Alecto Della Corte

Character Profile
Player: Patty
Expenses: Decent (5,000z)
Income: Chief of Sorcery (30,000z)
Currency: 891,600z, 20 GP
Race: Human (Noble)
Racial Trait(s): Indulgent, Leisurely (Noble)
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Agility Meta)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Relic Lore)
Age: 32 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Quattori Sorceress1), Mixed Dueling2), Mixed Piercing3)
Weapon Proficiency: Magical Scripts, Spellblade 4)
Weapon Expertise : Estoc, Rapier, Spellblade
Favored Element: Wind 5)
Armor Type: CE Professional Attire (Light)
Meta Bonus: Agility 6, Arcanism 4, Artifice 4
Status and Equipment
HP: 45
SP: 39
Damage: 4 Slashing / 3 Magical (Heart of Cold & Legato)
To-Hit: 6
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 9
Willpower: 7
DR: 1 Storm, 3 Ballistic & Lightning, 1 All
Sneak: 2
Equipped Weapon: Heart of Cold & Legato
Equipment (6)
Purified Mist Lustrous Pendant
Jingxi Spirits Arcane Battery
Ruby Eye ⇌ Weapon Belt XL6)
Name Type Description Heal Date
- - - -
Injury Points 0/22

Boons & Special Powers

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Tier Description
Gift of the Vortex Major - Grants Wind as a Favored Element. Increases all outgoing Wind damage by 2. Allows Alecto to manifest ethereal wings of mana, which enable Flight. These cost 5 SP to create, and can be Dispelled.
Escapist Minor - “Those times are behind me, now.” +1 END
Rookie Archaeologist Minor - “You aren't terrible, Dexter.” +2 Relic Lore
Magic Adept Minor - “You're even endearing… sometimes. +2 Spell Lore
Fortitude Major - +4 Max HP
Solemn Oath Major - What Alecto endured and witnessed will forever be etched upon her soul, and she’s stronger for it. WIL & END +1.
Dragon’s Blood Potion Major - “No, I don’t think this is an acquired taste.” +1 HP & SP.
Favor of the Storm God Minor - +1 Storm Resistance. Alecto cannot be drowned by any means while KO.
Mana Switch Mastery Major - Studying the advanced science developed by the Harupi in its entirety granted Alecto some deeper knowledge of how mana inherently works. +1 Artifice Meta & Cap. +3 to Relic Lore. Alecto can utilize the ancient machine known as the Sieve and dedicate her Study slot to developing new programs for it.


Agility VI
Passive: Grace (18)
SP Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Deft Strike Flourish Juke
Tier 2 Lunge Sweep Grip Change
Tier 3 Leverage Focus Chain Dance
Tier 4 Skyward Coup de Grâce Riposte
Arcanism IV
Passive: Sorceress
SP Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Pain Sigil Ward Sigil Barrage
Tier 2 Stinging Sigil Aegis Sigil Dismissal
Tier 3 Death Sigil Mercy Sigil Titan Sigil
Tier 4 Detonation Extension Sigil Savant7)
Artifice IV
Passive: Wrath
SP Cost: Tier + 1
Tier 1 Hush Analyze Exchange
Tier 2 Discharge Anticipation Reach
Tier 3 Siphon (0) Silence Squeeze
Tier 4 Spell Steal Unweave Wrathful8)
Adventuring Skills
Civics +12 ”Quattorian politics goes hand-in-hand with humbling nobility.”
Relic Lore9) +12 “It’s all quite extensive, but I manage.”
Spell Lore10) +12 “The arcane and all its mysteries - there’s always an answer.”
Insight +9 ”Look at it this way…”
Investigation +9 ”Elementary.”
Elementalism +6 “I’m not the adventurer type these days, but I get by.”
Acrobatics +6 “Oh, I get around.”
Precision +6 ”Make sure it’s perfect.“
Speed +3 ”I could run in heels, but I’d rather not.”
Vitality +3 ”It’s been years since my last adventure… I think I much prefer politics.“
Tech Lore +3 “When you’ve lived in a cities steeped in technology it comes naturally.”
Non-Combat Skills
Musical Instrument (Cello)11) +3 ”An old pastime.”
Organization (Bookkeeping) +9 ”There is a place for everything.”
Active Signature Skill – Bravura
”Try to keep up.”
Alecto gains +1 Bonus To-Hit every Standard Action she alternates between her skill trees (Agility, Arcanism, Artifice). This also grants a bonus +1 DAM for every stack above half her highest meta (3). If she does not alternate, the bonus resets. If she misses, the bonus remains unchanged. This bonus caps at her highest meta (6).
Passive Signature Skill – Dualcast
”It’s all about timing.”
Every 2 successfully executed spells, Alecto’s next spell is a Sub Action. These do not apply to Physical actions, or spells that apply automatically (buffs, heals, etc).12)


