Back off, punk.

Cliff Slade

Player: Karn
Income: 'Odd Jobs' (5,000z)
Expenses: Alberta House/Shop (5,000z)
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility (N/A)
Cultural Trait: Vocational Study (+6 Machine Operation)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Gadgetry)
Age: 26 (Adult)
Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Weapons, Light Blades, Pistols, Rifles
Favored Elements: Wind
Armor Type: Light (Shock Trooper's Armor)
Meta Bonus: Subtlety 7, Perception 4, Gunsmith 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 36
SP: 34
Damage: 5 Melee / 4 Ranged
To Hit: 8 Melee / 7 Ranged
Evasion: 10 (+5)
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 0
Sneak: 18 (+1)
Search: 4
Stamina Reductions: -1 Perception
Equipped Weapon: Black Combat Knife & Round Shield
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
Health Hypo III Gob Champion's Girdle Rekkenber Gunsmithing Manual
Throwing Knives Weird Mask Retained Knowledge
x x x
Tree: Perception Subtlety
Passive: Dead-Eye (4) Dire Intent
Cost: Tier + 0 Tier + 1
Tier 1 x Suppress Scatter Subvert Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 x Distract Pin-Point Marbles Distraction Sabotage
Tier 3 Track Precise Aim Concentrate Sly Strike Backstab Observe
Tier 4 Slay x True Sight Sunder Abscond Caltrops
Tree: Gunsmith x
Passive: Powderhead x
Cost: Tier + 1 x
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Clear Barrel x x x
Tier 2 Extra Kick Great Materia Tune-Up x x x
Tier 3 Plug Barrel Fine Tuning Crack Shot x x x
Tier 4 W.M.D. Grand Materia The Big One x x x
Adventuring Skills
Lockpicking +9 “I lock myself out a lot. Honest.”
Sleight of Hand +9 “Want me to help figure out who stole your shit?”
Acrobatics +6 “I'm old. Joints all creaky. Sue me.”
Balance +6 “Need it when she's hanging off me…”
Athletics +5 “Sure do love menial work.”
Mech Trap Lore +5 “Really, I just cut every wire.”
Sprinting +5 “Gotta cut and run sometimes.”
Tech Lore +3 “Picked it up… Somewhere.”
Gadgetry +2 “Thanks, Attie. I didn't want this in my head.”
Non-Combat Skills
Machine Operation (Factory) +6 “Worked in the factories. Sucked.”
Wasting Time +6 “Kick back, have a smoke… Watch the day go by.”
Knife Tricks +3 “Could use work.”
Whittling +3 “Passes the time, I guess.”
Injury Effect Heal Date
Scar - Unsettled Soul Though he no longer feels a stranger to his own skin, Cliff's soul may never be the same again… When Soul Linking with Cliff, roll d20+Spirit Meta. If under 10, the Link fails. Never
Black Combat Knife & Round Shield
Base Stats 3+1 DMG, +1 To Hit. A black steel combat knife with a leather grip for extra traction. 1+1 EVA. A shield made of black steel with a rough surface. It looks like it's been hastily sanded to remove something.
Material Tri-Op Black Steel Tri-Op Lightweight Steel
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Enchantment Forceful: +1 DAM. Knife hits harder than it has any right to. Enchanted by Gabrielle DeAngelis. Reflex: +1 EVA. Shield catches blows like one twice its size. Enchanted by Gabrielle DeAngelis.
Improvement Carbon Fiber Hilt: Knife has +4 vs. Breaking and +1 To Hit. None.
Black Throwing Knives
Base Stats 3 DMG. A packet of black-bladed throwing knives, evenly weighted for quick flight.
Material Black Iron
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Shock Trooper's Armor (Light)
Base Stats 2 EVA, +2 Sneak. A set of military-standard combat armor with a black coat to cover it. An emblem on the back has been pried off.
Material Tri-Op Flexible Plating
Craftsman Marie Sokolov
Enchantment Chameleon: Passively utilizes mana to shroud and ‘blend’ the wearer in with their environment, offering +3 Sneak at all times, but -3 Sneak when defending against persons searching via mana signatures.
Improvement Kevlar Lining: Provides 3 Ballistic Resistance.
Health Hypo III A syringe full of red liquid. When injected, restores 15 HP.
Gob Champion's Girdle A thick leather belt with a gold plate on its front, like a championship belt. Depicted on the plate is a silly crest with a frying pan and chef's hat. Grants +2 END & HP.
Weird Mask A familiar face, to some… This works. Cliff adds +2,000z to his Income.
Boon Type Level Description
Rekkenber Gunsmithing Manual Major x +1 to Gunsmith Meta & Cap.
Retained Knowledge Major x The E.I.N.E has been removed, but some of its gift is retained… +1 to Perception Meta, -1 to SP costs for Perception Skills, and Favored Element (Wind) kept.
Path of the Highwayman V
Step # Description
Seize Every Advantage 1 +1 Damage with Light Blades & Throwing Weapons.
Cliff's Flanked adds an additional +1 To Hit.
Below the Belt 2 While in Stealth, Cliff may Subvert as a Sub Action with no SP cost.
Thuggish Stance 3 Cliff may enter the Thuggish Stance, adding +1 Bonus To Hit & Damage but also adding +1 to the Sneak penalty for each Attack.
+1 SP Costs in Stance.
Surprise! 4 +1 Subtlety Meta & Cap. The first time Cliff is discovered in an encounter, he makes a free NWA against the Unit that found him. This Attack contests a flat roll.
Murderous Intent 5 Focused Action (6 SP) Can only be used in Stealth.
Make a Called Attack with your full To Hit. If Murderous Intent hits, immediately make another Called Attack that still deals bonus Damage, but does not apply Conditions. After use, immediately leave Stealth (preferably by laughing deviously).
Zeny 26,787z
Master Handloader's Toolkit A set of tools in a black bag of very fantastic make. Allows creation of items related to Handloading in the field up to Rare quality.
Train Gun A devastatingly powerful weapon, property of the Republic Military. Its trigger is stuck in place and will not pull, thanks to a Soul Lock of some kind.
The Stapler A strange rifle that fires rail spikes, and whistles ridiculously loud when fired. Not that great for stealth…
Stat Math
HP 34 [Base] +2 [Girdle] = 36
SP 34 [Base] = 34
SP Reduction -1 Perception [Knowledge] = -1
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] +1 [Knife & Stapler] = 8
EVA 2 [Light Armor] +2 [Shield] +7 [Subtlety] +4 [Perception IV] = 10 (+5)
END 2 [Girdle] = 2
WIL 0 = 0
DAM 4 [Knife] or 3 [Throwing] +1 [Seize]
Sneak 14 [Subtlety] +5 [Armor] = 18 (+1)
Search 4 [Perception IV] = 4
Subtlety 6 [Skill Points] +1 [Highwayman] = 7
Perception 3 [Skill Points] +1 [Knowledge] = 4
Gunsmith 4 [Skill Points] +1 [Rekkenber] = 5
Skill Point Expenditure
Hey look!

Crafting & Research

Study & Training
Name Type Description Date
- - - -
Currently Crafting 0/0 CP Nothin'.
Crafting Points 5 Max 5 / 5
Work Station Rare -4 to CP costs. A toolkit made by Colton.
Permits & Licenses
Merchant Rune Cliff can legally sell goods in all of Rune's City-States.
Tinkerer Rune Cliff can legally make his bullets in all of Rune's City-States.
Shop Stock
x 0
Common Materials 0
Rare Materials 0
Great Strides
Meta 5 - ??? x
Reagents & Formulas
Riiight here.
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