Calypso Clarke

Player: Illdrian
Upkeep: Nada
Income: 2,000z as RDF Civilian Courier
Race: Human
Age: 20
Weapon Proficiencies: Mixed Dueling (Dagger, Estoc, Sword, Rapier), Light Spellsword (Anthame, Magic Bolter, Spellblade, Twin Jewelry), Magical Scripts, Mixed Martial Arts(Brawling, Discipline, Boxing, Spear Hand)
Favored Elements: Spirit
Armor Type: Chivalry Medium Armor
Meta Bonus: Agility 6, Artifice 4, Opportunity 4, Might 1
Current Soundtrack: D. Rockwell's Mixtape - The Essential Classics
Status and Equipment
HP: 45(48)
SP: 38(41)
Damage: 5(Unarmed)
To Hit: +7
Evasion: +9
Endurance: +8
Willpower: +4+0
Search: +2
Sneak: 2
SP Reductions: None
IP: 0/22
Physical Damage Reduction: 2
Magical Damage Reduction: None
Equipped Weapon: Bare Goddamned Hands
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
Chivalry Healing Draught Chivalry Stamina Draught x
Haste Potion Launch Boots x
Cassette Player(J Rockwell's mixtape) Momentous Rings x
Food Boons
Main Course Poring Shaped Gelatin - +3 to all Max combat resources
Side Dish Knockout Peppers - If something would leave you unconscious, you hold on at 1 HP.
Packs of Spices Umami - +2 Weapon Range and +3 Damage with the first attack of the combat
Lucky Clovers First 1 rolled is a 12.
Gear for Tourney
Chivalry Medium Armor Chivalry Medium armor - +1 EVA +2 END, +3 HP/SP, 2 Physical DR (Improved with Oridecon Weave)
Chivalry Healing Draught +30 HP, If at full health, get regeneration.
Chivalry Stamina Draught +30 SP, if at full, gain 1 rank of focused.
Haste Potion Grants Haste
Cassette Player (From Home Item!) - J. Rockwell's Mixtape! Upgrade one Martial Art the listener has Proficiency in to an Expertise(Brawling). If placed in Equipment Slots and listened to during combat encounters, add +1 to Unarmed Damage.
Launch Boots A tall pair of boots with a hydraulic-powered spring heel. Allows the wearer to leap 15 feet in the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain. Movement range is increased by ½ when leaping in a straight line, and Units in Flight can be targeted with Melee attacks. Skills used with or immediately after such a leap may be augmented with +1 DAM.
Momentous Rings Start with 4 Combat Resources (Divided however you choose!)
Skill Tree: Agility 6
Passive: Momentum
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Lunge Feint Sweep
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain
Tier 4 Skyward Riposte Coup de Grâce
Skill Tree: Artifice 4
Passive: Temperance
Tier 1 Exchange Hush Analyze
Tier 2 Reach Mimicry Discharge
Tier 3 Squeeze Siphon Silence
Tier 4 Scholarly Spell Steal Unweave
Skill Tree: Opportunity 4
Passive: Veteran
Tier 1 Cover Pitch Item Quick Rise
Tier 2 Writhe Topple One Hundred Percent
Tier 3 Cripple Push Harder War Torn
Tier 4 Scream Prosperity Veterancy
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics +9(4) “Balance seems to come naturally…”
Precision +9(4) “It certainly helps having to wash dishes in a hurry.”
Speed +9(4) “Best way to stay out of trouble is not to be there when it happens.”
Strength +5(3) “Carrying that many tankards does have some advantages.”
Vitality +7(4) “Being on my feet for hours has gotten somewhat normal.”
Civics +2(0) “I know better than to smoke that shimmerleaf in front of a police station…”
Insight +6(4) “You're telling me I can feel the flow of mana?”
Relic Lore +8(4) “What do you mean: Academy Trained?”
Spell Lore +5(3) “Why would I know something like that?”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
+2 Musician(Bass Guitar) “That bass line…”
+3 Dance(Rave) “Mmm. I miss that sound and feel.”
+6 Trip Sitter “Don't mix those! You'll end up puking! Trust me, just wait ten minutes!”
Boons and other Effects
Boon Type Level Description
????? Recollection: Swords and Blood Major Boon N/A “Damndest thing really, but maybe a heavier sword might be useful…” +1 to Might Meta/Cap and Fervor as the passive. Dragons suck. Romance novels and swords and armor are pretty cool…
Behemoth's Blood Potion Minor Boon N/A “Just a reminder of how much more work I need to do!” +1 to hit (Can stack up to +3)
Shattered Memories Injury/Scar Heals: Never “I… I just don't remember…” Calypso's mind is a shattered mess of thoughts and images. It's difficult for her to recall things from her past training at the Sage's academy or really, anytime pre-war. -5 on all Lore checks.
Traumatized Injury/Scar Heals: Sometime “I… I don't want to start any trouble… I don't want any more trouble…” After the incident, Calypso has little and less desire to ever return to a cell or cause any sort of trouble. When combat begins - Start with Rank 1 Frightened. This is also triggered when confronted with regally furnished rooms, people who tend to be high ranked or governing bodies, and strange magitech/bizarre magical implements
Severed Connection Injury/Scar Heals: Never “What do you mean magic? I couldn't perform it if I tried…” - Calypso is considered to have 0 Artifice. Her connection to the spirit well is broken.
Death, Below, Rebirth - Scattered Lives Scar Heals: Never Occasionally feel like someone else. They may miss a best friend they don’t know (Paula), they may feel like they’re still ‘below’ (wherever that is). This effect is rare, and happens more often when alone… But it’s disjointing and confusing, to say the least. They might miss a Home they don’t know.
Weapons and Armor
Barbed Rapier
Base Stats Rapier, 4 Piercing damage. A simple, barbed rapier.
