Player: Karn
Theme: River and Dale
Income: -
Upkeep: -
Race: Nephilim (Bear Clan)
Racial Trait(s): Catalytic, Perfect Health, Progenitor
Caste Trait(s): Humble Master, Prideful Worker
Clan Trait(s): Guardian of the Land, Heart of Honey
Locational Trait: Bear Lands (+4 Herbology)
Age: 1000+ (Venerable)
Weapon Groups: Mixed Slashing, Heavy Mercenary, Nephilim Worker
Proficiency: Crossbow, Gauntlet, Greatsword, Mace, Natural Weapon (Claws), Sword, Polearm
Expertise: Axe, Greataxe, Greatmace
Favored Element: Earth
Armor Type: Medium (Bear Clan Armor)
Meta Bonus: Might 8, Elemental Magic 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 73 [146]
SP: 54 [108]
Damage: 6 [8]
To Hit: 8 [8]
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 14 [28]
Willpower: 7
Search: 9
Sneak: 0
SP Reduction: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Crescent Axe
Fadeleaf Tea Liferoot Tea -
Liferoot Tea - -
Tree: Might Earth Magic
Passive: Ire Amplify
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Rile Barrier Growth Shards
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Retaliate Brand Spike Thorns
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown Imbue Quake Shockwave
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Outrage Field Mastery Fissure
Adventure Skills
Herbology +12 “The feck yeh think I did fer a livin'?”
Survival +12 “Nothin' loike livin' off the land.”
Strength +10 “Oi been told Oi'm 'burly'.”
Harvesting +8 “S'pose Oi get clumsy, now 'n' then…”
Vitality +8 “Me back ain't what it used ta be.”
Speed +6 “Don't make me charge yeh. Oi'll be even crankier.”
Mana Control +3 “Feh, who needs it? Arright, arright, a little.”
Mana Sensin' +3 “Worth knowin' what's goin' on around me, eh?”
Spell Lore +3 “Ask me wife. Not cut out for thissun.”
Non-Combat Skills
Farmin' +16 “Don't yeh question me methods.”
Singin' (Shanty) +9 “Passes the toime in the fields.”
Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
“Come, face me at my most savage!!”
Benefit Bran assumes a new, more animalistic, form. He gains 'Power of the Bear', which doubles his HP, SP & END. Damage & To Hit are raised to Aspect Level (8). He gains access to new Dire Bear Form abilities.
Drawback Gear, unless it is explicitly created or enchanted to function in Bear Form, no longer applies to his stats. Bran is limited to Might, Agility & Dire Bear Form attacks while in this form. It lasts only 1 hour, and can be Dispelled. It cannot be used while Rank 2 Nulled.
Crescent Axe
Base Stats 6 Slashing Damage. A very large single-headed axe on a long pole, weighted for brutal swings that are likely to leave its target in two pieces.
Improvement Counterweight: Allows a follow-up NWA after the first AoE Melee attack every turn at the cost of 2 SP.
Awakened Bear Clan Armor
Base Stats This stitched armor of leather and hides is rough, but serviceable. An embroidered and vaguely tribal image of a bear's head sits on the left breast. +1 EVA & END.
Nephilim Power No Shelter: +1 Bear Aspect Level. The wearer may now Automatically find any Unit that is Bleeding, and gains +3 more Search.
Enchantment Blood Scent: +1 Bear Aspect Level. The wearer deals True Damage against Bleeding targets. They also gain +3 to Search.
Fadeleaf Tea Heals 10 SP when consumed.
Liferoot Tea x 2 Heals 10 HP when consumed.
Boon Type Level Description
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 6+2 See below for full bonuses.
Embrace of the Bear Major - +5 Max HP & SP. +1 Maximum Fury.
Trait Type Description
Catalytic Racial (Nephilim) Bran's body is a Catalyst with 3 Damage and no Perks.
Guardian of the Land Clan (Bear) While outdoors, Bran has -2 to SP Costs and gains +2 EVA, WIL & END.
Heart of Honey Clan (Bear) Bran's incoming and outgoing healing are increased by ½ Aspect Level [4].
Humble Master Caste (Laborer) Bran adds +5 to Herbology.
Prideful Worker Caste (Laborer) Bran adds +10 to the Non-Combat Skill Farmin'.
Perfect Health Racial (Nephilim) Bran has infinite Injury Points and doesn't suffer sickness.
Aspect of the Bear VIII
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Mighty Roar 2 Apply Frightened (vs END) to enemy Units within 10 squares. Also, Bran can speak with bears.
II Thick Skin - Add +3 Physical Damage Resistance.
III Bear Claws 3 Equips claws made of mana, formed of any Favored Elements. No Favored Element results in Spirit Element claws.
IV Survival - +2 Max HP & +1 END. +1 Might Meta & Cap. +3 to Search and +2 to Survival.
V Cornered - +2 Max HP & +1 END. Gain permanent Haste (Threshold: 10) if surrounded by 3 or more enemies or left last standing in battle.
VI Dire Bear Form - May shift into Dire Bear Form. Replaces Signature Skill.
Zeny 14,800
Stat Math
HP 45 + 15 [Points] + 8 [Might] + 5 [Embrace] = 73
SP 45 + 4 [Elemental] + 5 [Embrace] = 54
HIT 8 [Highest Meta] = 8
EVA 3 + 1 [Armor] = 4
END 3 + 8 [Might] + 1 [Armor] + 2 [Aspect] = 14
WIL 3 + 4 [Elemental] = 7
DAM 6 [Greataxe] = 6
Search 6 [Armor] + 3 [Aspect] = 9
Sneak 0 = 0
Bear Form
HP 45 + 15 [Points] + 8 [Might] + 5 [Embrace] = 73 x 2 [Bear] = 146
SP 45 + 4 [Elemental] + 5 [Embrace] = 54 x 2 [Bear] = 108
END 3 [Racial] + 8 [Might] + 1 [Armor] + 2 [Aspect] = 14 x 2 [Bear] = 28
HIT 8 [Aspect Lv]
DAM 8 [Aspect Lv]
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