Atlas 'Attie' Finnigan

Player: Nexxus
Income: Basic Sales (15,000z)1)
Expenses: 5,000z2)
Race: Human
Race Traits: Vocation3), Republican
Age: 22 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Republican Gunman4), Heavy Soldier 5), Mixed Soldier6)
Weapon Expertise ☕: Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG
Favored Element: Water
Armor Type: Light Armor (Tech Coat)
Meta Bonus: Perception V, Gunsmith VI, Tinkerer IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 34
SP: 35
Hit: 5
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 0
DR: 3 Phys
Search: 4
Sneak: 2
Damage: 5
Equipped Weapon: Finnigan Semi-Auto
Equipment Special Powers and Boons
Master Tinkerer's Kit Extended Clip (2/4) Dwarven Lung Tonic
Ruby Pendant .50 'Devastator Firearm Knowledge
H. Energy Potion H. Healing Pot Novice Technician
H. Healing Pot H. Healing Pot R. Gunsmithing Manual
Retained Knowledge
Spirit of Baseball
Tricks of the Trade
Vulcan Robotics
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Eye Gash Scar A set of two vertical gashes stretch from Atlas' cheek to her forehead on the left side of her face, going over the eye. The eye itself is slightly cloudy. Scarred. -1 hit bonus, -1 Search. Using an 'Aimed' nullifies these debuffs for the next turn. Never
Injury Points 0/17
Perception V Gunsmith VI
Passive: Fixation Triggerman
Cost: Tier Tier
Tier 1 Aim Strike L. Strike Change Up Shortcut Materia Tune-Up
Tier 2 Strafing Pinpoint Blitz Fine Tuned G. Materia Side Arm
Tier 3 Scatter Concentrate Waylay Superior Steady Aim Crack Shot
Tier 4 True Sight Slay Kill Shot Excellent Gr. Materia TBO
Tinkerer IV x
Passive: Gearhead x
Cost: Tier x
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Mech Masher x x x
Tier 2 G. Materia Ping! Grenadier x x x
Tier 3 Superior Keel Haul SW Interruptor x x x
Tier 4 Excellent Gr. Materia Overclock x x x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Gadgetry +10 ”Kind of what I did. Back in Einbroch.”
Tech Lore +9 ”… It’s an acquired skill, I guess.”
Dexterity +5 “Mechanical work needs fast hands…”
Thievery +4 ”Cliff locks himself out.”
Vitality +3 “Uhh..”
Acrobatics +3 ”Don’t test it, though.”
Speed +3 “If you call scrambling away ‘fast’, sure.”
Strength +2 ”Machinery needs elbow grease.”
Field Medicine +2 “Real easy to slice yourself open on scrap.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Drawing (Pencil) +7 “Technical drawings are important.”
Drawing (Charcoal) +5 ”It’s why I’m always messy- that and oil..”
Robotics +5 ”…Sean's still an idiot.”
Painting (Acrylic) +3 ”It’s a hobby, okay?”


Weapon & Armor
Finnigan Semi-Auto Technician’s Coat
Stats Sleek black rifle, with a semi-rustic look. Uses a banana-shaped clip. 4+1 DAM, 16 AMMO. Woven of thick fiber. Full of pockets and integrates well into any technician’s set of armaments! 1 EVA, 2 sneak
Material Tri-Op Black Steel Tri-Op Fiber Weave
Craftsmen Atlas Marie Sokolov
Innate Semi Auto: Sub action can be used for a basic NWA. x
Enchantment Forceful: +1 DAM Circle of Protection: +3 Phys DR.
Legendary Improvement x Tech God: +2 Gadgetry, +2 Tech Lore, +3 CP.
Improvement Iron Sights: +1 Hit when using an Aimed Skill, or in Stealth. Tri-Op Toolkit: +2 Consumable Slots, +1 Gadgetry, +1 CP.
Items & Gear
Master Tinkerer's Kit Made by Colton. Full of all kinds of tools, crafted with love and care. Some pretty advanced ones, too! Portable Rare workstation for Gunsmithing & Tinkering.
Extended Clip (4/4) A banana shaped clip, made by Cliff for the FSA. 4/4 charges, each charge has 16 rounds.
.50 'Devastator' A very heavy rifle that fires gargantuan .50 caliber rounds. It's back up, while Bri has her Magus Rifle. 12+2 Ballistic DAM, 1 AMMO. If fired while standing, become Prone & Disarmed. This is a lethal weapon. Forceful: +2 DAM.
Ruby Pendant A pretty red ruby on a chain. +2 To Hit against Flanked & Exploited Units.
High Healing Potion Made by one Redoran Carmac! Flavoured like creamy coffee, heals for 24 HP.
High Energy Potion Redoran's work! Flavoured like creamy mint, heals for 24 SP.

