Aja Rahal

Character Profile
Player: Patty
Expenses: -
Income: Glastheim Chivalry Lieutenant (20,000z)
Currency: 202,800z, 30 ET
Race: Nephilim Human (Common)
Racial Trait(s): Flexibility, Quick Learner, Catalytic, Perfect Health, Progenitor
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Might Meta)
Locational Trait: Sograti (+2 HP)
Age: 26 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Mixed Closed Combatant1), Mixed Martial Artist2), Magic Martial Artist3)
Exotic Proficiency: Natural Weapon (Claws), Meteor Hammer4)
Weapon Expertise : Brawling, Discipline
Favored Elements: Spirit, Light5)
Armor Type: Awakened Bear Clan Garb (Medium Armor)
Meta Bonus: Spirit 10, Might 7, Opportunity 3, Master 1, Nephilim Arts 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 61
SP: 65
Damage: 7 Blunt, 6 Piercing, 66)/87) Magical
To-Hit: 11, 12 (Unarmed)
Evasion: 11
Endurance: 15 [30]
Willpower: 15
DR: 4 Physical, 1 All
Search: 5
Sneak: 2
SP Modifiers: -1 Spirit, +1 Physical (Scar)
Equipped Weapon: Astral Boxing Gloves (Unarmed)
Equipment (6)
⇌ All Purpose Pouch Yatsuli’s Toil
Gas Mask Pawsitively Purrfect Lavawalkers
Astral Bracelet Awakened Bear Champion’s Belt
Name Type Description Heal Date
Dragon's Claws Scar The pain from diamond-hard claws across Aja's midsection will probably never fade. All physical skills cost 1 extra SP. Never
Injury Points 0/∞

Boons & Special Powers

Path of the Wildling II
Name Type Tier Description
E.I.N.E Tiered 5 Experimental Implanted Neural Enhancer. Spirit Meta Cap is now 10. See doc for full bonuses.
Dwarf Lung Tonic Minor - A gift from Dan. +1 SP
Ultimate Stamina Hypo Minor - +4 SP.
Aspect of the Bear Tiered 108) Might Meta Cap is now 8. See doc for full bonuses.
Freya’s Distant Whisper Minor - Like a subdued voice across a distant plain, Aja heard the murmur of a woman after devouring the fruit. +1 Non-Combat Skill (Gun Show).
Shaman's War Paint Major - A blue mask adorned with feathers and bones, located at the nape of Aja's neck. It magically empowers spells, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the DAM or Healing of any Magical Skill by 1.
Shadow Resonance Minor - Aja has learned to better work with Shadow magic, particularly when it's weaponized. When wielding a Weapon enchanted with the Shadow Element, Aja has +1 To Hit.
Immortal Knowledge Major - Each Skill Tree you have adds +1 more to a single Adventure Skill it encompasses.
Whisper of the Orcs Major - Too burdened to accept the Orc’s full blessing, a ghost of it cradles Aja’s soul. Aja’s maximum Soul Links goes up by 1.
Spirit of Baseball Minor - The Spirit of Baseball is alive and well within a chosen few… +2 SP. +1 Vitality.
Resilient Fists Major - Aja’s hands have become far more durable, maybe moreso with the same training. Her bare hands deal +1 DAM & To Hit with melee attacks, and have +2 against Damaged & Broken conditions.
Master of Chicks Major - The Chickmaster, once a disgustingly huge portion of fast-food that could feed a family of four for days… now forever in Aja’s stomach. +4 HP & SP, +1 HIT, +1 END.
Tired & Testy Minor - +1 Vitality. While suffering the Fatigued Injury, Aja may gain Enraged as a Free Action once per encounter. Enraged from Tired & Testy only lasts one Turn.
Testarossa’s Techniques Major - Aja's Might Meta and Might Meta Cap increase by 1. On any Turn in which she gained Fury, she gains 1 more at the end of the Turn.
World’s Blessing Blessing 1 Gain 3 Combat Skill Points and gain Spirit Fluidity through all Magic Skill Trees.
