Alexandra Fairweather

Player: TrustRedHerrings
Upkeep: 0z
Income: 15000
Race: Human
Age: 20
Racial Traits: Noble Human: Indulgent, Leisurely. Apprentice Training, Runian
Weapon Groups: Light Magician1), Mixed Magician2), Heavy Magician3)
Expertises: Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Orb, Wand, Staff, Cane, Thalj Talis
Favored Elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Heart
Meta Bonus: Elemental (IX), Leadership I, Paragon I
Status and Equipment
HP: 38+(12)
SP: 54+(8)
Damage: MCA 8
To Hit: 12
Evasion: 5
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 9
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: -1
DR: 3 Ballistic
Equipped Weapon: Thajj Talis and Crissaegrim
Armor: Noble Garb
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Potion Satchel Heavy Kevlar Vest Blessing of Water
Health Draught Amethyst Eye Elemental Fluidity
Stamina Draught Headband of Deep Focus Wizard Guild Education
x Charm of Malady Path of the Ancestral Demonslayer
Research Type Description Study Time
Perfect Runic Structure Expert “Ah, but the Nos’ written language is very delicate. Even one flinch could change the meaning.” 8/5.
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Injury Points 0/25
Temp Boons Description Recurring?
Perk-It Pills Xtra Grants a Temporary Boon that applies a Reduction to Studies & Training based on Difficulty for 30 Days. Simple gains a -5 Day Reduction; Intermediate -10; Expert -20; Master -40. Yes
A normal dish Peco Three Ways, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Glaze, Lucky Clovers no
Conduit Magitech Tattoo When this Temporary Boon is applied, begin combat with a Rank of Focused. (This works in addition to the Commissary Temporary Boon.) Yes
Goliath Injection A syringe full of bright red liquid. When injected by a Health-orne doctor, it grants +4 Max HP & SP, +3 Movement, and Immunity to Minor Injuries for the duration of the Triad Tourney Yes
Charm of Reflection Temporary Boon (30 Days). Reflect the first hostile spell used against you during your next encounter. Automatically hits a single target. Yes
Synthesized Skill This injection grants +2 to any Basic Skill Meta (Elemental), but can't raise any Skill Meta above 10. Yes
Special Powers and Boons
Name Type Effect Description
Path of the Ancestral Demonslayer Path Step 1 - Crissaegrim's Chosen :: Alexandra has Sword Expertise. She may access Crissaegrim's Revisions up to Demonslayer Step x 2. Something's… Weird. Alexandra has gained knowledge that she never wanted.
Elemental Fluidity Major Boon Allows use of Elemental Magic Skills with the High Elements Alexandra has learned how to mold and shape mana in a way outside the conventional teachings.
The Blessing of Water Tiered Blessing Stat Effect Additional Abilities
Tier 1 Unclouded Foresight +1 Willpower. Alexandra favors the Water Element. Once per encounter, she may glimpse the immediate future as a Sub Action. This provides +(Tier × 3) Defense against the next Attack that targets her. Additionally, her right eye may have turned blue-er.
Wizard Guild Education Tiered Boon Stat Effect Additional Abilities
Year I Novice +1 to Mana Control & Mana Sensing +1 To Hit with Magic. +1 To Hit when applying Negative Magical Conditions. When creating Magical Shields, add +2 HP.
Year II Apprentice +1 to Spell Lore & Relic Lore. +1 To Hit with Magical Interrupts, Dispel, and Dispel-like effects. +1 Defense vs Interrupts, Dispel, and Dispel-like effects.
Year III Expert +1 to Illusions & Vitality. +1 WIL. +1 To Hit with Magic. +1 Damage & To Hit when striking Elemental Weakness.
Year IV Honorary Graduate? x Shouldn't there be something here..? It feels like an empty gesture befitting an empty Tier.
Skill Tree: Elemental Magic VI
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Gust Wash Breath Growth Soothe Fire Barrier
Tier 2 Surge Backdraft Life Rain Breeze Arise Vines Spike
Tier 3 Living Warmth Ignite Torrent Purity Tornado Salt Quake
