Betty Meyers

Player: Briar
Upkeep: None
Income: 10,000z
Race: Human
Age: 33
Weapon Groups: Quattori Gunslinger, Badlands Scalper, Light Soldier, Mixed Soldier
Weapon Proficiencies: Brawling, Boxing, Dagger, Whip, Handgun, Revolver, Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, Throwing Axe
Favored Elements: Light
Meta Bonus: Tinker 8, Leadership 6, Opportunity 2, Roboticist 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 40
SP: 40
Damage: 5 CE CECR / Brawling, 4 Revolver
To Hit: 10 Base, 14 CECR
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 6
Willpower: 0
Search: 2
Sneak: -
Resistance: 1 All
Movement: 10
SP Reductions: -
Equipped Weapon: Command-OS Interfacer
Equipped Armor: CE Technician's Coat
Weapon Harness - -
Bendy Blacklight - -
Weapon Harness
CE Clockwork Rifle Swift Revolver Repel Rod
Injuries - 0 / 20 IP
Name Effect Heal Date
White Drake Addiction. Betty is hooked on the stuff, and needs to visit the Den of Delights from time to time to fill out a special order for it… (5 Charges / mo) -
Skill Tree: Tinker
Passive: Magi-Technician
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher
Tier 2 Great Materia Ping! Grenadier
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul SW Interruptor
Tier 4 Excellent Grand Materia Overclock
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Commander
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick Me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree: Opportunity
Passive: Veteran
Tier 1 - Pitch Item Quick Rise
Tier 2 Writhe - One Hundred Percent
Tier 3 - Push Harder War Torn
Tier 4 - - -
Skill Tree: Roboticist
Passive: Automaton Assembler
Tier 1 Shortcut Efficiency Remote Control
Tier 2 Scheduled Maintenance Peak Efficiency Jailbreak
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Field Medicine 14 “More field than medicine, these days.”
Tech Lore 12 “We can rebuild her.”
Gadgetry 8 “Crude machines tend to be surprisingly durable.”
Harvesting 8 “You could say I shop around.”
Dexterity 8 “One needs steady hands in my line of work.”
Relic Lore 6 “The ancients left us a lot of curiosities.”
Vitality 4 “I can handle myself in a scrap or two.”
Acrobatics 4 “I've crawled out of some narrow spots.”
Speed 4 “Treadmills make for good exercise.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Private ? “Hmm…”
Active Signature Skill – ???
Passive Signature Skill – ???
Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Level Description
Specialized Training Racial - +1 Leadership Meta.
Quattori Cultural - +2 Tech Lore.
CE 'Bioengineer' Implant Hands Implant - +2 Tech Lore, +2 Field Medicine. Betty’s hands are always sterile, and Immune to the effects of most caustic or harmful substances.
Masterwork: Bioengineering Major - +1 Tinker Meta & Cap. Betty has access to both Passive Abilities in the Tinker Skill Tree. She adds +4 to Field Medicine when treating a patient with Implants, and treats Implants as Devices that can be affected by Tinker Skills or temporary boons.
Masterwork: Laws of Robotics Major - +1 Tinker Meta & Cap. Betty has access to both Passive Abilities in the Tinker Skill Tree. When commanding Mechanical Companions, she may use her Tinker Meta in place of Leadership for calculations. When using any Consumable item on a Mechanical Unit, she heals them for HP equal to ½ her Tinker Meta, too.
CE Vital Supplement Major - +4 HP. Betty generates 2 Combat Resources (Charisma) at the start of every encounter.
Tricks of the Trade: Tinker II Minor - +2 CP. Betty reduces Study & Training Time on things pertaining to Tinkering by 3/6/9/12 Days.
Behemoth's Blood x2 Minor - +2 To Hit.
CE Clockwork Rifle
Description A Charleston-branded take on a popular, automatic Quattori firearm. Unlike most Clockwork Rifles, Charleston orients the ammo drum side-ways instead of under the receiver.
Base Stats Clockwork Rifle. 5 DAM, 15 Ammo, 6 DZ. Adds a follow-up NWA to every shot. Gains +1 To Hit with every shot, reset between turns.
