Aishe Rashid

Player: Arla
Income: RDF - Master Sergeant (15,000z)
Expenses: 8,000z 1)
Currency: 315,700z, 4/8 Punches
Race: Abyssal Splicer
Racial Trait(s): See below.
Cultural Trait: Specialized Training (+1 Might)
Locational Trait: Republican (+2 Field Medicine)
Age: 30 (Adult)
Weapon Groups: Mixed Close Combatant, Magic Martial Artist, Republican Peacekeeper
Weapon Proficiency: Claw, Gauntlet, Katar, Tonfa, Brawling, Discipline, Enchanted Reach, Jewelry, Handgun, Boxing, Shotgun
Weapon Expertise: Tonfa
Favored Element: Spirit, Abyssal
Armor Type: Experimental T.A.N.K Armor (Heavy Armor)
Meta Bonus: Might 7, Spirit 5, Displacement Magic 2
Status and Equipment
HP: 66 (KO Threshold: -7)
SP: 53 (KO Threshold: -7)
Damage: 5 2) (Dragon's Claw/Stun Baton), 5/4 3) (Skyrender)
To Hit: 9
Evasion: 2
Endurance: 14 (+2)
Willpower: 6
Search: 2
Sneak: 2
MOV: 14 (9 w/ Experimental T.A.N.K Armor)
Stamina Reductions: None
Damage Resistances: 7 All
Equipped Weapon: Skyrender, Dragon's Claw
Equipment Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Hypo Case XL HelloSoto Fitness Watch Warrior's War Paint (Major)
Stamina Hypo IV Lava Pearl String Deep Pilgrim (Tiered)
x AAC 'Venture' Neckerchief Boon of the Orcs (Tiered)
Stamina Hypo IV Abyssal Totem IDOLA the Bloody Tears (Blessing)
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Across the Endless Expanse Major Soul (4 IP) Something, or someone, is coming to meet Aishe. Aishe is frequently caught off guard by the appearance of a shadowed figure in unfamiliar armor. They never manifest before her, preferring to appear in crowds or dark corners that keep them well obscured. Sometimes they're only there for a moment, and sometimes they remain until Aishe comes near only to disappear as normal.
Seedbed Negligible There’s something deep inside of Aishe, waiting for the day she lets it propagate. Aishe was infected with something, and if left untreated it will progress. Fortunately there are pills for that! This injury is considered Treated, so long as the pills are taken. (Treated by SAS Tablets.)
IP 4/33
Tree: Might VII Spirit V
Passive: Ire (15) Spite
Cost: Tier + 1 Tier + 1
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Rile Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Indulgence
Tier 2 Rush Quicken Bloody Reprisal Enervate Banish Dampen
Tier 3 Brandish Tenacity Knockdown Regen Empower S. Salvo
Tier 4 Fling Shatter Outrage Wrath Rebirth Calamity
Tree: Displacement Magic II Master Techniques
Passive: Audacity (+2 w/ Conditions) Exemplar (+1 EVA)
Cost: Varies 11 SP
Tier Scrape Spatial R. Circle of Blood Redirect Tagged Pin Down
Tier x x x Decimate x x
Augmented Skills
Bloody Reprisal Augmented Retaliate. Aishe applies Bleeding vs. END on a successful hit.
Adventuring Skills
Vitality +15 +13 +14 “Been workin' hard everyday of my life.”
Strength +14 +15 “What, did you think these muscles were just for show?”
Speed +9 +10 “Nothing's better than that heart-poundin' adrenaline.”
Precision +7 +8 “I use my hands a whole lot.”
Elementalism +8 “I can do the delicate work… Kinda.”
Labor +6 +7 “You ever worn full armor on a treadmill?”
Insight +5 “Sometimes it hits you like a bad smell. Other times, you really gotta try.”
Spell Lore +3 “I know a little. That's about it.”
Field Medicine +2 “Only the basics, but it counts in a pinch.”
Clairvoyance +2 “Not somethin' I've trained very well, but…”
Non-Combat Skills
Intimidation +9 “My eyes aren't that bad. Right, Officer?”
Cooking +0 “Mom needed help, and Dad's hopeless in the kitchen.”
Haggling +3 “Comes in handy when you're a girl living on a budget. Doesn't always work, though.”
Skyrender Dragon's Claw
Stats 4+1 Slashing DMG. +4 To Hit when applying Bleeding. +1 To Hit until your next Turn on a successful hit. +3 vs Corroded/Damaged/Broken. Innate :: +1 to Hit. A golden claw that fits over the back of the hand. It has a feather motif. 4 Slashing DMG. +4 To Hit when applying Bleeding. +1 To Hit until your next Turn on a successful hit. A black claw weapon that goes over the back of the hand. It glows a faint red.
Material Nephilim Gold Black Dragonbone
Craftsman Aslan Yazdi Jorc Hammerhead
Enchantment Gore :: Add 3 SP to the cost of any Attack and apply Bleeding (vs END) with it. Dragon Rend:: Flat rolls of 18 - 20 with the Dragon's Claw apply Damaged Armor (vs END).
Improvement Charm of Hexing :: +3 to Hit when applying Conditions.  x
Maker's Mark Nephilim Gold (Great Materia) :: Crafted Weapon is Catalytic, uses its unmodified Base Damage for MCA, and adds +1 to the numeric effect of Negative Magical Conditions. It gains +1 Damage & +3 vs Corroded / Damaged / Broken. x
Experimental T.A.N.K Armor (Heavy Armor)
Stats 3 + 2 Endurance, 7 All Resistance, -10 -8 Movement. An incredibly heavy suit of armor that makes use of magi-technology to dampen blows from nearly all sources - magical or physical.
Material x
Craftsman Holly Young
Legendary Improvement T.A.N.K :: Armor adds +2 Endurance, has 7 All Damage Resistance, and reduces Movement by an additional 7. Every Might Meta above 6 4 reduces this penalty by 1.
Improvement Bastion Gear :: Spikes that allow you to hold a position indefinitely, or until you fall. +2 END, and as a Standard Action, become unable to move and Immune to Prone and Knockback. You can serve as Half or Full Cover for your allies depending on your height and theirs. You can retract the spikes and become mobile again a Sub Action.
Enchantment Unburden :: The Armor requires -2 Meta to equip. On Heavy Armor, its Movement penalty is reduced by 2 as well.
Hypo Case XL
Stamina Hypo IV Restores 30(+3) SP when injected.
x x
Stamina Hypo IV Restores 30(+3) SP when injected.
x x
HelloSoto Fitness Watch A waterproof watch with a small Ringer-esque screen, rather than a typical face.Device (Magitech) :: The HelloSoto Fitness Watch has several constant functions such as reading heart rate and general location. It can be used to record workouts both positionally and in terms of steps taken, average heart rate, and even calories burned! While worn, it adds +1 to all Physical Adventure Skills and +3 SP.
AAC 'Venture' Neckerchief A bulky neckerchief with the Alberta Adventuring Company logo on it. The wearer's HP & SP KO Threshold is -7.
Lava Pearl String Grants +2 To Hit against Units with any Negative Condition.
Abyssal Totem A palm-sized carving in the shape of a penguin. It's streaked with roiling black mana. Gear (Magical) :: -2 Vitality. The totem can be ‘tapped’ as a Sub Action to increase Aishe's Damage with the Abyssal Element and Displacement Magic by 1 for the encounter. It can be ‘tapped’ multiple times, but only equal to ⅓ Displacement Meta (1 Tap).