Zuianfiu’s Favor Major - +2 Survival. Aja can carry Flasks of Water with 3 Charges or drink directly from clean sources. Consuming 1 Charge is a Sub Action and Heals 8 HP & 4 SP. Consuming 2 Charges is a Standard Action and heals 16 HP & 8 SP. Consuming 3 Charges is a Focused Action and heals 24 HP & 12 SP.
Song of the Corotrangul Minor - Every so often, the choir-like hymn of the Corotrangul gets stuck in Aja’s head. In a way, its presence diminishes the agitation of other annoying things. Focused is no longer removed by gaining Ranks of Agitated or vice-versa. You can have both at once in this way, independently.
Jelly Body Major - ”Dude, just like banime!” Aja has Full DR against Blunt (½ Damage). She adds +6 when using Adventure Skills to jump, squeeze through tight spaces, or deal with a large impact or high amount of incoming damage. Her Weapon Range is increased by 2, thanks to arms that stretch, and she can turn portions of her skin pink and gelatinous by tensing the muscles in that area for an extended period.
Other Type Description
Catalytic Racial (N-Human) Aja's body is a Catalyst, with 3 DAM and no Perks.
Perfect Health Racial (N-Human) Aja has infinite Injury Points, and does not suffer sickness.
Progenitor Racial (N-Human) Add +3 starting Evasion, Willpower, Endurance.


Tree: Spirit X
Passive: Spite Forbearance
Cost: Tier Tier + 1
Tier 1 Spirit Buster Magnanimy Indulgence
Tier 2 Scald Spirit Banish Etherize
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Spirit Salvo
Tier 4 Acrimony Reincarnation Calamity9)
Tree: Might VII Opportunity III
Passive: Ire (12) Veteran (3)
Cost: Tier + 2 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Keen Eye Cover - Quick Rise10)
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Guard Writhe - One-Hundred Percent11)
Tier 3 Brandish Eternal Knockdown - Push Harder War Torn
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Outrage12) Scream Prosperity Veterancy13)
Tree: Master Techniques 1 Nephilim Arts I
Passive: +1 EVA -4 HP & SP Penalty
Cost: 12 SP Variable
Tier 1 Cavalry Charge14) - - Crashing Wave Rising Tide Focused Will
Tier 2 Firing Line15) - - Charge Soul - -
Tier 3 Turnaround16) - - - - -
Tier 4 - - - - - -
Skill Augments
Adventuring Skills
Vitality17) +14 “I’ll give it everything I’ve got.”
Strength +12 “I could totally benchpress you, c’mere.”
Magic Healing +12 “I’ve got your back - and your head, your feet, everything in-between.”
Survival18) +9 “You can eat that! I mean, I would.”
Speed19) +9 “A jog everyday at the crack of dawn!”
Labor +9 “Makes me feel kinda restless after a while, you know?”
Insight20) +7 “All around us! After all these years, it still amazes me.”
Elementalism +5 “The flare gets a little out-of-hand, doesn’t it?”
Acrobatics21) +4 “I’m just gettin’ warmed up!”
Clairvoyance +6 “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! But they can stay the hell away.”
Investigation +1 “Yeah, I’m gonna tap out.”
Tech Lore +1 “Uuh… Hey, have you ever heard of a blender?”
Non-Combat Skills
Gun Show22) +6 ”These babies are locked and loaded.” Bonus to brazen acts of physical skill.
Eating (Competitive) +4 ”That’s my secret - I’m always hungry…”
Cooking (Sograti) +3 ”I don’t care if your mouth is on fire, there’s still not enough spice.”
Active Signature Skill – Dire Bear Form
”Catch me at my fiercest, no holdin’ back!“
Benefit Aja assumes a new, more animalistic, form. She gains 'Power of the Bear', which doubles her HP, SP, END, and EVA23). DAM & To-Hit is set to Aspect Level (10). She gains access to new Dire Bear Form abilities.
