Bernhardt Reiter

Player: Karn
Upkeep: Traveler (1,000z)
Income: -
Race: Splicer (Ursine)
Racial Trait(s): Ascendant, Bestial, Ursine Strength, Wild Frenzy
Cultural Trait: Scholarly Training (+Water Element)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Relic Lore)
Age: 63 (Old)
Weapon Proficiency: Boxing, Magic Bolters, Magic Catalysts
Favored Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind
Secondary Elements: Force, Ice, Lightning, Magma, Poison, Storm
Armor Type: Light Armor (Fur-Lined Coat)
Meta Bonus: Perception 7, Artifice 6
Status and Equipment
HP: 35
SP: 35
Damage: 4 / 3
To Hit: 7
Evasion: 10
Endurance: 4
Willpower: 7
Search: 9
Sneak: 4
Concentration: 18 Perception, 16 Artifice
SP Reductions: N/A
Equipped Weapon: Emelie & Seraphina
Equipment Special Powers and Boons
Catalyst Gauntlet x
Water Vellum x
Light Charm x
Greater Healing Potion x
Greater Energy Potion x
x x
Injury IP Description Heal Date
Gored Foot 4 Bernhardt landed right on a spike, left foot-first. Bernhardt takes 1 True Damage for every square moved in combat, and his Movement is reduced by 5. 10/9
Tree: Perception Artifice
Passive: Dead-Eye Temperance
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Aim Scan Tense Exchange Hush Analyze
Tier 2 Strafing Distract Pinpoint Reach Mimicry Discharge
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Unbalance Squeeze Siphon Silence
Tier 4 Flurry Slay True Sight Scholarly Spell Steal Unweave
Adventuring Skills
Relic Lore +9 “An area of expertise, you might say.”
Creature Lore +7 “I've seen much, in my time, beast or otherwise.”
Mana Sensing +7 “It's all around us. Fascinating, isn't it?”
Spell Lore +7 “Like paint on a limitless canvas.”
Dexterity +6 “Fortunately, arthritis has yet to take hold.”
Speed +6 “I'm still swift in mind and body alike.”
Magic Healing +5 “Something's got to ease these old bones.”
Gadgetry +4 “I've picked up the knack, it seems.”
Non-Combat Skills
Magical Study +7 “In my youth, I could not get enough. Little has changed.”
Gentlemanly +6 “Without manners, we could hardly be called 'civilization'.”
Gardening (Ornamental) +3 “Mmm… There hasn't been use for this in some time.”
Emelie & Seraphina
Base Stats 4 Magical DAM. A polished steel 'revolver' with an intricate engraving along the barrel and chamber. 4 Magical DAM. A gleaming golden 'revolver' with a similar engraving upon its barrel and chamber.
Material Republic Steel Gold-Plated Republic Steel
Craftsman Heidi Reiter Heidi Reiter
Catalyst Gauntlet
Base Stats 3 Magical DAM. A metallic glove with a catalytic gem on its palm.
Material Republic Steel & Glass
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Fur-Lined Coat
Base Stats +2 EVA & Sneak. A long brown coat with red accents that stretches to Bernhardt's ankles. A patch on the shoulder depicts the Yuno Academy's crest.
Material Poplin
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Magical Scripts
Light Charm 5 Charges. Holds Bless, Flash & Heal
Water Vellum 5 Charges. Holds Breath of Water
Greater Healing Potion Heals 19 HP. Made by Redoran Carmac.
Greater Energy Potion Heals 15 SP. Made by Redoran Carmac.
Other Type Description
Ursine Splicer Racial (Splicer) Bernhardt adds +2 to Perception and +1 to its Cap.
Ursine Strength Racial (Splicer) Bernhardt adds 1/2 his Highest Physical Meta [3] to Endurance.
Wild Frenzy Racial (Splicer) Bernhardt adds +2 Damage if his target has a Negative Condition.
Zeny 16,400
Spellbook (50 pg.)
Pages 1 - 5 Bless Flash Heal Life Rain Purity
Pages 6 - 10 Surge Breath of Water x x x
Unique Spells
Breath of Water Standard Action (6 SP): Deal MCA + 1 Water Damage in a Cone Attack and change your Personal Element to Water for the length of the encounter.
Stat Math
HP 35 [Race/Age] = 35
Stamina 35 [Race/Age] = 35
HIT 7 [Highest Meta] = 7
EVA 1 [Race] +2 [Armor] +7 [Perception] = 10
END 1 [Race] +3 [Ursine] = 4
WIL 1 [Race] +6 [Artifice] = 7
DAM 4 [Pistols] or 3 [Gauntlet]
Search 2 [Race] +7 [Perception] = 9
Sneak 2 [Race] +2 [Armor] = 4
Spirit Magic 5 [Skill Points] +2 [Ursine] = 7
Artifice 4 [Skill Points] = 4
Skill Point Expenditure
Classically trained, I assure you.
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