Player: Karn
Income: Alberta Warehouse Guard (4,000z)
Expenses: Living (1 Soul)
Currency: 10,500z
Race: Nos (Knight Rank)
Age: Venerable
Racial Trait(s): Catalytic, Clean Blood, Corrupt Soul, Detoxified, Longevity, Mana Hunger
Rank Trait(s): Burly Body, Tough Form, Great Wind, Powerful Soul, Potential
Locational Trait: Lucent (+4 Clairvoyance)
Weapon Groups: Quirky Spellsword, Magic Martial Artist, Mixed Dueling, Mixed Slashing,
Weapon Proficiency: Anthame, Axe, Dagger, Discipline, Estoc, Greataxe, Greatsword, Rapier
Singular Proficiency: Dwarven Chain Axes
Weapon Expertise: Brawling, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry, Sword
Favored Element(s): Spirit
Armor Type: Reinforced Garb (Furry Parka)
Meta Bonus: Agility 6, Spirit Magic 6, Opportunity 6, Superior Magic 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 78 79
SP: 70 71
Damage: 5
To Hit: 6
Evasion: 12
Endurance: 8
Willpower: 10
Search: 3
Sneak: 3
Movement: 10
Stamina Reductions: -2 Physical
Damage Reductions: 3 Physical
Equipped Weapon: Dancing Blade & Plain Sword
Dwarven Chain Axes Emerald Eye -
Heater Shield Sharpening Sleeve -
Injury / Boon Type Description Heal Date
Rotti's Goblin Cigar Temp Boon From Warehouse Guard Job.
+1 Max HP & SP
(½ due to Detoxified Trait)
Tree: Agility Spirit Magic
Passive: Momentum Spite
Cost: Tier - 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Indulgence
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Slanted Strike Enervate Banish Dampen
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Strike Regenerate Empower Spirit Salvo
Tier 4 Skyward Coup de Grâce Posture Wrath Rebirth Calamity
Tree: Opportunity Superior Magic
Passive: Veteran Paragon
Cost: Tier + 1 Variable
T1 / Simple Cover Pitch Item Quick Rise Megido Return Magic Preserve
T2 / Inter Writhe Topple 100% Mana Flux Cast Cancel Land Protector
T3 / Expert Cripple Push Harder War Torn Mana Feast Soul Break Soul Steal
T4 / Master Scream Prosperity Veterancy Focus State L. Tetra Vortex T. Tetra Vortex
Lixel, the Shadow Elemental (Tiny Cunning Magical)
“I can't handle you like she does - you'd get in the way. Shoo, go back to her.”
Adventuring Skills
Clairvoyance +10 “I used to be better at this… Very annoying.”
Acrobatics +9 “At least my body still moves almost like it used to.”
Dexterity +9 “All of my fingers are intact, and… Adequate.”
Speed +9 “There are mortals that could probably outpace me. Eugh.”
Strength +9 “It helps with work, and I get compliments from… Women. She hates that.”
Vitality +9 “I can still take a beating. Let that never change.”
Illusions +8 “Where is the control I used to have? I'll need to fix this…”
Mana Sensing +8 “My Rank is limiting. This should be enough, but it isn't.”
Spell Lore +8 “Everything used to make perfect sense. Times have changed.”
Non-Combat Skills
Gun Show +8 “I don't need to flex like some idiot to show my power. But I will. And you'll lose.”
Juggling +7 “Balls? Cloth? Don't be stupid. Without the danger of blades, where's the fun?”


Dancing Blade + Plain Sword
Stats Two plain swords, though one bears a very strong enchantment. 4 Slashing / Piercing Damage.
Enchantment Blade Dance :: Physical Attack Skills are used twice at full SP Cost.
Dwarven Chain Axes
Stats At least one race on this side has good ideas. 4 Slashing Damage (Dual Wielded).
Furry Parka
Stats This thing's so thick, it could probably catch a swinging weapon. +1 EVA & +2 Max HP.
Emerald Eye Caedoch can use Determination and Second Wind in the same encounter, but not the same twice.
Heater Shield 3 Blunt Damage, +2 EVA.
Sharpening Sleeve +1 Damage to equipped Weapons that deal Slashing Damage.

Boons, Special Skills, & Magical Research

Boon Type Level Description
Remnant of Lucent's Champion Major - Passing over into this 'world' involved a great sacrifice. +6 HP & SP. +1 to Spirit Meta. Caedoch applies Soul Burn on flat rolls of 16 - 20 (vs END) with Spirit Magic.
Soul Weaponry Major - Heavily modified by Caedoch's Signature Skill. He can no longer use it as normal.
Trait Source Description
Catalytic N/Os Caedoch doesn't need a Catalyst to use magic. His body has 3 MCA.
Clean Blood N/Os Caedoch has infinite IP and doesn't suffer sickness.
Detoxified N/Os Caedoch gains and suffers ½ effect from Potions and Poisons respectively.
Corrupt Soul Nos Caedoch rolls flat against Light & Shadow Attacks and Conditions.
Mana Hunger Nos Caedoch adds 1 Soul to his Upkeep. If he doesn't eat, he becomes Mana Starved.
Burly Body Knight Caedoch gains +30 HP & +20 SP as well as +2 WIL & END.
Tough Form Knight Caedoch has 3 Physical Damage Resistance.
Great Wind Knight Caedoch has -2 to Physical Skill SP Costs.
Powerful Soul Knight Caedoch adds +2 Meta to Physical Skill Trees he's invested in, and +1 to all others.
Active Signature Skill – Dance of Blades
“Step into the meat grinder and maybe you'll have the chance to hit me.”
Description Caedoch utilizes Soul Weaponry to wield dozens of tiny 'weapons' at once, rather than just one. Dance of Blades creates a Physical Shield made from debris no larger than a fist in the immediate area, and can't be used if not enough of it exists. It has HP equal to his Total Metas [23] and Automatically deals Piercing Damage equal to his Highest Meta [6] when a Unit walks within 6 Squares of him, then applies Bleeding (vs END). Additionally, Caedoch is considered in Half Cover while Dance of Blades persists. Initial activation of Dance of Blades is a Standard Action, but Caedoch must give up either a Sub or Movement Action on following Turns or it will cease immediately. Unlike Magic Shields, Dance of Blades does not protect his HP and must be attacked directly to break down.
Passive Signature Skill – Fragile Tailwind
“Overconfident? That implies I could even have too much confidence.”
Description When Caedoch is certain that he's winning a fight, he's passively Rank 1 Courageous.
When it becomes clear that he's losing a fight, he's passively Rank 1 Sickened.
Studies & Training
Study Source Description Time
- - - -
Training Source Description Time
- - - -


HP 30 + 30 [Knight] + 6 [Agility] + 6 [War Torn] + 6 [Remnant] = 78
SP 30 + 20 [Knight] + 8 [Spirit] + 6 [War Torn] + 6 [Remnant] = 70
HIT 6 [Meta]
EVA 6 [Agility] + 3 [Paragon] + 1 [Armor] + 2 [Sword Ex] = 12
END 2 [Knight] + 2 [Paragon] + 4 [Opportunity] = 8
WIL 2 [Knight] + 6 [Spirit] + 2 [Opportunity] = 10
Search 3 [War Torn]
Sneak 3 [War Torn]
Damage 4 [Weapons] + 1 [Sleeve] = 5
Skill Points 12 [Agility] + 12 [Spirit Magic] + 16 [Opportunity] + 2 [Brawling Ex] = 42 / 42
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