Drawback Gear, unless it is explicitly created or enchanted to function in Bear Form, no longer applies to her stats. Aja is limited to Might, Agility & Dire Bear Form attacks while in this form. It lasts only 1 hour, and can be Dispelled. It cannot be used while Nulled.
Passive Signature Skill – Brawler
”Give me a real challenge.”
Aja gains +1 To-Hit against opponents that taunt or provoke her. 24)


Armor: Awakened Bear Clan Garb
Material Nephilim Hardened Leather & Hides
Craftsman Emeraude of the Nephilim
Base Stats Medium Armor. 2 EVA, 2 END. 1 Phys DR.
Nephilim Power Dead Sprint. Treat Bear Aspect Level is 2 higher, instead of 1, from this Equipment. +3 Movement and +2 to Acrobatics, Vitality, and Speed.
Enchantment Momentum. For every three spaces moved in a straight and direct line toward an enemy in a Phase, deal 1 extra DMG with melee attacks. In Bear Form, also gain a chance to knock an opponent Prone (roll To-Hit vs END) on an attack roll of 18 - 20. Additionally, gain +2 to the Adventuring Skills: Acrobatics, Vitality, and Speed.
Astral Boxing Gloves
Base Stats A pair of purple boxing gloves adorned with stars. These occupy the Weapon Slot, but aren't Gauntlets (or anything). They double Boxing's EVA & To Hit generation on hit while equipped.
Nephilim Power +1 Turtle Aspect Level, and scatter purple stars of mana on impact.
Enchantment Blade Dance. Physical Skills used activate twice at full SP Cost. Focused Actions only activate their Standard variant, unless you were Interrupted (then they try again).
⇌ All Purpose Pouch Carries Somatic Soda R (2) (Restores ½ Max HP.)
Astral Bracelet A strange relic from Gabi. This bracelet has an enchantment that puts form over function. Magical (Gear). From fingertip to elbow, the arm it's equipped on is covered in illusory 'paint' like the starry sky. When a weapon equipped in the same hand is enchanted with any element, it provides an injection of Pahn mana which grants +2 Damage & To Hit when striking Elemental Weakness.
Yatsuli's Toil A reminder. Jewelry Catalyst. 3 DAM (+1 to single-target spells). A brilliant turquoise bracelet enchanted with Reverser Coating25) and Spell Echo26). It looks like it’s seen some wear, but it still has its shine.
Pawsitively Purrfect Lavawalkers Magical Gear. Grants +2 EVA & WIL, and +2 more vs. Fire & Magma. Allows the wearer to walk on water as well as lava without harming themselves. They gain +3 Movement & +2 EVA for each rank of Burning on them.
Awakened Bear Champion's Belt A thick leather belt with a golden buckle that depicts a tribal etching of a bear's head flanked by two full-sized roaring friends. The surface of the buckle is encrusted with several shining gems. +1 DAM, +2 END. Treat Bear Aspect Level as 2 higher, instead of 1, from this Equipment. All bonuses and stats apply in Bear Form. Bear Form now doubles EVA. Provides a +2 bonus (on top of Boon Level bonus) to Mighty Roar while worn. When first KO'd in combat, automatically use Mighty Roar. If at least one target is Panicked by the effect, hold on at 1 HP.


Source Description Research Time
- - -
Source Description Training Time
- - -
Key Items
Letter of Thanks It's signed by Thalia Mianala, another of the Known Five… While the letter is hand-written, it unfortunately ends by telling the group that their service is no longer required in assisting the Ebony Eye. Their names will be kept on-record in case help from outside sources is required in the future, but they “shouldn't expect to return to this sort of work at any point”. It's unlikely they expected any kind of outreach from an organization like the Eye anyway, but… Eesh.
Funbrella Deluxe An unassuming umbrella with a Sograti pattern along its upper canopy. Device. The Funbrella reduces up to 11 DAM from any Physical attack in combat. This model self-repairs, provided it is not purposefully destroyed (via a Called Attack or similar means), and is usable once more after combat ends. Made by Atlas Finnigan & Marie Sokolov.