Maker's Mark CE DuraChrome :: Weapon is Immune to Corroded and has +5 against being Damaged/Broken.
Improvement Precision Barrel :: The weapon gains To Hit equal to ½ the wielder’s Perception, Tinker, or Gunsmith Meta (Round Up). Deazone is increased to 10.
Enchantment Killer :: The weapon gains +1 To Hit per successful attack, up to +3.
Swift Corp Revolver
Description Brassy and rustic. Betty had the grip replaced with a slightly more ergonomic one.
Base Stats Revolver. 4 Damage, 4 DZ.
Maker's Mark Stable Grip :: Gain +2 To Hit while in Rapid Stance.
Repel Rod
Base Stats Mace. 5 Blunt DAM, ignores 2 Physical DR, +4 to applying Pained. A sleek metal rod, that sparks with violent electricity and magical force at the end.
Repel Mode Set damage to 0. All attacks apply Knockback up to 4 + your highest Physical or Tinkerer Meta cells.
Stun Mode Set damage to 0. All attacks apply Pained with +2 to Hit. If you have 4 or more Strength, set damage to +2.
CE Technician Coat (E)
Description Betty's lightweight, modern coat. It's a deep blue and branded with Charleston's logo via an arm patch.
Base Stats Reinforced Garb. +1 EVA, +2 HP.
Maker's Mark Lab Tech :: +2 CP, +2 Equipment slots for Devices.
Improvement CE Kinetic Synthweave :: +2 EVA, +1 All DR.
Weapon Harness A Container with 3 Slots for Weapons.
Command-OS Interfacer A handgun-shaped gadget, with a touch-pad screen that unfolds out the side. A 2-Handed Device for commanding Mechanical Companions. Wielding this passively increases your Companion’s Damage by 1 and all Defensive Stats and Adventure Skills by 2. If you have 8 Tech Lore or more, you can roll with Tech Lore to try to take control over idle automatons, as well. (GM Discretion)
Spiked Knuckles Gear. Provides +1 DAM to Brawling and converts Damage to Piercing. Shiny and chrome.
Bendy Blacklight Gear. Grants +2 Search, or +6 Search when looking for blood and chemical spills/stains. It straightens back out over times, and glows brightly when bended. The two ends can be clipped together to form a bracelet or necklace, too.
CE 'Drake' Flyer A light vehicle with 2 seats and a storage compartment that has 2 Equipment Slots. Charleston’s most popular, flight-capable flyer. It’s built a lot more cleanly than any competitor, boasting a quiet engine and solar magi-tech fins.
12x BERK! Energy revitalizing energy drink. Heals 10 SP and grants +2 To Hit and EVA.
12x Luchador Cola A tasty Quattori cola. Kinda pepper-y. Heals 10 HP and grants +2 To Hit and END.
9x Health Soda Betty prefers the herbal-flavored ones. Heals 20 HP.
4x Box of White Drake 5 Charges. The user gains 2 Ranks of Focused and deals +2 Damage with all attacks, but gains 3 Magic DV for the rest of the encounter. This is highly addictive…
6x RN Shock Grenade Deals 10 Lightning DAM in a 6×6 AoE and applies Nulled vs END.
6x RN Impact Grenade Deals 10 Force DAM in a 6×6 AoE and applies Knockback (8) vs END.
4x CE Static Haze Bomb Creates a 6×6 Area of Half-Cover for 3 Turns. Mechanical Units inside passively take ½ Meta (4) True Lightning DAM Automatically each turn.
7x CE PrismaGas Bomb Creates a 6×6 Area of Half-Cover for 3 Turns. Units inside gain 2 Ranks of Brilliant and Shrouded, which don’t cancel eachother out.
Zeny 120,000z
Stat Math
HP 34 (Base) +4 (CE Vitality) +2 (R.Garb) = 40
SP 34 (Base) +6 (Leadership) = 40
HIT 8 (Meta) +2 (Behemoth Blood) = 10
EVA 1 (R.Garb) +2 (Synthweave) +2 (Opportunity) = 5
END 6 (Leadership) = 7
Search 2 (Bendy Blacklight) = 2
Sneak 0
Point Expenditure 12 Leadership Skills + 12 Tinker Skills +6 Opportunity Skills +4 Leadership M6 +8 Tinker M5/6 = 42/42


B7 'Heavy Loader'
An enormous, imposing automaton, intended for carrying shipping containers in the Barony and up north. It's been weaponized. Stored in a 7th Division warehouse.
