The Callahan Company

Type: Airship Delivery Service
Country: Rune/Glast
Headquarters: Midel
Leader(s): Elijah 'Rush' Callahan
Members: 50+
Total Upkeep Costs: TBA

Purpose and Reputation

Since the conclusion of the war between Rune and Republic, many cities and its people were trying to recover from the aftermath of the bloody battle. Some have lost their homes, while others were left straggling with very little bread crumbs to work with. The purpose and creation of the Callahan Company is to provide and serve for the people, whether it be food, clothes or any other mischellaneous items that need to be brought. While a fairly new business company, their growth as an organization slowly became into fruition as their services bloomed and expanded all across the lands of Rune and recently, Glast.

The company is led by Elijah 'Rush' Callahan, a charismatic and jovial wolf splicer who initially started the group as a mercenary entourage, originally wanting to go around the world and do all sorts of odd jobs. However, the man had a change of heart when he realized and saw just how badly the war affected everyone. Refugees that were sleeping and over-crowding among the inns, some even sleeping among the floor. Rush decided that he wanted to do something even better and that's when the idea of being delivery service came in. Originally called the Rockstar Crew at first, the name was abandoned since it sounded too comical and many of the crew members thought no one would take the name seriously.

The main feature of the group is its airship, the Courageous, a small cargo ship that was originally an El Quattorian ship stationed in Tortuga. While small in stature altogether originally, it is now a massive ship which flies swiftly through the air similar to the modern airships today. It is a wooden ship powered by two propellers which are attached on each side of the ship.


Founded by Elijah 'Rush' Callahan, the creation of the company started from the very bottom, with Elijah only starting with a ship that was basically a cargo ship originally from the region of El Quattor. However, with some sacrifice and a lot of hard work, he managed to get several people to join his cause and thus the Company was created. The Company have managed to have several stable trading routes all across the regions of Rune and Glastheim respectively as time went by.

Recent Development

  • Established around August 3016, right after the conclusion of the Rune-Republic War.


  • TBA


  • The Captain and Maiden's Quarters
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Engine Room
  • Communication Room
  • Dining Area and Entertainment
  • Break Room


Think of this like an inventory for the group- the organization's wealth, resources, assets, property, and things of that nature. List 'em here. (Will update this)

Members and Associates

  • Elijah 'Rush' Callahan - Founder and Captain
  • Freya Leone - Songstress
  • Dusk Elereth - First Mate and Radio Officer
  • Lunette Gael - Tour Guide Security
  • Zoey Chambers - Lead Engineer

Allies and Enemies

  • Witches of Heidelberg (Ally)
  • The Reinford Group (Adversary)
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