Aeden Damon

Player: Geo
Income: Glastheim Royal Guard (20,000z)
Expenses: 7,500z(perk it pills)
Race: Human
Racial Traits: Flexibility, Proficiency
Cultural Traits: Specialized Training(+1 Might)
Locational Traits: Sybirian (+2 Strength)
Weapon Groups: Sybirian Warrior, Heavy Adventurer, Runian Knight, Passionate Spellblade
Weapon Proficiency: Bows, Polearms, Throwing Axe, Whips, Brawling, Sword, Crossbow, Shield, Estoc, Rapier, Swordstaff
Weapon Expertise: Runeblade, Greatsword
Age: 27
Favored Element: Spirit, Fire
Armor Type: Heavy(Slayer’s Warplate)
Meta Bonus: Might 6, Spirit 8, Paragon 2, Master 1
Status and Equipment
HP: 57(Lively Lozenge & Tough Tablet)
SP: 55
Hit: 15
Evasion: 7
Endurance: 10(+4)
Willpower: 9
DR: 13+1(Physical), 3(Magma)
Search: 2
Damage: 10(NWA), 10(MCA)
Equipped Weapon: Beast Lord(Runeblade)
Equipment (6) Special Powers and Boons
Lovers O. Dwarven Chain Undershirt x
BC Bracers CoR x
GW Armband All Purpose Pouch XL x
All Purpose Pouch XL
x Health Hypo IV x
Injury Type Description Heal Date
Call of the Abyss Negligible Your thoughts drift to the Abyss at a near constant - you can’t stop thinking about it. What’s down there? Maybe you should go back. You have to know. Stat stuff.
x x x x
x x x x
Injury Points 0/28
Might 6 Spirit 8
Passive: Ire Benevolence
Cost: Fury(16) -1(World Attunement)
Tier 1 Bash Provoke Rile Nurture Mana Shield Phantom Sear
Tier 2 Retaliate Rush Quicken Enervate Trance Exile
Tier 3 Brandish Knockdown Tenacity Regenerate Empower Attune
Tier 4 Shatter Fling Outrage Wrath Rebirth Cultivation
Superior 2 Nephilim Arts
Passive: Paragon x
Cost: Max HP Varies
Tier 1 Tacit Megido Nourish Rising Tide Avatar of Conjury x
Tier 2 Return Magic Mana Flux Arcane Nulling x x x
Tier 3 Arcane Boost x x x x x
Tier 4 x x x x x x
Master Techniques Tree 2
Passive: Master 1 x
Cost: SP Cost (11) SP Cost
Tier 1 Intensify Tempered Strike Half Moon x x x
Tier 2 Two Step x x x x x
Tier 3 x x x x x x
Tier 4 x x x x x x
Active Signature Skill - Crimson Soul “Legion
We shall stand together, as ONE!
Spreading his fighting spirit to his comrades, he reinforces their souls to be more sturdy and ready to take punishmenet from all!
Perk Increases his and allies dmg resistance for all magic and physical attacks by half his Spirit Meta (rounded up and only works on a number of people up to his spirit meta)
Perk He gains EVA on himself for the same amount.
Drawback Needs one turn to charge ability.
Drawback Loses 2 health every turn to maintain it.
Augmented Skills Description
Phantom Sear Augmented Spirit Bolt Has a chance to give soul burn, on a roll of 16-20!
Exile Augmented Banish. Banish is no longer a Focused Action when used on Undead or Spirit Element Units. Additionally, it applies Exiled (vs WIL) on hit. Exiled causes the afflicted Unit to miss their next Turn, but also renders them intangible (unable to be hit) for the duration.
Master Techniques Description
Intensify Standard Action. 11 SP. Apply Passion to yourself as a Positive Physical Condition. Passion adds a follow-up NWA or MCA to all Attacks you make. Passion cannot affect a Unit with Haste and vice-versa. Weapon Synergy (Runeblade or Swordstaff): Passion’s follow-up NWA or MCA can manifest in any of your Favored Elements.
Tempered Strike Focused Action. 11 SP. Deal NWA + Master Technique Meta Damage. If you have follow-up Attacks, double the amount of them for Tempered Strike. If you have the Passion Positive Condition, Tempered Strike is a Standard Action (but dispels it). Weapon Synergy (Runeblade or Swordstaff): You may sacrifice any Positive Magical Condition rather than Passion to make Tempered Strike a Standard Action.
Half Moon Standard Aaction. 11 SP. Deal NWA + Master Technique Meta Damage to up to 3 Units in Weapon Range. Then, Move up to 5 + Master Technique Meta squares in any direction, ignoring Attacks of Opportunity. Weapon Synergy Spear, Swordstaff, and Polearm: Deal Slashing rather than the Weapon’s usual Piercing Damage and increase the maximum Units you can target to 4.
Two Step Standard Aaction. 11 SP. Deal NWA + Master Technique Meta Damage (vs EVA) and apply Unbalanced (vs END) whether or not you hit. Make a follow-up NWA (vs EVA) and apply Unbalanced (vs END) Weapon Synergy Shield: Your follow-up NWA adds your Shield’s EVA to its Damage and applies Prone instead.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Strength 10 ”Have to keep working out to keep a body like this!”
Vitality 10 ”I can fight all day!”
Speed 7 ”Need to be able to reach the market as fast as i can.”
Dexterity 7 ”Cooking really helps with this.”
Mana Sensing 9 ”You won’t escape my sights.”
Magic Healing 8 ”Hold still let me help you…”
Mana Control 9 ”Gotta be creative with your magic.”
Clairvoyance 8 ”Seeing and speaking to souls comes in handy.”
Spell Lore 2 ”Hey i can recognize this…kinda.”
Non Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Wood Sculpting 5 ”Its good to have a hobby.”
Cooking 10 ”Mother really put me to work when i was young.”


