Aravae Selmer

Character Profile
Player: Aravae
Upkeep: N/A
Income: 10,000z
Zeny 832,500
Race: Elf
Age: 229
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalysts, Martial Arts, Quarterstaves
Favored Elements: Spirit, Wind
Armor Type: Elegant Attire
Meta Bonus: Spirit 7, Agility 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 37
SP: 32
MWA Damage: 3
NWA Damage: 5
Hit: 8
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 6
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
SP Reduc.: -1 [Spirit], -1 [Agi]
Equipped Weapon: Turtle Clan Ritual Beads, Staff of the Monkey Warrior
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Healing Draught Faithful Earring Ethereal Touch
Expedition Specs Boosted Sapphire Eye Fortitude
Potion Satchel XL Healing Draught The Winter Wind
Refresh Draught Medium's Philter World's Blessing
Power Draught - x
Injury Type Description Duration
x x x x
Type Name Description
Cultural Magic Affinity +2 to Spell Lore and Mana Control
Locational World Tree +2 to Sensing Mana
Skill Tree: Spirit
Passive: Link
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt (1) Mana Shield (1) Nuture (1)
Tier 2 Enervate (2) Banish (2) Dampen (2)
Tier 3 Regenerate (3) Empower (3) Attune (3)
Tier 4 Wrath (4) Rebirth (4) Reflect (4)
Skill Tree: Agility
Passive: Grace
Tier 1 Deft Strike (1) Flourish (1) Flowing Strike (1)
Tier 2 Lunge (2) Focus (2) Sweep (2)
Tier 3 Feint (3) Tranquil (3) Rapidity (3)
Tier 4 Finesse (4) Ripple (4) Critical Strike (4)
Skill Tree: Superior
Cost: Max HP
Nourish (6) x x
Spell Notes
Nourish 3 Max HP & 3 SP Heals friendly Units in an 8 x 8 Area for MCA + Superior Skills and applies a Rank of Regeneration to Nourish’s central target (or the closest friendly Unit to its center).
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Clairvoyance 15 ”I value the dead as much as I do the living.”
Magic Healing 5 ”C-Can I take a look at that?”
Mana Control 5 ”Focus and be patient.”
Mana Sensing 9 ”It's all around us and it makes up everything!”
Spell Lore 5 ”It's exciting, isn't it? There will always be something new to learn!”
Acrobatics 7 ”You have to be quick on your feet!”
Dexterity 4 ”I don't like fighting, but…I'm good at blocking!”
Jumping 5 ”Long legs have their benefits.”
Speed 6 ”Ah! Sorry, someone needs me, take care!”
Vitality 5 ”I don't want to give up if there's still fight in me.”
Survival 2 ”Do you want me to teach you how to fish?”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Meditation 5 “It's important to stay grounded.”
Music [Flute] 3 “Coming from a musical family requires you to pick up at least one instrument.”
Active Signature Skill – Astral Projection
Aravae separates from her body and takes an astral form. In this state, her body is completely defenseless and vulnerable to attack (excluding attacks that directly affect her SP) unless protected for as long as she remains this way. It takes one phase for her to focus on separating from her body before she can act and she has the option to assist in one of two ways…
Offense The astral figure releases a powerful wave of mana over all enemies in an AoE radius, dealing 10 Spirit Damage and the chance to cause Rank 2 of Panic (vs Endurance). As consequence, her SP is reduced to 5 no matter what. For each turn she remains in this state, she causes the chance to inflict 1 Rank of Panic to all enemies. This may stack and includes targets that are already Rank 2, draining her of 1 SP each turn.
Support The astral figure releases a powerful wave of mana over all allies in an AoE radius, restoring their HP by 15 and SP by 10 and gives a +3 to Hit. As consequence, her SP is reduced to 5 SP no matter what. For each turn she remains in this state, she provides allies a +3 to Hit, draining her of 1 SP each turn.


