Avi Poirot

Character Profile
Player: Aravae
Upkeep: 2,000
Income: 4,0001)
Zenny: 245,200
Race: Blossoming Human
Racial Traits: Scholarly Training, Runian
Age: 31
Weapon Groups: Magic Dueling, Light Spellsword, Mixed Dueling
Weapon Proficiency: Spellblade, Orb, Anthame, Dagger, Estoc, Rapier, Sword, Twin Jewelry, Wand, Magic Bolter
Weapon Expertise: Spellblade, Sword
Favored Elements: Water, Wind
Secondary Elements: Storm, Force
Armor Type: Fortune Seeker’s Outfit (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Elemental 5, Leadership 5, Agility 3
Status and Equipment
HP: 45
SP: 44
MCA Damage: 3 [Catalytic] 4 [Mystic Saber] +12)
NWA Damage: 4 [Mystic Saber] +13)
Hit: 64) [+2 with Spellblade]
Evasion: 4
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 7
Search: 2
Sneak: 1
SP Reductions: 0
Equipped Weapon: Mystic Saber
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Savant Summoner Bracelet Charm of Brutality Eye for Adventure
Chivalry Health Draught Gloves of Gathering Codex of Language
Chivalry Stamina Draught Piercing Goggles ?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection - The Haze of War
- - The Count's Clarity
- - Sunlight’s Wrath
- - Blessing of Wind
- - ?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection - White Lies
- - Eyes of Heaven 5)
- - Sunlight's Kiss
- - The Gift of Sanctuary
- - Blooming
- - Providence's Pledge
Racial Traits
Trait Type Description
Scholarly Training Cultural 2 Favored Elements instead of 1.
Runian Locational +2 to Relic Lore.
Tangled Soul Blossoming Potent Soul; which allows use of Superior Magic, Nephilim Arts, and other abilities that harm the user without suffering as dearly. Soul is also Force element. (He is not Force himself.)
Catalytic Blossoming Requires no Catalyst to use Magic. 3 MCA when casting this way.
Being of Force Blossoming Automatically favor the Force element and gain Fluidity with it.
Injury Type Description Heal Date
The Death of Christopher Luna Cognitive Scar Avi died–no he didn’t! It’s easier to recognize the memories as not his own, but there are moments. It’s rare (usually at night/alone/when contemplating), but Avi occasionally falls into the mindset of C-Moon. Never
Us & Them Cognitive Scar Avi has several more pieces of C-Moon's life, now, and there are moments when things get tangled further. Avi sporadically falls into the mind-set and emotions of “C-Moon”. This happens more often when alone. Avi may find himself feeling more protective of whoever he deems “his gang”. Never
Skinwalker Scarification Scar Avi's left hand has a diagonal scar from just above the thumb to just below the pinky. It faintly glows under the right circumstances. -1 Dexterity. When any Unit in an encounter adopts an Animal Form, Avi gains +1 END for the rest of the encounter. Never
Witness In Red Soul When Avi closes his eyes, there’s a faint spec of red. Indefinitely
Injury Points 0/24
Skill Tree: Water
Passive: Amplify
Tier 1 Wash Splash x
Tier 2 Surge Ripple x
Tier 3 Imbue Water Waterfall x
Tier 4 Drown Water Mastery Water Field
Skill Tree: Wind
Passive: Amplify
Tier 1 Breathe Tilt x
Tier 2 Wind Brand Arise x
Tier 3 Tornado Cyclone x
Tier 4 Corkscrew x x
Skill Tree: Storm
Passive: Amplify
Secondary Storm Barrier Storm Brand Imbue Storm
Unique Storm Bolt Orb of Storms Gloom
Skill Tree: Force
Passive: Amplify
Secondary Force Barrier Force Brand Imbue Force
Unique Whirl Condense Crush
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Wrangler
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Shield Order
Tier 2 Heal Order Shake Off Rear Back
Tier 3 Desperate Cry Pick me Up Dogpile
Tier 4 Presence Rise Up Frenzy
Skill Tree: Agility
Passive: Momentum
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Flow
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Slanted Strike
Tier 3 Leverage x Chain Strike
Tier 4 Skyward x Coup de Grâce
Skill Tree: Superior
Cost: Max HP
Chains of Akara (10) x x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Elementalism 12 “If I didn't know what I was doing, I'd die…No, literally, my body would die.”
Insight 8 “If you don't know what you're working with, you probably shouldn't be working with it.”
Relic Lore 11 “I'm not done seeking 'em out!”
Spell Lore 8 “To think right now as we're learning something new, there are tens of thousands of other forms of magic we haven't even touched!”
Acrobatics 3 “You…You don't want anyone calling you a landlubber, do you?…Please be nice to me.”
Speed 3 “I could swim circles around you!”
Precision 4 “You've gotta work quick when you're out at sea. Learn your knots!”
Strength 4 “My bag is deceivingly heavy…and it already looks pretty heavy…”
Vitality6) 3 “Sometimes you've just gotta push on, soldier!…Wait, did I just say 'soldier'?”
Labor 6 “Living out at sea with a crew is hard work, y'know!”
Investigation 4 “Okay just give me a sec, I gotta think…”
Survival 5 “Did you know you can eat the eyes of a fish?”
Herbology 5 “Half of what I work with is plant life, you gotta know your stuff.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Science! (Marine Biology) 7 “Just when you think the world can't get any more fascinating…well…it does!”
Fishing 4 “I could keep us all fed for a good month!”
Sailing 4 “It feels more natural than being on land at this point.”
Alcohol Tolerance7) 2 “I can hold my own better than you'd think.”
Manipulation (Lying)8) 3 “It's as easy as breathing sometimes…why is that?”
Active Signature Skill – Mariner's Lament
Despite his passion and devotion for Margaery, summoning her is a trying effort and taxes him like any other summoner. However, he has honed a way to control his mana enough to keep her stable at even their lowest points. When Margaery is destroyed, her form is instead reduced to its most basic state, taking the shape of a small, orb-like blob of water. While she may not be nearly as much of a force to be reckoned with in this state, she is still at his side and does what she can.
Description In this form, Leadership skills cost 1 extra SP and and her Damage is reduced by 2. Avi may recall her back to her original form with a Focused Action of 6 SP, but will receive a Minor Spirit injury if attempted during combat due to this dangerous stunt. This technique can only be used once during combat.
Dual Skill – Watch and Learn (Avi & Jinan)
In combat, Watch and Learn activates when Avi or Jinan miss an Attack in a combat encounter. If Avi misses, it will affect Jinan, and vice-versa. The one who benefits treats the same target as +1 Rank of Flanked until they miss or land an Attack. If they miss, this bonus transfers to the other and gains +1 Rank of Flanked. As soon as an Attack is landed, or one of them changes to a different target, Watch and Learn is reset.
Out of combat, this can also activate off of failed Adventure Skill checks, but only if Avi and Jinan are using Adventure Skills they've both invested in. If Avi fails, it will affect Jinan, and vice-versa. The one who benefits gains +2 to the Adventure Skill check. It will also activate when one of them has to make an Adventure Skill roll to save the other or make up for their failure (to 'show them up').


