Colton has fondly left the warning intact: a crookedly-stenciled 'NONE SHALL PASS' in green lettering.


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x
Crafting Points 5 Max 5/5 available of Monday, February 1st. Refreshes every Monday.
Tool Craft Expert Gains a +2 bonus to numerical statistics thanks to his Level of Expertise
Permits & Licenses
Tool Craft None. No licenses or permits!
Common Uncommon Rare
Adept Lockpick Toolkit Expert Toolkit
Adept Screwdriver Steel Woven Rope Master Toolkit
x Adventurer's Backpack Republic Army Knife
Name Quality Description
Adept Lockpick Common A Tool that offers +3 to lockpicking rolls thanks to its craftsmanship. This delicate item is destroyed after three uses.
Adept Screwdriver Common A Tool that offers +3 to tinkering-related rolls thanks to its craftsmanship. This delicate item is destroyed after three uses.
Toolkit Uncommon A set of tools that allow basic work (crafting Common goods) while on-the-go.
Steel Woven Rope Uncommon A thick and incredibly sturdy length of rope that's resistant to snapping and cutting. Much more reliable than a length of nylon rope.
Adventurer's Backpack Uncommon A single Gear Slot item that contains a Rope, Lantern, Matches, Retractable Shovel, Pocketknife, Canteen & Bedroll.
Expert Toolkit Rare A set of tools that allow more complex work (crafting Uncommon goods) while on-the-go.
Master Toolkit Rare A set of tools that allow very complicated work (crafting Rare goods) while on-the-go.
Republic Army Knife Rare A flip-out knife with 2 DAM & 4 ATK that also contains a can opener, screwdriver, scissors, metal file, magnifying glass, pliers, tweezers & corkscrew.
Common x
Uncommon x
Rare x
Legendary x

Calculations and Misc.

Status Calculation:
HP: 34 [Base] + 2 [Gob Champion’s Girdle] + 2 [Ultimate Wellness Hypo] +4 [Might] + 4 [Stat Points] + 7 [Agility 7] = 53
SP: 34 [Base] +1 [Dwarf Lung Tonic] + 2 [Ultimate Wellness Hypo] + 4 [Stat Points] = 41
DMG: 2 [Piston Fist] + 3 [Boxing] + 1 [Bands of Momentum] = 6
TO HIT: 7 [Base] = 0
EVA: 7 [Agility 7] + 4 [Shield] = 10 (1)
END: 3 [Heavy Armor] + 2 [Gob Champion’s Girdle] + 4 [Might Meta] = 9
WIL: 0 [Base] = 0
SEARCH: 0 [Base] = 0
MOV: 10 [Base] -6 [Shield] +2 [Unburdened Hero] = 6
COMBAT SKILLS: 12 [MIGHT IV] + 12 [AGILITY IV] + 3 [AGILITY META] + 3 [HP] + 3 [SP] = 33/42
NC SKILLS: 5 [Intimidation] = 10/15
ADVENTURE SKILLS: 4 [Acrobatics] + 5 [Dexterity] + 1 [Gadgetry] + 5 [Speed] + 1 [Strength] + 5 [Vitality] = 21/30
Boon: Freya's Distant Whisper
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