Aida Marcus

Player: Flora
Income: Glastheim's Royal Tailor (10,000z)
Race: Elf
Racial Trait(s): Fleet Feet, Nature's Grace
Cultural Trait: Magical Affinity (+2 Mana Control & Spell Lore)
Locational Trait: World Tree (+2 Mana Sensing)
Age: 50
Weapon Proficiencies: Magical Catalysts, Magical Scripts, Throwing Weapons
Favored Element: Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: (Tailor 8), (Mystic 6)
Status and Equipment
HP: 32
SP: 32
Damage: 2 (Enchanted Pin Needles), 3 (Enchanted Knitting Needles)
To Hit: 8
Evasion: 1
Endurance: 0
Willpower: 2
Conc.: 18
Search: 0
Sneak: 0
SP Reductions: -1 SP Costs
Equipped Weapon: Enchanted Knitting Needles
Enchanted Pin Needles
Student R. Charm
Name Effect Heal Date
Injury Points 0/16


Tree: Tailor Mystic
Passive: Seamstress Enchantress
Tier 1 Shortcut Materia Suture Shortcut Materia Rekindle
Tier 2 Tight Stitching G.Materia Envelop Volume G.Materia Deny
Tier 3 Stitch Up Deflection Acupuncture Ensorcel Overload Dangerous Burst
Tier 4 Perfect Stitching Gr.Materia Pincushion Breath Gr.Materia Wild Magic
Tree: Superior Magic
Tier 1 Megido Return Magic
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Adventuring Skills
Mana Control +9 “Aida is very good at her job.”
Spell Lore +11 “In order to do her job Aida must know how the magic works.”
Mana Sensing +9 “Aida can sense whenever magic is around.”
Dexterity +7 “Aida's hands move diligently.”
Field Medicine +4 “Sometimes Aida hurts herself.”
Harvesting +4 “If Aida must find something, she knows how.”
Vitality +4 “Aida has a lot of stamina”
Relic Lore +8 “When enchanting, Aida knows how to implement magic.”
Creature Lore +5 “Peanut had to learn how to be docile.”
Herbology +3 “If Aida runs out of dyes, she knows how to make them from plants.”
Clairvoyance +2 “She can see some spirits.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Sewing +8 “It is Aida's job.”
Drawing (Fashion Design) +5 “Aida likes to design all sorts of outfits.”
Magical Research +4 “Aida must always learn in order to collect knowledge.”

Equipment & Gear

Enchanted Sewing Needles
Base Stats 2 Piercing Though at first glance they look like typical sewing needles, there are magical gems affixed to the tops, giving them magical properties.
Material Metal
Enchanted Knitting Needles
Base Stats 3 Piercing Sharp, but beautiful knitting needles both useful for battle and knitting sweaters and scarves!
Material Metal
Fashionable Magical Dress
Base Stats -1 SP Costs & +2 Movement
Material Satin
Enchantment Spirit Bubble An enchantment that reacts when things get tense, conjuring a fragile shield. The wearer generates a Spirit Shield when combat starts with HP equal to the Crafter's Mystic Meta.
Currently Listening To
'Johan Lichtenberg' Discography Reduces Study time by 2 Days, ignoring the usual caps. Johan was among the Republic's greatest composers of classical music, in his time. A star lost far too early.
Student R. Charm A little pencil and paper! Grants +2 to a Non-Combat Research Skill.
Perk-It Pills These promise to sharpen focus and 'open the mind' to better learn and absorb new things. Study & Training Times are greatly reduced for one month (ignoring the usual cap)!
Restricted Library Card Permits entrance to the Glastheim Library's Restricted Wing!
Portable Cassette Player A hand-held cassette player with headphones, good for on-the-go.

Boons & Study

Boons & Special Powers
Name Type Description
Forgotten Nos Techniques Minor Unearthed from Glastheim's grand castle library, these methods of drawing mana for Superior Spells offer an extra kick. When casting Superior Magic, act as though you know one more Superior Spell than you do for the purposes of calculating spells that use such.
Tricks of the Trade Minor Aida's learned a bit more about Enchanting from Sun Industries. The Mystic Skill 'Shortcut' reduces 1 additional CP.
The Annals of Glastheim
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Blood Magic Aida may sacrifice HP equal to Tier Level (presently 1) as a Free Action to increase the Damage of a spell by the same amount that she sacrificed. The process involves opening a small wound of her own accord. Adds +2 to Spell Lore.
II Occultism While under the effect of a Soul or Spite Link, Aida gains Willpower equal to Tier Level (+2). Adds +2 to Clairvoyance.
Name Description Research Time
Noserpent Scales Scales from a newly discovered Noserpent. Reagent for Blacksmiths and Tailors. 3/29 – 5/10
Name Description Research Time


Craft Source Description Research Time
Crafting Points 14 Max 0/14
Work Station Rare Glastheim Tailoring Workshop -4 to CP costs.
Currently Crafting
– CP
Permits & Licenses
Tailor Glastheim Aida can create clothing within the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Mystic Glastheim Aida can enchant & create magical goods within the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Merchant Glastheim Aida can sell clothing & magical goods within the Kingdom of Glastheim.
Designs & Recipes
Common Rare Legendary
Protective Vest Arcane Gauntlet
Common Rare Legendary
Boost Jewel Efficiency Jewel
Common Rare Legendary
Leafy Glow Spirit Bubble
Common Rare Legendary
Absorbent Stitching Regenerative Weave
Common Rare
60 14
Name Amount Rarity Description
Coral Cloth 1 Rare A light red swatch of silk from the Nephilim era! These are a Rare Reagent for Tailors, and add +2 Willpower instead of -1 to SP Costs on crafted Unarmored Garbs or +2 Willpower instead of +2 Evasion on crafted Light Armors.
Noserpent Scales 6 Rare ???


Zeny 52,450z
Stat Math
HP 32 [Base]
SP 32 [Base]
HIT 8 [Tailor Meta]
EVA 0 [Base]
END 0 [Base]
WIL 0 [Base]
DAM 2 [Enchanted Sewing Needles]
Search 0 [Base]
Sneak 0 [Base]
Tailor 4 [Skills] +4 [Adventure Points] = 8
Mystic 4 [Skills] +2 [Adventure Points] = 6
Crafting Points 8 [Tailor Meta] + 6 [Mystic Meta] = 14
Combat Skills 12 [Tailor] + 12 [Mystic] + 12 [Tailor Meta] + 6 [Mystic Meta]= 42/42 Spent
Adventure Skills 4 [Mana Control] +4 [Spell Lore] +4 [Mana Sensing] +3 [Dexterity] +5 [Relic Lore] +5 [Creature Lore] +3 [Herbology] = 28/30 Spent
NC Skills 8 [Sewing] + 5 [Drawing (Fashion)] +3 [Magical Research] = 15/15 Spent
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