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Level Description
Dwarven Lung Tonic Minor x “Smog be gone.” +1 to SP.
Firearm Knowledge Minor x -2 Gunsmithing CP Costs.
Novice Technician Minor x “Sean's an idiot..” +1 to Tech Lore, and +4 to the NC Skill 'Robotics'.
Rekkenber Gunsmithing Manual Major x “Their books were good, but…” +1 to Attie's Gunsmithing Meta & Cap.
Retained Knowledge Major x “I don't talk about it.” +1 to Perception Meta, -1 to SP costs for Perception skills, and Favoured Element kept.
Spirit of Baseball Minor x ”…Stupid.” +2 to SP, +1 Vitality.
Tricks of the Trade Minor x “Basic, I guess.” Shortcut (Gunsmith) reduces 1 additional CP. Further reading will expand this boon.
Vulcan Robotics Minor x “I got bored.” +1 to the Robotics AS. 'Short-Wave Interruptor' Tinker Skill now affects Prosthetics.
Temporary Boons
Source Description Research Time
x x. x x
Source Description Train Time
x x. x x


Currency & Consumables
Currency 270,586 Zeny; 92,500 GobTix™
Health Hypo II Ugh. Needles. Restores 10 HP.
Health Hypo III Ugh. MORE needles. Restores 15 HP.
Nephilim Scholar's Tome 5 DMG. Legendary Relic. Holding onto it for Gabrielle! A thick tome with many pages full of glowing writing, the sum of which reads out into an incredibly powerful spell. Holds the spell “Light's Justice,” which cannot be replaced, and has 1 Base Charge. Can be used as a Catalyst weapon.
Launch Boots Modern boots with a curious mechanical heel. Passively allows the wearer to leap 15 feet into the air, and effortlessly over rough terrain.
VLC 'Steady' Arm 1 An Arm Replacement that offers +2 Dexterity, +1 Firearm To Hit, and -1 Automatic Firearm Follow Up Attack penalty.
Fabulous Firearms 4 Forging Fanatics This is Rekkenber! A complex book on the carving and crafting of all kinds of firearms.
Electrical Burns = Progress! This is Rekkenber! A medium-difficulty book on the art of tinkering and gadgets.
Scroll Case A case full of her crafting recipes. Lightweight, easy to carry while moving.
Finnigan & Slade's
Thalj Resonating Crystal Thalj-y! Pleasant. +1 to all Excellent rolls. For each extra Property added by an Excellent roll near the Crystal, refund 1 CP to the Crafter.


Craft Source Description Research Time
x x x x x
Crafting Points 16 Max 8/16 CP available, 8 auto drained each month
Rust Service Bot Passively adds +2 CP when assisting Atlas
Work Station 1 Rare Finnigan Firearms, located in Alberta. On the border between decent and skeevy town! -4 CP costs when used.
Work Station 2 Rare Master Tinkerer's Kit, it's portable! -4 CP costs when used.
Permits & Licenses
Gunsmithing Rune Attie may legally craft guns and ammunition within Runian Land!
Tinkering N/A She'll argue it's all to do with her gunsmithing - so that permit counts…
Merchant's Guild Rune Atlas may legally sell her wares within Rune.
Schematics & Blueprints
Common Rare Legendary
Long Arms x .50 'Devastator'
Automatics x x
Revolver x x
SMG Sawed-Off Shot Gun x
Magic Arms Semi-Auto Rifle x
Zeny Gun x x
Improvements (Weapons & Armor)
Common Rare Legendary
Iron Sights Semi-Auto Gearwork x
Long Barrel Tri-Op Toolkit x
Full Choke Carbon-Fiber Hilt/Stock x
Quick Draw Propulsion System x
Kevlar Underlay Ultra Sealant x
Gadgets & Devices
Common Rare Legendary
Funbrella x x
Common Rare
0 50
Name Amount Rarity Craft Description
M. Grade Tank Plating 2 Legendary Gun/Black-Smithing Weapon: +1 DAM, +3 Bonus Hit when applying Negative Conditions. Armor: +3 EVA, END, or WIL when defending vs Negative Conditions.
M. Grade Circuit Board 1 Legendary Gunsmith/Tinker Firearm: +2 Hit, +1 Attack Re-Roll per encounter. Device: +3 to the Device's numeric effects, and possibly more dependant on device.

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Click Me!
HP 34 [Human] = 34
SP 34 [Human], [Dwarven Lung Tonic] +1 = 35
HIT 6 [Highest Meta], -1 [Eye Gashes] = 5
EVA 0 [Base], +1 [Tech Coat], +5 [Perception V] = 6
END 0 [Base] = 0
WIL 0 [Base] = 0
Metas 4 [Percepn Skills], +1 [Retained Knowledge] = 5 Perception. 4 [Gun Skills], +1 [Points], +1 [R. Gunsmith Manual] = 6 Gunsmith. 4 [Tinker Skills] = 4 Tinkerer.
Search 5 [Perception V], -1 [Eye gashes] = 4
Sneak 2 [Tech Coat] = 2
CP 6 [Gun 6], +4 [Tinker 4], +4 [Technician's Coat], +2 [Rust] = 16
Drains 8 CP monthly
Apartment/Shop in Alberta split with Cliff
+3 Tinkerer Skills
Assault Rifle, Carbine, Handgun, SMG
Assault Rifle, Boxing, Carbine, Shotgun
Assault Rifle, Carbine, SMG, Sniper Rifle
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