Tensard's Lions

Type: Guild of Adventurers
Country: Rune
Headquarters: Midel
Leader(s): Aren Tensard & Dantelion Alcairn
Members: 12
Total Upkeep Costs: Need to know basis

Purpose and Reputation

Tensard's Lions are a guild of adventurers seeking treasure, bounties, and paid work to solve various problems in various lands. While not mercenaries meant for war nor security, Tensard's Lions will gladly accept quests of daring if paid properly.

Rune's Opinion: Newly established, word spreads quickly about the Guild made by a King who gave up his throne. Hopeful interest is there.


Tensard's Lions was established after Aren Tensard and Dantelion Alcairn bestowed their regal power and obligations upon the Royal Court of Rune. The guild is still relatively young, but filled with veterans and heroes from differing backgrounds.

Recent Development

  • Established on May 25th, shortly after the revival of Nosgard's World Tree.


  • Merchant's License (For Tavern.)
  • Wizardry License.
  • Sky License.


  • Bunkhouses and Condominiums.
  • Storage and Meeting Hall.
  • Tavern, Larder, and High-Class Kitchen.
  • Superior Workshop, Forge, and Sanctum.
  • Library (Guild-Member restricted.)
  • Small Airship Port


  • Midel Guild Hall - Within Midel's vicinity, this structure used to be an old fort of Rune's but has been refurbished and re-purposed for the traveler and adventurer.
  • Queen of the Lions - Aren Tensard and Dantelion Alcairn's personal airship. Lightly armed and of small design, this vessel is made more for travel than aerial combat.
  • The Prideful Tap - A public tavern that serves guild members free! Filling and enriching food is served at a fair price. Charity kitchen opens early in the morn for the downtrodden.
  • The Maraolim Archive - A Guild-Member only archive of magical research and records, as well as monster records from various resources.

Members and Associates

  • Aren Tensard - Guild Founder and Leader
  • Dantelion Alcairn - Guild Leader
  • Ysellion Fendrel - Guild Tactian
  • Khassar - Guild Agent
  • Jafe Leafpaw - Guild Chaplain
  • Luciel Valdess - Guild Wizard
  • Beesley Leatherbound - Guild Record-Keeper NPC Place-Holder
  • Muk Goreclever - Guild Forge-Master NPC Place-Holder
  • Gibbs Palecog - Guild Tinkerer NPC Place-Holder
  • Diana Sweetpettle - Guild Chef NPC Place-Holder
  • Jim and Tund - Guild Guardsmen NPC Place-Holders

Allies and Enemies

  • The Allied City-States of Rune - Patrons and Customers
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