Annette Collins

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Income: Treasure Hunter [10,000z]
Money: 213,000z
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet (+1 Evasion), Nature's Grace (+4 to Gardening)
Cultural Trait: Magic Affinity (+2 to Spell Lore and Mana Control)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 to Spell Lore)
Race: Light Elf
Age: 28 (Adolescent)
Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Magician 1), Heavy Spellsword 2), Light Magician 3)
Weapon Expertise: Cane 4), Orb 5)
Favored Element: Water, Earth
Secondary Element(s): Ice
Armor/Armor Type: Orion Academy Uniform (Unarmored)
Meta Bonus: Elemental VI, Leadership V
Status and Equipment
HP: 30
MP: 18
STM: 48
Damage: 4 (O. Academy Cane), 5 [PHY] / 4 [MAG] (O. Academy Runeblade)
To Hit Bonus: 6
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 5
Willpower: 6
Movement: 12
Search: 2
Sneak: 0
STM Reductions: -1 to Skills (Unarmored), -1 to Elemental Skills
Equipped Weapon(s): Orion Academy Cane, Orion Academy Runeblade
Equipment & Gears
Awakening Potion
Concentration Bracers
Potion Satchel XL
Shimmering Ice Crystals
Potion Satchel XL
Guarding Potion
High Healing Potion
High Energy Potion
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/15


Elemental Magic (Water)
Passive: Balance (+6 Willpower, +6 SP, +18 MP)
Tier 1 Life Drop* (1) Wash* (1) W. Barrier* (1)
Tier 2 Surge (1) Life Rain (1) W. Brand (1)
Tier 3 Torrent (2) Purify (2) Imbue W. (2)
Tier 4 Drown (3) Waterfall (3) W. Field (3)
Elemental Magic (Earth)
Tier 1 Shards (1) Growth (1) E. Barrier (1)
Tier 2 Vines (1) Spike (1) Stone Brand (1)
Tier 3 Quake (2) Salt (2) Imbue E. (2)
Tier 4 Fissure (3) Regrowth (3) E. Field (3)
Secondary Elemental Magic (Ice)
I. Barrier (2) I. Brand (4) Imbue I. (6)
Ice Spear (4) Icy Prism (4) Freeze Bomb (6)
Passive: Wrangler (+5 Endurance, +5 SP, +5 Charisma)
Tier 1 Attack Order (1) Defend Order (1) Shield Order (1)
Tier 2 Heal Order (2) Shake Off (2) Rear Back (2)
Tier 3 Desperate Cry (3) Pick Me Up (2) Dogpile (3)
Tier 4 Presence 6) Rise Up (4) Frenzy (4)
Elysian Geomancy
Tier 1 Dimensional Anchor (1) Blink (1) Locked
Tier 2 Locked Locked Locked
Tier 3 Locked Locked Locked
Tier 4 Locked Locked Locked
Active Signature Skill – Glacial Wall
“Feel the cold's embrace!”
Annette summons a wall of frozen ice, which is at half of her Elemental Meta [3] in width, charging forward in the target direction. Units impacted by the charge are dealt 10 Ice Damage and are knocked back several squares, equal to half of her Elemental Meta [3]. The ice wall remains for 2 full Turns, acting as impassible terrain for Units. This is considered a Standard Action.
Passive Signature Skill – Frostbite
“The cold will numb your pain.”
On rolls of 11-20, Annette's Ice Spells have a chance to apply 1 Rank of Chilled, reducing movement by 2 and increasing damage taken from her abilities by 1.
Dual Skills
Glacial Storm (Annette & Celeste)
“We are the snow, ice and storm - do not tempt the blizzard!”
Celeste charges through a number of Units in an AoE equal to Leadership Meta [5]. Afterwards, Celeste calls forth a driving force of ice and hail at the target location and each Unit must roll END or gain 1 Rank of Grappled if they fail their rolls. Then Annette conjures ice shards above her and launches them in a flurry towards the Grappled Units hitting for 10 Ice Damage each. Each Unit hit by an ice shard gives Annette 1 Mana Point. This is considered a Standard and Movement Action (but is not considered Focused).
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Gardening (Flowers) +4 It’s not really an activity that Annette cares too much about, but she knows how to apparently and seldom uses this.
Etiquette +6 Her nobility is still within her roots and her blood, so she’ll know when to act prim and proper when the occasion arises for it.
Studying +6 Annette takes her research and studies seriously to a fault, as her whole life basically revolved around books and papers on a daily basis.
Singing (Traditional) +3 A very rare skill that she barely shows at all, due to shyness and insecurity. Songs of soft melodies are what she favors the most.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Mana Sensing +11 The ability to sense mana that’s out of place. It’s commonly used to try and search for magical traps, or get a better sense of the area around the party.
Mana Control +11 The ability to shift the flow of nearby mana. They might turn a torch into a blazing fireball, or cause water to create a giant wave, or anything such as that.
Relic Lore +10 The character’s knowledge of magical implements, including Magical Scripts. It can also be used to dismantle traps, if they make of use magi-technology or have a catalytic source.
Spell Lore +9 The knowledge of magic and its inner workings. It can be used in anything from magical study to dismantling magical traps, if their primary function is magical.
Creature Lore +6 The character’s knowledge of Aurora’s wildlife as well as certain magical creatures. It can be usually be used in combat as a Sub Action to get a better idea of what the party’s enemy might be able to do. It doesn’t work on everything, though…
Illusions +5 The character’s ability to conjure false images. Anything from objects that aren’t there to entire people that aren’t there fall under this category, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Magic Healing +4 The character’s ability to treat wounds and purify toxins by way of magic. Injuries of all kinds are treated with this, whether large or small.