Special Powers & Boons

Path of the Enforcer III
Boon Type Level Description
Warrior's War Paint Major - A red skull with two crossed axes behind it, painted on Aishe's right shoulder. It magically empowers melee attacks, allowing its bearer to spend 2 SP to increase the Damage of any Melee Attack by 1.
Deep Pilgrim Tiered 3 The Displacer Mutagen left its mark on Aishe…
Boon of the Orcs Tiered 1 The orcs' blessing is only given to those truly deserving. +2 Max HP, +1 To Hit, & +1 Maximum Fury.
IDOLA the Bloody Tears Blessing 1 A red gem sits over Aishe's sternum, framed by a golden chitin…
CANVAS // USER_GUEST Major - You are an outsider to this system, but perhaps you can be of use to its ruler. +3 Max HP & SP. Aishe can manifest a Virtual Weapon as a Free Action when combat begins or as a Sub Action otherwise for 3 SP. Virtual Weapons roll flat vs. Damaged/Broken 4), and cannot manifest when the user is R2 Nulled. Being disarmed instantly destroys it, too.
Other Type Description
Specialized Training Racial (Human) +1 Might Meta.
Bovine Racial (Splicer) +2 to Might Meta, and +1 to Might's Cap.
Fast Metabolism Racial (Splicer) Aishe adds +3 to healing she receives (to HP or SP).
Bovine Stampede Racial (Splicer) +¼ Highest Physical Meta to Movement & +½ to Vitality.
Bestial Rage Racial (Splicer) Bestial Rage activates at ½ HP or at Rank 3 Frightened or Rank 2 Enraged. In Bestial Rage, you’re immune to Frightened and are Rank 2 Enraged. It can’t be removed. Bestial Rage ends if you’re Healed to ¾ HP or when you kill something.
Abyssal Resonance Racial (Abyssal) Aishe Favors the Abyssal Element and gains Fluidity for it with all Magical Skill Trees. Magic Skills converted to Abyssal apply Pained or Bleeding (depending on the base Condition) instead of Negative Conditions the Skill would before. If the Condition isn’t Damage over Time, it’s Pained. If it is, it’s Bleeding.
Abyssal Sight Racial (Abyssal) Aishe has Night Vision and can see perfectly in the dark.
Deep Soul Racial (Abyssal) Aishe has a Potent Soul. Skills that are affected by Potent Soul with a Magic Damage component deal Abyssal Damage instead.
Highly Evolved Racial (Abyssal) Aishe adds +1 to her previous Skill Meta Caps, but can’t raise those Caps above 8. If they were already 8, they remain 8 with no change.
Rapid Evolution Racial (Abyssal) Aishe adds +2 to her previous Evasion, Willpower & Endurance Caps. She adds +3 to her previous Search & Sneak Caps.
Temp Boon Duration Description
x x x
Passive Signature Skill :: Distorted Evolution
“Just a little bit. That's all I need.”
Description The Displacer Mutagen has come with even more concerning side effects, enough to render Splicex useless in certain situations…