Rushing Wind Pendant A curious pendant on a simple twine loop in the shape of a tornado. A gift from Kuhn. Gear. When the wearer uses Second Wind or Determination, they cleanse all Ranks of Exhausted on themselves immediately.
Shard of Ginnungagap Magical Relic. Gripping this and thinking of certain places will instantly transport you between them. At the moment, it's attuned to a section of Ginnungagap beneath Avicennia, the Hidden Spring, and wherever Aja considers 'home'. Others may use this shard if they have physical contact with you, but there may be limitations..?
Bear Clan Traditional Stein A gift from Shale. A wood and metal stein large enough for a Bear… Carvings on the side depict a curious, but homely looking, village. Nephilim beverages consumed from this Stein add +1 to their numeric effect.
T.E.D. This 'Testarossa Education Diploma' confirms that Aja has completed Testarossa's four principal courses on Might! It qualifies her for 'Testarossa University'… Apparently.
Wildling Mask of Titan’s Tongue Gear. A crimson red mask with golden tusks and bulging eyes. It can be worn over the face or as a visor. Allows Aja to speak and understand the language of Titans when worn.
Cat Hood A gift from Haniya, Fire’s Daughter. Made of white fur with pink accents, this hood isn't inherently magic, but is strangely cute. It closes via a set of drawstrings with pom-poms on them, and offers a reasonable amount of warmth!
Global Ringer A silver, stocky slide-out phone with superb durability. It’s got several dents in it…
Status Calculation
HP 45 [Base] +4 [Aspect of the Bear] +4 [Chickmaster] +2 [Sograti] +7 [Might] +3 [War Torn] -4 [NA 1] = 61
SP 45 [Base] +1 [Dwarf Lung Tonic] +4 [Ultimate Stamina Hypo] +2 [S.O.B.] +4 [Chickmaster] +10 [Spirit] +3 [War Torn] -4 [NA 1] = 65
DAM Calculations here!
HIT 10 [Highest Meta] +1 [Chickmaster] = 11
EVA 3 [Progenitor] +2 [Medium Armor] +2 [Lavawalkers] +1 [Master] +3 [Opportunity] = 11
END 3 [Progenitor] +2 [Medium Armor] +2 [Aspect of the Bear] +7 [Might] +2 [Bear Champion’s Belt] +1 [Chickmaster] = 15 (17)
WIL 3 [Progenitor] +10 [Spirit] +2 [Lavawalkers] +3 [Tireless] = 15 [18]
Phys DR 3 [Aspect of the Bear] + 1 [Medium Armor] = 4
Search 3 [Aspect of the Bear] +2 [War Torn] = 5
Sneak 2 [War Torn] = 2
Combat Skills 24 [Spirit] +12 [Might] +9 [Opportunity] = 45/45
Adventure Skills 2 [Vitality] +8 [Strength] +7 [Magic Healing] +2 [Speed] +9 [Labor] +1 [Investigation] +1 [Tech Lore] = 30/30
N-C Skills 5 [Gun Show] +4 [Eating] +3 [Cooking] = 12/15
Claw, Gauntlet, Katar, Tonfa
Boxing, Brawling, Discipline, Spear Hand
Brawling, Discipline, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry
from Yuno
Fluidity w/ Spirit only
Enchanted Reach
+4 from Awakened Equipment
9) , 10) , 11) , 12) , 13)
14) , 15) , 16)
+4 Awakened Bear Clan Garb, +1 Immortal Knowledge, +1 Spirit of Baseball, +1 Tired & Testy
+2 Aspect of the Bear, +2 Zu’s Favor
19) , 21)
+4 Awakened Bear Clan Garb
+1 Immortal Knowledge
+1 Freya’s Distant Whisper
Awakened Bear Champion's Belt
Can be multiple targets, but does not stack
Convert Damage <> Healing
Spells execute twice at full SP cost. Focused Actions only Echo their Standard variant, unless you were Interrupted (then they try again).
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