Celeste, the Frost Mermaid
An elemental manifested in the shape of a beautiful mermaid, she’s loyal to her mistress to a fault and assaults her enemies with ice attacks!
Type Medium Ferocious Magical
HP 40 HIT 7
MOV 12
Personal Element Celeste absorbs the Element she's made of. (Ice)
Critical Range Flat Attack rolls of 18-20 from Celeste apply her Element’s Negative Condition. (Frozen)
Savage When attacking via Attack Order, Celeste may instead deal ½ NWA twice as a Multi-Hit Attack.
Adventure Skills
Weapon & Armor

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Orion Academy Cane Orion Academy Uniform
Base Stats 4 Magical DMG (Element varies by user) / Canes grant +1 Damage & +1 Bonus-to-Hit if they’re enchanted with the same element of the Magic Skill you are using. -1 to SP Costs, +2 MOV.
Description Standard cane provided to students associated with Orion. Standard robes provided by the Orion Academy. Very comfy and allows free movement most of the time!
Maker's Mark Cloudwood: +5 against Breaking and being Nulled. -1 Hit. Catalytic Thread: You may cast magic without a weapon catalyst, using 3 MCA and a Favored Element. +1 HIT/DAM when wielding a weapon catalyst, instead.
Enchantment Sharp-Eyed: +2 Hit, +1 DAM when casting Single Target spells.
Improvement Levinwood Crest: Reduces the Stamina cost of Elemental spells by 1, and increases Physical Damage dealt with Magical weapons by 1.
Orion Academy Runeblade
Base Stats 5 Slashing / 4 Magical / Runeblades increase the numeric value of Magical Conditions they apply that deal Damage or Healing Over Time by +1. Runeblades grant their wielder +2 Evasion, Willpower or Endurance vs Dispel. Runeblades grant their wielder +1 Bonus To Hit when using Dispel.
Description A runeblade provided by the Academy, as Levinwood students are provided the special privilege to carry such around.
Maker's Mark Cloudwood: +5 against Breaking and being Nulled. -1 Hit.
Improvement Spellsunder: When making Physical attacks against units with Physical Damage Resistance, treat your attacks as Magical instead, but still targeting EVA.
Awakening Potion Grants +3 Bonus to Hit for an encounter.
Equipment & Gears
Concentration Bracers Engraved copper bracelets that adds balance to wearer's stance and strengthens wrist movement. Once per encounter as a Sub Action, you may gain a Rank of Focused.
Potion Satchel XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Potions & Poisons only.
Shimmering Ice Crystals A bracelet made from jagged blue crystals. They’re not sharp or cold to the touch, oddly. Your main-hand Weapon is passively affected by Ice Brand (+2 Damage & Ice Element).
Potion Satchel XL
Guarding Potion Grants +3 Evasion for an encounter.
High Healing Potion Heals 20 HP.
High Energy Potion Heals 20 SP.