Source Description Duration
Claw of the Noble Warden Aishe is interested in learning more about this… Group study with Heath, Zefi, Elliot, Rhydian. Others may join! ((Master Group Study - ¼) 120 Days. 8/23
Training Source Description Duration
Enforcer IV RDF Right back to business. 10/10/2018 - 1/12/2019 (Completed)
Totem Caller I Orcish Shamans While a rare practice, rumor has it that the Orcs have discovered a way to fragment their soul. They call a piece of it seemingly from the sky in the form of a dangerous Totem that can control the Elements just as well as them. Group Study w/ Aja, Sybil, Elliot, & Aeden! (Simple 3+ Group Training - ¼) 5/12 - 5/27 (Completed)

Notes, Stats, and Misc.

Key Items
Beaten Penguin Plush It's cute, okay? Found smack-dab in the middle of Lab B. Weird!
Illusory Necklace A plain silver chain hangs around Aishe's neck. This has been carefully enchanted to make Aishe look like she did before Project Reckoning when placed around her neck. So long as it stays there, the illusion protecting her requires a DC 25 roll to detect (via Mana Sensing) and to destroy (via Dispel).
RDF Enforcer Armor +3 END, 3 Ballistic DR. Reduces movement by 2. A thick black and gold suit of armor that's form-fitting, and yet rather thick in the plating! Ballistic Plating :: This Heavy Armor's Physical DR and Lightning Weakness are removed, but it has 3 Ballistic DR instead.
Needlesplitter +2 EVA and Sneak. A garb of Orcish design, made primarily of leather and fur. Tough Weave: +2 vs. Damaged Armor.
The Butcher's Cleaver A plain axe, now that its enchantment is gone…
Combat Vest (Light Armor) +2 EVA and Sneak. A lightweight, standard issue vest that protects the torso.
Weighted Gloves An unassuming, black leather glove with powdered steel sewn into the knuckles. One of them has the Greater Catalyst improvement.
Firebomb Made by Tal Cato. A bomb that deals 8 Fire Damage in a 6 x 6 Grid.
Pearl Armlet 3 DMG. +3 to being disarmed, +1 DMG to single-target spells. A thick bracelet with a catalyst gem at its center. Worn on the upper arm.
Portable Cassette Player A hand-held cassette player with headphones, good for on-the-go.
'Pump It Up!' Discography Known for fast-paced beats and electronic music, 'Pump It Up!' is a collection of artists more than a band. Reduces Training time by 2 Days, ignoring the usual caps.
Charm of Succor The wearer's Stamina KO threshold is -5, instead of 0.
Stun Baton Tonfa. 5 Blunt DMG, ignores 2 Phys DR, & +3 when applying Pained. Charged :: Damage changes to Lightning, and rolls of 11 - 20 apply Pained vs. END. Melee Skills cost +1 Stamina in this Mode.
Health Hypo IV Restores 30(+3) HP when injected.
HP 40 [Base] +12 [Stat Points] +7 [Might 7] +2 [Deep Pilgrim], +2 [Boon of the Orcs], +3 [CANVAS] = 66
SP 40 [Base], +5 [Spirit 5], +2 [Deep Pilgrim], +3 [Watch], +3 [CANVAS] = 53
HIT 7 [Base], +1 [Skyrender], +1 [Boon of the Orcs] = 9
EVA 1 [Base] +1 [Exemplar] = 2
END 1 [Base] +7 [Might 7], +1 [Stat Points] +5 [T.A.N.K], +2 [Bastion Gear] = 16
WIL 1 [Base] +5 [Spirit 5] = 6
Search 2 [Base]
Sneak 2 [Base]
DMG 5 Physical [Dragon's Claw/Stun Baton], 6 Physical, 4 Magical [Skyrender]
Might 4 [Skills] +2 [Bovine Splicer] +1 [Specialized Training] = 7
Spirit 4 [Skills] +1 [Stat points] = 5
Combat Skills 12 [Might 4], +16 [Spirit 5], +8 [HP], +3 [END], +3 [Adv. Skill] = 42/42 pts
NC Skills 9 [Intimidating] +3 [Haggling] = 12/15 pts
Adventure Skills 6 [Vitality] +9 [Strength], +4 [Speed], +4 [Precision], +5 [Elementalism], +2 [Insight], +6 [Labor] = 36/30 pts
Item Slots 3
Gear Slots 3
0z Apartment, 8k Family Fund, SAS Tablets
destroyed on success
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