Vampire Countries: Rune, The Republic, Glastheim, Sograt, El Quattor, The Emirates, Ba Jin, Sybir
Avg. Height: 5.5 - 6.5 ft (1.7 - 2 m)
Avg. Weight: 120 - 200 lbs (55 - 90 kg)
Life-span: Immortal (Age Locked)
Proficiency: Dark Magic

Vampires' origin is unknown, buried somewhere in Aurora's ancient history, though there are several legends and myths that claim to describe its origin. Everything from complex legends like a karmic backdraft as a result of experimentation with Dark Magic, to ideas as simple as a cursed mask that brought the disease into being. Scholars can't seem to agree one way or another, though the majority of embraced theories shy away from typical urban legends.

As in real life, there are many misunderstandings about Vampires, their abilities and their weaknesses! The same old wives' tales are present in Aurora - that garlic repulses them, that the Cross of Odin somehow holds power over them, that they can't enter a house un-invited. Most see these as the tomfoolery they are, but there are still many people (especially in smaller communities and settlements) that still believe these as the honest truth.

The true weaknesses of Vampires, for those more properly studied in the matter, lie in both sunlight and Light Mana. The only 'old legend' that holds true is that of the sun - it's been confirmed through scientific study by the Sage's Academy in Yuno that sunlight will burn the skin of Vampires with even short exposure. A sliver of it is hardly enough to cause more than discomfort, but full exposure to the sun over even a thirty second period was shown to fully ignite them into flames that only worsened as time went on.

Another important note about Vampires and Vampirism as a disease is who it can affect. Only Humans can be affected by the Vampirism disease, and all other races that come into contact with it are said to have their organs shut down in something of a 'cascading effect' over the course of a week before they die in pain and fully paralyzed. The same week of illness applies to Humans before they turn, but it's little more than the symptoms of a very severe flu for them… Perhaps a little more forgiving.


As mentioned above, Vampires can only come from Humans. Below are the features from the Human Race Document regarding features, though Vampires do have their own special quirks and physical differences. The first, and most striking, is their skin. All Vampires carry a deathly pallor, their skin white as the moons and typically accompanied by slightly sunken features and bags under the eyes. While the legends say that they look gangly and monstrous, most Vampires actually look like very pale Humans… At least, until they open their mouths.

The second and similarly obvious clue, though one would have to be rather close to observe it, is their fangs. All Vampires have a set of sharp canines, generally 2 - 3 inches in length on average. These are utilized for biting, so the legends go, typically aimed at the neck in order to create punctures that will spill the blood that they need to survive. It's rumored that a Vampire is able to keep their youthful appearance by ingesting blood, though the more widely accepted truth is that they just need it to survive… That the disease changes them, in some way, and affects their diet.

Runian & Glastonian Vampires carry typically North American features.

Republican Vampires carry typically European features.

El Quattorian Vampires carry typically Southern American features.

Aruni & Sograti Vampires carry typically Middle Eastern features.

Ba Jinian Vampires carry typically Asian features.

Sybirian Vampires carry typically Nothern European & Eurasian features.


Vampires have no specific fashion of their own, at least grounded in reality! They dress as any other Human might, unless they have a flair for the dramatic (and prefer to be obvious, which is a bad idea). In that case, stereotypically, Vampires are depicted as very 'Victorian' in their attire. Long and poofy dresses, smart suits and long coats, top hats and large headdresses or bonnets… They're typically shown that way in most legends, though that's in part thanks to knowledge (or more like rumor) of their existence coming into existence around that time period in Aurora's history.

If they're dressing like normal folk, however, they follow the same Fashion as Humans!

Runian & Glastonian Fashion used to be almost exclusively robes and flowing garments, but has recently included influences from the North - slacks and shirts are no longer so uncommon.

Republican Fashion is utilitarian for the lower class and almost purely aesthetic for the upper class. It ranges from blue jeans and t-shirts all the way up to clean-pressed suits and luxurious dresses.

El Quattorian Fashion varies from island to island, but dusters and boots are rather common among adventurers and normal folk.

Aruni & Sograti Fashion is suited to the desert, and ranges from loose and flowing clothing to very little clothing at all.

Ba Jinian Fashion is traditional and cultural, anything from simple garments to incredibly complex several-layer robes and dresses.

Sybirian Fashion is generally built to survive the cold. Furs and leathers are very common and almost necessary, but still made to look attractive and presentable. The richer types tend to import fine clothing from elsewhere!


Vampires have no place to call their home, officially, and therefore don't have much culture to speak of… They're creatures of necessity, drinking blood because it feeds them and generally trying to keep themselves on the down-low. The act of feeding is a little dangerous, though, obviously! Drinking blood means they generally need to use their fangs, as it's not often given willingly, and using their fangs means creating more Vampires… Or just killing whomever they've drained. Both are rather 'high-profile', in the end.