Weapon & Armor
Beast Lord Slayer’s Warplate
Stats A large black Runeblade with an embelished colored crimson hilt with smooth grip for a handle for a proper hand grip It also has a silver edge to the blade. The blade is inlined with blue and golden runes running down the side of the blade which changes color when the hilt is enfused with an elemental crystal. . Runeblade :: 5(+2) Physical / 4(+2) Magical Damage An impressive set of heavy armor forged from the finest alloy and plated with the rock-solid bones of a Behemoth. The bones have been carved into the shape of jagged spikes, giving the wearer a dangerous and imposing look. EVA +2, END +3, and Physical damage decreased by 4
Material Maker's Mark - Grand Materia (Bradium Ingot) :: +1 Damage & To Hit, +3 vs. Broken and Damaged. Maker's Mark - Monkey Behemoth Bone & Black Steel :: +2 EVA and +2 vs Breaking
Craftsmen Ironmane Lain
Legendary Enchantment Soul Bound - Prevents Disarm. Should your character’s weapon leave their hand and go more than 15 meters, it will return to that character’s hand. It can also be called back as a Sub Action. x
Enchantment Killer - +1 Damage. Every time an Attack lands, this Weapon gains +1 Bonus To Hit (up to +3). Proto Dragon Scales A - Grants 4 Physical Resistance. Upon taking 10+ Physical Damage from a single blow, the Damage is absorbed and the Enchantment ceases function for the rest of the encounter.
Enchantment Expert - Weapon gains +1 Damage and -1 to Magic SP Costs. x
Improvement Ether Coating - Weapon is indestructable. Immune to broken and damaged. Masterwork Sturdy Oridecon Weave - +2 END / +2 Physical DR Armor Ignores Damaged, but not Broken. A well woven set of oridecon chain panels to protect vitals and joints in the armor granting further protection.
Improvement Catalytic Slot - This Weapon can be fitted with certain gems that change its Element. They can be inserted and exchanged on the fly with a Sub Action. x
Elemental Gems
Sun Holy Moon Dark Phantom Spirit Gaia Earth
Crescent Storm Gust Wind Ocean Water Red Eye Fire
Gear & Item Notes
B.C. Bracers Engraved copper bracelets that add balance to wearer's stance and strengthen wrist movement. +1HIT and +1EVA. Gives +1 damage to attacks.
Spirit Totem Gear (Magical) :: +2 Clairvoyance. The totem can be ‘tapped’ as a Sub Action to increase Aeden's Damage with the Spirit Element by 1 for the encounter. It can be ‘tapped’ multiple times, but only equal to ⅓ Spirit Meta (round up).
All Purpose Pouch XL Adds 3 Equipment Slots for Consumable Items only.
Lovers Omamori The wearer gains a Rank of Courage when entering combat.
Gryphon Warrior’s Armband Once per encounter, as a Sub Action, the wearer may gain the following (for the length of the entire encounter). Flight, by way of Wings formed of Wind Mana. Enchanting their weapon with Wind, adding +1 Damage, too. Gaining +3 Movement & +1 To Hit.
Charm of Reason Adds +2 to the lowest of the wearer's Evasion, Willpower or Endurance.
Dwarven Chain Undershirt Provides 3 Physical Damage Resistance.
Vox Glasses Allows the wearer to read/head the N/Os or Nephilim language or other known languages by the crafter.