Crimson Spellbook (50 pages)
Pages 1 - 5 Heal Kyrie Bless Resurrect Haste
Pages 6 - 10 Wind Brand Imbue Wind Wind Field Cyclone Tornado
Pages 11 - 15 Crux Discern Flash Ascend Sanctuary
Pages 16 - 20 Iron Flesh Heat Riser Debilitate Black Viper Heavenly Judgement
Pages 21 - 25 Mana Shield Banish Regenerate Attune Rebirth
Pages 26 - 30 Royal Spirit Bolt Jekyll’s Dancing Sprites Be Rid of Annoyances Chain Heal Benevolent Light
Pages 31 - 35 Crush Gravelight Tacit Clearance Brightstorm
Pages 36 - 40 Tranquil Walk of Peace Essence Drain Freeze Bomb Tears of Spite Soul Split
Pages 41 - 45 Tame Shadow Shadelight Twilight’s Embrace Reckoning Darkness Falls
Pages 46 - 50 - - - - -


Weapon: Heart of Cold
Maker’s Mark Elysian Morph Alloy: The weapon takes on the form of another weapon, controlled by its wielder’s thoughts. Uses the base stats of whatever weapon type it takes.
Innate +2 Hit when enchanted with any element (Ice). +4 Hit when applying Vulnerable.
Base Stats Morph Alloy: Spellblade. 4 Slashing / Magical .
Legendary Frozen to the Core: Weapon deals True Ice Damage in all its forms. The wielder takes on the Ice element, and is immune to the averse affects of the Frozen condition, instead gaining +1 Damage, +1 To Hit, -1 Stamina Costs, and +2 Movement with each Rank. Stamina Cost reduction only applies to Physical actions when the Heart of Cold takes uses a Physical Weapon’s form, and Magical actions when it uses a Magic Catalyst’s form. For Magical Weapons, choose either Physical or Magical reduction when the weapon is drawn.
Enchantment Elemental Breaker: When attacking a target of a stronger element (ex. Dealing Fire Damage to a Water Unit), automatically apply one rank of Vulnerable when making a successful attack.
Weapon: Legato
Craftsman E. Della Corte
Innate +2 Hit when enchanted with any element. +4 Hit when applying Vulnerable.
Base Stats Spellblade. 4 Slashing / Magical . A shimmering spellblade. It possesses a lot of sentimental value.
Enchantment Gluttony☆: Grants and heals +3 Maximum HP every turn up to 12 HP.
Enchantment Chain: This weapon cannot use AoE Magic Skills, and all Single Target Magic Skills chain to the closest friendly or enemy Unit (dependent on Skill) for half Damage
CE Professional Attire
Material CE-Brand Fiber Weave
Craftsman Mass-produced (Charleston Electric)
Base Stats Light Armor. 3 END, 2 WIL, 2 Sneak. +5 against being Damaged. A full, super-modern outfit with with sleek trimmings and a sharp design.
Innate Tailored specifically to Alecto. This attire cannot be improved or enchanted. Passes as formal-wear.
Improvement Electric Synergy: A frame of enchanted wires covers the interior of the suit, allowing the wearer to cast spells with simple hand gestures. Suit doubles as a 4 DAM Magic Catalyst. Deals +1 DAM with Lightning, does not benefit from Stances. Whenever a unit enters your melee range, for 3 SP, cast an MCA against them as a free action.
Improvement Risk Weave: Extra-durable, patented materials make the Professional Attire a capable suit of armor, without changing its appearance at all. Replace the armor's base +2 Evasion with +3 Endurance. Grants 3 DR to Firearms and Lightning, and 1 DR to All.
Lustrous Pendant The wearer passively has Rank 1 Regeneration & +2 To Hit against Flanked & Exploited Units. Once per encounter, it nullifies the application of Nulled or Vulnerable & Pained or Unbalanced.
Purifying Mist Purges all Conditions when consumed, both Positive and Negative. Does not function in AoE.
Jingxi Spirits This stuff smells horribly potent… Restore +25 HP/SP but the drinker is put into Rank 2 Dazed instantly for the rest of the fight (Or until cleansed)
Ruby Eye Guarantees first Attack in an encounter will hit. Cannot be a Called Attack.
Arcane Battery Device. Once per battle, the owner may use this battery to instantly recharge all items that hold a special charge in their inventory. Made by Charleston Electric Co.
⇌ Weapon Belt XL
Disc of All Magical Script. 1 Spell Slot for each Primary Element & 6 Charges. Maker’s Mark: Focus. +2 Concentration. (Heat Riser)
Sealed Urn of the Elements Magical Script. A fist-sized urn covered in talismans and securely corked. 3 Spell Slots for any Primary Element & 5 Charges. (Heavenly Judgment)
Red Mage’s Ring Magical Script. An obsidian ring with an inlaid opal. 3 Spell Slots for Light and Shadow spells & 5 Charges. (Kyrie, Ascend, Haste)


