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 ^  Life-span: ​ | 60 - 90 years | ^  Life-span: ​ | 60 - 90 years |
 ^  Proficiency: ​ | Raw Strength, Endurance, Hunting, Shamanism*, Smithing |  ​ ^  Proficiency: ​ | Raw Strength, Endurance, Hunting, Shamanism*, Smithing |  ​
 +The Orcs are a proud people, deeply rooted in tradition and the idea of ancestral heroes. On the surface they may look like, and have the stigma of, brutish thugs and warriors who care only for the glory of combat... But that isn't //all// they are, by any stretch. Many orcs do enjoy the thrill of a fight, but just as many enjoy the thrill of the hunt and some even enjoy the '​thrill'​ of poring over texts and magical documents.
 +Large and green, Orcs tower over most of Aurora'​s common races and surpass them physically with ease just the same. 
 +Their bodies are bulky and forms rather brutish, but many show a surprising gentleness in the face of tinier races or children. That isn't to say they aren't capable of anger, however...
 +The Orcs' rage is a legendary thing, particularly what's known as their '​battle-rage'​. Fury is the flame that they keep lit in the midst of combat, and each blow strikes harder than the last as they build up a fierce and unmatched anger. This hostile and thuggish technique in combat has led to many disagreements and a reasonable amount of fear in the past, though Shamans have recently been working to try and fix the image of Orcs as violent and angry beasts that are uncontrollable and inconsolable.
 ===== Appearance ===== ===== Appearance =====