TYPE Large Tenacious Mechanical. +2 All DR, heal 5 HP per Turn. When defending via Shield Order, can roll to avoid damage, taking ½ instead if they succeed.
HP 63 DR 2 All, 4 Ballistic.
Sneak 0 END 15
Search 8 Move 16
Adventure Skills
Strength 26 Vitality 18
Gadgetry 8 - -
Companion Traits
Power Arms Grants 2+Meta (10) to Strength and Vitality. The Heavy Loader can easily carry up to 4 humanoid Units with ease.
Bulletproof Grants ½ Meta (4) Ballistic DR. The Heavy Loader functions as a source of Full Cover.
Weapons Platform The Heavy Loader can be outfitted with 2 Skill Items instead of 1 if its Leader has at least 5 Tinker/Gunsmith Meta.
Companion Skills
None -
Armored Chassis Companion Armor (Common). +2 END.
Swift Radial Pistons Skill Item. Rear Back becomes 360 Area Denial: 6 SP, Standard. The next Attack Order issued strikes all Units within 6 squares of the Heavy Loader, and applies Knockback (8) to any Units struck. Once per encounter, gain 1 Charisma for each Unit that’s hit.
CE Light Machinegun Skill Item. Dogpile becomes Machinegun Fire: 8 SP, Standard. For 3 Charisma, make 3 Ballistic NWAs in a Line AoE. Machinegun Fire automatically destroys sources of Cover.
B7 'Bullpup'
A hound-shaped security robot. The Swift Corporation manufactures most of these, but a few other companies- And hobbyists- Have made their own models.
TYPE Small Ferocious Mechanical. +2 All DR, heal 5 HP per Turn. When following an Attack Order, may apply attack as two ½ NWAs in a Multi-Hit attack.
HP 47 DR 2 All.
HIT 11 EVA 11
Sneak 22(+2) END 7
Search 8 Move 16
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 8 Dexterity 8
Speed 8 Strength 8
Companion Traits
Runner Replaces Mechanical’s Movement penalty with a +4 Bonus, and replaces +2 END with +2 EVA.
Man Hunter Bullpups deal Piercing damage in melee, and gain +2 To HIT and +1 DAM against Humanoid Units.
Companion Skills
Chomp 6 SP, Standard. The Bullpup deals NWA Damage, and applies Grappled. While Grappling a Unit via Chomp, all Single-Target attacks from the Bullpup may apply Bleeding (vs END). Against Humanoid Units, the Bullpup’s Man Hunter bonus is doubled for this skill.
Stock Model No Armor.
CE Synthweave Legs Skill Item. Rear Back becomes Quick Maneuver: 3 SP, Standard. The Bullpup ignores all Attacks of Opportunity this Turn, and applies Unbalanced (vs END) to all Units it passes that would normally attack it.
B7 'Bumblebee' Drone
A small, insectoid drone, with dexterous little legs and a number of interesting features. Fits nice and cozy inside Betty's satchel.
TYPE Tiny Cunning Mechanical. +2 All DR, heal 5 HP per Turn. Begins Combat in Stealth, and passively has 4 Concealment.
HP 39 DR 2 All.
HIT 12 EVA 10
Sneak 22(+4) END 8
Search 10 Move 8
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 8 Dexterity 8
Speed 8 Strength 8
Companion Traits
Collector The Bumblebee Drone replaces Mechanical’s Adventure Skills with Harvesting and Thievery. The Drone has a small ringer-compatible camera for recording things, too.
Manascanner The Bumblebee Drone has Mana Sensing and Herbology equal to ½ Meta, and can project basic information about its environment to its Leader.
Companion Skills
Retina Burn 6 SP, Standard. Apply Blinded (vs EVA) to a Unit within 4 squares. For 4 Charisma, apply Unbalanced 2 (vs EVA) as well.
Stock Model No Armor.
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