Turtle Clan Ritual Beads
Stats 3 DAM, +1 DAM vs single targets, +3 vs disarm. A sort of charm bracelet with glass beads on it in many different colors.
Material Glass
Craftsman Glassblower Evu
Enchantment Wise: Every turn, roll a die. If the result is 10 or over, you must take a second offensive action at +2 SP cost.
Improvement Ritual Beads: Peculiar glass beads can be added to this bracelet. They're charged with certain elements, and allow any spell cast to manifest in those elements.
Current Beads Water, Earth, & Spirit
Staff of the Monkey Warrior
Stats 5 DAM, 6 range, +2 EVA after a successful strike (until next turn). This cylinder, just about the size of a lipstick tube, extends into a lengthy quarterstaff by way of springs and collapsible metal.
Material Nephilim Steel
Craftsman Morgan the Redeemed
Enchantment Holy Power: Converts outgoing melee attacks to Light
Improvement Collapsible: Gives +5 when trying to hide this weapon during body searches.
Elegant Attire
Stats -1 SP costs, +2 MOV Elegant and soft, in a Ba Jin-style cut.
Material Cotton
Craftsman Mass Produced
Enchantment x
Improvement x
Healing Draught Heals 17 HP and 6 Stamina.
Healing Draught Heals 17 HP and 6 Stamina.
Refresh Draught Heals 14 HP and 9 Stamina.
Power Draught Heals 3 HP, adds 4 DEF, and adds 5 Damage to all attacks for the remainder of combat.
Medium's Philter Increase Spirit Meta by 2 for 1 hr or 1 combat.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Boosted Sapphire Eye Produces a shield that completely blocks a magical attack. 3 Charges.
Faithful Earring -2 SP costs to your highest meta tree.
Expedition Specs Allows the reading and understanding of Ancient Northeastern Ba Jinian and grants +1 to Hit.

Boons & Studies

Boon Type Description
Ethereal Touch Major Grants the ability of physically touching spirits, as much as one can normally touch a normal person.
Fortitude Major +4 to Max HP.
The Winter Wind Major +2 Clairvoyance & Magical Healing. +1 Spirit Magic Meta. All Spirit spells manifest in Spirit-Wind, which is considered both Spirit and Wind when calculating Elemental Weakness & Strength.
Soul Seeker Minor +1 Clairvoyance. Aravae may spend 4 SP to roll with ⅓ Clairvoyance (round up) in place of Search when looking for Units that have souls.
World's Blessing Tiered An unseen force that felt familiar and yet alien has expressed its gratitude.
World's Blessing
Tier Name Stamina Cost Description
I Spiritual Freedom - Gains 3 Combat Skill Points and Spirit Fluidity through all Magic Skill Trees.
Source Description Research Time
x x x

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
S. Expenditure 12 [Spirit Skills], +12 [Agility Skills], +6 [Spirit Meta (2)], +3 [Wind] = 33/42 + 3
A. Expenditure [Clairvoyance] +9, [Mana Sense] +4, [Acrobatics] +3, [Dexterity] +2, [Jumping] +3, [Speed] +4, [Vitality] +3, [Survival] +2 = 30/30
NC Expenditure Meditation [5], Music (Flute) [3] = 8/15
HP 32 [Elf], +1 [Dragon Blood Pot], +4 [Fortitude] = 37
SP 32 [Elf] = 32
HIT 7 [Highest Meta], +1 [Expedition Specs] = 8
EVA 1 [Elf], 4 [Agility 4] = 5
END 0 [Base] = 0
WIL 6 [Spirit 6] = 6
Search 2 [Elven Hearing] = 2
Sneak 0 [Base] = 0
MCA 3 [Turtle Clan Ritual Beads] = 3
NWA 5 [Monkey Staff] = 5
Eles Spirit [Starter]
Meta 4 [Spirit Skills], 2 [Skill Points], 1 [Winter Wind] = 7 Spirit, 4 [Agi Skills] = 4 Agi
SP Reduc. -1 [Draught of Sages] = -1 [Agility costs], -2 [Faithful] = -2 [Spirit Costs]


In Storage
Healing Potion x2 Restores 3 HP.
Healing Potion (P+R) x5 Heals for 7 HP and removes one Debuff.
Adventurer's Potion x2 +2 ATK, +2 DEF for remainder of battle.
Nephilim Multi-Tool +3 to Sensing Mana, +3 to the universal skill 'Dispel'.
Power Draught x2 Heals 3 HP, adds 4 DEF, and adds 5 Damage to all attacks for the remainder of combat.
Refresh Draught Heals 14 HP and 9 Stamina.
*Healing Draught Heal 20 HP and removes 1 Debuff.
Astralian Fruit Puncturing one of these and drinking the juice restores 3 SP per Turn for the rest of the encounter.
Ocean Gem Allows user to breath under water.
Stormcrow Necklace A rope necklace with a charm in the shape of a crow's talon, holding a glowing green crystal. When casting Spirit, rolls of 16 - 20 manifest in Spirit-Wind which counts as both Spirit and Wind for calculating Elemental Strength & Weakness.
Mocking Scale (Execution) A dark purple dragon scale that swells with a large amount of Light mana. When used as a Standard Action, it casts Execution. The Mocking Scale may only be used once per encounter. [Execution: Deals MCA + 3 Light Damage (vs WIL). If the Unit is below 75% HP, add 3 more Damage. Below 50%, add 6 instead. Below 25%, add 9 instead.]
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