There is, however, a growing population of Vampires in the Kingdom of Glastheim! Several years ago, King Maruth made an announcement that they were welcome in his Kingdom and even that they would be supplied packets of blood from local Clinics. While initially met with a mixed reception, many Vampires have adapted to life within Glastheim's ancient walls and many citizens even donate blood whenever possible to keep their small population alive. Even those gathered there haven't exactly formed more than a social club, however!


Vampires can be found anywhere Humans congregate, given they typically disguise themselves as Humans. As detailed in Race Relations, most every mortal race on Aurora has a tendency toward disliking or even hating Vampires. They have a reputation (well-earned) as creatures of the night and cold-blooded killers. Many children are raised on stories of blood-thirsty and evil Vampires, so the act of fearing and hating them is fairly standard.

There was a rumor several years ago about a 'Vampire City' nestled in the shadow of the flying city of Yuno, where hundreds of them congregated and planned some kind of governmental conspiracy, but Yuno's Mayor has denied these claims over and over again to the news media… Many still believe it, as these kinds of conspiracies are hard to fully squash, but the majority dismiss it as hogwash. In recent days, the Mayor has even come forward to offer any adventurer or citizen who'd like to poke around down there an opportunity - just to kill this nonsensical idea once and for all.

None have taken her up on it!


Despite the rumors, no 'Vampire City' has been found! And so, they follow no government to anyone's knowledge…. Sans the one that rules wherever they reside. You can find the list of Human Governments below!

Rune was a Monarchy for the majority of its life, but has recently switched to a Republic of City-States. Its current elected leader is Roark Kellion.

Glastheim is, and has always been, a Monarchy. It is ruled by King Maruth.

The Republic has been a Democracy for the majority of its lifespan, though has been accused of becoming more of an Aristocracy. It has no President at the moment, after the Rune-Republic War, but one should be elected in the new year.

El Quattor is an Aristocracy, ruled by a small committee of wealthy noble families. Their grip on the country is firm, but those in charge are not set in stone. Anyone with the business sense and attitude to accrue land and wealth could rise to fill one such seat, in theory.

The Arunafeltz Emirates were a Monarchy, but are now a Democracy, overseen by a Malik. The country has recently changed hands, and the new Malik is Khasim Razvi.

The Sograt Desert is a Dictatorship, ruled by a Sultan named Hui Karo-amut-mimut IV. The desert is wrought with corruption and all-around not a very enjoyable place to live for any but the wealthy few.

Ba Jin is a Monarchy, ruled by an Emperor with a sprawling family of heirs and nobles. The concept of 'marrying upward' is alive and well there, and heavily practiced.

Sybir is a Monarchy, though ruled by a House rather than a singular person. There are several noble houses constantly competing for the throne, though it hasn't changed hands recently. Their government has been in flux for a considerable amount of time, given their country is rather new!


Vampire naming structure is as difficult to nail down as culture or any of the above categories! When naming Vampires from certain nations, refer to their typical real life 'nationality' equivalent in the Appearance section and build off of that.


Vampire history is a dark and treacherous one! Their existence is present all throughout Aurora's history, mostly in Human-centric nations like Rune, The Republic and Ba Jin. In most cases, they're presented as murderers and troublemakers on nearly every encounter with them… Those in the ancient past are typically described as little more than bloodthirsty and craven monsters, while in the more recent histories they've taken on a more predatorial and cunning element. There's a deep-seated hatred that runs in most races for Vampirekind, mostly due to their almost literal need to murder or 'turn' others to survive.

In much more recent history, they've been blamed by several conspiracy theorists in the Republic for the Rune-Republic War that only ended halfway through 3016… While these rumors are as of yet unfounded, many still believe in them as well as several other conspiracy regarding Vampires. The most common of these is that the Yuno Academy allows them to attend despite knowing what they are, and other common conspiracies include that Einbroch has a large population (due to its sun-cloaking fog) and that Yuno's Mayor herself is one.

Race Relations

As mentioned in the History Section, Vampires do not have a very good reputation with nearly anyone. News of their murderous needs and terrifying cunning has spread all throughout Aurora over the years, and their mere existence is illegal in all nations but the Kingddom of Glastheim - who've only just 'come around' recently. Most of Aurora's races see them as bogeymen, and many parents - especially in Rune and The Republic - use them like monsters under the bed to scare children into acting right.

Vampires typically choose to hide their existence for this reason, disguising themselves as Humans and living life as best they can manage. Common accessories to keep the sun away from their skin are umbrellas or parasols, winter gear like coats and thick pants, and sometimes even armor or hooded robes. The only nation that will allow them to roam free is Glastheim, and it has a growing population for that reason!

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