Tier 4 Cone of Flames Bubble Whirlwind Regrowth Earth/Fire/Water Mastery
Skill Tree: Leadership
Passive: Commander
Tier 1 Attack Order Defend Order Rally order
Skill Tree: Superior
Passive: Paragon
Tier 1 Land Devourer Clearance Cast Cancel
Tier 2 Megido Soul Shackle x
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus
Illusions 4
Magical Healing 8
Elementalism 11
Insight 6
Spell Lore 10
Relic Lore 3
Vitality 1
Civics 5
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus
Ballroom Dancing 5
Viola 5
Weapon: Magical Orb
Base Stats 4 MCA. AoE Damage +1, Range +2
Craftsman Wizard’s Guild
Damage 4
Maker’s Mark +1 DMG single target Spells
Material Crystal
Enchantment Wise: After Magical Skill (Threshold 10) perform second magical skill at +2 SP cost (This is not optional).
Improvement none
Weapon: Thajj Talis
Base Stats Full/half cover for -2. Use Talis as point of casting
Craftsman Emi Parkrina
Damage 5(+1 single)
Maker’s Mark Water Brand +1
Material Crystal
Enchantment Wise: After Magical Skill (Threshold 10) perform second magical skill at +2 SP cost (This is not optional).
Improvement none
Weapon: Crissaegrim, Slayer of the Wicked (Valmanrhe, Protector of the Blessed)
Base Stats Sword :: (+1 EVA, +1 To Hit, Single target +1)
Craftsman Freya?? Yeah that Freya…
Damage 6
Maker’s Mark Divine Purpose :: Crissaegrim can't hold Enchantments or Improvements, only Revisions. It will not leave its chosen Demonslayer's side under any circumstance, and must remain in their Equipment Slots (or equipped as a Weapon).
Improvement Legendary Improvement - Bloody Revision :: Crissaegrim gains a new Revision that bolsters its power for every 1,000 Nos that it slays. Currently, Crissaegrim has been through 138 Revisions. Its wielder may only access Revisions based on their progress within Path of the Ancestral Demonslayer. Attempting to access further Revisions early is possible by pushing mana through the blade, but this is likely to harm the wielder - up to and including destroying their body completely in an instant.
Revision #1 Crissaegrim deals Light Damage, and gains +1 Damage.
Revision #2 Crissaegrim may be used as a Catalyst, and can convert Magic Skills cast through it to Light. It gains +1 To Hit.
Weapon: Bangles
Base Stats +2 Will. Removes watchful stance to hit penalty.
Craftsman Wizard’s Guild
Maker’s Mark +1 DMG single target Spells
Material Rose Gold
Enchantment none
Improvement none
Armor: Noble Garb (unarmored)
Base Stats Fancy AF clothes, they don't look like something you would wear into battle
Effects +2 movement, -1 to SP costs
Craftsman Wizard's Guild
Material Cloth
Maker’s Mark +1 DMG single target Spells
Enchantment Draw: Generates 1 MP each turn
Improvement Aegis Stitching:: Whenever the wearer casts a spell, they heal any Magic Barrier they have for 2 HP, with no limit. If the wearer does not already have a Magic Barrier, they gain one in the Spirit Element.

^ Blazing Eye of Ifrit | Adds +3 Search & +2 To Hit. Whenever you deal direct Fire or Magma Damage, increase it by 1. |

Amethyst Eye Teleport once per encounter
Potion Satchel Adds 2 slots for potions or poisons
Redoran’s High Healing Potion x2 +24 HP, removes 1 rank of a negative alchemical condition
Redoran’s High Energy Potion +20 SP, removes 1 rank of a negative physical condition
Large Fig & Rice Bar Heals 25 SP and will never spoil.
Well-Seasoned Lamb Jerky Heals 25 HP and will never spoil.
Concentration Bracers Gain Focused as a sub-action once per encounter
Court Wizard R. Charm Bonus +1 To Hit with Magic
Signature Skill – have you heard the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?
I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you.
Benefit 18 - 20 on an Elemental Spell: Double Damage, no Mana Point gain.
Drawback 1 - 3 on an Elemental Spell: Take half damage, double Mana Point gain.
Zeny 180293z
Cane, Jewelry, Orb, Wand
Jewelry, Staff, Twin Jewelry, Wand
Cane, Orb, Staff, Twin Jewelry
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