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 ====== Humans ====== ====== Humans ======
-Country   | Rune, Republic, El Quattor, Ba Jin, Sograt, Emirates, Sybir |  + Human Countries | Rune, The Republic, Glastheim, Sograt, El Quattor, The Emirates, Ba Jin, Sybir |  
-^ Life-span: ​   80-100 years | + Avg. Height: ​ | 5.5 - 6.5 ft (1.7 - 2 m) | 
-^ Proficiency: ​   Versatility,​ potential, adaptability ​|  ​+^  Avg. Weight: ​ | 120 - 200 lbs (55 - 90 kg) | 
 +^  ​Life-span: ​ 70 - 100 years | 
 + Proficiency: ​ Flexibility ​|  ​
-This is a copy paste of the human section ​from the old race pagePlace holder, it’s ​all place holder.\\+Humans are, by far, the most populous race on Aurora. They reach almost every single corner ​of the world, ​from the central continent of Midgard all the way to Ba Jin across the eastern seaThey come in all shapes and sizes, with talents and personalities to match. The one thing Humans have over other races is the sheer ability to //learn//. They absorb information like sponges compared to the longer-lived races, making the best of their short lifespans and mastering in them what might take a longer-lived race their entire triple-digit life conversely.
-The most common Race and also the most flexible and balanced in terms of physical strength and magical ​capabilityHumans come all sorts of shapessizes, and skin tones. Their cultures are varied, but most are geared toward bettering their lot in life or maintaining ​their ways of lifeBLURB.\\+Humans have no particular weakness when it comes to weapon, ​magical ​or crafting proficiency... But they also lack anywhere they particularly excel. They'​re a clean slateso to speak, and most stand on a fairly '​neutral'​ playing field. Where an elf might excel at magic thanks to their proximity to the World Tree, a Human can still do well with magic... But not quite as much as an Elf. However, they might be able to blend magic with steel far more effectively than their weak Elven counterparts to make up for it!
-Humans ​are found all over Aurora, they have advanced ​and aided as much as they have created chaos throughout ​the lands. Humans are not really too fond of many racesnor are racial majorities fond of them. BLURBY BLURB.\\+The society of Humans ​is typically one of learning ​and shared knowledge. No matter where they're at, most of history and culture was shaped by them more than any other race. They breed like crazy, at least in comparison to some of the races with longer lifespans, and therefore tend to get more done due to both their sheer number and the inspiration and drive that comes from their short livesIt's difficult to find a place that Humans are not welcomelet alone one that they didn't have a hand in colonizing.
 ===== Appearance ===== ===== Appearance =====
-[Appearancegeneral featuresetc] +As mentioned aboveHumans come in an incredibly variety of shapes and sizes. Their hair is typically brownblonde, red or black, but a vast array of other colors have shown up naturally over the course of history - perhaps due to crossbreeding. Their skin comes in shades from deathly pale to deep black, depending on the location, and the physiology of Humans from Rune differs greatly from those of, say, Ba Jin. Typically...
-==== Fashion ==== +
-=== Runians === +
-[how do runians like2 dress]+
-=== Republicans === +**Runian & Glastonian** Humans carry typically North American features.\\
-=== Ba Jinians === +**Republican** Humans carry typically European features.\\
-=== Aruni === +**El Quattorian** Humans carry typically Southern American features.\\
-=== Sograti ​=== +**Aruni & Sograti** Humans carry typically Middle Eastern features.\\
-=== El Quattorian === +**Ba Jinian** Humans carry typically Asian features.\\
-=== Sybirian ​=== +**Sybirian** Humans carry typically Nothern European & Eurasian features.\\ 
 +===== Fashion ===== 
 +There is no distinctly '​Human'​ fashion, given their widespread position in the world, and it varies heavily by location. Humans are fortunate enough to look decent and presentable in almost everything, and don't always follow local trends for that reason. They can wear whatever! However... 
 +**Runian & Glastonian** Fashion used to be almost exclusively robes and flowing garments, but has recently included influences from the North - slacks and shirts are no longer so uncommon.\\ 
 +**Republican** Fashion is utilitarian for the lower class and almost purely aesthetic for the upper class. It ranges from blue jeans and t-shirts all the way up to clean-pressed suits and luxurious dresses.\\ 
 +**El Quattorian** Fashion varies from island to island, but dusters and boots are rather common among adventurers and normal folk.\\ 
 +**Aruni & Sograti** Fashion is suited to the desert, and ranges from loose and flowing clothing to very little clothing at all.\\ 
 +**Ba Jinian** Fashion is traditional and cultural, anything from simple garments to incredibly complex several-layer robes and dresses.\\ 
 +**Sybirian** Fashion is generally built to survive the cold. Furs and leathers are very common and almost necessary, but still made to look attractive and presentable. The richer types tend to import fine clothing from elsewhere!\\
 ===== Culture ===== ===== Culture =====
-=== Runians === +It would be impossible to list the culture ​of '​Humans'​ in a single article, because their culture varies to wildly from location to location! The Humans of Rune share very little in common, at least culturally, with those in The Republic or Ba Jin or really anywhere else that there are Humans. Please refer to individual country pages for a better idea of what the culture is like in those areas, for Humans and other races alike!