Grounding Potion Grants +3 Endurance for an encounter.
High Healing Potion Heals 20 HP.
High Energy Potion x2 Heals 20 SP.
Mystic Potion Grants +3 Willpower for an encounter.
Equipment & Gears

Special Powers & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Levinwood Credit Minor Choose any 3 Elemental spells of a single element, or Agility, or Perception skills for free (marked with *).

Training Time, Magical Research & Other

Source Description Research Time
In-Depth Cooking Lesson Evelyn offered to give them a course on elven cooking. Annette opts to devote more time and money so she can learn properly! 6/27/20 - 8/22/20
Source Description Training Time


1. +4 Points placed into Gardening (Non-Combat Skill) for free due to Nature's Grace.
2. +2 to Search due to Sharp Ears passive.
3. +2 to Spell Lore due to World Tree trait.
4. +2 to Spell Lore and Mana Control due to Magic Affinity trait.
5. Light Elves start with 1 Favored Element of their choosing. Took Water as Starter.
6. Light Elves have a base stat of 1 for Evasion due to Fleet Feet trait.
7. +3 Skills (Life Drop, Wash, Water Barrier) in Elemental [Water] are taken for free due to the Levinwood Credit boon.
8. -1 to all Meta Caps due to being an Adolescent.

Stat Point Expenditures

Annette's Stat Breakdown
HP: 32 (Base) - 5 (Adolescent) + 3 (Combat Skill Points) = 30
STM: 32 (Base) + 5 (Leadership Meta) + 6 (Elemental Meta) + 5 (Adolescent) = 48
MP: 6 (Elemental Meta) * 3 = 18
DMG Bonus: 4 (O. Academy Cane) = 4
DMG Bonus: 5 [PHY] / 4 [MAG] (O. Academy Runeblade) = 5/4
To Hit Bonus: 6 (Highest Meta) = 6
Evasion: 1 (Base) = 1
Endurance: 5 (Leadership Meta) = 5
Willpower: 6 (Elemental Meta) = 6
Movement: 10 (Base) + 2 (Equipped Armor) = 12
Search: 2 (Base) = 2
Sneak: 0 (Base) = 0
Charisma: 5 (Leadership Meta) = 5
Celeste's Stat Breakdown
HP 15 + 5 (L. Meta) x 5 = 40
HIT 5 [L. Meta] + 1 [Medium] + 1 [Ferocious] = 7
DMG 5 [L. Meta] + 1 [Ferocious] = 6
EVA 5 [L. Meta] + 1 [Medium] = 6
WIL 5 [L. Meta] + 1 [Medium] + 2 [Magical] = 8
END 5 [L. Meta] + 1 [Medium] - 2 [Magical] = 4
SCH 5 [L. Meta] = 5
SNK 0 = 0
MOV 10 [Base] + 2 [Magical] = 12
Skill Point Expenditure
Leadership 16 pts
Elemental (Earth) 12 pts
Elemental (Water) 9 pts
Earth Element 3 pts
Health 2 pts
Combat Points Used 42/42
Adventuring Points Used 30/30
Non-Combat Points Used 15/15
1) Cane, Orb, Staff, Twin Jewelry
2) Magic Cannon, Runeblade, Staff, Swordstaff
3) Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Wand
4) Canes lower the SP Cost of Brand Skills to 0
5) Orbs add +1 To Hit per Unit in an Area of Effect Magic Skill’s range
6) Passive
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