Castor Wallace

Player: Flora
Income: Knight of Prontera
Expenses: Room & Board
Race: Human
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility, Proficiency
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Shadow Meta)
Locational Trait: Runian (+2 Spell Lore)
Age: 28
Weapon Proficiencies: Runeblades, SpellBlades
Favored Element: Fire & Wind
Secondary Element: Lightning
Armor Type: Heavy Armor (Knights of Prontera Full Plated Armor)
Meta Bonus: [Might 4], [Elemental 4]
Status and Equipment
HP: 38
SP: 34
Damage: 5 Slashing/4 Magical (Runeblade)
To Hit: 4
Evasion: 2
Endurance: 7
Willpower: 4
Conc.: 15
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions:
Equipped Weapon: Runeblade
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/19
Tree: Might Fire Magic
Passive: Fervor Balance
Tier 1 Bash Endure Warcry Ember Soothe Fire Barrier
Tier 2 Rush Guard Brandish Sear
Tier 3 Quicken Knockdown Tenacity Ignite Living Warmth
Tier 4 Shockwave Shatter Tension
Tree: Wind Magic Lightning Magic
Passive: Balance Balance
Tier 1 Gust Breathe Wind Barrier Lightning Barrier Lightning Brand Imbue Lightning
Tier 2 Hover Thunderclap Chain Lightning Shock Nova
Tier 3 Cyclone Updraft
Tier 4
Adventuring Skills
Vitality +8 “I would do what I must to protect this kingdom.”
Strength +7 “I-It's really not that big of a deal…”
Speed +4 “Sometimes I need to be quick.”
Dexterity +4 “I think I'm good with my hands.”
Acrobatics +5 “My senior taught me well.”
Mana Control +6 “My father helped train me to control magic.”
Mana Sensing +6 “Can you feel it too?”
Spell Lore +6 “I-I know what I'm doing!”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Diplomacy +5 “We must come as one and work together”
Silent Courage +5 “Even if I'm afraid… I must do what's right.”
Leadership +5 “If no one else will step up, I will.”

Equipment & Gear

Base Stats 5 Slashing/4 Magical It's a runeblade.
Knights of Prontera Full Plated Armor
Base Stats +4 END, +3 Physical Damage Resistance, -3 Movement Worn by the bravest of Prontera’s knights, this armor keeps the city’s protectors safe from harm.

Boons & Study

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
Source Description Research Time
Source Description Research Time


Zeny 20,000z
Stat Math
HP 34 [Base] +4 [Might] = 38
SP 34 [Base]
HIT 0 [Base] +4 [Might & Elemental] = 4
EVA 0 [Base] +2 [SPs] = 2
END 0 [Base] +4 [Might] +4 [Heavy Armor] = 8
WIL 0 [Base] +4 [Elemental] = 4
DAM 5/4 [Runeblade]
Search 0 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base]
Combat Skills 12 [Might] +12 [Fire & Wind] +6 [EVA] = 30/42 Spent
Adventure Skills 3 [Vitality] +5 [Strength] +2 [Speed] +2 [Dexterity] +4 [Acrobatics] +4 [Mana Control] +4 [Mana Sensing] +4 [Spell Lore] = 30/30 Spent
NC Skills 5 [Diplomacy] +5 [Silent Courage] +5 [Leadership] = 15/15 Spent
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