Mystic Saber
Innate Automatically gain the Element of any Magic Skill cast through this weapon and +2 to Hit. This is not a choice, and is replaced with every skill used. Add +2 Bonus To-Hit applying Nulled, and +4 applying Vulnerable.
Base Stats Spellblade. 4 Slashing Damage. 4 Magical Damage. An elegant blade with an intricate hilt.
Enchantment Draw: Generate 1 MP at the start of every Turn.
Armor: Fortune Seeker’s Outfit
Maker’s Mark Cheap: You got this for a steal, and most NPCs will only ask for ½ their normal price to repair it.
Base Stats Reinforced Garb. +1 EVA and +2 Maximum HP.
Enchantment Healing Stream: Regenerate 2 HP per turn. Regenerate 5 HP per turn instead if imbued with Wind, Lightning or Storm or standing on one such field.
Improvement Warded Undervest: +3 END against Magical Conditions, +1 Magical DR.
Savant Summoner Bracelet +2 Leadership Meta when calculating your Summon's stats.
Chivalry Health Draught Heals 30 HP. If consumed at full HP, you gain 2 Ranks of Regenerating instead.
Chivalry Stamina Draught Heals 30 SP. If consumed at full SP, you gain 1 Rank of Focused instead.
Charm of Brutality Grants +1 Damage. For every instance of direct Damage that you took during the last Enemy Phase, add +1 more.
Gloves of Gathering Grants 1 Charge after you use 4 Magic Attacks. This may take effect any number of times per combat encounter.
Piercing Goggles Grants Immunity to Blind or other effects that would reduce your Line of Sight range. Numerical Bonus adds +1 To Hit!