Boons & Studies

Path of the Rune Knight
Boon Type Level Description
Ifrit’s Blessing Blessing 3 Check down Below!
Boon of the Orcs Tiered Boon 1 Check Below
Noclotlon's Favor Major - You are immune to airborne toxins. While in a Poison Field, you gain +1 To Hit & Damage as well as +2 Evasion, Willpower & Endurance.
World Attunement Major - Lowers the spirit spells Cooldowns by 1.
Spirit Training Major - Grants +1 Spirit Meta.
Passionate Combatant Major - Aeden adds +1 to his Spirit Meta & Cap, and gains the Passionate Spellblade Weapon Group.
Magic Lessons Minor - +1 to Magical Rolls
Hardened Skin Minor - By withstanding the extreme heat of Nogg's road, Aeden's skin has toughened, making him more resistant against fire attacks. Fire damage resistance(-3 to incoming fire damage)
Sacred Flame Minor - A fire burns within his souls a burning reminder of pain endured. +1 END
Spectral Sight Minor - Allows the user to sense souls more accurately, but only briefly. In combat, +3 to detect stealth. Out of combat, it helps aid in the detection of spirits (Add 1 to Spirit Meta when seeking Spirits). May be used once per day. Every 3 Spirit meta allows one more use per day.
Dragon's Blood Minor 3 Grants +1 HP & SP permanently (Taken 3)
Behemoth's Blood Minor 2 Grants +1 To Hit permanently (Taken 2)
The Thankful Mask Minor - As a Sub Action, they may find the Thankful Mask on their person. Placing it on their face guarantees a 1 on their next roll, but also a 20 on the one after. After use, it vanishes from their face and ceases haunting them (becomes unavailable) for 30 Days.
Spirit of Baseball Minor - Aeden gains +2 Stamina Points, and +1 to either Vitality, Speed or Strength.
Cascadian Language Minor - ascadian, Elvish, Sybirian, Bajin and Schwarzen languages are known, written and spoken.
Other Type Description
x Racial (?) x
Temp Boons Type Description
x x x
x x x
x x
Blessing of Ifrit
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Hands of Flame +1 To Hit. You favor the Fire Element. Once per encounter, you may use Fire or Magma Brand on your own Weapon as a Sub Action.
II Eyes of Flame +1 Search. You roll twice against the Blind Condition and choose the higher result.
III Heart of Flame +1 Search & To Hit. You are Immune to Fire Damage and have 3 Magma Damage Reduction.
Boon of the Orcs
Tier Name SP Cost Description
I Orcish Focus +2 Max HP & +1 To Hit. An additional bonus dependent on highest Meta. Spirit +1 Maximum Link.
Source Description Research Time
Project :: Sparring Arena The House of Reason’s confiscated blueprints held the plans for a grander area to train. The Training Grounds will be replaced with a Sparring Arena that takes up 2 blocks (2 x 1) and provides greater bonuses. (Expert) 8/20
Source Description Research Time
Project :: Runic Circle The House of Reason’s confiscated blueprints held the plans for a place of great magic. The Ritual Grounds will be replaced with a Runic Circle that takes up 2 blocks (2 x 1) and provides greater bonuses. Group Study w/ T'sara & Aeden! (Expert 2+ Group Training - ) 8/20

Stat Calculations

Stat Notes
Expenditures Link goes here
HP 34 [Base], +3(DB) +2(Orc Boon) +8(spent points) +6(Might) = 53
SP 34 [Base], +3(DB) +4(Spent Points) +2(SoB) +8(Spirit) = 51
HIT 8 [Highest Meta], +2(BB) +2(IB) +1(B.C.B) +1(Maker’s Mark) +1(Orc Boon) = 15
EVA 0 [Base], +2(CR) +1(BCB) +2(Armor) +2(Paragon) = 7
END 0 [Base], +6(Might) +5(Armor) +1(SF) = 12
WIL 0 [Base], +8(Spirit) +1(Master) = 9
Search 0 [Base], +2(IB) = 2
Sneak 0 [Base], + = 0
NWA 7 [Base], +1(Brute) +1(Killer) +1(Maker’s Mark) = 10
MCA 6 [Base], +1(Killer) +1(Brute) +1(Expert) +1(Maker’s Mark) = 10
SP Cost 0 [Base] -1(Spirit Training) -1(Expert) = -1


Currency Zeny 613,883
Sograt Riza 5000
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