Craftsman Jorc Hammerhead
Material Steel
Maker's Mark Barbed - +2 to apply bleeding.
Lighthalzen Protective Buckler
Base Stats +2 EVA, +1 END, +1 Physical DR - On defensive rolls of 18-20 may parry to apply unbalanced against a foe. A well made circular buckler attached to a steel gauntlet for added protection and shielding of the off-hand.
Maker's Mark(Already added above) Excellent - (+1 END, +1 EVA) Masterwork bonus: Protective(+1 Physical DR)
Craftsman Newo Yorenguard
Material Folded steel and ceramic plating
1st Enchantment None
1st Improvement None
RDF Ranger Armor
Base Stats +1 ED +1 EV, +1 Physical DR :: A set of black and gold fatigues, accompanied by armor and pads.
Craftsman Mass-produced by RDF
Maker's Mark None
Enchantment None
Improvement Blast Vest - 1/2 Damage from AoE Damage Sources
Health Hypo 1 Heals 10 HP upon injection
Panacea Hypo 1 Removes 1 rank of a negative condition upon injection
Melty Moxy Grants 1 rank of Courageous
Hypo Case XL A well organized hypo container Holds 3 hypos. Is a container.
Music R. Charm A small pea-green bass guitar! Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Musical Skill.
Anomaly Collar Mk 2. A black leather collar to be worn around the neck. It fits comfortably, and allows for a full range of motion. Inside of it is a magitech ‘net’… Provides protection versus a broad range of 216's effects. Grants minor radiation protection. Grants immunity to Memory Gaps (note: this does not apply if the device is overloaded, or the wearer ventures too far into the anomaly). Gain +5 WIL when rolling vs perception alterations. Suffer the Frail Minor Injury while this is worn (-3 END vs Negative Physical Conditions), and 7 days after removing it.
The Duke's Aviators A pair of brown aviators with a gold frame. They make anyone look pretty slick. - Device (Magitech) :: They subtly highlight anything the wearer focuses intently on, granting +3 Search when investigating an object or person specifically. As an added bonus, being focused on by these bad boys feels pretty intimidating.
Multitrack Cassette Player Allows a user to play two cassettes and receive the benefits of both.
Cassettes Owned
David and Co. Discography +1 to two highest adventure skills (+1 Acrobatics and Speed!)
Pump It Up. Discography -2 days to Training times
D. Rockwell's “The Essentials” mixtape Upgrade one Martial Art the listener has Proficiency in to an Expertise. If placed in Equipment Slots and listened to during combat encounters, add +1 to Unarmed Damage.
Work/Life Balance
Work RDF Civilian Courier (2,000z +1 RDF token on upkeep.)
Study None
Training None
Survival Knife A small Republican Combat Knife Light Blade.
Kitty R. Charm +1 Searching in dim/dark places.
Gram - Spellblade
Base Stats 4 Slashing / 3 Magical - A well-made and cared for spellblade. Thinner than usual and well built for fencing.
Craftsman Mass Produced
Material Steel
1st Enchantment None
1st Improvement None
Silver Spellblade
Base Stats 4 Slashing / 3 Magical - A well-made and cared for spellblade. Thinner than usual and well built for fencing.
Craftsman Church of Odin
Material Silver (Great Materia)
Maker's Mark (Great Materia) - This Weapon always strikes Elemental Weakness against Vampires, Nos, and Undead. When the Weapon is enchanted with the Light Element, it adds an additional +1 Damage & To Hit when striking Elemental Weakness.
1st Enchantment None
1st Improvement None
Blade of the Backstalker
Base Stats Sword, 4 Slashing damage. A terrifying longsword of an unknown jet black material.
Craftsman Unknown
Material Some sort of jet material
1st Enchantment Surprise - +1 to hit and damage when out of the target's line of sight/behind
1st Improvement Intrinsic Darkness - Can be used as a 3 Damage Catalyst. All spells cast through the Backstalker blade are shadow property.
Magic Bolter
Base Stats Magic Bolter, 4 Magic damage(ranged) / 3 Magic Damage (Spells). +2 to hit and damage when striking elemental weakness. A sleek, elegant, military styled magical bolter.
Craftsman The Duke
Material Mass Produced
1st Enchantment -
1st Improvement -
Zeny 71,100z
Republic Mall punch card 0/8 punches
RDF Tokens 10
Stat Math
HP 45 - (34 base) + (6 Agility) + (4 War Torn) + (1 Might)
SP 38 - (34 base) + (4 War Torn)
HIT +7 - (6 Agility) + (1 Behemoth Blood Potion)
EVA +9 - (6 Agility) + (1 Medium armor) + (2 Protective Buckler)
END +7 - (4 Opportunity) + (1 Medium armor) + (1 Protective Buckler) + (1 Might)
WIL +0 - (+4 Artifice) + (-4 Severed Connection)
DAM 4 Backstalker blade, 4 Magic Bolter
Search +2 (War Torn - Opportunity)
Sneak 2 (War Torn - Opportunity)
Racial Trait Specialized Training(Agility)
Heritage Trait Republican(+2 Relic Lore)
Combat Points 40/42 Spent (12 Agility Skills) (4 for Agility 5 Meta) + (12 Artifice Skills) + (12 Opportunity Skills)
Adventure Skills from Agility Speed, Dexterity, Acrobatics, Vitality
Adventure Skills from Opportunity Speed, Dexterity, Acrobatics, Strength
Adventure Skills from Artifice Illusions, Mana Sensing, Spell Lore, Relic Lore
Adventure Skills expended: 30/30 All numbers in ()'s are expended skill points
Non-combat Skills expended: 11/15, 2 in Bass Guitar, 6 in Trip Sitter, 3 in Dance(Rave)
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