Boons & Studies

Name Type Description
Eye for Adventure Major +1 WIL. Avi gains +2 to the following Adventure Skills: Relic Lore, Survival, Herbology.
Codex of Language Major Grants knowledge of the ancient language, Cascadian. Avi can now speak, read, and write in Cascadian.
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection - The Haze of War Major +3 Vitality, +2 Non-Combat Skill: Alcohol Tolerance. When Prone, movement is 3/4th the usual instead of 1/2. Recollections of hating sweet foods and loving hard exercise will pop up occasionally.
The Count's Clarity Minor Roll flat, twice, when attempting to discern a visual hallucination or illusion and choose the better roll. Cannot be used with Adventure Skills.
Sunlight’s Wrath Major A small runic inscription carved into Avi's left leg, and delicately painted in and over with “Solar Nectar”. Once per Turn as a Free Action, Avi may spend 1 SP to deal 2 Light Damage to enemy Units within 4 squares Automatically. In direct sunlight, both SP Cost and Damage are doubled.
Blessing of Wind Tiered Avi shelters a piece of Atroce's immaterial form within his soul, safe and sound.
?̕͜͢?̷̵͞?̸̛̀͠'s Recollection - White Lies Minor +3 to the Non-Combat Skill: Manipulation (Lying). Avi’s thoughts are not always his own. He finds he has more of an affinity for sweets, he’s a little more selfish than he was, failure frightens him, and he may enjoy storm watching more than he already did.
Eyes of Heaven Temporary(?) The presence that is Atroce lingers within Avi more heavily than it did before. The vivid green of his left eye has intensified and now leaks Wind Mana. When determining perception alterations this ‘leak’ is more like a bright flame. Gain +3 WIL when rolling to determine or resist perception alterations. While inside the Tanglewood, he gains +2 to all invested Adventure Skills. In addition, Avi no longer requires food, drink or sleep when in the Tanglewood. This effect extends in a lesser form to when he’s with the ‘Infected’ - he’ll need to sleep/eat much, much less often. When he does sleep, occasionally he dreams of the desert, and desert wind.
Sunlight’s Kiss Major A small runic inscription carved into Avi's left shoulder, and delicately painted in and over with “Solar Nectar”. Once per Turn as a Free Action, Avi may spend 1 SP to Heal 2 HP. In direct sunlight, both SP Cost and Healing are doubled!
The Gift of Sanctuary Major Increase Maximum HP by 4, and reduce the IP of all Soul Injuries by 2. Gain +2 Elementalism. Gain the Zurian Sanctuary spell: Focused Action, 6 SP. Create an area of 6 squares around you, reducing all incoming and outgoing Damage by 5, applying Pacified, and granting +15 Sneak (that does not go over racial caps) to friendly units inside. Units inside become incorporeal and may pass through objects up to a foot in thickness, while appearing only as faint refractions of light to outside viewers. This boon is Cosmic in nature.
Blooming Major Avi was gifted Mana from two creatures very tied to the Tanglewood. There could be consequences to that. +2 HP, +1 WIL, +2 Grand Damage Resistance, +2 Extra IP. 216 affects him less negatively, but he feels at a cusp.
Providence's Pledge Major Something's rubbed off on Avi after dealing with Providence… Avi is Immune to the Providence Condition and the Call of the Abyss.
Blessing of Wind
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Soul of the Tracker - +2 Search. Once per encounter, Avi may spend his Sub Action to increase the To Hit of his next Attack by Tier × 2. The affected Attack may target a Unit in Stealth that Avi doesn't know the location of, but only so long as he has visually perceived them at least once during this encounter. Damage caused by it does not break their Stealth, and in the case of a Melee Attack they may immediately travel ½ their Movement afterward.
Source Description Research Time
Sunlight’s Embrace Tattoos that spread from previously carved runes, done in Solar Ink. These gift the wearer with more of the Sun’s warmth, and are considered quite the honour. 5/21/21
Source Description Training Time
x x x
TVS Favour
Yasmin: 4
Samira: 3


Margaery, the Siren
Large - Magical - Ferocious
A large mass of colorful water that takes the shape of a beautiful, goddess-like mermaid.
HP 47 HIT 6
MOV 12
Savage When attacking via Attack Order, deal ½ NWA twice as a Multi-Hit Attack.
Adventure Skills
Strength 7 Vitality 7
Magical Healing 7 Elementalism 7
Unique Trait
Helping Hand Margaery has 1 Equipment Slot that can only hold a Potion. Avi may use Attack Order while she's within 4 squares of a friendly Unit in order to have her use it on them.
Shared Boons
Blessing of Wind +1 Search. After Avi uses Soul of the Tracker, Margaery adds the same amount of +To Hit to her next Attack.
Grace of Heaven Margaery's left eye burns just as fiercely as Avi’s, though doubly so within SAS-216. While inside the Tanglewood, Margaery gains +2 Search as well as +1 EVA, WIL & END.
Weapon & Armor
Remedial Ring A golden ring with a ruby gem on it. +2 to Magical Healing. The Skill 'Heal Order' becomes 'Remedial Rain', which reduces its Healing by 2 (to just Base Damage) but causes it to affect an Area of Effect dependent on Leadership Meta.
Bracers of Agile Form +2 EVA & +2 Defense vs Dispel-like effects.
Greater Healing Potion Restores 15 HP.