-[Small ​culture ​blurbs?]+
-=== Republicans ​=== +===== Cities ===== 
-[BLUEHH]+**Rune** is primarily Human in at least half of its country, including Prontera, Izlude, Alberta and Al de Baran.\\
-=== Ba Jinians === +**Glastheim** ​is primarily Human throughout the entire Kingdom, which is Glast and Heidelberg.\\
-[is.. Is that what we call them idk]+
-=== Aruni === +**The Republic** is primarily Human throughout its entire country, which is Lighthalzen,​ Yuno, Einbroch, Einbech and Hugel.\\
-=== Sograti === +**El Quattor** is primarily Human throughout its entire country, but is something of a '​melting pot'. Its cities include Brasilis, Comodo, Dorado, Cabaret, Madelin, New Elysium and Tortuga.\\
-=== El Quattorian === +**The Arunafeltz Emirates** is primarily Human throughout most of its country, which is Rachel and Veins.\\
-=== Sybirian ​=== +**The Sograt Desert** is primarily Human throughout its entire country, which is Morroc, Pharos, Fayyum, Menouten, Sharmu and Tjedju.\\ 
 +**Ba Jin** is primarily Human throughout its entire country, which is Amatsu, Gonryun, Louyang, Ayothaya, Dewata, Malaya, Payon and Zhunan.\\ 
 +**Sybir** is primarily Human thoughout its entire country, which is Moscovia, El Dicastes, Etherium, Itantea, Jericho, Kirsikka, Lutie, Manuk and Nantan.\\ 
 +===== Government ===== 
 +**Rune** was a Monarchy for the majority of its life, but has recently switched to a Republic of City-States. Its current elected leader is Roark Kellion.\\ 
 +**Glastheim** is, and has always been, a Monarchy. It is ruled by King Maruth.\\ 
 +**The Republic** has been a Democracy for the majority of its lifespan, though has been accused of becoming more of an Aristocracy. It has no President at the moment, after the Rune-Republic War, but one should be elected in the new year.\\ 
 +**El Quattor** is an Aristocracy,​ ruled by a small committee of wealthy noble families. Their grip on the country is firm, but those in charge are not set in stone. Anyone with the business sense and attitude to accrue land and wealth could rise to fill one such seat, in theory.\\ 
 +**The Arunafeltz Emirates** were a Monarchy, but are now a Democracy, overseen by a Malik. The country has recently changed hands, and the new Malik is Khasim Razvi.\\ 
 +**The Sograt Desert** is a Dictatorship,​ ruled by a Sultan named Hui Karo-amut-mimut IV. The desert is wrought with corruption and all-around not a very enjoyable place to live for any but the wealthy few.\\ 
 +**Ba Jin** is a Monarchy, ruled by an Emperor with a sprawling family of heirs and nobles. The concept of '​marrying upward'​ is alive and well there, and heavily practiced.\\ 
 +**Sybir** is a Monarchy, though ruled by a House rather than a singular person. There are several noble houses constantly competing for the throne, though it hasn't changed hands recently. Their government has been in flux for a considerable amount of time, given their country is rather new!\\ 
 +====Names ===== 
 +Human naming structure is as difficult to nail down as culture or any of the above categoriesWhen naming Humans from certain nations, refer to their typical real life '​nationality'​ equivalent in the **Appearance** section and build off of that.
-==== Cities ==== 
-[Maybe just a small blib on the capitol of each country? Feel free to take this section out if wanted] 
-==== Government ==== 
-==== Names ==== 
-[Naming trends, if any] 
 ===== History ===== ===== History =====
-[Little blib of history ​on humans?] +Human history is just as difficult to accurately describe as any of the sections above. Humans on all corners of the world can trace their history ​back a considerable distance, suggesting that the migration of early Humankind was incredibly widespread. Some believe, due to the incredible similarity in appearance, that Humans descended from the ancient race known as the Nephilim. There has been no conclusive evidence that points to this, however, so it remains only a theory. 
-==== Race Relations ==== + 
-[Current race relations w/ other races] +For the history of each country Humans are located, please see the appropriate Country pages! 
-**General Opinion of other Races:** + 
-  * Dwarves: Business-oriented +===== Race Relations ​===== 
-  * Goblins: Neutral, but wary of. +You'll never guess what I have to say in **THIS** section!! Human race relations varies considerably by locationThat saidHumans are generally accepted with open arms anywhere that isn't Vahk'​Sala or a country their kind have personally wrongedwhich are few and far betweenBiases are heavily dependant on location, but the '​typical'​ Human is fairly open-minded and will get along reasonably well with most others.
-  * Kobolds: Neutralbut consider simple. +
-  * Orcs: Dislikedbut respected. +
-  * Elves: Admired, but resentful. +
-  * Cubi: Wary of, but enthralled. +
-  * Vampires: Monsters+