Study Queue
Source Description Research Time
- - -
Source Description Training Time
- - -
Key Items
Daedalus’ Book of Fiends A densely packed book with a cover made of metal and crystalline construction. Each page resembles a flexible LCD screen display, and within are finely detailed notes on how to use the machinery within the Workshop to create Fiends. Contains 5 Studies reduced by Relic & Tech Lore.
Tortuga Multipass Includes a Property License, Public Transit Pass, and Northern Jingxi Co. Flight Ticket.
Keypad Device A goblin-made keypad hacking device. Grants a bonus of +5 to manipulating simple machines and gadgets, in any case where a roll with Gadgetry is used. Doesn’t stack with any other bonuses to Gadgetry, as the machine does all the work.
Mobile Ringer A sleek black flip-phone with a single red feather charm.
Tilted Cross Pin A black pin in the shape of a cross with a purple gem in the middle. No matter how it’s put on, it always seems to tip to one side… The weight’s a bit off. 2 Shadow Spell Slots & 3 Charges. Magical Skills cast from the Tilted Cross Pin gain +1 Damage or Healing & To Hit for each Undead Unit in the encounter (friend or foe).
Beacon of Safeguarding A metallic beacon with white crystals embedded in it. When held, protects a piece of equipment from being broken or destroyed, once. Cannot be recharged.
May’s Signature Bounce Brew (3) Looks like a juiced frog. Tastes like grape. Potion. Drinking the potion swells the drinker’s legs to cartoonish musculature, and allows them to leap 30 feet vertically or 15 cells forward. +7 to Acrobatics, for 2 out-of-combat actions, or 1 turn in battle.
May's Home-style Talent Tonic (1) Talent in a bottle. Tastes like grape. Potion. Boost an Adventure Skill to 7, even if you do not have it at all, for a single roll.
Leggiero Spellblade. One of a pair of shimmering rapiers, sheathed in a handcrafted ouroboros-like coil. It possesses a lot of sentimental value. Enchantment: Gale Grip Improvement: Mana Battery.
Bradium Bar (1) A rare, obsidian metal.
Status Calculation
HP 34 [Base] +4 [Fortitude] +1 [Dragon’s Blood] +12 [Agility] = 51
SP 34 [Base] +1 [Dragon’s Blood] +8 [Artifice] = 43
DAM 4 Physical / 3 Magical [Heart of Cold & Legato] = 4/3
HIT 6 [Highest Meta] = 6
EVA 6 [Agility] = 6
END 3 [Armor] +4 [Arcanism] +1 [Escapist] +1 [Oath] = 9
WIL 2 [Armor] +4 [Artifice] +1 [Oath] = 7
Sneak 2 [Armor] = 2
Combat Skills 17 [Agility] +12 [Arcanism] +9 [Artifice] +4 [12 Adventure Skills] = 42/42
Adventure Skills 10 [Civics] +5 [Spell Lore] +2 [Relic Lore] +5 [Insight] +9 [Investigation] +2 [Elementalism] +3 [Acrobatics] +3 [Precision] +3 [Tech Lore] = 42/42
N-C Skills 9 [Organization]= 9/15
Anthame, Cane, Handgun, Spellblade
Dagger, Estoc, Katar, Rapier
Estoc, Polearm, Rapier, Spear
Gift of the Vortex
Carries Disc of All, Sealed Urn of Elements, Red Mage’s Ring
7) , 8)
+2 Republican, +2 Rookie Archaeologist, +3 Mana Switch Mastery
+2 Magic Adept
+3 No Favored Element
Dualcast, however, may be used to execute automatic spells.
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