Phyllo, the Starchild
Small - Magical - Cunning
A peculiar, docile little squid-like creature that floats slowly through the air.
HP 20 HIT 7
SNK 17 SCH 7
Silent +1 Damage & +2 To Hit while in Stealth.
Adventure Skills
Acrobatics 5 Speed 5
Magical Healing 5 Elementalism 5
Catalytic Mass Phyllo can be used as a Magic Catalyst (if he is within 4 squares of Avi) with an MCA equal to Avi's Leadership Meta (5). It can cast spells in any of your Favored Elements, as well as Cosmic. It can hold 1 Enchantment as a Trait, if you find an Enchanter willing to even attempt that.
Adoration Phyllo produces feelings of affection and serenity. Negates the negative emotional effects of certain Injuries/Scars, (GM Discretion) so long as Avi spends time with him.
Weapon & Armor
x x

Stat Calculator

Stat Math
S. Expenditure 9 [Water Skills] +7 [Wind Skills] +12 [Leadership Skills] +3 [Leadership Meta] +10 [Agility] = 41/42
A. Expenditure +2 [Elementalism] +7 [Relic Lore] +1 [Acrobatics] +2 [Speed] +3 [Strength] +5 [Labor] +4 [Investigation] +3 [Survival] +3 [Herbology] -1 [Precision]9) = 30/30
NC Expenditure 7 [Science!] +4 [Fishing] +4 [Sailing] = 15/15
HP 37
SP 44
Search 2
Sneak 1

Key Items

Scionic Ocean Bracelet A radiant, azure-blue gem affixed to a polished metallic bracelet. Staring into its surface is like gazing into an infinitely deep vortex of water. Grants water-breathing, and immunity to Drowning.
Dawn’s Fishing Set A set of specialised tools, made for fishing in bright, warm waters. All of the wooden tools have the signature ST carved into them. Add +4 Fishing and +2 Harvesting when gathering from Underwater or Near Shore. If used in direct sunlight, add +1 to Material & Reagent yield.
Pair of Felt Deer Ears Costume ears to make one look like a fawn. They have no special properties…
The Count R. Charm (Captain Edition) A pirate-magician decked in gold and red. Half the charm is his giant hat. Once a day, automatically succeed an Illusion Adventure Skill roll.10)
Broken Compass It doesn't work like a normal compass, and always points in one direction, apparently toward a fixed point. 'KS' is inscribed on the back, along with '03.04.3018' and something else that's been scratched out.
Scavvers' Bible This hand-written book came from some loony in the wilderness.
Bright Crystal Chunk (x4) Yellow and blue crystalline chunks that hum a little, and neon glows slightly from within.
Bright Crystal Dust (x3) A vial of a glittering neon powder, ground off the crystalline structures within the mountain. It’s fairly bright, even in this form.
Force Scale A singular semi-silver and translucent fish scale. It’s inverted and reflects light and very Force Mana potent.
Prism of Souls
Innate Limitless: The weapon is an unlimited, unwieldy source of overflowing Storm Mana. Nullifies all Magic SP reductions, gain +2 Magic SP costs. The weapon cannot be improved or enchanted in any way.
Base Stats Piece of Elysium. 10 True Magic Damage. Converts the element of all non-Cosmic magic cast through it to Storm. Converts the wielder’s unit type to Storm, unless it is Cosmic. Grants immunity to Null. A radiant, bowling-ball shaped crystal orb, overflowing with Storm mana. Staring into its surface grants a feeling of vertigo, as if falling into the eye of a hurricane, and holding it with one’s bare hands electrifies the blood and shakes the soul.
Enchantment Soul Projection: The Prism’s wielder and any nearby allies may project their souls across any distance to a location that at least 1 of them can clearly visualize. While projecting, users take on a spectral form, invisible to the eye, but not to magic detection. While projecting, users can physically manipulate their environment, using their highest Magic Meta in place of all Adventure Skill scores.
Silver Gale Stud
Base Stats A single earring in dark green with silvery grooves carved into it. 3 Magical Damage.
Maker's Mark Coven Secrets: Weapon and its modifications are nearly impossible to replicate.
Enchantment Regency: Adds +2 To Hit & +1 Damage to the wearer's Companion.
SAS Uniform
Base Stats Reinforced Garb: +1 EVA & +2 Maximum HP A silver uniform with white accents that has the SAS logo on both shoulders.
Maker's Mark Lead Lining: The wearer is Immune to Injury and other harmful effects from low levels of radiation. High levels may be diminished, but not entirely - they should still be avoided!


Greater Healing Potion (x5) Restores 15 HP.
Greater Energy Potion (x9) Restores 15 SP.
Mending Potion (x6) Cures all Negative Physical Conditions.
Rheeh Trapper’s Tea A bottle of lukewarm black tea that’s fairly plain. Grants +3 Gadgetry and +5 Max SP for an encounter. The SP is filled as it’s granted.
Polymorphic Potion: Cat (x10)11) A deep black potion with a cat-shaped cork. The drinker gains the 'Hyper Aware'12) and 'Feline Grace'13) Traits for an encounter. They grow cat's ears and whiskers that protrude from the sides of a suddenly catlike nose. How eerie!
Polymorphic Potion: Fox The drinker gains the 'Nefarious'14) and 'Foxy Guile'15) Traits for an encounter. Their hair turns bright orange with brown tips and they sprout a tail with the same pattern. Cute!
Crystalline Fruit Slice Fully restores HP & SP, and will instantly heal most injuries! However, using it to treat things like broken bones that aren’t set and injuries like that is an awful idea.
Rheeh Sharpshooter’s Tea A bottle of very white tea. It’s lukewarm… Grants +1 to all Ranged Damage and +3 Wind Damage Resistance for an encounter.
Aim of Atroce Tea This is enchanted tea. The imbiber’s eyes glow green… Grants 2 Ranks of Focused. This instance of Focused only lasts this and next Turn.
Nettle Grass (x8) (4 Batches) The grass looks dried out and dead, but was actually quite alive. There’s a prickly fibre on the leaves that’s scratchy to the touch. Automatically apply Rank 2 Coughing when ingested. Apply Coughing in a 5×5 Area of Effect (vs End).
Coral Pan-flute A faintly teal pan-flute made of rock-solid coral, said to have been lost by a mermaid in the western sea. When played, grants the wielder and those nearby the ability to walk on water for 1 minute. It sounds one or two octaves lower than other flutes of this sort.
Counter Clock Charm A brassy, enchanted pocket-watch that ticks backwards, supposedly found in a dwarven shipwreck. Once a day, as a Sub-Action, lower the rank of all negative Magical Conditions you are suffering by 1. If you are not suffering any, heal yourself for a number equivalent to the last instance of Direct or Indirect Damage you sustained.
Antique Diving Helmet Provides 3 Physical, 5 Water DR. Grants immunity to head attacks.
Antique Divers Armor Provides 3 Physical, 5 Water DR, +10 HP. Immunity to Knockback/Unbalance. Reduces Movement to 4 when not submerged.
Aquarium Set Assembly required! Use incurs an Intermediate Study reduced by Creature Lore and Gadgetry. Once placed in a home or workshop and filled, it grants the Temporary Boon 'Fishwatching' to its owner at Upkeep. They may start their next encounter with a Rank of Pacified.
Health Soda Heals 20 HP.
Greater Energy Potion Restores 15 SP.
Greater Energy Potion Restores 15 SP.
Mabel’s Drinking Horn A large, ox-like horn hollowed for drinking, decorated with gold bands. Its ale tastes bittersweet and very filling. 3 Charges. Heals 10 HP and SP and cleanses all ranks of Sickened and Envenomed, at the cost of being Stunned and halving your movement range. The horn magical alters any liquid inside it, and can be ‘topped off’ to its full charges at the start of each month.
Solar Crystal Goggles The lenses on these are pale yellow, but looking through them is crystal clear. At the start of a combat encounter, the wearer gains a Rank of Focused. In direct sunlight, they can’t progress past Rank 1 Blind.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Rheeh Tracker’s Armor
Base Stats Light Armor. +1 EVA. +2 Sneak.
Enchantment Atroce’s Guile: 5 Wind Damage Resistance and +3 Movement.
Junior SAS Researcher (Part Time) :: Avi recieves 1,000z for each week he works at the 216 outpost. (4,000z a month if there a full month
2) , 3)
Charm of Brutality
+1 Piercing Goggles
Temporary: ???
6) , 7) , 8)
Skinwalker Scarification
You do not need to have a bonus in Illusions for this to function! In the case of a wearer that cannot use magic, this will automatically perceive an Illusion instead.
or less, who knows…
Roll twice during reactionary Search rolls and use the higher result.
+½ Highest non-Crafting Meta to EVA & Acrobatics.
When you miss an Attack, apply Agitated (vs END) to the target.
You add your highest Meta to Sneak and Search.
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